Modern-day slavery

09 Mar

Imagine that one day, you as a child or adolescent, are devastated and in so much fear of not knowing if you and your family are going to fetch the day. Not knowing if there will be food, if you will be safe and being too scared to even think about tomorrow. That same day a stranger comes by and offers you as a child a job that will take care of all the fears you had before. It would be enough money to feed your family and to no longer having to worry about the future. This stranger takes you away and you are still exited till you find out that you were sold and never will see your family again.

This isn’t a fantasy about something that rarely happens, it’s the cruel reality for 2.5 million people around the world. It’s called human trafficking and is the most lucrative industry ever. The profits made within this industry is twice as much as  Walmart makes annually and almost as much as Exxon Mobil. There are laws and protocols signed by 117 countries, nevertheless the effectiveness of these laws are nil. The chance to get caught and convicted as a trafficker is small and most of them have never been inside a court room. Human trafficking is due to it’s low rate of convictions even more lucrative than selling drugs or guns. The problem with selling drugs and guns is, once it’s sold it’s a closed deal. For human trafficking on the other hand the profit continues as long as the trafficker “owns” this human being.

Human trafficking is called modern-day slavery. This refers to the fact that you no longer own yourself, you’re being owned by your worst nightmare who carries the name fellow human. Traffickers have understood one thing very well, people at the edge of society live in fear and do anything to get pulled out of their situation. People who starve do not think rationally, they want to believe these traffickers no matter what. Only when they end up threatened, beaten up and tortured they awake from their dream of possibility. The possibility to no longer live in fear, which ironically is exchanged for the fear they feel towards their trafficker and makes them incapable of running away. Going from one hell to another.

Human trafficking includes the exploitation of children and adults who are within a vulnerable living situation and are easy to take advantage of. The trafficking exist in various forms and the most common ways are sexual exploitation and forced labor. There exist also domestic servitude or the removal of organs. The trading of human body parts is also very profitable, though the same as drugs and guns sales it’s a one time adventure. Bonded labor is a relatively new method of human trafficking and includes having people pay off their debt in exchange of labor. Mostly the amount of labor isn’t specified and always more than the value of the debt.

To understand how such things as human trafficking originate we need to look into the living conditions of the trafficker and the victim. No event arises without both parties participating. A human trafficker is a criminal since the trafficking of humans is illegal. Criminals can be found in all walks of life, the most common place to find them would be within the poor neighborhoods. It’s a great way to make fast money and a minor chance to get caught. So these men are driven by money due to their poor origin and once introduced to big amounts of money, greed kicks in. When greed kicks in, the human being loses sanity. The ability to use some common sense and to consider others beside themselves isn’t present anymore. So basically we are dealing with an evil lunatic that is going as far as possible for money. The victim on the other hand is living on the edge of society and has no prospect on better living conditions. When the victim is offered money he sees a way out of extreme poverty, he/she will do anything to no longer experience this fear that’s consuming him/her. The ability to use common sense and see that no stranger is going to offer you money to get you out of your shitty existence, is not present anymore. So also the victim is driven by money and temporarily insanity.

No child or adult in their right mind would have unprotected sex with strangers and having taken away their money by the trafficker. No one would work too many hours for too little money under extreme conditions while being held prison. No one would leave their family to work day and night as domestic servitude without having any connection to the outside world anymore. No one would give away organs without considering if he/she is going to survive a surgical intervention under  suspicious circumstances. And no one would pay off a debt with labor when the labor is far more then the debt ever was and he/she is kept as slave. It is money what makes them all go into extremes to only survive.

How sad would it be when a man sick with a sexually transmitted disease after visiting a brothel, but loaded with money, would abuse without really giving a shit. At home his own domestic servant would make him some broth and take care of him day and night. While going through this disease the doctors find out that his bad heart condition is calling for a new heart. So his financial man takes care of it and before he knows it he’s got an illegal heart transplant and when still in hospital he calls a debtor of his to pay of his debt by repainting his house before he’s released from hospital. When finally home the man is glad he can finally wear his own pyjama’s again made by little children’s hands. The debtor will still work on the restauration of the villa, while the man is suffering from the physical consequences of his ignorant attitude.

How joyful would it be when all this suffering, losing ones sanity and the abuse in the name of money wouldn’t be necessary anymore. If there wasn’t in the first place a difference within the possession of money, the starting point for human trafficking would completely disappear. Without one having extreme more money than the others there would not be a foundation for wanting to control the life’s of others. Within an Equal Money System where everybody has a basic income from birth till death and the possibility to earn more money by labor, there will never exist the situation wherein one makes extreme amounts of money, simply because the hourly fee is equal for every profession. Exploiting each other will become a though task if not impossible. People who try to exploit another will be seen as criminals and accordingly to the law of equality been put away into rehab. That’s a protocol that will be working, always and equally, no exceptions allowed.

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