Junkfood for everyone, finally equality.

17 Mar

With the help of our generosity, children in developing countries are suffering from obesity. A contradiction in terms and a fine example what giving to the poor out of a good hearted gesture may result in. It is no longer a secret that third world countries are used as the bin for drugs and nice guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry, so why not food. The food most children receive in developing countries is highly refined, industrial foods with a high content of sugar and fat. So next time people raise money for Africa or Asia and you donate, it will not be to drill a well, but to build a Mac-Donalds.

The UN and WHO found a tripled increase in the numbers of overweighted children over the last 20 years in Africa and Asia. The children have a poor diet as well as the mothers which lowered the rate of breast feeding women. The food that has been offered to these children is high energy food, which is low in essential vitamins and minerals and heavy with sugar and fat. The poor nutrition of the mothers results in newborns with a low birth weight, these newborns are vulnerable to become overweight later in life.

Life in these developing countries has become more sedentary which also sounds like a contradiction. Life in these countries is so much more manual and heavy than our life’s. We have machines and all kinds of lazy solutions when it comes to manual and physical work. These people have literally to work for their day to day living yet people in general and children are less active now. These people are trapped in a cycle and can not escape it unless the food provider stops the junkfood. Governments are asked to no longer allow junkfood at the schools and playgrounds as an aim to cut child obesity.

Children with a low birth weight are not able to digest the high energy density food that contains less vitamins and minerals then children need at their age. When these kids are exposed to such foods over a long period their bodies are constantly fighting and struggling with the food that comes in. No wonder these kids are less active while struggling with their digestion and carrying around more and more kilo’s of body weight.

We think that we are doing so well in the developing countries, but why do we want to make copies of our countries? We like to bring these people our religions, our democracy, we donate them our drugs and let them share in our junkfood. We are such good people and do not dare to say we are not. Well, I’ll say we are not. You must be blind to not see how all these assets we like to give to the poor have fucked up our own nations. Hospitals can run only on obesity and obesity related diseases, it’s the physical signature of our prosperity. What are we aiming at, to be equally fucked in a system of abundance at the costs of ourselves?

Most people hate it when others question the effectiveness of charity and our true motives of giving to the poor. It is just sad that we can not see people from less developed countries as our equals. In fact we mostly do not care about people in developed countries. Not even in our own country, our concern goes not much further then close relatives and friends. Giving to the less fortunate is an act of feeling more and redeeming ourselves from guilt. The guilt of in essence not giving a shit about others, though when you see yourself as a good person, you need to keep up that appearance.

How would you experience life when you had to dress yourself with mismatched second hand clothes and footwear. Eat inferior excess food of the rich countries and have drugs that make together with the food your body sick and weak. Would you be able to say “thank you”?

These criminal activities take place just in front of our eyes, we are just blinded by the bling bling of money and we do not see it. Obesity is a severe condition with a lot of physical outflows. When it starts in childhood it is really though to release yourself from it within adulthood. A huge problem and in fact it shouldn’t be a problem, quality food for everyone is possible. As long as we see others separate from us and our reality, world equality is not yet understood.

It’s so simplistic, when I eat a nutritious high quality banana what reason can there be for others to not have such a banana? Even a monkey can think of the answer to this question. Scarcity, money, greed, better birth? All invalid reasons, we all should be entitled to eat the same good foods. An Equal Money System values everybody equal, everybody has a basic income to buy food and food will be produced according to the amount of people that need it. Food will only be made if it is done sustainable and equal to all that lives. In an Equal money system obesity is not a matter of health, but an indicator of how much shit you’re still carrying around through allowing and accepting inequality.

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