Natural disasters: when responsibility turns into blame and blame into powerlessness

13 Mar

We humans, while being hit by a natural disaster, turn into little children that need to be taken by hand. The traumatic effect of losing all our possessions within a few hours, causes us to turn into victims, unable to direct ourselves. The system should take care of us and normally it does. People are being evacuated and packed into large sporting facilities and the government supplies food and beverage for these people over a certain period. Maybe you say, what’s wrong with helping others in need, how can victims possibly direct themselves while being traumatized and stripped of all their possessions?

The first answer is “words”, words that determine who we are within specific situations like natural disasters. The moment we are struck by an earthquake, tsunami, environmental disaster or flooding, within that split second when we enter the unknown, we turn into victims. Victims are people who suffered from a destructive event, which already implies that it is something outside ourselves that harmed us. If it’s something outside ourselves then we can blame it for the harm that’s done upon us. While we blame a natural disaster for losing our former life and all the possessions that we had in our life, we renounce to all our responsibilities. Therefore we demand help and are quite disappointed if aid isn’t sufficient or not according to our likings. We no longer are able to direct ourselves according to our self will and directive force.

The second answer is “stuff”, whenever we lose all our possessions within a short time frame, we experience it as losing ourselves, which brings us into a trauma. People who own stuff determine themselves according to the stuff they own. Even the poorest family who has only old second handed received stuff see themselves as worthless and no longer valid for society. In other words if the stuff you own is you, it is your identity, and by losing your stuff you will feel like a person with amnesia without an identity. This causes trauma inside you since your reference point to who you are is lost. Therefore the moment a disaster strikes us we enter the zone of the unknown which empowers us.

Of course there are brave people who still know, while this disaster has taken away all their possessions, that they have a responsibility towards themselves and all the other effected. The children, old and injured people can not be counted for when it comes to taking responsibility physically.

When all people take their responsibility equally when it comes to moving forward after the disaster happend and stop blaming each other or the disaster, a society can be rebuild within reasonable time. People will feel connected and responsible for their new society and less traumatized. Unfortunately is society not only depending on people who are willing to rebuild society with their bare hands. Society now is depending on money and organizations driven by profit and self interest which creates fascinating and evil interconnections that limit and counteract real solutions and progress. At the moment society/the world is moving chaotically, inefficiently and unequally, we all want it our way. It’s like pulling a doll all directions at the same time by a group of kids, the situation becomes static. When there is a winner the situation gets worse, if only one gets his/her way we end up in dictatorship. Look at what we have in our world, dictatorships in one way or another.

A society within the Equal Money System runs on people who will take their own responsibility. People who see that blaming when disasters strike, is only the cover up for our fear to lose all. They know that having possessions equals having an identity and they won’t fall for that. It’s common sense to see that possessions are there to be replaced when lost or broken. Within an Equal Money society stuff will be made with the intent of ever lasting or at least lasting a life time. When greed, power and therefore cartels do not exist within the building sector, buildings all over the world can be built with the best technologies according to where the building is located.

After a natural disaster in an Equal Money System people within society all know what their responsibility is. Protocols will be used, but only because they guarantee an effective way of working together. Special groups of aid workers will be assisted by citizens who are healthy enough to join and get rid of the mess. Money will not be an issue when making decisions on what is more important, it’s a matter of what needs to be done. Society no longer will work with competition, profit, self interest and will therefore not be in conflict with itself. It’s like going with the flow, if people in certain areas need to be fed, food will be arranged, it’s money that determines if there is enough food. If there is scarcity of food in an affected area one simply gets the food from places where there is enough. People who live in affected inaccessible areas will also be rescued, because when money isn’t the issue anymore we will always find a way to get people out of these areas. Disasters within an Equal Money society will only mean that we have to work harder for a period to get things at the same level again as before. Though the damage will be less severe when stuff and disaster precautions technologies will be manufactured in a sustainable long lasting way. It is sad to see how people now are affected by disasters through our accepting and allowing of money, to let money determine of what/who will survive the disaster and what/who not.

Losing possessions should not may determine who we will be after a disaster. Right now, we see that affected areas or entire countries end up in poverty after the capitalistic greed-machine rolled over the country. Look at Indonesia, India, Haiti, New Orleans, L’Aquila etcetera, all those places have still tent or trailer camps. Now, when organizations lose interest, because there is no longer a chance to make profit, they leave the country and do not bother any more. As long as we do not act as a victim we are able to stand. As we stand we do not allow others to make a profit at our expense and nothing stands in our way to rebuild our reality again.Though with the current money system, recovering from a disaster without the predators already feeding on you, is almost impossible. When you think of the people of Japan and all the other places it isn’t hard to see that an Equal Money System could make the difference. Give your vote for an EMS so we can move forward even after disasters.

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