When the floods look irreversible

12 Mar

While consumers worldwide have found in the Zane rubber animal bracelets the product to fulfil their urges within times of crises, the Westminster Abbey is in the making of a royal wedding. At the same time Catholics all around the world have to pick one of their addictions to resign during lent, the most favorite this year is 40 days without Facebook/internet. Guess what? They missed out on the news that Japan had a major 8.9 earthquake which evoked a tsunami that flooded the land with flows of mud taking cars and all that came in it’s way with it. The few religious people that still are on Facebook and chose to resign eating meat instead of Facebook/internet send a prayer wave over the internet for the effected by the earthquake and tsunami. And if that’s not enough the US military is busy designing and testing a hummingbird spy drone, which can also be used in the quest of searching for people after an earthquake.

What kind of world are we living in? A world in which consumerism is goal number one and as if that’s not enough we set up events to distract us. Like a royal wedding in fairy tail style in a wonderland where all is perfect and nothing is wrong. A world where religion is deluding us and where we use religion to delude others. I have never seen a prayer wave saving people from natural disasters or didn’t they pray for the people in Haiti, New Orleans, Indonesia etcetera etcetera. Then the US military that’s inventing another toy is deluding us from the real reasons why they want these toys in the first place. Instead they come up with the possibility of using the hummingbird within earthquakes. Nice timing to justify your toy.

The images of the flows of mud with all kind of pieces in it reminded me of throwing up. It’s as if the earth is burping up all misery or the representation of all the shit that’s inside all of us and that’s erupting all at the same time. Natural disasters are following each other rapidly and still people are sitting in front of their tv set taking it all in, but not processing it. Is all the misery we see and hear about on a daily base still making part of our reality or is it something that happens on this surrealistic level that unless it’s affecting us never mixes with our private lives.

As long as we see our world as a pretty nice way of describing how life should be. As long as we think that a perfect system can not be achieved and this is the best approach ever. As long as we think that we can still adjust life little by little and it will be okay. The more people will wake up one day and understand that they are living in their own created little hell and that there is no way out, unless they are willing to look at themselves. Where did I participate within this mess, can I still take my responsibility within this deluded reality. This reality that enslaves us and yet we feel ourselves free.

Come on, you can not really believe that when you buy more and more and more the people in sweat shops are going to be rich and you really helped solving the problem of slave labor. You can not really believe that religion is going to save the world and that someone on a cloud-mobile will one day arrive and sort out all our problems. Come on. The military isn’t there to protect people, it’s an entity on it’s own that has it’s needs and wants and is acting in the best interest of the corporation. You can not really believe that natural disasters occur just by themselves, because it can’t be us, we were looking after nature in such a great greedy way. Most people don’t want to admit it, but it always comes down on money. Money is our only motivator in life and money is the only cause why things go like they go. Money is ruling us and money makes us dishonest and hiding the truth from each other. At that point we need hummingbird spy drones, simply because we do not trust each other.

Not trusting another is not trusting ourselves, but as with money we do not like to see that or even be confronted with it. As long as money represents the worst representation of us and is not supporting life, we will be in for a whole lot of shit erupting from every hole possible. Quite a strange way of approaching life, of abusing life. Why do we want it the hard way while solutions to overcome all of this are at hand. Why are we not willing to consider even these solutions. Simple, we fear ourselves to such an extent that we are not ready to face the mud flows inside ourselves. Just for once try to understand the Equal Money System, it’s based on the simplicity of equality and self-honesty. Never having to worry about fulfilling your basic needs, just equally having the same start in life and the same opportunities. You must be evil if you don’t want others to have what you have. Nobody needs to be more than the other. It is so simple, just give your vote for world equality and give life a chance again. Are we equally going to help the people of Japan or are they going to end up as all the other victims of natural disasters, who are being ripped off and ending up with less then they had before.

Don’t accept abuse, be one vote for world equality.

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