Are we the Barbie and Ken of this world?

14 Mar

Are we the Barbie and Ken of this world? Moulded accordingly to a corporation invented form, all made of the same material, though different colors and different lengths. Always the same authentic corporate smile and empty on the inside. That’s us, walking on high heels through our reality while not being able to see anything with our painted eyes. When will we be able to re-connect to our physical reality? Understanding that we are real flesh and blood here now in every moment. Every moment spent in the unreal will kick us back in our process to really elevate ourselves above the invented model of fear, greed, jealousy, power and the believe that money will be the only way to survive.

Only when birds fall out of the sky and fish wash ashore we see pictures that don’t match with what we presume to be our reality. Get real, dead birds, fish and bees are our current reality. Famine and poverty do not only exist in that one moment when you get exposed to it accidently through the media, it was always there! Hypes around disasters are the only way to get us on this emotional wave to connect us with our physical reality. One disaster at the time of course, hey we are not multi tasking, we can only go from one disaster to the next. Disasters are great to keep us going, we feel blessed and saved for not being affected. We send money, to commute our guilt, to organisations who we do not check out. Guilt can be released in various ways of course, quite popular right now are sending light and I do not mean light bulbs. Burning candles and sending spiritual fantasy light, but just as the organisations we donate money to, we do not check if the light has arrived at the right latitude. How can we know, we are only plastic dolls and just a few of us are special editions.

Our bodies are real, our only vehicle to spend time within this reality on earth. Our bodies are so real that famine is experienced as the horrible truth of what we allowed and accepted. Slowly but surely eating us from the inside out and finishing us in not comprehensible pain. Pain that may be not real for us yet, though we are heading to a world where there will be only food for the few with money. How can we know, we are simply an image of who we think we are. Only when pain forces itself upon us we feel, yet we do not understand that it is us who are doing this to us. It’s us and not our corporate inventor that’s harming us, it’s us who say: “abuse me, here right now till eternity.” We do feel fucked within our reality from time to time and at the same time it’s the most blessed feeling ever. It’s the feeling that allows us to blame and shove off our own responsibility for our bodies and the body that’s called society.

Hell is heaven compared to the life’s we live right now. We can not see it with our Barbie and Ken eyes, we only keep repeating how beautiful our world is. Be for a moment self-honest here, when you have a real close look at for instance nature, is it really as beautiful as you claim it is? Look at the trees and see how depleted they are, look at the animals and see how depleted they are. Look at us and see how depleted we are. Our bodies haven’t become stronger over time and the diseases haven’t decreased over time while science flourished. We are empty, worn out and without knowing tired of fighting against the streams. We search for meaning in our life’s outside ourselves separated from ourselves. My God how do ever we find our way back to ourselves within our believe that we are unworthy and not capable of solving the mess we made by ourselves. The corporation that invented us, Barbie and Ken, are not going to save us, they are going to profit from us like pimps.

Getting rid of our Barbie and Ken image is the only way to get real and work with what is here, us. We need to take steps to solve our problems with life.

Step 1 is being self-honest and therefore seeing that you have only you to fix your mess.

Step 2 is realising that “keep breathing” is the only way to go through life.

Step 3 is taking responsibility for what you caused through accepting and allowing.

Step 4 is applying yourself in the best interest of all.

Step 5 is knowing that we all have to take these steps and therefore you are not alone within your process of overcoming your plastic doll ego. Together we can assist and support each other as equals and be one in our crusade for world equality.

Are you ready to be more than a Barbie or a Ken? Join us at Desteni for life coaching within the Desteni “I”process.

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