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02 Apr

Breast, women’s business card. Within some cultures women may show a lot of cleavage or even breasts, within other cultures it’s considered vulgar. Breast are seen as signs of sexuality, femininity or motherhood. Women who lose their breasts after a battle with cancer, do consider themselves as less feminine and are seen as the manifestation of fear within all women. No breasts or almost no breasts are a sign of lack of femininity and therefore less attention from males. This results in less opportunity on settling down with an economically stable man and even in some cases less opportunities on the labor market. This positive body image of big breast took many women in the eighties and nineties to the operating table in order to have breast enlargement surgery. Nowadays this type of surgery is no longer necessary since women’s breast are growing bigger and bigger.

Last week Britain introduced the KK-cup size bra, as the largest bra available. Two years ago the size was still a L-cup, which is quite a size already when you consider that those breast weigh approximately 3 to 4 kilo’s. These heavy breasts are an attack on the backs of these women. The question is what made these breasts grow?  Obesity is an explanation for bigger breasts, when fat is amongst other places stored in the breasts. For some reason it’s not only fat that has increased also breast tissue. So the next question should be, how did breast tissue start to increase? Through an increase of the hormone estrogen within the body and outside the body, as in birth control pills, creams, make-up, milk, meat, tap water and plastics. Most women give birth to less children than in the old days, they do not breastfeed or only for a short period of time, which means more exposure to the hormone estrogen.

Therefore bigger breasts are a consequential outflow of our mutual lack of responsibility. We get exposed to higher levels of hormones than before and we do not question this fact. We got sucked into the idea that we need all these products, to look even better. We follow an ideal body image and we do not even understand why. Do women really want big breast? Or is this a pre-programmed issue stimulated by the programming that modern society does upon all of us. Walking through a city, reading a magazine, watching tv, socializing on internet, everywhere we go we see these body images that are brought to us as most desirable. Again we do not question where this desire originates from we just follow the boobies. We are simply brainless zombies following an image that we see as our highest goal, instead of seeing that this images is not our own desire. It’s a desire that’s been implanted within us as a little seed and since the seed is not rejected by the body we perceive it as of the body. This principle goes from the desire for big breasts to buying a packet of soup in the supermarket.

Within our ignorance of following images that are not even ours we support a whole system of industries which do not support life as equal and one. We sustain with our behavior the cosmetic industry, the sex industry, cosmetic animal lab testing,  the advertising industry and capitalistic shopping. Most of us do not want to support these industries and behaviors and even complain once in a while, about the consequences of their own ignorance by blaming these industries. This week a lingerie brand started advertising a push-up bikini for 7 to 14 year old girls, mostly mothers and women almost choked in this trifle. Instead of seeing that this bikini was invented through our acceptance of our virtual life’s made up by the advertisement industry paid by the sex and cosmetic industry of our capitalistic money system. It’s always about us, there is no way we can shove off our responsibility. Looking at it within self-honesty we see that we made our current world possible, as an active participant or as an observer.

Big breast as a desired image or as an consequential outflow of our ignorant lifestyle, both results in more women with big breasts. Stimulating our worldview as we know it and as an intrinsically motivator to act on. Intrinsically, because we perceive this pre-programming and imprinting from outside as our real self. Therefore we think our choices are our own choices made by free will in a world of freedom. How fucked up are we that we not bother to see that our drawling over big breasts is placed their so we will distract ourselves and not question our world and our God called money. You see big breast are a symbol for sex and sex sells, therefore sex is money and money is God. With money you think you can determine your life and without you certainly die.

Do you honestly think that women in developing countries where famine is a daily routine are concerned with the size of their breast? Their main focus is survival just as yours if you only dared to see. We are all in this world to survive, only those with money are obviously more likely to succeed. Wouldn’t it be great when everybody was able to accept themselves and trust themselves enough to see that we all deserve equal chances in life. To see that a solution as the Equal Money System is going to provide everybody with an equal basic income. An EMS that doesn’t create a society where sex is promoted at the same level as our basic needs in life. So no more follow the boobies, lets follow the leader. The leader that exists inside everyone of us, by taking self-responsibility and acting in the best interest of all, we will lead our current world into a world that will be heaven on earth.

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One response to “Follow the boobies

  1. martijndegraaf1001

    April 3, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    thanks, I wasn’t informed about this growing bigger due to hormone in creams and stuff, from the idea of beauty, the beauty system demon


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