$106.5m to give away…

07 Mar

Art as we know it within modern society today is playing out the polarity of bad and good. A bad artist who makes bad art is not able to devote all his time into his bad art, so that one day his work improves. Bad artists are badly payed and have to depend on welfare or little jobs on the side. On the other hand a good artist who makes good art will make good money with his art and is able to devote all his time into his art. Being a good artist is confined to a few, good art is expensive and not everybody has enough wealth to buy himself an old master or a famous modern artwork. Art is appealing to our senses only for it’s specialness, though most art and artist become special when they are already dead or at least aged.

Picasso, a dead artist, sold at auction last year his painting “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” for $106.5m to an unknown buyer. The Tate Modern in London is a lucky museum since they may exhibit this Picasso painting from the lender/owner. The painting will arrive from New York to London and will be part of a Picasso exhibition next year in the Tate museum. The Tate should take more security precautions since this is the most expensive painting in the world. Tate director Nicholas Serota said: “I am delighted that through the generosity of the lender we are able to bring it to the British public for the first time.” Now let us put this into perspective, Serota is delighted that a $106,5m costing painting is brought to the British public. With this $106,5m we could easily give 53.25m people who live on $2 or less a day $2 extra. It would be an one time event and not at all a structural solution. Though I would be delighted to bring an extra $2 to 53.25m people in need.

How blind are we to take these facts in as normal facts. Art has always been an elitair toy with which only the already rich may play and the rest may watch if they pay for it. Almost no artist gets loaded with money by selling a few paintings, which means that the money is moving only in one direction. Money that could have been spend on real important things, when we only would spread it.

Making art in itself isn’t a crime, it’s the definition and the energetic load that’s given to it that makes it criminal. As so many other professions, is the profit making aspect, of these jobs been kidnapped by the wealthy. What the profession is all about has totally been swept away. An artist transferes his expression on to canvas or into a sculpture, it’s an interaction of the artist with his outside world. His inner reflections are given form, so that all of us can experience these reflections and then we can refer to it as good or bad art. In a way we are all artists, we all reflect our inner world as manifested consequences into our outer world. We create, we create just like the artist, but we are bad artists and have not enough time left to become good. We simply need to survive while the money of our capitalistic system only moves in one direction and that isn’t our way.

We need to ask ourselves why we want to stay mediocres and why we do not want to improve ourselves. It’s not that complicated at all, we simply have to stop allowing and accepting these retarded ways to spend money within the rich cycles. Art needs to return back to the artists. It is a way to express oneself without a price tag hanging on it. Within our current system art will never return to the artist and nothing is for free due to our extensive drive to survive into capitalism.

It doesn’t have to be this way, we can free art from the greedy hands of the rich simply by voting for an Equal Money System. An EMS will provide the people who live now on less than $2, the artist and everybody else with a basic income. Within an instant our drive to survive will be taken away and we can devote our time on the things that matter to us such as practising art. Paintings will no longer be defined as special and expensive, it will be simply an expression within a moment. When we, within this new reality, would like to exhibit our art we do not need extra security since this art is simply art. A new form of art will be born, the art of the state of being within the moment in every breath. Pick-ass-oh would be a real ass-hole if he didn’t give his vote for an EMS, then he could have enjoyed his own expression. His art could have even been totally different if he didn’t have to survive. All art will be different once we understand what our real expression is within self-honesty and equality.

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