I would like the, ova, sperm, a rental uterus and clearance papers please

04 Mar

At a certain age women get a call from nature which they call their biological clock. If they are in a relationship they will prepare the way for their partner to get used to the idea that they will have passionate sex for quite some time. The male in this case will be drooling, only by the idea of an extensive amount of sex and he will agree and embrace this call of nature. When his partner gets pregnant he starts understanding that the consequence, or better said the fine print, wasn’t totally explained to him. The consequences are 1 or more miniature humans that fall under his responsibility for at least the next 18 years. Of which the first 4 years look like the toughest, but in real time the remaining years are the most challenging.

When a couple wants to have children, everybody around them goes into this fairy tail state of mind and such a period in a couples  life is portrait by society as the most romantic thing ever. Is it? What does this wanting, within the wish for children, apply? I want a car, a house or food and whenever I have the money I buy it. This means automatically that when I want a child, I in reality, want to possess a child. As saying in a self centre way: its mine.

I want a nice car, purely to maintain or establish a certain image. I want a beautiful house to  maintain or establish a certain image. I want food to express a certain life style. I want a child to show the world how fertile I am, or to establish an image of a caring loving mom, or to build an image around, or because society values me more as a parent due to my fertility or just because!

In common sense we can see that all these reasons are not very solid and even uncountable as a motive for at least 18 years of parenthood. Therefore  a lot of parents are already done with their child even before it turns 4 years. Professional help needs to be brought in, because they screwed up big time and they know, so now it needs to be fixed.

Couples who have not yet children loathe these children and their parents for their misbehavior. Till their call of nature manifest and there is no way back. We all want to justify our egoistic desire for wanting a child and within self-honesty we should be able to see that their is no valid reason other then keeping the human race alive. This survival mode is so deep ingravend within us that when we are not fertile enough we go to a clinic for artificial insemination, to have at least 1 to 8 children of our own. When the ova or the sperm isn’t fertile enough couples can always buy another persons fertile body material. Now it gets less romantic, since the fertility of one of the partners is at stake and proven as bad material.

We can even take it a step further, when both partners are infertile, they can buy themselves some ova, some sperm, order themselves a rental womb and papers to get their purchased child out of the country where it was produced into our country. All reality, but romance is not at all alive anymore. Our wanting turns into this possessive thought that completly  takes over. There is only one thing on our mind and that is getting a child one way or the other, in order to keep up appearances of being this fertile perfect couple worthy of being part of society.

Then last but not least there is adoption, the less attractive way for most couples to achieve their hunger for the fulfillment of their image. When you adopt, you as the parents, were not necessary to bring this child into the world. Of course this feels unnatural if we look at it from the perspective of fertility.

All the solutions thus far to pursuit this vague wanting for a child involve money. Without money none of these options will be assessable. Looking at it from the perspective of an Equal Money System, it would be a total different experience. Bringing a child into the world would be taking your own responsibility. You need to be ready for it in the sense of understanding yourself and the world around you. A child is given to you and is in no way a possession, it’s your mirror to understand yourself even better. The child is you and you are the child, totally equally learning from each other. Therefore it is of no importance if this is totally genetically your child, it can be any child. Every child has the right on caring caretakers and no child deserves to live in an orphanage or on the streets. We all need to take care of each other and not bringing more children into the world as an image booster.

In an Equal Money System every child has a basic income, so taking in another child within your family will not put more weight on your financial budget. A child is financially taken care of, education and health care are free. A child only needs your unconditional care.

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