Obvious, hidden and imaginary poverty

03 Mar

Poverty according to the dictionary:

The state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor; indigence.

Today nearly 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day, that’s what I call obvious poverty. No one can argue or come up with good reasons why so many people on our planet have to live without money to provide for their basic needs. Yet we what’s left of us, without those almost 3 billion people, haven’t made any structural change thus far that last. Maybe we gave occasionally some money to charity or adopted a piteous third world child and fund his life with a few dollars a month.You probably have noticed that, it hasn’t made any difference on the bigger picture called world. As long as we not really want to see those 3 billion people rise up from within their poverty and acknowledge that there is no reason to think of why they can not have what we have, nothing ever will change. There will always exist this polarity within us and therefore within our world that provides a breeding ground for poor and rich people.

In other words, these almost 3 billion people who live in obvious poverty, is saying already enough. It’s an unacceptable situation that must be stopped. Of course this is the scary part for us, because somehow we do belief that when the poor people have also acces to their basic needs, we suddenly are disadvantaged. Which implies that we do understand really clear how the system works and that we, are having a good life at the expenses of the poor.

Hidden poverty are those that may be live in your own town, those you do not see mingling socially. Those that do not possess the basic needs of modern society, such as a car, a bike, furniture, enough clothing, heating and hot water. On top of that they do not met the standards of basic living due to having little money and irregular meals. Nobody really knows them, because they do not have the money to be sociable, to join a club or have a hobby. Most of the time they live in houses that are to us uninhabitable, they rent those houses mostly illegal and have therefore less rights according to the law.

These people are the outcast of the system and will not return to the system until they make more money. They are unworthy to the system and therefore treated accordingly. Within work situations they have the most lousy jobs and again without a contract. Employers can decided upon what to do and how to treat these people, because they have no one and no union that back them up. Hidden poverty doesn’t mean living of $2 a day, they have more to spend and more to pay for to survive within modern society. Also these people can starve or freeze to death without anybody knowing it. Obvious poverty and hidden poverty will result in the same end result, premature death. Obvious poverty is a whole country that is spit out by the world system and hidden poverty takes place within the system of a city and those will be spit out by society.

Imaginary poverty are middle class modern society citizens. Through our current world crisis the middle class, as some sort of grey area, is fading away. The middle class is an invention of the rich, to keep the people preoccupied with their desire to become rich one day. Now reality becomes more stripped back this whole group stops to exist and enters the borders of poverty again. These people who still own luxury goods and still live in their own house, but do not manage to make it till the end of the month without going into debt. Complaining when they have to sell one of the two or three cars, but still living within society on a tighter budget. It’s easy to cross the line for these people, once in this destructive spiral and ending up for instance bankrupt.

These people might have nothing to eat from time to time, but they will find their way to the food banks. Society is still counting on them as long as they have their jobs, they are still credit worthy and useful for the system. So compared to obvious poverty these people are rich and compared to the hidden poverty they are still visible and part of the system. It’s poverty in the making or delayed poverty.

Putting all these kind of poverty’s into perspective it needs no explanation to state that this is unnecessary suffering for quite a lot of people and it can be solved if we only want to. If we want to understand that it’s an egoistic approach towards life to claim that you have the right to more than your fair share and at the same time searching for justifications why others don’t have that right.

What has become of the statement:” we all have to share fairly”, something our moms would yell at us while quarreling with our siblings. We all know how simple life is and should be. In kindergarten we’re punished when we take toys away from the other children, when we steel as teens from classmates or at the local supermarket we’re considered evil. Though when we’re adults and have more than our fair share, people look up to us and admire us for the same behavior that was considered evil in childhood.

We are all equal in this world, we are born alone in this world and die alone. We eat, sleep, have sex and poop no difference here. Yet we are not able to equally share in our basic needs and take responsibility for life. A perfect and simple solution to this problem of so called scarcity of means is the Equal Money System. Where everybody has a basic income from birth till death. No legacies and therefore no wealth transfers within families, just all people one by one provided equally for their basic needs.

Imagine those 3 billion people entering the world stage and equally helping, while being well educated, to build a new world where no one has to fear premature death by lack of nutrients. Nobody will no longer be too greedy to to give you a dignified life. That must be heaven on earth.

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