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Personality: a must have or simply an accessory.

As a newborn baby in this world we are already charged with genetical and epi-genetical information from our families. It sounds of course far more romantic to say that a newborn baby is like a blank slate. Unfortunately we carry on the sins of the fathers as our starting point in life, one that we will embrace and reject during our lifetime. Unless we reverse the process, we one day end up as our parents, within disgust after fighting the image for so long. With this burden, we start forming our personality, our identity, till we end up with so many personal and social personalities that it gets crowded inside us.

In our first stages we develop accordingly the already excisting input from our family and our first years are essential in forming our   self. We like to copy the people that live in our close environment during this stage, they confirm the family input we already consist of. We copy mom or dad within cooking and other household chores, we like to have the same profession as our care takers. Even issues as hairstyle and clothing we love to copy. We’re starting to reflect our environment in ourselves and through this reflecting we start forming several personalities and sticking those personalities onto ourselves like labels.

The famous psychologists Freud and Erikson studied the shaping of personality and came up with 2 different theories. Freud’s psychosexual theory says that our personality is shaped by the age of 5, while Erikson’s psychosocial theory claims that the shaping of our personality will happen throughout our life span. When we look at genetical and epi-gentical input one can say that the building blocks for our personality is already formed before birth. The first years are indeed as Freud says important, yet not to shape personality, instead we need those years to reverse our inherited input. Reversing our pre-programming, to stop the sins of the fathers into endless vicious cycles. Whenever a human isn’t reversing the shaping of his personality then he will take, as Erikson says, a life span accumulating personalities and images for himself.

The first 6 years of a being’s life is according to Freud important to develop pleasure through the oral stage, to gain a sense of competence through the anal stage and identifying with their own sex through the phallic stage. Erikson says these first 6 years are to develop the feeling of trust versus mistrust through the interaction with their caretakers, to develop autonomy through eating and toilet training versus shame and doubt and to develop control over the environment through initiative versus guilt. When we look at these areas of development one can already see that when we as society are seeing these phases as important and points to put emphasis on we are fucked as a race. Developing our Self through finding self-trust outside ourselves will let us end up as junkies seeking for outer stimuli in order to be moved and motivated. A child will find pleasure when it can freely express itself and will trust it’s environment whenever there is self-trust within the child. This self-trust can only be stimulated when the care takers are the living example for the child and are trusting themselves in self-honesty. Competence is a feeling that when it is stimulated, it will make the child dependent on his environment for recognition. Learning to eat and learn how to be toilet trained are just practical tools a human has to learn and not a source of gaining energy from your environment to feel worthy or being capable. When the child starts to see which gender it belongs to and discovers sexual energy the caretaker has to direct this point and not covering it up with guilt and shame. Therefore along with the sexual energy shame and guilt will develop. Already at a young age  society will push the child in specific boxes accordingly to their gender when it comes to toys, clothing and sexual preferences.

When we enter the stage of adolescence we re-enter the first stages again only now from the perspective of being a member of society and already molded by society. By the time we become an adolescent we have gained a lot of personalities inside ourselves to cope with our existence. For every occasion there is another face or personality. Although we have by then an inner crowd of personalities that’s so big, we feel like bursting out of our skin, we start searching for this one personality that is according to our inherited information equal or the opposite to what our family stand for. This causes a lot of inner conflicts and conflicts with their parents. Society through the media is forcing all kinds of images onto the youngsters. Being independent at this stage means making choices in what to wear, how to style your hair, what to like and dislike and what to revolt against and what to embrace as truly you. All the personalities inside the human have their saying in what to do or how to act, multiple voices are directing him and the inner voices start to become uproarious. These voices are called the back chat and are really vivid in this stage of a human’s life in order to cope with life.

Once a human has chosen an identity/personality we can see that, what was seen as a must have within adolescence, later in life personalities are something that follow each other up in a rapid speed. This so called personality which was after chosen carefully the one stable thing in life, the expression of you, yet it can be changed over nothing. Through input from outside, ads, television, movies, fashion and groups you belong to, you are willing to give up that what you before perceived as your true self, within seconds. This brings us back to the first years of our existence where we followed and were determined by our genetical inheritance through the example of our parents. We learned how to response on the stimuli from our outside world and how to gain trust by caring and giving attention to these stimuli. We never learned to trust ourselves and how to be stable within ourselves. This lack of trust allows us to cling onto personalities that apparently reflect our true self. Not trusting ourselves results in not trusting our environment. This ultimately results in fearing others and at the same time fearing ourselves.

How a world looks like when we are fearing each other is not hard to tell, just look around you and you will see what a fuck up it creates. All of this is just unnecessary suffering if we knew the tools of how to reverse our programming. If parents and youngsters would de-program themselves they could be a living example for the next generations to come. Then we could see that personalities are a representation of the ego.The ego that so egoistically wants to be in control and loves inequality over equality. Once we can see that personalities which we change over nothing are as the coat or pair of jeans that we so desperately wanted to have, but that the next year becomes a useless accessory which we throw away without any pain. With the Desteni i process you can learn how to trust yourself for who you are and how to reverse your pre-programming. Throw away your personalities and make place for an improved you that can assist the coming generations into a world that’s best for all.

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Architecture: a paid way to show off

Throughout times architecture has changed it’s appearances, styles and materials. The reason why humanity is building has always been the same. We are building to impress. Architecture in ancient times was not more than impressing the Gods, while the medieval architecture was more concerned with defending the nobility. Modern architecture showed the real motivation behind the motivation of impressing: money. In ancient times it were the Gods who had to be impressed by the rulers of a country with architecture. The Romans imposed themselves on the rest of the world with
a whole empire that was made to impress. It were always the rulers, kings and nobility who built to impress and to show their monetary power. The population did not enjoy this expression of architecture, only in modern times the elite, and later on the middle classes, were capable of building under architecture to show others how wealthy they were. This strips architecture down to 2 keywords: impressing and money, instead of providing shelter to beings. A roof above our heads is a human right, period.

Architecture should be a tool that provides us with proper housing, while history shows us that it has been money that has determined who owned the palaces and who the hovel. The invention of the arch by the Romans was of course a break through within building, there has been a lot of experimenting with different styles and materials over the years, that had it’s effect on the development of architecture and housing in general. However the wealthy people were always the ones that took advantage from this architectural progress and the rest of the people stayed in their cold, damp and poorly constructed houses. Even nowadays, no money means bad housing or living on the streets, architecture could have been so much more to humanity than only serving the ego of the principal and the architect.

Since money is the big motivator within architecture we can see that the construction industry who is an outflow of architecture, is making the whole busyness into a dis-honest and deceiving busyness by profiting at the costs of others. Most countries have cartel forming, most battles are about who gets which assignment and which materials are going to be used. In Italy the use of concrete is in the hands of the Mafia, even if the people see that their houses do not last as long as the old stone houses did, there is just not enough money or spirit to speak up against these Mafia practises.

The profit and dis-honesty goes even further when we look at the war industry. After every war there is this reconstruction period that attracts these cartels and criminal organisations. Under the cloak of charity these countries receive low quality housing or even temporary housing that will never turn into permanent housing. It’s a billion making busyness, but only for the few. Again we can see that architecture could had been used for the people, but instead architects choose to follow the money. Big corporate buildings are rising from the ground, while ghetto’s and slums are seen at the other end of the polarity. Poor and rich are still anno 2011 divided by architecture and all the industries that are profitting from it.

In an Equal Money System architecture will be brought back to humbleness. To the simplicity of providing housing and buildings for multi-purposes. Choosing materials that last for decades, materials that provide the people a constant climate in their living spaces, so it doesn’t matter if you live in Siberia or on Hawaii, your house will be cooled or warmed. Housing or no housing will no longer be a cause of having money and no longer be showing off how much money one has. No longer will Real Estate be within elitist families since inheriting money and possession is no longer possible. An EMS will not accept or allow people to live on the streets as outcasts of society, it will not allow slums and will not continue to deny people a dignified life. How can we ever approve of the fact that we live in houses that can protect us from natural influences, while so many live in hovels or even wish for a hovel.

It’s simply too sick that we deny proper housing for everyone by accepting the world as it is. When we only for a moment imagine how life would be, if we lived in slums or in a hut somewhere in Africa, South-America or Asia. Would you be prepared to live the life’s of those people? We agreed upon them living in poverty in order to continue with our fine life’s. We seem not prepared to wish the same luxury we have unto them.

When architecture is only about money, beauty, image, showing off and boosting ego’s, then architecture may disappear within an EMS. Only when building is serving the whole as in what’s best for all, then architecture can survive in an Equal Money System. So maybe architecture must not be more than the construction sector where the designer or drawer is equal to the builder, carpenter and the plumber. Together they build and no one needs to take more credit for it, the task is building the design and not gaining more money due to your position in the building hierarchy. Building is a practical solution to provide shelter and spaces to gather for multi purposes. Whenever the design is signed with ego, money and profit will take over the project and the consequences are for everybody to see when natural disasters take their revenge.

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China’s “Golden Shield” versus the human right to free communication

China is an empire with the fastes growing market that pulled them out of the dark days of the Cultural Revolution and spits them out as a fish out of water into the worlds largest internet market with 450 million users on-line. A great responsibility for Communistic China considering the question if free communication is a human right within their conventional political system. The ever lasting dilemma between freedom and security. On one hand the Chinese people do not believe they are ready for free access to all information and on the other hand the Politburo is fearing that freedom of communication will end up in chaos and subversion of the Communistic regime.

China’s government invented the “Golden Shield” or “Great Firewall”, this invisibility cloak that no one sees yet that can only be experienced when entering cyber space, is providing the government with the security that chaos and overthrow of the party will not happen. The “Golden Shield” is blocking words and searches on the internet and this changes from day to day. Specific words will only appear in a censored way, such as “Tibet” without the Dalai Lama, Tiananmen square without the tanks or Liu Xiaobo Nobel price winner described in a positive manner. The contractors, the internet providers and search engines, have to figure out themselves what filters to use to censor sensitive terms. For the internet users the “Golden Shield” is opaque, the contractors know perfectly well what and how to filter political, pornographically and extremely violent topics. If they do not filter, the government can put them out of business or impose heavy sanctions on them.

For the millions of internet users the “Golden Shield” is almost like a God. It’s invisible and one encounters it when crossing the line and searching for taboo topics and words. People do not know how this filtering is technically done, which places the “Golden Shield” within a mysterious perspective. China, where religion is non-existing, though people fear the shield as if it was an all-knowing and correcting entity at the same time. One that resembles God by taking away the responsibility of men and brainwashing them into thinking they cannot handle free flows of information on the internet.

Within this cultural climate of China, where the internet market is still fast growing, this country in 2005 became an object of interest for the biggest search machine in the world. Google a corporation with a free spirit that originated and was founded by hackers, decided to bring free communication to China. Google’s culture says that information should be free, therefore societies have the opportunity to become free. They overlooked the fact that China considers these kind of beliefs as ideology and therefore a threat to the regime. Bringing together Communism and Capitalism through free communication and information flows is basically impossible. Both systems are not capable of conforming themselves to each other. Google saw their weapon of free communication as a binding factor, while China saw it as a mass destruction weapon.

At a specific point this adventure of Google in China became a battle of 2 countries fighting for their own interpretation of freedom. When Hillary Clinton as the US government started interfering, suddenly the similarities of both countries according their approach to free internet and free communication were revealed.

Hillary Clinton said:

“But countries that restrict free access to information or violate the basic rights of the internet users, they risk walling themselves of from the progress of the next century.”

“Those who disrobed the free flow of information in our society or any other, pose a threat  to any other economy, our government and our civil society. Countries or individuals that engage into cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation. In an internet connected world an attack on one nations it’s network can be an attack on all. Historical a-symetrical access to information is one of the leading causes of interstate conflict. “

The people in China placed some critical notes and called the US statement made by Hillary Clinton, US hypocrisy. They referred to the issues the US had with demanding information from Twitter and their reactions towards the scandal with WikiLeaks. The Chinese people accused the US of finger pointing while the US is doing the same as China, but in a different way.

The question to ask is if there exists such a thing as free communication/information and free access to all information available. Almost every country has a form of censorship under the disguise of cultural accepted taboo’s. Things like when there is too much sexual harassment on the internet, governments have no other choice then narrowing down the internet. This seems like acting from a point of being too late. When the starting point for the distribution of information is made in the best interest of all and when the political system of a country is acting in the best interest of all, there does not exist such a thing as different traditions and having to adopt the trading culture of the country your having your business in.

The Communist regime in China fears the empowerment of the people by giving them access to all available information. They come up with excuses as total chaos will occur. While they know that this chaos will only be there to overthrow their regime. The Capitalistic regimes will never admit they are censuring and when caught they justify it with general interest and an attack on the freedom the system provides.

The outflow of China’s attitude is having economical consequences. When the internet is restricted at the same time it will restrict economical growth and prohibit modernisation of society. Due to the financial crisis China’s industrial sector has been damaged, therefore they need to develop the low grade industry into a high grade industry. This process is only possible when innovative, talented foreign companies settle themselves in China. So an exchange of knowledge can take place and get the best out of different cultures.

Both countries are in many ways depending on one another, but will always see each other as enemies. Their own political and economical system has brainwashed them into nations that are fearful and have not even the desire to get closer together. They are not so much fighting each other with the weapon of free communication, they are playing out this money power game. Just following the money. Last year Google left China and settled in Hong Kong, they see a wide unexplored market where still a lot of money can be made. The 20% of market share Google left behind in China is taken by Baidu, China’s biggest provider. Baidu is now recruiting young Americans who speak Chinese, to come and work for them. Power is shifting financially and still nations see no reason to cooperate and work together, while only their systems and traditions are different, they are all human beings.

With an Equal Money System there is no fear for information, only that what is in the best interest of all will be shared. Everybody is able to see in common sense what is in the best interest of all. Who disagrees needs to check it’s starting points. In the best interest of all cannot differ, it’s always stable. Now people are cut off from the rest of the digital world by having no access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Who need a “Golden Shield” or “God Shield”, when it’s obvious that specific information will not help us to develop ourselves and get the best out of life. When the Shield is based on fear and emotions it will never work, it will only be a smoke curtain, a veil of deception that is easily unmasked. World equality will bring us together without fear for the other and ourselves.

This is the link to a Dutch documentary about China:


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When cyberspace becomes real

More and more people on the internet are believing in their own created cyber world. They are chasing the bad guys through al kinds of conspiracy theories that justify their belief that someone out there is going to fuck with them big time. The person becomes this observing thing and the world becomes caged information as a box that’s called computer or television. When people are caught up into the real world to make a living or to socialize, they see reality through the eyes of the computer or television. Which basically means that whenever something occurs out of the ordinary, a thing everybody is talking about, people need to produce an opinion in order to be seen or counted for. This opinion is formed on and based upon all the information they gathered so far and this information has for the largest part nothing to do with the people themselves, except for some memories they carry along, out of their real life.

These so called opinions do not take the real event into consideration. The real event merely operates as a accelerant or keywords to take the person into his cyber world and react or comment accordingly. So practically this means that people are shouting and yelling a lot, but when you have a close look, the words they speak have no real correlation to the event. Whenever people see horrible events they already know who did it and why they did it. Which is quite interesting to see that we have so many intelligent people around the world, who with a single blink of their eyes on a news topic can tell you the inns and outs about the event.

I’ve been there, it feels good when you can reclassify your world and put chaos into order. It gives you this fake feeling of stability and being on top of the information. No one can touch you, you already saw them coming at the backdoor. Though you never see the real information. When cyber space is telling you that in country X there has been a bomb accident in city Y and there are 40 people already dead, 100 people wounded and an unknown amount of people still missing.They not yet know what material the bomb is made of and nobody so far has claimed the assessment. This information wrapped up in a news item on television or as a video on the internet will lead people into all kinds of theories of who did it who made the bomb and why they did it. Always remarkable is the fact that when you put all the opinions next to each other a lot of people are the so called bad guys. When in common sense you read or see this information and you understand that there has been a man made disaster that caused 40 people to die, 100 being injured and people that are still missing and not being claimed for by their families. They have yet no clue who did it or who made the bomb out of what material. In other words you only know that a horrible thing happend and that’s it.

All these wiseacres, when confronted with their cyber solutions and quotes, do not have real solutions. They like to talk about it, as if they are sitting and having tea next to their dying aunt, about how she could have been reanimated if the hospital had bought this sophisticated new equipment. When you point this out to people, they get mean and ask you if you can come up with better ideas than theirs. When I in simple words explain them that in the real world you need real solutions made through real hard work and dedication, they cyber shit on you.

Lets have a look at who is blinding him/herself here. While thousands of people get aroused by a news item, another disaster or real conspiracy feed and chop each others cyber heads off, the real deception and conspiracy is at full blast. Instead of getting horny on your own brain capacity, you do not need to ask how others could have been so stupid to not see that the current approach isn’t going to work. Things like: throwing Corexit in the ocean, building a nuclear plant on a fault line, building windmills where there is no wind, building roads that never get finished due to lack of money, the wrong people in government, drugs to maintain diseases etcetera etcetera. How come we never ask ourselves who is making the most money out of it, for how long and what is the impact on society? We are simply too busy worshipping our great intellect and when confronted with the lack of action, people shove their responsibility off and recommend wise people who will solve everything as always happens.

I almost go insane when I see these patterns, mechanisms and behaviors of human beings. Not because I think I’m so good and intelligent, just because I can not believe that we leave ourselves out off the equation that’s called real life. Maybe in cyber space we can sit on our fat ass and separate ourselves from the information that enters our mind. In reality this separation has consequences and big time outflows. You see, we are the equation, we are reality and we are the fucked-upness in cyber space and reality. The only and I repeat the only way to purify our world from what it has become, is to purify ourselves. For once dare to look inside yourself and see which beliefs, opinions and ideas you hold onto. Those beliefs, opinions and ideas that you will not willingly let go of out of fear to lose yourself within the process. We can not lose ourselves, we might be looking for our lost selves in cyber space, but cyber space will never become reality. We simply would not survive.

Purifying yourself with the desteni “I”process is the best thing you can give yourself and therefore you become the best thing to give to society. Join us to look inside and dig into your own shit that is so obvious reflecting in our world. Together we can really make a difference within reality. Just educate yourself and make money at the same time. If you think this sounds too good to be true and sounds more like a conspiracy theory, then I have to say goodbye and sadly see you getting lost in and being consumed  by cyber space.

Even when you close your eyes you can find your way home to yourself, don’t forget you have a life time sentence with yourself and your self made shit. You better sort it out and lead the way for an Equal Money System.

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Follow the boobies

Breast, women’s business card. Within some cultures women may show a lot of cleavage or even breasts, within other cultures it’s considered vulgar. Breast are seen as signs of sexuality, femininity or motherhood. Women who lose their breasts after a battle with cancer, do consider themselves as less feminine and are seen as the manifestation of fear within all women. No breasts or almost no breasts are a sign of lack of femininity and therefore less attention from males. This results in less opportunity on settling down with an economically stable man and even in some cases less opportunities on the labor market. This positive body image of big breast took many women in the eighties and nineties to the operating table in order to have breast enlargement surgery. Nowadays this type of surgery is no longer necessary since women’s breast are growing bigger and bigger.

Last week Britain introduced the KK-cup size bra, as the largest bra available. Two years ago the size was still a L-cup, which is quite a size already when you consider that those breast weigh approximately 3 to 4 kilo’s. These heavy breasts are an attack on the backs of these women. The question is what made these breasts grow?  Obesity is an explanation for bigger breasts, when fat is amongst other places stored in the breasts. For some reason it’s not only fat that has increased also breast tissue. So the next question should be, how did breast tissue start to increase? Through an increase of the hormone estrogen within the body and outside the body, as in birth control pills, creams, make-up, milk, meat, tap water and plastics. Most women give birth to less children than in the old days, they do not breastfeed or only for a short period of time, which means more exposure to the hormone estrogen.

Therefore bigger breasts are a consequential outflow of our mutual lack of responsibility. We get exposed to higher levels of hormones than before and we do not question this fact. We got sucked into the idea that we need all these products, to look even better. We follow an ideal body image and we do not even understand why. Do women really want big breast? Or is this a pre-programmed issue stimulated by the programming that modern society does upon all of us. Walking through a city, reading a magazine, watching tv, socializing on internet, everywhere we go we see these body images that are brought to us as most desirable. Again we do not question where this desire originates from we just follow the boobies. We are simply brainless zombies following an image that we see as our highest goal, instead of seeing that this images is not our own desire. It’s a desire that’s been implanted within us as a little seed and since the seed is not rejected by the body we perceive it as of the body. This principle goes from the desire for big breasts to buying a packet of soup in the supermarket.

Within our ignorance of following images that are not even ours we support a whole system of industries which do not support life as equal and one. We sustain with our behavior the cosmetic industry, the sex industry, cosmetic animal lab testing,  the advertising industry and capitalistic shopping. Most of us do not want to support these industries and behaviors and even complain once in a while, about the consequences of their own ignorance by blaming these industries. This week a lingerie brand started advertising a push-up bikini for 7 to 14 year old girls, mostly mothers and women almost choked in this trifle. Instead of seeing that this bikini was invented through our acceptance of our virtual life’s made up by the advertisement industry paid by the sex and cosmetic industry of our capitalistic money system. It’s always about us, there is no way we can shove off our responsibility. Looking at it within self-honesty we see that we made our current world possible, as an active participant or as an observer.

Big breast as a desired image or as an consequential outflow of our ignorant lifestyle, both results in more women with big breasts. Stimulating our worldview as we know it and as an intrinsically motivator to act on. Intrinsically, because we perceive this pre-programming and imprinting from outside as our real self. Therefore we think our choices are our own choices made by free will in a world of freedom. How fucked up are we that we not bother to see that our drawling over big breasts is placed their so we will distract ourselves and not question our world and our God called money. You see big breast are a symbol for sex and sex sells, therefore sex is money and money is God. With money you think you can determine your life and without you certainly die.

Do you honestly think that women in developing countries where famine is a daily routine are concerned with the size of their breast? Their main focus is survival just as yours if you only dared to see. We are all in this world to survive, only those with money are obviously more likely to succeed. Wouldn’t it be great when everybody was able to accept themselves and trust themselves enough to see that we all deserve equal chances in life. To see that a solution as the Equal Money System is going to provide everybody with an equal basic income. An EMS that doesn’t create a society where sex is promoted at the same level as our basic needs in life. So no more follow the boobies, lets follow the leader. The leader that exists inside everyone of us, by taking self-responsibility and acting in the best interest of all, we will lead our current world into a world that will be heaven on earth.

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