Are we all germ phobic?

25 Mar

“You gotta have skin. All you really need is skin. Skin that is a thing that if you got it outside, it helps keep your insides in. It covers your nose and it’s wrapped around your toes. Ain’t you glad you’ve got skin? Every skin is beautiful when you feed it’s beauty, new Dove body milk.”

This is a song that’s played in a Dove advertisement. Dove one of the so many brands marketed under Unilever. Cosmetic products as bodymilk, soap, deodorant, shampoo, gel, conditioners etc. Hygiene nowadays is one of the highest priorities within a modern, first world human life. We take care of our bodies and spend loads of money on cosmetic body products, while thinking we’re doing our bodies and our environment a favor. Most of us have no idea what’s in these products let alone what these product do to the body and the environment. We seem so in touch with our bodies and environment due to all these care products. But do we really know our body when it speaks to us and do we really see the depletion of our environment while we’re taking holiday snaps to show our friends how beautiful our holiday was.

Even in our houses and buildings we want all to be clean and hygienic. The amount of cleaning products is astounding. You need at least 10 different products to clean your house, toilet cleaner, floor soap, wood cleaner, window cleaner, dust cleaning spray, abrasive, disinfectants, oven cleaner, drain unblocker, grease cleaning agents etcetera. All to clean the surface and to give us this “feel good” feeling of fake cleanness. Don’t go and have a look into people their homes, when doing a thorough investigation within cracks and hard to reach places, because it’s not unlikely to find fungi or other family members as mold. As we are as clean as we claim we say and obsessed with hygiene as we are, how come it’s all so superficial and almost like we hide something that we don’t want to be seen.

With cosmetic products, it’s a matter of fear being seen as smelly dirty vagabonds and not accepted within society. Cleaning products give us this fake feeling of security and is covering up the odeur of how it really smells when people live together in a house or work together in a building.  We are covering ourselves up, not wanting to smell or being notice by ourselves or others. What is it that humanity has with cleanness, it is resonating throughout the world, we simply clean all up till every smell and germ is gone. Not understanding that we’re also cleaning up ourselves as a species.

The reflection of this cleanness we find everywhere around us in modern society. When the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico took place, BP wanted to clean up the mess with corexit agent. The surface looked nice clean, but underneath nasty things started accumulating. The whole food chain is disturbed and human, animal and plant life are at risk.

We use an enormous amount of drugs to clean our bodies from dirty viruses and bacteria. Two of our favorites are anti-biotics and vaccines. The results, a resistant body for anti-biotics and all bacteria life killed within the human body. Vaccines like pneumococcal (a vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae) and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) killed over a 2000 babies in the US alone. Vaccines cause more illness than they cure, but still we feel safe with these superficial drugs in our bodies.

Not only on a physical level we like cleanness, also on a spiritual level we are addicted. The cleaning products or drugs here are religion and charity with whom we can clear our conscious. Again we hide our fishy smell and cover it up by polishing up our surface. What do we need to finally look inside and see how dirty it is and how long we haven’t paid attention. We need spring cleaning before this mess of our inside comes outside or are we already too late?

When we look at our reality, our world or our environment, we can already see the pus that comes out of the wound. Helped by mother earth our man made disasters are following each other up rapidly. Almost always engineered by greed we see our planet and species come closer to extinction. The question is who will be the first to fade away and who will take who with him into the abyss. Look around you and see how many tsunami, volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes we already had. I’m not even talking about oil disasters, wars and nuclear threats on top of the natural disasters. It’s all about cleaning and whipping away, when will we wake up? When will we say: enough is enough, I’m going to clean up myself to safe humanity and stop damaging the planet were we are guests.

Within the Desteni “I”process you learn to clean yourself and be a human that is able to live in the best interest of all. A human that uses common sense to figure out if he’s taking responsibilities for his deeds and thoughts. Cleanness is okay when you equally clean the in and outside of yourself. Cleanness out of fear to be discovered for who you really are is an act of dishonesty and hiding from yourself. With the “I” process you are able to regain yourself for who you are, because only cleaning your sure-face isn’t going to make you clean. Therefore “ain’t you glad you’ve got skin” is a nice line for a cosmetic product ad, but the only way to keep your skin healthy is to keep the inside of your body healthy.

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