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War: as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined.

Venezuela takes wargaming a step further, war will be taught at school from first grade until completion of their university education. It’s called “comprehensive defense education” taught by members of the Bolivarian Militia, a paramilitary corps invented by the government. It’s a compulsory training for children and adolescents during their school education. Besides sports students will have paramilitary training, do they now need to bring their own gun to school for practise? Earlier Chávez had banned war toys, due to the harm such toys could have on children. Of course now it’s okay to have the real training instead of virtually games or plastic guns, it must be every child’s dream.

Unfortunately war is always been a part of society, the more we strife for peace the more our dualistic world answers with war. War is in all of us, it starts early of when we fight our siblings or peers over toys and friendships. Since parents do not correct this behaviour, but instead consider it as part of life and upbringing, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of adults that will bring into society. Also war games are from all times, way back it started with the tin miniatures and later the painted plastic ones. The miniatures were grouped in units and war was played on tabletops, floors or in sandboxes. Then the board wargames became popular, later on board wargames were replaced by card wargames like “Up Front”. When the computer was introduced also the card wargames shifted to computer wargaming. Today there are endless games to choose from, the most popular though are “Call of Duty 4” and “Endless War 3”. Also the discussions about the harmfulness of these games are endless. The question is not so much if this one game or plastic gun is harmfull, the question is more if we need war at all.

War is in all of us, the battle between good and bad. One of the pillars of the Hollywood movie industry is build on this principle of the good guys and the bad guys. In the years of the cold war between Russia and the USA it was also about the good and the bad guys. Just like war and peace are one and the same thing,  good and bad do not exist without each other. In the seventies there were parents who brought their children up with upbringing in the principles of peace. Did they deliver adults that were free inside themselves of war/violence? No, by taking this element out of a child’s world, ignore it, it doesn’t go away. The only consequence is separating the child from violence, the child will then not be able to deal with it or understand it. Not telling stories about ghosts or monsters doesn’t make the monster under the bed of the child go away. We are dealing with children’s fear for monsters and fear of ourselves as adults.

This fear within people we can see in an enlarged form when nations act aggressive or go to war. We fear and do not trust others from outside the borders of our nations due to the fact that we do not trust ourselves. To reward this feeling of lack of trust we form armies and buy weapons, the whole weapon  industry is build upon fulfilling this rewarding system to ease the fear. Armies are formed on a voluntary or compulsory base within nations, the participation of children within this war system isn’t new either. Hitler had it’s own “Hitlerjugend” , Obama has it’s own youth groups like scouting groups, to prepare the youth to become brave soldiers when they are old enough. Some countries take it even further and have guerilla groups with child soldiers and even abduct these kids from their families. And for what, what are they fighting for? They are fighting for the collective lack of trust, plain fear. Fear makes us do unpredictable things and this way we get possessed, whole nations get possessed by the fear of the treat of the enemy who in fact is themselves. The world up side down and all buttons are pushed, fear, greed, power and self-intererst.

Chavez fears the West and the West sees Chavez as a threat. This fear  does show itself in various ways, it approves of going to war and steel all commodities of nations out of fear that you do not have enough. Or better they do not trust themselves to have enough they’ve become greedy and are unstoppable within for instance the consumption of oil. At a certain point this threat feels quite real to the people and the nation, so it can be justified with taking care of your own people, but what about all the others? Starting and fighting a war is as stupid as sitting behind your computer playing wargames and waste your precious time and instead stand up and no longer allow and accept war and its weapon industry. Millions and millions of money are wasted on war while half of the world perish away and another third perish away of these war crimes. Sick, utterly sick we are, sick in our heads. The ones that play out their desires and fantasies for war are merely the one’s that also play out the war inside all of us, we’re all to blame and we all need to stop war and war related issues.

Considering “comprehensive defense education” for children is not new and is not only of today, it shows us the amount of possessiveness we exist of. We are not even adequate enough to provide our children with normal education. To learn them that war isn’t necessary and a world with so much suffering isn’t necessary. Our children deserve a world where struggle does not exist and is of no value, where everybody has enough, where commodities are equally divided and where borders of nations do not necessarily make outsiders into enemies. Wouldn’t it be valuable if children already were able to understand and distinguish the fears inside themselves and were given tools to deal with their fears. We would create a world with stable effective people, who know how to be equal to another and how to act in the best interest of all. This is not just hypothetically fantasizing, within an Equal Money System this is not only possible, it will be the most natural thing in the world. Then war is just war and peace is peace, not necessary and therefore not existing. Just 2 definitions without having to generate energies like feelings and emotions around it. After all kids need to be kids and not miniature soldiers.

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China the land of contrasts

China the land where billionaires are in Congres, making the laws and representing the interest of the people who need help. Rural China is still not at a developed level when it comes to basic needs such as housing and food, while in other parts of China ultra modern cities are rising where only people can live who have vast amounts of money or investors in the real estate business. This China, that became a remarkable economic success, has been build at the expenses of infant, hard working factory workers, but times are changing.

Every other year the wages increase, though the Chinese worker wages are still low compared to the rest of the world. China can still compete with other countries that manufacture for the West, which doesn’t mean that the production is as high as before. The demands from the West has been decreasing and Western companies seek for cheaper countries such as Bangladesh to make more profit. China has been the world’s factory for over 20 years now and around 150 million peasants moved from the countryside to the cities, they make around $200 a month without a day off and working overtime for free. Most of their wages are send to their family in the less developed parts of the nation. Due to China’s law the hukou (the household registration system), these peasants that moved away from their birth places, are no longer entitled to have governmental services like education, healthcare and social services. This leaves migrant workers at the mercy of their bosses, what is reflected by the way these workers live with mostly 12 of them in dirty, smelling dormitories. Maybe wages have changed, but the life of an average factory worker didn’t change.

Premier Wen Jiabao is aware of this income gap between rich and poor and with the income increase every other year the government tries to stimulate the domestic consumption. There is a lot of hot money in the Chinese market, but that’s in hands of private entrepreneurs who run the factories and speculate in real estate. With billionaires in Congres and the communistic system that allowed capitalist to join in, one can imagine that the basic needs of all the Chinese people are not going to be met.

Another problem China is facing is the fast aging of their population due to their one-child policy. China’s labour market begins to tighten up with less youth on the factory floors. This demographic change is withholding the Chinese economic growth, that once was spectaculair powerful and will stop the massive pool of cheap labour. Since also China believes in an economy that must keep on growing, this growth has to be stimulated in other ways. The domestic spending needs to increase through governmental stimulation since accelerating inflation and rising property prices have undermined households’ spending power.

The Chinese government, in order to keep up with their 8.4% growth of the gross domestic product (GDP), came up with a $585 billion stimulus package. This package is spent on social development and domestic spending. A large amount, $220 billion, is spent on public infrastructure as building houses  and a railroad throughout the nation. People in the rural areas were stimulated to buy tv’s and refrigerators, while nearby the cities totally new cities rise with yet no residents. Ordos is such a city in inner Mongolia, an empty city build in 5 years time and meant for 1 million residents. The motivation to build a city like Ordos is likely GDP, one major way a government can raise their GDP is to spend more money. The more China builds the more it’s economic activities increase and the higher it’s GDP will become. Building is probably the easiest way to achieve this GDP growth in China. Local officials build empty homes block after block. Most of the houses/apartments are bought by investors and are hold as an investment which means that nobody actually lives in them.  Till now nobody ever lost money or much money on real estate in China. Therefore the homes are now a place to put cash in, instead of being a place to live. Ordos is China’s Texas and full of overnight millionaires, rich from massive coal deposits. Today Ordos has the second highest per capita income in China after Shang Hai. Not long ago the people lived here in tents, they were nomads. The old city of Ordos still exist at 30 km away from the new empty Ordos. The government decided that their GDP had to grow and decided that the old city wasn’t good enough anymore. The people of Ordos are supposed to move into the modern city of Ordos, but you can ‘t expect people to move into a city where there is no economy and houses costs 8.8 times the average annual income.  So for now new Ordos waits for that one day when people decide to come and live in it, till then it’s a ghost city while the demand for proper housing is big and only the governments GDP growth is met.

China is at the moment at a critical juncture, the nation faces an imbalance and economical instability. This is due to the gap between poor and rich and the friction between communism/socialism and Chinese tradition. The tradition of China is build on Confucianism, which sees the family and the community as highly important, where communism under Mao tried to break up with family tradition and saw people as individuals who needed to unite as a nation. This gave already a lot of instability in the sixties and seventies. Today media and a group of intellectuals in all layers of the society try to re-introduce Chinese tradition as in Confucianism. They see the current junction in a two way option:
1. China degenerates which means economical chaos and political disintegration. Within this option not only China would suffer from this also the rest of the world, since China is the engine and life buoy of world’s economy.
2. China returns to their tradition and creates stability through Confucianism, where oneness doesn’t stop at the borders of China. It will also include Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Korea. China will not be seen as a military or economical power, but wants to be seen as a cultural power. The domestic budget in China is higher than the military budgets, which is a example of cultural power.

What does this Confucianism of Confucius roughly implies? To him family/friends, work and working on yourself are the 3 main pillars of his teachings. Learning to him is most important to build up your caracter and to realize yourself. The teachings of Confucius ask for self reflection 3 times a day on 3 points.

1. have we been honest today and taken our responsibility within our work and society?

2. do we live the promises we made to our family and friends?

3. are we learning from the information that reaches us every day and were we able to apply this to improve ourselves?

This is the tradition where China originates from, it’s ingrained in their DNA, therefore communism has been hard on them and has in a way disintegrated the population. While making capitalistic needs for the West in their factories they got exposed to the capitalistic virus of wanting, needing and never having enough. Which brought them in an even bigger confusion when they understood what capitalism implied. Older people complain that the youth of today who grew up relatively wealthy has no working spirit anymore.

As said before, China is in a transition stage, where they can choose for endless wrong proven systems or choose for a system that’s close to their own traditional culture. To not only leave the nation with culture, but a working system where basic needs will be provided regarding an endless GDP’s growth. China would be, as all the other  countries considered by Confucius, a great candidate for an Equal Money System. Why not change for the better when the choice needs to be made. The pillars within the EMS are: self-honesty, self-responsibility, changing yourself through information that you investigated and therefore walked, family has to be seen as all living beings and no limitations by using family ties and borders of cities and nations. EMS and Confucianism have overlaps, but will probably not be seen as the solution right away by the intellectuals. Since they see Confucianism as a belief and a belief is a tool to them to cope with life. EMS would end the devision between poor and rich just all equal and one and only applying that which is in the best interest of all. An equal China who can be the living example for all, that what they desire the most.

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Japanese body parts in your backyard

Yes, Japan is still on the world map. The country didn’t have a nuclear explosion yet and no, we will not find Japanese body parts in our backyard. By the time we do, it’s the end of the world as we know it. A lot of us donated to the Red Cross and moved on, but Japan is still struggling with their triple disaster and we are at danger too. Nuclear particles in the air will be blown around the world, the Northern hemisphere and especially the USA will meet up with a nuclear cloud pretty soon. Europe seems to be off the hook, but what is considered being lucky, low exposure to radiation and suffer from cancer or higher exposure to radiation and die instantly? And who is going to save our ass? Probably not Jesus on a nuclear cloud.

Lets recap some of the information that has been released through all forms of media till today.

February 21th

After the earthquake in New Zealand experts predicted similar events for the next 2 years of which many events will be extreme.

March 11th

An X-class solar flare and a coronal mass ejection occurred.

March 11th

A mega earthquake struck off the coast of Japan with a 8.9 on the Richter scale at a depth of 10 km.

March 11th

A 7 m high tsunami emerged and swept over cities and farmland in the northern part of Japan.

March 11th

A nuclear emergency emerged from the earthquake and the tsunami at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The accident was caused by the fact that the tsunami flooded the emergency generators and carried away their fuel tanks. If that isn’t fixed, there’s no way to recover from this accident. Explosions and leaks of radioactive gas took place in three reactors that suffered partial meltdowns, while spent fuel rods at another reactor overheated and caught fire, releasing radioactive material directly into the atmosphere.

March 12th

The nuclear power plant in Fukushima seems inevitably heading for a meltdown.

March 12th

The Fukushima plant was build on a fault and building regulations were not observed by Tepco.

March 13th

People start praying for the people of Japan.

March 13th

On Facebook and YouTube people demonstrate how one can send love and light to the affected people of Japan.

March 13th

Religious people claim their lent prayers has been heard and God shook the faithless people of Japan with an earthquake and tsunami.

March 13th

After high levels of nuclear radiation the Japanese government calls an emergency within the area of the Onagawa nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, Japan is threatened in an electricity shortage.

March 13th

The Fukushima plant had a meltdown of reactor 1 and 3.

March 13th

The nuclear radiation on the power plant in Fukushima fluctuates and is exceeding the permitted legal limit.

March 14th

Due to the explosion of reactor 3, where the fuel rods are located, the reactor vessel on reactor 3 is damaged.

March 14th

An admission of guilt reveals that the power plant and specific the reactor domes in Fukushima were not designed to resist heavy earthquakes and tsunami’s.

March 14th

A second explosion in reactor 1 at the Fukushima plant which caused 11 insured soldiers and staff of the nuclear plant.

March 14th

Japan proceeds with a desperate act that seems the only solution at that time. 3 Reactors are put under water with seawater to avoid the meltdown of the reactor core.

March 14th

On the internet fake organisations appear that ask for donations to help the Japanese people.

March 15th

Information is leaking into the media that the Japanse authorities and nuclear companies have been implicated in a series of nuclear cover-ups in 1995 and 2002.

March 15th

The actions of the Japanese government are completely contrary to their words. They have evacuated 180,000 people but say there is no radiation. It was the same at Chernobyl, where they said there was a bit of a problem and only later did the full extent emerge.

March 15th

An explosion in reactor 2 damaged the shell of the reactor and was therefore no longer hermetically sealed. A fire broke out in reactor 4.

March 15th

Again after shocks, in the neighborhood of Fukushima a 6.4 on the Richters scale and in the neighborhood of Shizuoka a 6 on the Richters scale.

March 15th

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a 3 months immediate closure of all nuclear power plants in Germany who were put in service by the end of 1980.

March 15th

Berlusconi is planning for nuclear plants within the next 20 years.

March 15th

The disaster in Fukushima plant has reached level 6, the second highest level on the international scale of nuclear and radiological events.

March 17

Due to high levels of radiation helicopters are not able to drop water on the reactors. Japan is going to use water cannons from the US army to put out the fires from the ground. Also reactors 5 and 6 are at risk now.

March 17th

The Red Cross worldwide start collecting donations for the affected of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. The American Red Cross states in their policy that whenever the donations exceed the expenses for a specific crisis, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other crisis.

March 17th

The Japanese Red Cross has 2 million volunteers available, 85 medical teams made up of 600 people. Till now they evacuated people with helicopters, helped out the people within the 2.500 governmental shelters, they handed out 91.000 blankets, 2.400 nurses have been offering counseling and emotional support.

March 19th

The Japanese Yen reached it’s highest level since WWII. Japanese investors started selling their foreign positions in order to gain more money for a reconstruction of Japan after the earthquake. This selling caused an increase of the Yen which will be disastrous for Japan’s export. The Bank of Japan, the G7, ECB and the Bank of England started a game of selling the Yen for Euros and Dollars in order to give the Japanese financial market some relief.

March 20th

A CFO of the Japanese investment bank Aozora claims there will be no recession for Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

March 22th

The first nuclear cloud arrives in Reykjavik,  the cloud contains extremely small amounts iodine isotopes and there is not yet any health risk.

March 22th

The sarcophagus solution, to burry the reactors under concrete, has not yet been applied by the Japanese. The burial of the reactor is a huge financial loss and accepting the sarcophagus solution, means admitting that they were wrong, and that they couldn’t fix the situation. Fukushima is a drama with the whole world watching, that can end in the defeat or victory for the nuclear industry.

March 22th

For a week now they have been pouring seawater which vaporized and makes salt. The salt will get into all these valves of the reactors and cause them to freeze and not move again. So simply reconnecting the electricity and hoping that the water will begin to circulate and get the reactors running again is merely a dream.

March 22th

Cooling down the reactors needs constant control to keep the temperature down to an almost unsafe situation. 50 Operators tried and have been exposed to very large amounts of radiation, they must have accepted that they face death by staying there, they know the risks.

March 22th

Taking the types of winds in consideration, it could take about five days for all of Japan to be covered with radiation.

March 22th

The media compared the exposure to nuclear radiation to a CT scan, which is done in an instant and not dangerous at all. What is dangerous is when nuclear material enters your body and irradiates it from the inside.

March 22th

The monitoring of  the amount of radiation is done by measuring the amount of radiation in the air. Humans inhale the nuclear particles, so the monitoring means nothing for the radiation inside the body. On top of that, Tepco is not in shape to do this regular monitoring in the air, they just take an occasional measurement. Just measuring the levels of radiation in the air is not enough. Tepco needs to know what kind of radioactive materials are escaping, and where they are going. Tepco don’t has a system in place for doing so.

March 22th

The Japanese government, in an attempt to avoid such a disaster in the future, wants to know how these operators could be exposed to so much radiation. Tepco said that the operators thought their nuclear rate devices were broke and therefore making noise, so they kept on working.

March 23th

Japan’s nuclear crisis has already released enough radioactivity to be ranked at Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). This is the scale’s highest level, and equal to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

March 23th

Tepco has a 10% investment in a nuclear plant in Texas USA, there is a chance the Japanese will withdraw from the investment.

March 24th

The official death toll had been raised to more than 9,500, and more than 16,000 people are listed as missing, although there may be some overlap between the two groups. The final toll is expected to reach nearly 20,000.

March 25th

Vegetables from Tokyo have abnormal levels of radiation in them.

March 27th

The radiation in Fukushima I is 10 million times higher than normally, they discovered after monitoring today. All workers are evacuated by Tepco. The Japanese government have criticized Tepco for the safety of their workers.

To understand what exposure to nuclear radiation does with humans, you need to understand that it’s not only the levels of radiation that counts it’s also the duration of being exposed to the radiation that makes a difference. That’s why the Japanese government has advised people to stay in their houses. They also distributed iodine pills so the body would be full of “good” iodine and will not absorb the “bad iodine out of food and water. An acute dose above the 250-400 Rem is for most people lethal, between the 50-250 Rem people experience acute radiation sickness. This sickness contains the following symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, burns and hair loss. Radiation sickness can also lead to death. A lower rate of exposure can lead to, life shortening, genetic effects, fetal effects and cancer. This must be the same for animals and plant life will neither flourish under radiation.

The information written in bold is about events that are not man made, directly or indirectly. As you can see within this triple disaster drama, there is not much what isn’t caused by our interference. It is not hard to guess what the main motives are for this chain reaction of disasters: money, greed and incompetence. Nuclear scientist who do understand their job are devastated about the many mistakes that have been made. Isn’t it a scary thought that people who think they know what they’re doing are in control of a nuclear power plant and not just in Japan.

To me this is a new disease that can be added to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Talking like you know what you’re talking about, but not walking what you’re talking about, lets call it the God syndrome. In all layers of professions we see this disease emerge and also on a personal level this disease causes divorces, children running away from home, addictions etc. Scientists who apparently know what they are talking about are probably already searching for a vaccin. Though it can be cured in a really simple matter, if all affected people would take their own responsibility, they would only walk the talk. This taking self responsibility and actually being your own God is quite a process. Don’t search for help within psychiatry, just do a life-coaching course.

A life-coaching course is part of the Equal Money System. Disasters as in Japan could have been prevented and yes that sounds a bit like too late. The EMS can not prevent the people from being exposed to nuclear radiation and dying from it right now. An EMS, when in place, would not have allowed within common sense to build a nuclear power plant on a fault, to build cheap and deliver bad and highly risky work, to have people in place that do not understand their job, let money be an issue or a directive principle neither as greed and power. Even with all the right conditions in place one needs an ant colony of operators to keep the plant under control, so one has to ask oneself if this is the most preferable type of energy. Nuclear energy is part of our current world, because the nuclear industry knows their ways into governments. Within the EMS there is only one measure point that allows people to start new things: “is it in the best interest of all?”

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Are we all germ phobic?

“You gotta have skin. All you really need is skin. Skin that is a thing that if you got it outside, it helps keep your insides in. It covers your nose and it’s wrapped around your toes. Ain’t you glad you’ve got skin? Every skin is beautiful when you feed it’s beauty, new Dove body milk.”

This is a song that’s played in a Dove advertisement. Dove one of the so many brands marketed under Unilever. Cosmetic products as bodymilk, soap, deodorant, shampoo, gel, conditioners etc. Hygiene nowadays is one of the highest priorities within a modern, first world human life. We take care of our bodies and spend loads of money on cosmetic body products, while thinking we’re doing our bodies and our environment a favor. Most of us have no idea what’s in these products let alone what these product do to the body and the environment. We seem so in touch with our bodies and environment due to all these care products. But do we really know our body when it speaks to us and do we really see the depletion of our environment while we’re taking holiday snaps to show our friends how beautiful our holiday was.

Even in our houses and buildings we want all to be clean and hygienic. The amount of cleaning products is astounding. You need at least 10 different products to clean your house, toilet cleaner, floor soap, wood cleaner, window cleaner, dust cleaning spray, abrasive, disinfectants, oven cleaner, drain unblocker, grease cleaning agents etcetera. All to clean the surface and to give us this “feel good” feeling of fake cleanness. Don’t go and have a look into people their homes, when doing a thorough investigation within cracks and hard to reach places, because it’s not unlikely to find fungi or other family members as mold. As we are as clean as we claim we say and obsessed with hygiene as we are, how come it’s all so superficial and almost like we hide something that we don’t want to be seen.

With cosmetic products, it’s a matter of fear being seen as smelly dirty vagabonds and not accepted within society. Cleaning products give us this fake feeling of security and is covering up the odeur of how it really smells when people live together in a house or work together in a building.  We are covering ourselves up, not wanting to smell or being notice by ourselves or others. What is it that humanity has with cleanness, it is resonating throughout the world, we simply clean all up till every smell and germ is gone. Not understanding that we’re also cleaning up ourselves as a species.

The reflection of this cleanness we find everywhere around us in modern society. When the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico took place, BP wanted to clean up the mess with corexit agent. The surface looked nice clean, but underneath nasty things started accumulating. The whole food chain is disturbed and human, animal and plant life are at risk.

We use an enormous amount of drugs to clean our bodies from dirty viruses and bacteria. Two of our favorites are anti-biotics and vaccines. The results, a resistant body for anti-biotics and all bacteria life killed within the human body. Vaccines like pneumococcal (a vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae) and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) killed over a 2000 babies in the US alone. Vaccines cause more illness than they cure, but still we feel safe with these superficial drugs in our bodies.

Not only on a physical level we like cleanness, also on a spiritual level we are addicted. The cleaning products or drugs here are religion and charity with whom we can clear our conscious. Again we hide our fishy smell and cover it up by polishing up our surface. What do we need to finally look inside and see how dirty it is and how long we haven’t paid attention. We need spring cleaning before this mess of our inside comes outside or are we already too late?

When we look at our reality, our world or our environment, we can already see the pus that comes out of the wound. Helped by mother earth our man made disasters are following each other up rapidly. Almost always engineered by greed we see our planet and species come closer to extinction. The question is who will be the first to fade away and who will take who with him into the abyss. Look around you and see how many tsunami, volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes we already had. I’m not even talking about oil disasters, wars and nuclear threats on top of the natural disasters. It’s all about cleaning and whipping away, when will we wake up? When will we say: enough is enough, I’m going to clean up myself to safe humanity and stop damaging the planet were we are guests.

Within the Desteni “I”process you learn to clean yourself and be a human that is able to live in the best interest of all. A human that uses common sense to figure out if he’s taking responsibilities for his deeds and thoughts. Cleanness is okay when you equally clean the in and outside of yourself. Cleanness out of fear to be discovered for who you really are is an act of dishonesty and hiding from yourself. With the “I” process you are able to regain yourself for who you are, because only cleaning your sure-face isn’t going to make you clean. Therefore “ain’t you glad you’ve got skin” is a nice line for a cosmetic product ad, but the only way to keep your skin healthy is to keep the inside of your body healthy.

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Over-imitating copycats

Australian researchers studied the learning abilities of human children versus those of chimpanzees. Victoria Horner one of the researchers showed children around the world and a equivalent of chimpanzees a black box and showed them how to get a treat out of the box by using irrelevant an relevant rituals/actions. With a stick they had to tap, push, stir, pull and catch a treat out of the box. Till so far humans and animals had the same behavior. Then Victoria showed them the same exact box, instead this time the box was transparent. The transparent box showed that the first part of the rituals the children had to imitate were useless, since the box was divided in an upper and lower compartment that wasn’t connected. The human children imitated Victoria with the transparent box as they did with the black box, the chimpanzees on the other hand, skipped the irrelevant part and went strait for the treat.

The conclusions of the research about human learning were:

Rituals are learned and subsequently repeated without the necessity to reach a goal. Once the specific actions were engrained in the mind the repeated actions became rituals.

Repeating these actions was not so much done to reach the goal, but the rituals in itself became as important as the goal.

Even when the kids could clearly see that the rituals were useless, they repeated the imitated actions simply because the rituals outran the treat/goal. This is called over-imitation.

Children are imitating and repeating irrelevant human actions, because it’s a cognitive encoding process, which at the same time can rapidly lead to mis-encoding. Due to this encoding way of learning, countervailing task demands, time pressure and direct warning had no effects on the reproducing irrelevant actions.

What does this research actually shows us? It shows us that humans are programmable and we learn through imitation. We are being programmed according to what adults in our environment show us. The learning by imitation overrules common sense of the individual, due to the fact that once the program is installed it runs. It takes re-programming or de-programming to adjust or erase the programming once it’s proven ineffective.

Programming that’s proven ineffective is humans biggest problem. First of all, when nobody questions if the programming is effective or ineffective, the program will keep running and eventually become part of our DNA. This is called epigenetics by researchers. Which explains why certain behavior in certain areas or families keep being present in such a persistent way. Secondly when the effectiveness is questioned there will be a period of re-programming or first de-programming, this could easily take generations before the new behavior is fine tuned.

When this over-imitating results in rituals and traditions in adulthood, it is quite hard to get rid of it, or even get such a human aware of the fact that he probably not knows why he’s acting accordingly to these traditions. Most of them do not reach beyond the point of saying: “but we did it always like this.” When humans hang on to this type of behavior it takes a lot to change the way it always was. As the research showed, warning doesn’t change the programming of what was learned once. It needs a shock to put for a moment the programmed being up side down to see the world for a moment through other eyes, so he knows there is more and different ways to view his world. Natural disasters, sudden death of dear ones and suddenly being ripped off of one’s possessions causes these kind of sudden and temporally moments of “enlightenment”. It might end up as a dead end or challenges the human into change.

That’s what we currently see in our world full of natural disasters, riots, war and financial crisis.There are 3 ways of coping with this, keep holding on to our programmed nature like religion or spiritualism and walk the earth like zombies. Or seeing that the programming isn’t effective and start blaming the world around you for your discomfort and become a conspiracy theorist or you see and understand that your programming has a flaw and you start working on a solution.

Over-imitation will likely let us walk in circles and never evolve to a higher level when it comes to traditions and rituals. Imitation in itself could help humanity to end up in the gutter, although when one imitates all the behavior that has been proven effective and even successful it could pull us also out of the gutter. De-programming and re-programming as in imitation, imitating the most effective behavior. It would of course be of a great plus when people start imitating effective behavior. So they could start asking questions, and investigate for themselves if the behavior to be imitated is also effective for them and their circumstances. A real copycat knows when to and how to imitate in the best interest of all.

Isn’t that what education should be built on, positive and successful imitative behavior? Once we start seeing that we are running on programs and we’re not more than organic robots, then we should no longer fight this fact. Just become the best improved robot model that serves the best interest of all. That’s what education in an Equal Money System will look like, working with the limitations and the nature of the systems we consist of. Reset ourselves and our DNA to become effective and able to see that there is no time to lose ourselves in irrelevant rituals and traditions to get this world on the right track again. Poverty, famine, disease and abuse need to be addressed as soon as possible, therefore no distractions and let us get to the most desirable point right now, where life will be decent and the word choice will have a meaning again.

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Junkfood for everyone, finally equality.

With the help of our generosity, children in developing countries are suffering from obesity. A contradiction in terms and a fine example what giving to the poor out of a good hearted gesture may result in. It is no longer a secret that third world countries are used as the bin for drugs and nice guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry, so why not food. The food most children receive in developing countries is highly refined, industrial foods with a high content of sugar and fat. So next time people raise money for Africa or Asia and you donate, it will not be to drill a well, but to build a Mac-Donalds.

The UN and WHO found a tripled increase in the numbers of overweighted children over the last 20 years in Africa and Asia. The children have a poor diet as well as the mothers which lowered the rate of breast feeding women. The food that has been offered to these children is high energy food, which is low in essential vitamins and minerals and heavy with sugar and fat. The poor nutrition of the mothers results in newborns with a low birth weight, these newborns are vulnerable to become overweight later in life.

Life in these developing countries has become more sedentary which also sounds like a contradiction. Life in these countries is so much more manual and heavy than our life’s. We have machines and all kinds of lazy solutions when it comes to manual and physical work. These people have literally to work for their day to day living yet people in general and children are less active now. These people are trapped in a cycle and can not escape it unless the food provider stops the junkfood. Governments are asked to no longer allow junkfood at the schools and playgrounds as an aim to cut child obesity.

Children with a low birth weight are not able to digest the high energy density food that contains less vitamins and minerals then children need at their age. When these kids are exposed to such foods over a long period their bodies are constantly fighting and struggling with the food that comes in. No wonder these kids are less active while struggling with their digestion and carrying around more and more kilo’s of body weight.

We think that we are doing so well in the developing countries, but why do we want to make copies of our countries? We like to bring these people our religions, our democracy, we donate them our drugs and let them share in our junkfood. We are such good people and do not dare to say we are not. Well, I’ll say we are not. You must be blind to not see how all these assets we like to give to the poor have fucked up our own nations. Hospitals can run only on obesity and obesity related diseases, it’s the physical signature of our prosperity. What are we aiming at, to be equally fucked in a system of abundance at the costs of ourselves?

Most people hate it when others question the effectiveness of charity and our true motives of giving to the poor. It is just sad that we can not see people from less developed countries as our equals. In fact we mostly do not care about people in developed countries. Not even in our own country, our concern goes not much further then close relatives and friends. Giving to the less fortunate is an act of feeling more and redeeming ourselves from guilt. The guilt of in essence not giving a shit about others, though when you see yourself as a good person, you need to keep up that appearance.

How would you experience life when you had to dress yourself with mismatched second hand clothes and footwear. Eat inferior excess food of the rich countries and have drugs that make together with the food your body sick and weak. Would you be able to say “thank you”?

These criminal activities take place just in front of our eyes, we are just blinded by the bling bling of money and we do not see it. Obesity is a severe condition with a lot of physical outflows. When it starts in childhood it is really though to release yourself from it within adulthood. A huge problem and in fact it shouldn’t be a problem, quality food for everyone is possible. As long as we see others separate from us and our reality, world equality is not yet understood.

It’s so simplistic, when I eat a nutritious high quality banana what reason can there be for others to not have such a banana? Even a monkey can think of the answer to this question. Scarcity, money, greed, better birth? All invalid reasons, we all should be entitled to eat the same good foods. An Equal Money System values everybody equal, everybody has a basic income to buy food and food will be produced according to the amount of people that need it. Food will only be made if it is done sustainable and equal to all that lives. In an Equal money system obesity is not a matter of health, but an indicator of how much shit you’re still carrying around through allowing and accepting inequality.

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Are we the Barbie and Ken of this world?

Are we the Barbie and Ken of this world? Moulded accordingly to a corporation invented form, all made of the same material, though different colors and different lengths. Always the same authentic corporate smile and empty on the inside. That’s us, walking on high heels through our reality while not being able to see anything with our painted eyes. When will we be able to re-connect to our physical reality? Understanding that we are real flesh and blood here now in every moment. Every moment spent in the unreal will kick us back in our process to really elevate ourselves above the invented model of fear, greed, jealousy, power and the believe that money will be the only way to survive.

Only when birds fall out of the sky and fish wash ashore we see pictures that don’t match with what we presume to be our reality. Get real, dead birds, fish and bees are our current reality. Famine and poverty do not only exist in that one moment when you get exposed to it accidently through the media, it was always there! Hypes around disasters are the only way to get us on this emotional wave to connect us with our physical reality. One disaster at the time of course, hey we are not multi tasking, we can only go from one disaster to the next. Disasters are great to keep us going, we feel blessed and saved for not being affected. We send money, to commute our guilt, to organisations who we do not check out. Guilt can be released in various ways of course, quite popular right now are sending light and I do not mean light bulbs. Burning candles and sending spiritual fantasy light, but just as the organisations we donate money to, we do not check if the light has arrived at the right latitude. How can we know, we are only plastic dolls and just a few of us are special editions.

Our bodies are real, our only vehicle to spend time within this reality on earth. Our bodies are so real that famine is experienced as the horrible truth of what we allowed and accepted. Slowly but surely eating us from the inside out and finishing us in not comprehensible pain. Pain that may be not real for us yet, though we are heading to a world where there will be only food for the few with money. How can we know, we are simply an image of who we think we are. Only when pain forces itself upon us we feel, yet we do not understand that it is us who are doing this to us. It’s us and not our corporate inventor that’s harming us, it’s us who say: “abuse me, here right now till eternity.” We do feel fucked within our reality from time to time and at the same time it’s the most blessed feeling ever. It’s the feeling that allows us to blame and shove off our own responsibility for our bodies and the body that’s called society.

Hell is heaven compared to the life’s we live right now. We can not see it with our Barbie and Ken eyes, we only keep repeating how beautiful our world is. Be for a moment self-honest here, when you have a real close look at for instance nature, is it really as beautiful as you claim it is? Look at the trees and see how depleted they are, look at the animals and see how depleted they are. Look at us and see how depleted we are. Our bodies haven’t become stronger over time and the diseases haven’t decreased over time while science flourished. We are empty, worn out and without knowing tired of fighting against the streams. We search for meaning in our life’s outside ourselves separated from ourselves. My God how do ever we find our way back to ourselves within our believe that we are unworthy and not capable of solving the mess we made by ourselves. The corporation that invented us, Barbie and Ken, are not going to save us, they are going to profit from us like pimps.

Getting rid of our Barbie and Ken image is the only way to get real and work with what is here, us. We need to take steps to solve our problems with life.

Step 1 is being self-honest and therefore seeing that you have only you to fix your mess.

Step 2 is realising that “keep breathing” is the only way to go through life.

Step 3 is taking responsibility for what you caused through accepting and allowing.

Step 4 is applying yourself in the best interest of all.

Step 5 is knowing that we all have to take these steps and therefore you are not alone within your process of overcoming your plastic doll ego. Together we can assist and support each other as equals and be one in our crusade for world equality.

Are you ready to be more than a Barbie or a Ken? Join us at Desteni for life coaching within the Desteni “I”process.

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