Russia: self-honesty through the brainwashed eyes of society

09 May

In Russia an average of 16 kids is raped and murdered every day by pedophiles. Parliament is calling for chemical castration under the pressure of the public opinion. Already in 2008 parliament spoke about chemical castration, but has still not found its way into legislation. The pedophile network is a large network in Russia and has influential figures in high places within society. Till now the state has failed and that’s where the people became their own judges. Parents who hunt down the rapist of their child and commit murder are not rare in Russia.

Official pedophile crime rates that are registered are quite low compared to the US and the UK. This is the result of the lack of trust in the law enforcement agencies by the Russian people. There are no special police squads when it comes to pedophilia and not enough police officers in the first place to enforce the law. 17% of the Russian population are pedophiles. The influence of the pedophile network within the parliament is obvious when the leader of the communist fraction compared chemical castration with cutting off the hands of the thief and a last resort.

In fact chemical castration is the easy way out, it’s a medication that’s only effective as long as the treatment continues. It’s simply a pill that reduces the libido and therefore results in less sexual activity. So the word castration is highly exaggerated. A study on pedophilia showed that castration isn’t the answer. Not all pedophiles have intercourse with their victims. The motivation for pedophiles to seek child victims and sexually abuse them originates from a point of power and control. It’s not so much the sexual act the pedophile is aiming for, but the orgasmic sexual thrill he gets from overpowering and controlling a minor. It’s the desire that they play out in reality.

Most rapes and assaults are ending up in murder to destroy evidence and to lower the chance to get caught. The biggest fear of a pedophile is to end up in prison and get assaulted and bullied themselves. The percentages of pedophiles that do get caught and put into prison is negligible, which leaves society with this high rate of human time bombs. The ineffectiveness of the government creates a society of fear, dishonesty and deceit. It’s not only the government that can be pointed out as the perpetrator.

The root for this huge pedophile problem in Russia is the disfunction of society. Disfunction of communism that has left the country at an economic level of postwar II. The amount of extreme rich people has grown and so did the poor. Official ratings says that  a 100 thousand children live on the streets and 5 million live in families with no actual adult supervision. So the root cause is the high numbers of homeless and parentless children in Russia, which makes it easy for the pedophiles to pick a victim without the chance of getting caught.

Russian society shows us that a legal system that stands for fair and honest treatment, when under influence of the perpetrators network ends up as a dishonest, evil and dangerous system. Parents who are still united with their kids do no longer trust the system and at the same time they do not trust themselves when they take the law into their own hands and make casualties. Prison is now the place where parents of raped and murdered children are put away, instead of the pedophiles that could freely pick their victims.

The system, the Russian society, functions from the starting point of a honest system. Those that commit a crime and get caught and convicted will be locked up in prison. When the system was really a fair system it was able to look in self-honesty at the root cause of crimes as pedophilia. Homeless and parentless children make it easy for the pedophiles. Homeless and parentless children are existing due to a disfunctioning communist society. Disfunction, because the system do not see all as equal and all as worthy to live. If Russian society could take its own responsibility and in self-honesty see that it didn’t work, it could have changed into another system. That didn’t happen, because people thought they were doing a honest job in keeping the system in place. A system that abuses or allows abuse can never  be a self-honest system. A self-honest system dares to question itself and dares to see the disadvantages.

A system that claims to be a honest system, but is not willing to seek for the origin of the errors that occur, will slowly but surely terminate itself. Honesty becomes dishonesty when the real problems are deliberately tugged away and the system turns a blind eye. As much as the system is to blame also the humans within it are to blame for the lack of self-honesty that’s being justified with honesty. No system in dishonesty will ever survive as long as dishonesty wields the scepter. Therefore communism has proven time after time that it failed to care for it’s citizens and must be striped through when it comes to our worlds future. Only  a system that allows it’s population to be self-honest and that creates together with it’s population a self-honest future which no longer tolerates double moral standards that makes pedophilia possible, is worthy of existing.

Within an Equal Money System, self-honesty is the standard. Morals, ethics and traditions are redundant. Honesty will be considered as the brainwahsed system term for dishonesty, since it only supports the morals and values of the system.

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