Planet earth, human warzone

25 May

Already since the beginning of times, war has been in our midst. We simply never have been without war. In the garden of Eden, God made war with the devil over Adam and Eve. How dramatic, the good against the bad, but it shows us right away that being at war is being entangled in a net of polarisation. To justify war there must be a good party and a bad party to blame for. War is a conflict carried on by force of arms, between nations or between parties within a nation. The interesting part within war is of course the motivation, the conflict. What is worth to kill for? The US and many other Western civilizations wants us to belief that it’s democracy, in the name of democracy humans and animals may be killed and entire countries may have their natural resources demolished or stolen away. Isn’t war just taking by force of arms from another party what you desire whenever they will not give it to you?  In other words: theft. We encourage our toddlers to combat and be strong when another kid is not “sharing” his toy. Taking more candies than you possibly can eat and not give a shit about the other kids. Bullying by picking on someone’s weakness to see if you can take that kids power away. Children playing computer wargames and integrating the violent behavior in their physical games amongst peers. As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined and we’ll grow up with this indifference for war and violence.

War when it’s fought by nations is an accepted form of abuse that we tolerate in order to see which country is the strongest. This will filter the weak countries from the strong ones as the survival of the fittests. Which classifies the world into empires and countries to take advantage of and rob all they have. We already have generations of adults that has never been free from war in their life’s. War is a wild card to do upon another what you never want to be done upon you. Biological warfare is even used by countries on their own soldiers and that is still socially accepted, but in fact totally unacceptable. In our strive for resources, or better said our fear to have a lack of resources where we addiction-ally depend upon, there are no rules then the rules of the jungle. Where only the rules of the fittest triumphs.

We are simply not brought up to share our planet and its assets with others. We always need to be assured that things are ours, when we go to the beach we confiscate a few square meters and we’re pissed when someone is invading on our imaginary borders. We always fear to end up with less and therefore we see in all humans possible terrorists that are about to harm us and take away our most precious stuff. How imaginary and how convenient to sweep, the fact that we fear to have less, under the rug. Fearing to have less indicates that we think there might be a reason why we should end up with less. If we were confident about ourselves we would not have taken this fear into consideration. So we’re basically insecure and feel ourselves less then and we have to act aggressive in order to get as much as we think is our fair share. This brings us back to our teenage years, where kids acted in a aggressive dominant way to stay in control over a group of youngsters while in fact this kid was outvoicing his own insecurity and the fear for all the other human terrorists.

So war can be seen as the war within, the war within ourselves the constant fight and being wrapped up in polarities. When we look in the mirror in the morning the war already starts, we’re never satisfied with what we see. We always feel we have less, less hair, less sex appeal, less gorgeous eyes, not enough breast or too much which makes our body less lascivious, it’s a never ending list, an never ending urge and a never ending war if we do not take the core point away. We encounter war within almost any aspect of our life’s. Rivalry amongst colleagues, fights within our relationships, complete wars within our families and insoluble disagreements between our neighbors. Whenever we have to define ourselves, war starts. When this is translated into countries who have to define themselves as in having enough economically and military power. In that perspective we can see a country as an entity or personality just as the teenage kid at school or already the bully in kindergarten. This means that countries are basically at war with themselves, look at all empires that are no more, they eventually destroyed themselves. The question is where do we start to stop wars?

To stop war is to stop bringing up our children the way we do and have done. We learn our children to fight over nothing while having fights and arguments with our partner. We learn them that it is okay to see people as unequal to themselves and to spite other races. We learn them that religion is giving them a purpose in life and God will take all our sins away and taking their own responsibility is something they do not need to worry about. Never worry about others, a sentimental attitude will get you nowhere in the system and last but not least we teach them that money is the one thing that gets them out of bed in the morning and moves them during the day. Only with enough money they can sleep tight. As long as we don’t see that we have to teach our future generations in a different way in order to turn the tide we’re lost as a race within war and total self-destruction. We need to stop believing that we’re always at the short end of the straw, that’s make belief. We are all equal and if we allow ourselves to have equal chances in life and not rob each other of life, our future generations might have a chance on a war free world.

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