Rapture me up Scotty

21 May

This is Matthew live from Rome:

“It’s 7 pm and an hour ago the earth started shaking softly, we’re currently in a hail storm. The hail is as big as tennis balls and people trying to hide everywhere. Nobody goes into the buildings, the earthquake is swelling and already a 5.8 on the Richter scale. The earth is opening up, entire cars disappear into the cracks. The Pope is sitting in his bullet proof automobile next to the Vatican. I can see the the left wing of the Vatican building sinking into  the earth. What is that noise I keep hearing, it’s getting dark, what’s happening? There are locusts everywhere, oh my God they’re everywhere they’re crawling onto my back. The earth is shaking from all sides now. What’s that? What’s that brite light in the sky? The noise is still there, OOH MY GOOOD, it’s trumpets playing and the sky is opening up. I can’t stand the light it’s hurting my eyes. OH MY GOD, people are getting raptured into the sky. Oh look the pope is standing on the roof of his car ready to be raptured. Oh nooooo, the Pope is sucked into the cracks of the earth. I have to search for a safe haven, this was Matthew from Rome for DOOM TV”

It’s almost the end of doomsday the twenty first of May 2011 and none of the predicted end of the world scenario has played out in the world. This means that for a select group it will be bummersday tomorrow. As so many predictions throughout time they never came into reality. It’s holding a human or entire groups into this possessive state of mind and they truly believe these events will happen. Afterwards when reality shows them the opposite of what they believed in, they will never look in self-honesty at themselves to see where the believe started and upon what emotions/feelings/fears it was based. People tend to make up excuses for false predictions and rather blame and judge others instead of looking inside to see what caused this believe.

People believing in the end of the world scenario’s do not see that they are caught up in a polarity of truth and lie. They want so much for this prediction to be true and they fear the possibility of missing their chance to be a chosen one, that they are ignoring all common sense alarms. They rather believe crap than risking the chance of going to hell.

This sweeping the earth clean of all the unfaithful and spiteful humans is already an old story. Noah a righteous, blameless, obedient, patient, persistant, faithful man with an alcohol addiction build a boat as he was told by God to save his family and the animal kingdom. A symbolic story from the bible and taken as truth and real happend event by many Christians even archeologist believed that they found pieces of the arc of Noah. So basically God designed a human that turns out to be evil, deceptive and spiteful which even after a big sweep returns like tares. This must indicate that God has a lot of spare time, when he keeps designing an ineffective human model that needs to be swept away from time to time. It does make sense though, God is not concerned with famine, poverty, wars, natural disasters and abuse, which gives God a lot of spare time to play around. In the story of Noah not only humans were considered worth to be saved, also the animals. When we look at todays rapture, it makes one wonder why only a select group of people will be saved. Were the plants, the trees and the animals all spiteful and evil? There is no equality in this scenario and it would not play out in the best interest of all, if only a few are saved.

An interesting point to look into is what makes these people who believe in this doomsday scenario, so confident that it’s actually going to happen and what causes them to be among the chosen ones. In a way we all want to be the chosen one, we all want to be special. We all want to be valued as good people, although we all know within self-honesty that just as Noah we have two sides. The good and obedient side and the addicted to bad things side to balance our existence out here on planet earth. We fear our bad side so much that we deny and ignore it and become totally possessed with the good and positive side of life. It’s obvious that such an attitude will have horrible outflows. The good part need to be balanced out and will carry on to the negative side. So in order to be raptured into heaven others have to be swept of the earth within 5 months. Is that what Christianity is about or any other religion that believes in such scenario’s?

It’s so deep ingrained in us humans that we see ourselves as powerless and God as the only one in power that can decide whenever he wants to rapture his chosen ones. We’re designed to survive and this belief in doomsday is a coping mechanism to try and survive all the evil one is exposed to by oneself. We see ourselves as worthless and it’s up to the great Lord if we are going to be saved and considered pure enough. How can we interfere in God’s creation without being punished and burning in hell till eternity. It’s God who will judge upon us, therefore it’s judgement day to separate wheat from chaff. What we never considered was the fact that it’s always judgement day and that it is us who have to judge if we applied the equality equation. In other words can we say at the end of the day that we acted in the best interest of all?

This whole rapture, beam me up Scotty theme, is really so unnecessary. It’s the end of humanity as we know it, all we are, is living organic robots who live in constant fear of survival. Our self-destructive nature will take care of this, we do not need a God to sweep humanity off the earth. If only we would be able to look beyond our pre-programming and have some faith in ourselves we could see that there are ways to act in the best interest of all, there are ways to get liberated from your pre-programming. It’s not a quick fix, but together we can start and build a future that’s worth passing on to the next generation. Solutions are here, life coaching to get through this are here. We don’t need disaster scenario’s in order to take self-responsibility for the mess we made, allowed and accepted.

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