When cyberspace becomes real

12 Apr

More and more people on the internet are believing in their own created cyber world. They are chasing the bad guys through al kinds of conspiracy theories that justify their belief that someone out there is going to fuck with them big time. The person becomes this observing thing and the world becomes caged information as a box that’s called computer or television. When people are caught up into the real world to make a living or to socialize, they see reality through the eyes of the computer or television. Which basically means that whenever something occurs out of the ordinary, a thing everybody is talking about, people need to produce an opinion in order to be seen or counted for. This opinion is formed on and based upon all the information they gathered so far and this information has for the largest part nothing to do with the people themselves, except for some memories they carry along, out of their real life.

These so called opinions do not take the real event into consideration. The real event merely operates as a accelerant or keywords to take the person into his cyber world and react or comment accordingly. So practically this means that people are shouting and yelling a lot, but when you have a close look, the words they speak have no real correlation to the event. Whenever people see horrible events they already know who did it and why they did it. Which is quite interesting to see that we have so many intelligent people around the world, who with a single blink of their eyes on a news topic can tell you the inns and outs about the event.

I’ve been there, it feels good when you can reclassify your world and put chaos into order. It gives you this fake feeling of stability and being on top of the information. No one can touch you, you already saw them coming at the backdoor. Though you never see the real information. When cyber space is telling you that in country X there has been a bomb accident in city Y and there are 40 people already dead, 100 people wounded and an unknown amount of people still missing.They not yet know what material the bomb is made of and nobody so far has claimed the assessment. This information wrapped up in a news item on television or as a video on the internet will lead people into all kinds of theories of who did it who made the bomb and why they did it. Always remarkable is the fact that when you put all the opinions next to each other a lot of people are the so called bad guys. When in common sense you read or see this information and you understand that there has been a man made disaster that caused 40 people to die, 100 being injured and people that are still missing and not being claimed for by their families. They have yet no clue who did it or who made the bomb out of what material. In other words you only know that a horrible thing happend and that’s it.

All these wiseacres, when confronted with their cyber solutions and quotes, do not have real solutions. They like to talk about it, as if they are sitting and having tea next to their dying aunt, about how she could have been reanimated if the hospital had bought this sophisticated new equipment. When you point this out to people, they get mean and ask you if you can come up with better ideas than theirs. When I in simple words explain them that in the real world you need real solutions made through real hard work and dedication, they cyber shit on you.

Lets have a look at who is blinding him/herself here. While thousands of people get aroused by a news item, another disaster or real conspiracy feed and chop each others cyber heads off, the real deception and conspiracy is at full blast. Instead of getting horny on your own brain capacity, you do not need to ask how others could have been so stupid to not see that the current approach isn’t going to work. Things like: throwing Corexit in the ocean, building a nuclear plant on a fault line, building windmills where there is no wind, building roads that never get finished due to lack of money, the wrong people in government, drugs to maintain diseases etcetera etcetera. How come we never ask ourselves who is making the most money out of it, for how long and what is the impact on society? We are simply too busy worshipping our great intellect and when confronted with the lack of action, people shove their responsibility off and recommend wise people who will solve everything as always happens.

I almost go insane when I see these patterns, mechanisms and behaviors of human beings. Not because I think I’m so good and intelligent, just because I can not believe that we leave ourselves out off the equation that’s called real life. Maybe in cyber space we can sit on our fat ass and separate ourselves from the information that enters our mind. In reality this separation has consequences and big time outflows. You see, we are the equation, we are reality and we are the fucked-upness in cyber space and reality. The only and I repeat the only way to purify our world from what it has become, is to purify ourselves. For once dare to look inside yourself and see which beliefs, opinions and ideas you hold onto. Those beliefs, opinions and ideas that you will not willingly let go of out of fear to lose yourself within the process. We can not lose ourselves, we might be looking for our lost selves in cyber space, but cyber space will never become reality. We simply would not survive.

Purifying yourself with the desteni “I”process is the best thing you can give yourself and therefore you become the best thing to give to society. Join us to look inside and dig into your own shit that is so obvious reflecting in our world. Together we can really make a difference within reality. Just educate yourself and make money at the same time. If you think this sounds too good to be true and sounds more like a conspiracy theory, then I have to say goodbye and sadly see you getting lost in and being consumed  by cyber space.

Even when you close your eyes you can find your way home to yourself, don’t forget you have a life time sentence with yourself and your self made shit. You better sort it out and lead the way for an Equal Money System.

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