Is there a doctor in the house?

06 Mar

A physician or a doctor is someone that’s valued as more than others by our society. We grant doctors with our respect for the simple fact that, for the majority of us, doctors studied more and longer than we did. Therefore we assume that doctors should have more knowledge than we have, when it comes to our own body. This respecting could be seen as some sort of a coping mechanism. We know that one day when we need a doctor we have to be able to count on them. When it comes to our body and diseases we easily give away our responsibility, we are simply out of touch with our own bodies. I do not imply that we should start operating on ourselves, we need doctors, that’s beyond scolding. The only “but” is, we need doctors that are actual skilful and passionate about their profession.

We all know the stories about doctors who are given a position within a clinic or hospital, by their “friend” doctors and never actually practice. They earn a salary, but never perform. Or the lunatic that puts on a white coat and claims he’s a doctor, which is even used by Hollywood to make movies about. These so called doctors are abusing the system and maybe occasionally a patient. Though the real abusers are the doctors that do practice medicine and really mess up the life’s of patients and their surroundings. Also those stories we know only too well and we prefer to see those as rarely.

In the Netherlands 2 hospitals expelled 1 and the same vascular surgeon, nevertheless the medical disciplinary tribunal never undertook proceedings against this doctor. He was expelled for having an alcohol addiction and his blundering performances as a doctor. Within 5 years he injured, through surgery, 14 patients in such a severe way, that a few had to pay with death. He was known amongst his colleagues as “macho” and “cowboy” and he liked to get stained with blood of his patients. Due to this fetish of him, most patients lost extreem amounts of blood while being operated on. It was generally known within the hospitals that most of his patients had to undergo risky re-operations or eventually have a leg amputated. After being expelled from the Netherlands he immigrated to Scotland to perform as a vascular surgeon again.

We no longer can trust our fellow human doctors, because we don’t know who of them is a malpractitioner, who got carried away by status and money and who bought his degree and actually does not know much about real medicine. Of course there are still doctors out there that are skilful and passionate, but even amongst those there are doctors subtly influenced by money. If you look at the profession of a doctor a little bit closer, you will discover that what these doctors learn while in University from their textbooks, is information of a bias nature. Who wrote on behalve of whom the textbooks that are used, when you follow the track you will see that money has a big say in this. It will therefore be no surprise that Big Pharma has a big greedy hand into this profession and it’s not us the people that are profitting from it.

Look at the profession of a doctor in the middle ages, back then a doctor was called a charlatan. Later in time doctors were merely experimenting on people, that in itself isn’t something that should be condemned. It’s the fact that doctors are even today still experimenting on patients with drugs and treatments, without knowing exactly what they are doing or exactly knowing what is wrong with the patient. It would be so much more transparent when a doctor tells you that he has no idea about your condition and that you better see another doctor to find out what is wrong. In fact it’s no big deal when a doctor doesn’t know something, it becomes a big deal when he starts experimenting on the patient from a starting point of not knowing. When money, greed, power and pride are ruling a doctors profession patients are going to be the victims.

Nowadays youngsters become doctors for several reasons, because their family has a tradition of becoming a doctor, because they want to earn large amounts of money, because they want money and the status and image that comes with it or they really care about patients. In an Equal Money System doctors will only become doctors out of caring for their fellow humans. Having a profession within the Equal Money System means earning per hour equally the same amount as all other participants within the labour system. So being a doctor wouldn’t give one more status than being a dustman and therefore they both earn equally the same. There is no profession that implies more responsibility to let society run, when the dustman isn’t doing his job, a city ends up with a messy and unsanitary risky situation for the population. No one really has to work within the Equal Money System since all have a basic income to provide for their basic needs. The one’s that do want to participate within labour do so out of the simple fact that they want to contribute to society.

Within an Equal Money System we would be able to really investigate and research diseases and come up with real drugs and treatments. Once money isn’t the principal for research and researched isn’t starting with a fixed outcome we could really serve humanity with medical science. No disease would be seen as less than another and every disease would deserve equally attention to find solutions. Already within education children would be taught to respect and listen to their physical bodies. We will never be able to avoid death with science or any other human intervention, we can prolongue life and why not do this in a humane way without making profit at the expense of our fellow humans.

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