Libya the new Iraq

02 Mar

I noticed that the first world countries are a bit numb at the moment when it comes to news about the riots in Africa and the Middle East. When Tunisia started rioting the world sat on the edge of their seats and everybody agreed, unacceptable.

Then Egypt followed and we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t seen it before that Mubarak was this evil dictator for over 30 years. Everybody commiserated with the Egypt people till the point the Egypt army brought salvation. When Egypt didn’t accept the freedom the army brought to them, the riots started again and we lost a bit our interest. We love to belief that riots will make a difference and will bring a country into a stable political haven, though reality was forcing itself up on us and we simply were no longer interested. Why spoil a fantasy when you can still keep one?

The chain reaction of riots didn’t stop though, Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Albania and Syria all rioted for the same reasons Tunisia, Egypt and Greece already did. These people were fed up to be at the short end of the stick and demanded: no longer dictatorship and oppression of the people. We in the first world saw some headlines and did hear it on the news, but it wasn’t that exited anymore as the first “Robin Hood” like riots in Tunisia and Egypt so we lost total interest.

Then all of a sudden Libya entered the news zone. Big news, headlines, complete countries and federations were startled and the excitement came back to the people of the first world. Only this time it was more like a computer game “get Gadaffi”s head first, extra bonus points”. To me it looks like the same blueprint the US used for Iraque, also there Sadam Hussein was for many years a nice fool to play around with, in order to get nice oil deals. The same goes for Gadaffi for many years he was many their “friend”, now he’s losing control over the riots in his country their oil customers get nervous and like to get a hold on the oil before anyone else does. We all know that these players are prepared to fight for it so this event could turn it’s ugly face on us.

When the leaders of the first world countries get nervous and they start internationally finger pointing and putting their black sheep leader on a pedestal, then we’re talking about oil or at least commodities. As Gerald Celeste said in an recent interview:” You think we were in Iraq if the major export there was broccoli?”

So lets put, this whole rioting and interference of international politics, into perspective. It’s common sense to say that if you still, as a country, own your own oil or commodities, you are likely to be attacked by the oil sucking first world at some point. Riots only make the main stream media to feed this feeling of false freedom and to let the people think that riots can make a difference. If you just look it up, you’ll find no riot in history that resulted into a stable new political atmosphere that lasted for many years and was in favour of the people in that country.

It is common sense that once you do not see others as equals, there will never be a solution that is best for all. It’s almost childishly simple. Our world contains an x amount of oil and we all need an equal part of it to keep societies running. Now when oil gets scarse and less easy to drill, it’s common sense to look for alternatives that will not pollute and is in the best interest of all. Only when we see each other as equals we will not fear that the other will have a better solution for our oil problem, therefore we will not profit over each others backs like we are used to. Only when we see each other as equals and do not want to possess things and think of it as mine, only then we can come to common sensical solutions.

We are all equal only we want to be more special than others or feel less than another all related to our own created emotional bagage. As soon as we see that everybody has equally the same rights on this planet then we can have a big laugh about our current state of mind and behavior. If I think I deserve more than you, then with this one thought I spoil it for all of humanity, animals and plants. When I’m equal to you I do not need to be jealous anymore, there is no need to be greedy anymore and there is no need to play power games with you anymore. So basically no fear.

Within an Equal Money System people don’t need to riot they are taken care of with a basic income and they have the opportunity to earn more with dignified jobs. Basic needs as medical care, education, housing and transportation are taken care of for all people. We will not fight over oil, commodities or money. That’s what I see as freedom in common sense and best for all.

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