The revival of North African migration

14 May

Migration in general is the response to national and international changes as in sociocultural, economic, political and psychological conditions. Migration on the African continent is a quite common phenomenon and of all times. There’s always been a lot of movement on the continent itself and at the same time a lot of movement throughout the globe. The first major migration was the exodus to America where Africans were made into slaves. Nowadays the migration of the North African people might seem a voluntary action and an attempt to seek their fortune, however when we take a closer look at it we can see that it’s simply modern time slavery where money decides in all ways. People never move to places where there is less fortune, therefore migration is always dictated by money. In other words, there is always some one making money out of it and it’s in most cases not the migrant.

When we follow the trail of money within the point of the current revival of North African migration, we can see that people risk their life’s in order to migrate, people are the victims of human trafficking, political games are playing out at the expenses of the refugees, countries are not taking their responsibility and are not equipped for these kind of waves of refugees and with the leaving of highly educated people North African countries are confronted with a brain drain.

Risking one’s life over migration

Many little boats are making the passage from the African continent to Europe. Illegal agencies in Africa crimp people and give advise about the possible routes to reach for the best countries in Europe. Finally they all end up in little boats with far too many people and far too less food and water. Many horror stories go around the media, where people die on board of the little boats due to a lack of fuel, no directions and no food or water. When people venture their life’s in such ways we do not have to ask ourselves how they existed in Africa. When life has value one isn’t going to risk it. North African refugees who decide to migrate see no other option than escaping the life dishonouring position they’re in, in order to follow the trail of money and build up a decent life again. Even a life as an illegal merchandiser, window washer or a criminal, goes beyond the life they had in countries destroyed by revolts, riots and lootings without working governments in place, who cannot guarantee the life’s of its citizens. The people of North Africa were standing up and indicating, till here and no further, but they forgot 1 thing. They didn’t have a plan, a practical solution to offer to their country. Unfortunately enough this cry for help faded away. Some countries were able to get rid of the old regime and got another regime installed and ended up with more of the same inequality.

Human trafficking

When humans are desperately eager to leave their situation and the country they live in, it’s not difficult to get entangled into human trafficking practises. Smooth talk from a recruiter and promises about really nice jobs are a big temptation when ones living conditions and future perspectives are at the lowest point possible. Rising up out of the misery of a life without value and money that’s luring them into a same life in another country. People who become modern day slaves and are not able to direct themselves and stand up. A sick and vicious circle where the trail of money is followed, but where the living conditions do not improve.

Political games

The reason why North African migrants exist and end up in Europe is the outflow of international political games. It’s passing the buck and refusing to take any responsibility. There is a lot of political gossiping going around when it comes to how the unrest in North Africa and the Middle East was started and kept alive in order to change regimes. Following the trail of money there must always be a party that benefits from it. There are bigger and smaller players trying to play their influence. Countries who had for many years a good relationship, suddenly turn against each other. France and Italy were allies, but now with an overload of refugees they are getting nasty at each other, all this to take no responsibility for the thousands of Africans who are seeking refuge in safer countries. Libya is helping to play countries against each other by threatening to send more North Africans on little boats to Italy and Malta. Months ago the media still spoke about the close relationship between Berlusconi and Gadaffi. World politics is like playing chess and the North African people are being put checkmate.

Europe is not equipped to take their responsibility

Most North African migrants arrive at the nearby European islands such as Italy’s Lampedusa, Malta, Spain’s Canary Islands and Gibraltar. As we look at the island of Lampedusa we see such an increase of refugees that it almost exceeds the amount of native inhabitants. Such small communities cannot give these North African refugees the attention they deserve and their basic needs. Berlusconi promised the people of Lampedusa to clear the island and give them tax breaks for the inconvenience. Italian ships came and took the migrants to camps on the Italian mainland. From there Italy tries to return the migrants to Tunisia, to no longer have to take care for this people and not having take them into Italian society or annoy other European countries by letting them travel through Italy to for instance France and Germany. Europe has refugees camps that are not meant for long stays, bureaucratically procedures make it easy to send people back and it takes a lot of endurance to get accepted into society. Financial instable countries such as Italy do not have the money to take care of thousands of refugees, yet they have the money to send military aid to fight at the side of the US against Libya. People will flee from war zones to safer places to survive and make a normal living, as long as we keep on making war zones, in order to make more money through more power and influence. We are together holding this problem in place, which takes more effort than making sure that everyone has a safe haven to live and make a dignified living.

Brain drain

While a lot of North Africans are leaving their countries and the continent, also professionally trained people are leaving. This leaves North African countries with uneducated workers and a though task to build up their country again with only low qualified people. Or they try to find educated people in other countries to come and work or educate the left population. Both options are no guarantee for a fast reconstruction of the country and the lack of money isn’t going to speed up the process either. It’s a downward spiral that keeps these countries at the levels they are and keeps the division of wealth amongst countries in place. When migrants keep fleeing as they do now we end up living on a few continents with the world population, which is ridicules and unnecessary while basic needs and money are equally distributed.

Migration is thus a phenomenon that can’t be seen independent from money. A phenomenon that shows us that life is about survival and following the trail of money. Migration is a poignant example of our survival instinct and totally separated from what life should be. We are prepared to die for money in order to get a better life. What kind of life is asking to disregard the value of life? Only humans can disregard life and see money as the highest purpose in life. We allow money to profit at the costs, even of a living being’s life, without even being a bit concerned about it. Looking at the animal kingdom, where money doesn’t exists, we see that animals only migrate in order to find food supplies, find more daylight or find a warmer climate. As long as humans are allowing inequality, when it comes to chances in life, we will never be aware of life as the animal kingdom already is.


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3 responses to “The revival of North African migration

  1. American Delight

    May 15, 2011 at 12:03 am

    “…animals only migrate in order to find food supplies…”

    You mean, to kill and eat other animals? Not sure that’s the most ideal model for humankind to aspire to…

    • Sylvia

      May 15, 2011 at 7:46 am

      No I mean, animals only migrate in order to find food supplies. It’s obvious that animals like us eat other living beings, that’s not the cycle I’m referring to. Animals do not take more than their fair share like we do in countries where there is enough food. Animals only move when there isn’t enough food, money will not determine the outcome of their “choice”. The animal kingdom is as fucked up as ours, the only difference is money and the enslavement to money and that’s how far the comparison goes.

  2. Robert B Wier

    May 17, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    I live on the U.S. Mexico border, and it is the same sotry here. The capitalist system is designed in such a way that supports inequality and lack- the human resource is squandered for the sake of elite profit, millions end up without work, and society goes to shit for 99% of the population while the super rich get super richer. Great blog- very informative


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