Carnival; hiding behind our masques

08 Mar

Carnival, the annual time of turning. The overturning of daily life and the becoming of our polarized self. We masquerade to transform into this other self that surrenders to endless dancing on loud music, getting drunk and being promiscuous. All masked with traditions as parades, street parties and dressing up. We teach our children already at a young age to participate within these festivities of passing of the slave chain.

In the medieval folk culture where Carnival flourished, life was quite though and more a physical surviving than we know now within modern society. The annual time of turning with the masquerading by phenomenon was an extreme transformation of daily life. It was literally the freeing of the suppressed self throughout the year, to end it with an explosive and energetic celebration. Now in modern time we seem much more civilised and less in need to free us from the burden that’s called rough life. Though the freeing from our suppressed self hasn’t changed much throughout time. Back then we as man were in essence evil and we still are. All the liberties annually given to us within Carnival by the Church, we already practised in daily life. In the evening we got drunk to forget what we allowed and accepted during our day, we danced to distract ourselves and preoccupy our minds in order to get laid. Now the scenery is changed, but our urges are still the same.

We don’t want to face our own created world. We like to worship God and come closer to him through prayer, fasting and almsgiving; the 3 main rites of lent after the Carnival celebrations. We like to cry out to our God and ask him: “Why God, why?” We know damn well why God leaves almost 3 billion people starving in poverty, why God watches us turn against each other like wild animals, why God invented diseases and has been hiding the cure and why God is who he is. It all starts with the simple fact that there is no such thing as the oracle God, it’s cold blooded shoving off responsibility from our side. If there was a God, who represents all that is good, how come there still exists evil in his creation? Which implies that his creation is a polarisation and directly results in the fact that if God is good he must be evil at the same time. If we are created in his images and likeness no wonder humanity is turning against each other.

Carnaval is hiding behind our masks to practise our evil self. The Latin variant of the word Carnival is “carne vale” and means “a farewell to the flesh”, in other words a farewell to the physical. Which means the worshipping of the mind, when we are not of the physical we are of the mind. When we are of the mind we will not take any responsibility for our physical actions. Those physical actions we read daily about in the news papers and we see it on tv. Within the fact of not taking any responsibility we like to blame others for our conditions. A nice example are the “illuminati”, we like for instance to believe that they are smoking the majority of us out, but look at us we are doing it ourselves for free and with pleasure.

It’s Carnival all year round, we all wear masks and we would feel naked without. Masking ourselves and masking our world, an endless Carnival. Our fight against ourselves, surviving within a world that has become like this only because we allowed and accepted it. The law of polarization is play game. When we are rich others are poor, when we have food in abundance others have a scarcity of food, when we have most of the commodities others are left with nothing. How difficult is it to understand that we have to equalize ourselves with all live. Only by practising the law of equality we can stop participating within the law of polarization.

We can easily stop masquerading, stop hoping that God is going to help us, something he actually never has done within existence. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and start working together. There are people out there more then ready and willing to do all that is necessary in the best interest of all to build a world that doesn’t need masks to survive. A world where everybody wants to see each other as equals. So throw away your mask that’s called ego and equalize. We need a lot of hands and self will to bring forth an Equal Money System to get this world on the right track again. The road to a life without fear for survival and the fear for each other. Join and liberate yourself from the slave chain.

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One response to “Carnival; hiding behind our masques

  1. ingridbloemheuvel

    March 9, 2011 at 2:39 am

    -“carne vale” and means “a farewell to the flesh”, in other words a farewell to the physical-

    Cool, didn’t know that – I’ve always perceived it the other way around, like giving in to the flesh = eat, drink and fuck, but of course that’s mind in action.

    thanks for your insight 🙂


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