When a child’s safe haven becomes hell

10 Mar

A mother called an ambulance at the dawn of the day, she is confused. Her 3 year old son lies on the ground of the living room, motionless. When the aid workers from the ambulance try to retrieve information from the mother about what had happend, they experience difficulties. While trying to get some sense out of the mother other aid workers examine the little boy and conclude right away that the boy is dead. They also note that the little boy was still recovering from earlier physical violence, which indicates in what kind of a situation they stepped in. Bit by bit the mother recalls what happend and she later confesses the murder on her son, after police interrogation.

The mother and her boyfriend had been using drugs and alcohol the evening before the aid workers arrived. The little boy had accidently peed his pants, the mom and boyfriend were upset with the child. The confusion turned into irritation and the irritation into demonic madness. The boyfriend picked the child up and started swishing him around the room while hitting the child against the walls and furniture. The boyfriend wasn’t able to stop himself, the drugs brought him in an evil possessed state of mind. The mom joined in after the boyfriend stopped swishing the child around, she pounded on the child’s face and chest like a mad man. When satisfied and physically done with the child they left him on the ground gasping for air. This physical exercise had made them hungry so they ordered a pizza and some more beer. The mom and the boyfriend never bothered again about the child and passed out from the drugs and alcohol. Not until the next morning the mom was awakened by a gurgling sound that came out of her child who still lied on the ground where they left him the other night. Totally upset the mom called the emergency number.

These kind of stories of child abuse are not specific of these times, it has always been amongst us. Though the frequency of these kind of events has noticeably increased and almost everybody knows stories about a family within their neighborhood where murder has taken place. Or the dad kills the children and his wife or the parents kill the children or the children kill the parents. The motives may seem to differ, but all these people are in a state of possession. Wether they planned the crime, acted out of passion or were deluded by drugs/alcohol, they all had thoughts that led eventually up to the killing. In other words the killing was within their understanding the only way to get rid of their problem. It’s 100% secure that the underlining problem, hidden or out in the open, starts with a m….Money.

In most cases where parents kills the rest of the family, the parent has financial problems and kills himself after killing his family. When children kill their parents the underlining issue is almost always money that isn’t given to the child. In the case where the parents kill the children, as in the above example of the 3 year old, these families are in financial instability due to addiction problems.

Lets look at the example again where a parent get so pissed off by it’s own child that it ends up dead. When you as a parent get pissed off whenever your child pees his pants then this reaction is telling more about your state of mind then about the real time situation you are actually participating in. You react because you do not like to clean the mess up or he did already peed his pants today and the memory there of is taking you back in time. You simply do not want to be faced with this issue. When you go through this “I don’t like my current reality, I don’t want to clean up” feeling while on drugs and alcohol, things can get enlarged and out of control. Someone that is an addict isn’t keen on facing his/hers reality in real time to begin with.

So the mom gets pissed off by reacting on a memory about the child peeing his pants and being a pain in the ass. Instead of seeing that she is reacting towards herself she and her boyfriend are physically reacting towards the child. The child does not understand why his mommy is mad and is incapable of defending himself in this situation. The mom and the boyfriend are locked up in their minds by being drunk and high, which results in no what so ever contact with reality. They are in this intoxicated state, because they fear themselves and are too cowardly to face their own problems. Instead of fighting their own issues they are fighting their outside world and this particular evening they perceived this little child as the source of evil they had to fight. What a sad consequence of not facing oneself and what a terrifying fears this child must have had before he died. His mommy, the one person on earth that should protect him from all the evil, turned against him and became evil.

The core question here is of course why this couple intoxicated itself, why have they put themselves outside of society. Did they lose their jobs, their faith in life and therefore faith in themselves. It’s sick that our capitalistic system allows people to end up in such a poor environment with no real help and solutions. If they only had enough money to cover their basic needs, then there was no need for putting themselves outside the society. If alcohol and drugs would not have been available they had been able to go into counseling instead, where they could learn the equality equation and learn that what is best for all is best for them. If they only had a buddy who saw them as an equal and would help them face whatever they had to face in order to cope with life. This could have saved this family instead of locking this mom up in prison waiting for the death penalty. The capitalistic system isn’t allowing us to learn from this situation other then learning how to finger point at another who is clearly more evil then we are. What if you arrive at such a point in your life are you going to finger point at yourself?

All of this suffering isn’t necessary in an Equal Money System, the starting point of lack of money will be taken care of. Who would oppose an Equal Money System when it takes away the suffering of the majority of the people of this earth? You must be intoxicated to fear this step closer to heaven on earth.


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7 responses to “When a child’s safe haven becomes hell

  1. michaeleriksson

    March 11, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    You confuse correlation and causation, do not understand capitalism, and have little insight into human psychology. Further, you may want to compare modern living standards with those 50, 100, 200, …, years ago.

    • Sylvia

      March 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

      Hey Michael thanks for stopping by. Would be nice if you could be more specific when you disagree with another person.
      To me the correlation between your opinion and your comment is that they both are based within energy and thereof based in ego. Which causes the fact that you want to be more than another to hide your own insecurities on these points and therefore you put others down who are not at the same wavelength as you are.
      Due to your own gathered knowledge and information about the human psychology you are reacting towards my words that do not match with your knowledge. If you’re up to it you could check out the site to get a better understanding of where I’m coming from. Only because of your ideas of what capitalism should be, you disregard my words, also here broaden your horizon and check out So if you want to discuss points do so and do not circle around the bush and stop blaming others for their incapability, it might be a reflection of yourself.

  2. michaeleriksson

    March 11, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Your comment, frankly, makes little sense and what little sense it does make appears to be an ad hominem argument with no reflection in reality.

    Now, I have neither the time nor the energy to discuss your post in detail, but please consider at least the following:

    o Money does not automatically lead to a happy and well-balanced life.

    o There are very many causes that can lead to e.g. alcoholism or child-abuse and these often additionally lead to lack of money. (As can alcoholism, in and by it self.)

    o Even the US capitalism (let alone the European versions) have led to a far better life for the vast majority of the population than has historically been the case. Read up on how people actually used to live (and rates of alcoholism, child-abuse, whatnot). Further, read up on what capitalism actually is: You blame it for things that are unrelated.

    o The most fundamental rule of counseling is that it is only possible to help people who want to be helped—and these people often manage to live a reasonably ordered life even without counselling.

    • Sylvia

      March 11, 2011 at 10:56 pm

      Our definitions of reality differ, that doesn’t mean that the other one has to be “wrong”, that’s merely showing that one need to feel oneself more over the other. Which is a polarity one do not want to play with.

      o I do not speak about money as the cure to live a happy and well-balanced life. I speak about the basic needs, if those are covered one does no longer only survive.

      o Money is always the underling problem when you dare to dig for answers in self-honesty you’ll see.

      o If you understand why money is always the underling problem you should be able to see that capitalism hasn’t yet brought us everlasting sustainable solutions. If you think that greed, power and competition are assets for life, what is there left to say.

      o Indeed we can only help ourselves, but people who are a danger for others and no longer able to see what is in the best interest of humanity, need to be excluded and corrected, because that’s abuse. And abuse is unacceptable.

      • michaeleriksson

        March 11, 2011 at 11:15 pm

        Money is not always the underlying problem, plain and simple. If you cannot move on from that misconception, you will be stuck in a dead-end.

        “capitalism hasn’t yet brought us everlasting sustainable solutions”

        Who said that it had? You cannot attack a system for not being perfect. The questions are whether it is good enough, how it could be improved, and whether there are better alternatives. You make no attempts to discuss these, but instead engage in blanket condemnation.

        “people who are a danger for others and no longer able to see what is in the best interest of humanity, need to be excluded”

        That statement is both unrelated to my comments and on very dangerous grounds. The justice system already tries to do this based on somewhat reasonable criteria; however, moving past that point, the road to “The cuckoo’s nest”, ritalinized school boys, whatnot is very short.

        (This will be my last comment on this post.)

  3. tullepie

    March 12, 2011 at 1:41 am

    Cool article, Sylvia, thanks.

    About the comments – reading them you’d think you and this person are from totally different worlds 😦

    • Sylvia

      March 12, 2011 at 6:14 am

      Yes, we are. It’s funny, when a stranger visits my home and wipes his feed on the doormat, he/she feels that their physically in someone else’s house/space. On the internet people people intrude themselves upon another and see it as normal to tell you how wrong or stupid you are. I would say the same etiquette’s apply on the internet as in a real home, they’re a visitor when at someone else’s blog and nobody forces another to stop by.


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