Architecture: a paid way to show off

26 Apr

Throughout times architecture has changed it’s appearances, styles and materials. The reason why humanity is building has always been the same. We are building to impress. Architecture in ancient times was not more than impressing the Gods, while the medieval architecture was more concerned with defending the nobility. Modern architecture showed the real motivation behind the motivation of impressing: money. In ancient times it were the Gods who had to be impressed by the rulers of a country with architecture. The Romans imposed themselves on the rest of the world with
a whole empire that was made to impress. It were always the rulers, kings and nobility who built to impress and to show their monetary power. The population did not enjoy this expression of architecture, only in modern times the elite, and later on the middle classes, were capable of building under architecture to show others how wealthy they were. This strips architecture down to 2 keywords: impressing and money, instead of providing shelter to beings. A roof above our heads is a human right, period.

Architecture should be a tool that provides us with proper housing, while history shows us that it has been money that has determined who owned the palaces and who the hovel. The invention of the arch by the Romans was of course a break through within building, there has been a lot of experimenting with different styles and materials over the years, that had it’s effect on the development of architecture and housing in general. However the wealthy people were always the ones that took advantage from this architectural progress and the rest of the people stayed in their cold, damp and poorly constructed houses. Even nowadays, no money means bad housing or living on the streets, architecture could have been so much more to humanity than only serving the ego of the principal and the architect.

Since money is the big motivator within architecture we can see that the construction industry who is an outflow of architecture, is making the whole busyness into a dis-honest and deceiving busyness by profiting at the costs of others. Most countries have cartel forming, most battles are about who gets which assignment and which materials are going to be used. In Italy the use of concrete is in the hands of the Mafia, even if the people see that their houses do not last as long as the old stone houses did, there is just not enough money or spirit to speak up against these Mafia practises.

The profit and dis-honesty goes even further when we look at the war industry. After every war there is this reconstruction period that attracts these cartels and criminal organisations. Under the cloak of charity these countries receive low quality housing or even temporary housing that will never turn into permanent housing. It’s a billion making busyness, but only for the few. Again we can see that architecture could had been used for the people, but instead architects choose to follow the money. Big corporate buildings are rising from the ground, while ghetto’s and slums are seen at the other end of the polarity. Poor and rich are still anno 2011 divided by architecture and all the industries that are profitting from it.

In an Equal Money System architecture will be brought back to humbleness. To the simplicity of providing housing and buildings for multi-purposes. Choosing materials that last for decades, materials that provide the people a constant climate in their living spaces, so it doesn’t matter if you live in Siberia or on Hawaii, your house will be cooled or warmed. Housing or no housing will no longer be a cause of having money and no longer be showing off how much money one has. No longer will Real Estate be within elitist families since inheriting money and possession is no longer possible. An EMS will not accept or allow people to live on the streets as outcasts of society, it will not allow slums and will not continue to deny people a dignified life. How can we ever approve of the fact that we live in houses that can protect us from natural influences, while so many live in hovels or even wish for a hovel.

It’s simply too sick that we deny proper housing for everyone by accepting the world as it is. When we only for a moment imagine how life would be, if we lived in slums or in a hut somewhere in Africa, South-America or Asia. Would you be prepared to live the life’s of those people? We agreed upon them living in poverty in order to continue with our fine life’s. We seem not prepared to wish the same luxury we have unto them.

When architecture is only about money, beauty, image, showing off and boosting ego’s, then architecture may disappear within an EMS. Only when building is serving the whole as in what’s best for all, then architecture can survive in an Equal Money System. So maybe architecture must not be more than the construction sector where the designer or drawer is equal to the builder, carpenter and the plumber. Together they build and no one needs to take more credit for it, the task is building the design and not gaining more money due to your position in the building hierarchy. Building is a practical solution to provide shelter and spaces to gather for multi purposes. Whenever the design is signed with ego, money and profit will take over the project and the consequences are for everybody to see when natural disasters take their revenge.

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