Sex our last resort and only stimulus to get a message across

30 May

In order to get a message across we use sex, because sex sells and it seems the only foreplay to communicate and manipulate others into buying our product or message. Without all the sexual innuendo that’s going on, from toilet paper advertisement to a dirty comment from a colleague, we would live on a silent planet. Almost nothing that comes out off our mouth or pens isn’t somehow related to sex or sex appeal. It’s neither a new phenomenon, in the nineteen twenties ad slogans were playful like the one for Brylcreem. Their slogan said: “Brylcreem, keeps you right on top”. It’s nevertheless referring to sex, but it’s not in your face. Nowadays it’s the picture that needs to make the impact and the slogan confirms what is presented to you. Look at the ads of Tom Ford, Jbs mens underwear and even the Masons awareness campaign on saving water, are plain sex. The water ad shows us 6 different sex positions to perform sex in the bathtub that says: “Save water. Have fun. Just get out before everything becomes wrinkled.” No mystery or fantasy needed anymore, it’s all here in place ready to consume the message.

Getting a message across has nothing to do anymore with sexual innuendo, which is a disturbing fact on itself. When taking a closer look at the more and more rougher sex ads nowadays, the answer can be twofold. Or the product sucks and needs a boost to divert the attention and at the same time it needs to draw the attention in order to sell. Or we as humanity are so numb that the only stimulus we react to is sex. This survival mode we’re in, drags us through life. Sex equals money in our society and sex means reproductions, the survival of our species to not extinct. A playful sexual tinted slogan isn’t doing the trick anymore and doesn’t penetrate our zombie state. Only sex on the border of pornography is still kicking some life in us.

Sex has always been stronger than ourselves, more than an addiction, it’s encoded in us and we act on it as if we’re in control. When sex is the topic of discussion and questioned in many ways, we say, but sex is natural it’s what makes us human to enjoy our ultimate orgasm. We all know this is a pack of lies, sex does not give us the ultimate orgasm otherwise we wouldn’t keep searching for it. Every time an ad plays on our orgasmic sentiment we’re eagerly ready to go and buy the product. We devotionally believe in the lottery or winning the jack pot. We go to the end of the rainbow if that ‘s what it takes to be rewarded and to maintain our species.

Using sex for advertising is a “clever” use of psychology. Psychology that’s been used by many corporations, a lot of research is done to improve this sex button on their product. Out of research comes the conclusion that males are more receptive for selling through sex than females. The fact that males think on a daily base almost non stop about sex, doesn’t mean sex is non existent for females on a thinking level. Males and females are addressed by the widely spread sex pictures within our society. Research found out that females like to connect sex to commitment and relationships and males simply want sex. That doesn’t sound far off from reality, both males and females are, as said before, moved by survival impulses. Females search for a strong male, with strong semen and want him to commit and stay with her to take care of their offspring. Males want sex, lots of sex to determine which type of females he sees worthy of carrying his seed to carry on his bloodline. No romance what so ever just plain reproduction.

This state of wanting to reproduce is what advertising uses against us, so we will follow our desire to find the perfect mating partner. If the offered product is going to help us with getting closer to the perfect partner, we’ll buy the product and get already aroused. Researchers conclude that females do not react positive on too much sex advertisement, it would even disgust them and not buy the product at all. Other research showed that females do physically react on sex pictures. Even if they do not like what they see or claim that they are disgusted by it, the body gets aroused and the female starts lubricating. This shows how beyond our control these impulses really are. So while choosing a perfume in a store a female may get physical aroused by the advertisement pictures and at the same time correct herself by thinking she is disgusted by it. Here we’re entering a polarity zone, females say they are disgusted by the ad, but are physically reacting to it and denying the reaction out of disgust of themselves. They buy the perfume and tell everybody that it wasn’t because of the advertisement.

So sex sells always even if we deny it or are dishonest about it. We all want what is presented to us, ultimate sex and orgasm and we take the product or the message that’s sold to us for granted. Even if we know we are manipulated by the advertisement we may still on a unconscious level be stimulated by the sex message and choose the way the product prescribes. Which leaves us almost always with the feeling that we’re fucked, how ironically.

Imagine a world where products are so great that they sell themselves, a world where we understand ourselves and direct ourselves, where there is no need to buy stuff that is unnecessary. A world where we do not need products like perfume, fast cars, sexy clothes, jewelry, hair fashion and big houses to proof that we’re worthy. A world where we trust ourselves and where we are not lured into buying through sex. Sex would be an physical expression and not a tool to manipulate others. A world that doesn’t fuck with your mind, is a world that can be achieved. A world that’s not a fantasy or a desire but one that can be build on self-will and hard work. That’s a world where everybody is acting in the best interest of all, heaven on earth, but without the myth of 72 Islamic virgins exclusively kept for suicide bombers.

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3 responses to “Sex our last resort and only stimulus to get a message across

  1. martijndegraaf1001

    May 31, 2011 at 7:04 am

    jemig, goed geschreven en uiteengezet

    • Sylvia

      May 31, 2011 at 7:28 am

      Dank je Martijn.

  2. Kasper Kwan

    May 31, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    cool post – thank you for sharing!


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