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Pensions will be redundant in the nearby future

Pensions are a hot topic for those who are waiting in line to collect their saved hard-earned money on a monthly bases when finally reaching their retirement age. It’s even a hotter topic to those that are not yet or not at all at an age where pensions are to be collected. They still work an pay through their taxes and pension funds for a retirement to be in the future. We see this money as some kind of a reward for the hard work we did all our working life and we trust those, who are in charge of the pensions, to care for our money. Quite a funny concept if you look at it. Who would give on a monthly base money to someone else, who gambles with the money and then promises you a payout whenever you reach a certain age. Who in their right mind would even consider to give away their money on a monthly base without understanding what happens to it? Yet we trust our pension funds, or is the trust fading away now evil voices predict less pension payout for the future or even an entire collapse of the whole pension system. A collapse of our entire money system is also a prediction to consider without being lost within conspiracies or raptures of any kind. This prediction can be made by reducing and adding all real facts in common sense that are happening right now in our world.

That the world has changed in a huge way over the years is even for a child to see. It’s not about new events that happen within our world, it’s simply more of the same and the consequential outflows of it, which leads eventually into an accumulative effect and produces a new world events as a consequence. Due to the fact that it is more of the same, a lot of “positive thinkers” say that the events of today are nothing new and has always been this way. A kind of philosophy that will not bring any progress but negative progress and reveals the participation within polarities, in which we as humanity have been trapped for eons of time. When we have a look at a few world events of today we can see why pensions will be redundant in the future.

This year a nuclear disaster took place in Japan and the whole event around the Fukushima nuclear power plant has not ended yet. There has been a lot of covering up taking place and intentional misinformation of the public. The whole idea we had before about nuclear energy made people and countries look at it again now. Germany decided to close all nuclear power plants, Italy voted against nuclear power plants, in total 8 countries decided to not produce nuclear energy in their countries anymore. This is really a huge step forward, but only on paper. In reality it takes at least 20 years to shut down a nuclear power plant so still plenty of opportunities to fuck up and have disasters. Countries such as Italy who decided to not have any nuclear power plants still have to supply the country with energy and guess where they buy it? Yes! France. About 20 active plants are situated in France and they have plenty to export. So who are we kidding here, saying no to nuclear power plants in ones own country means in reality reducing a nuclear disaster in your own country and being fine with a disaster in another country. Wake up here, we all live on the same globe. Look at Japan, the consequences of that disaster are not only for Japan, it’s global. But does Great Britain understand this, they decided to build 8 nuclear power plants before 2025? With the aftermath of Fukushima we do not need a pension in the near future, because we will end our world before the money stream has ended.

With all the pollution we allowed to happen over eons of time, but especially after the industrial revolution, we ruined a lot of nature. Modern society humans see themselves separate from nature, it’s something to go to in your spare time. This very separation let us not care for nature, which is apparently not part of our life’s. How wrong can we be, it’s an interplay between humans and nature. Our survival depends on this interplay, plants and trees are our source for oxygen. The pollution is there where we not always can see it immediately. When we look at our oceans, the fish, the plants that live in it, it’s for most of us even more separation than plants and trees, we can’t see the ocean as a part of the whole of which we are a part. The reefs of the oceans are the lungs of the ocean and the lungs of the world. Scientists recently found out the bad condition these reefs with corals are in. The reefs are either lost and disappeared or damaged in such a way that we can speak about pneumonia. Pneumonia of our world that is breathing with only 1 lung. If we not very soon acknowledge that this is a severe global problem, we do not need a pension since we no long sees to exist.

If pollution in itself isn’t bad enough we as humanity go as far as polluting each other and simply do not care about each other. In China scientists found out that in certain areas due to heavy industry the land is contaminated with lead. Of course this wasn’t an event that took place overnight, it was a creeping intoxication that made eventually only child victims. Families went to their doctors with the symptoms they had found in the children. At first doctors acknowledged the problem and told the families it was lead poisoning, later they did withdraw this statement and told the families that there was nothing to do about it, no drugs no cure. The question here is: do these future generations need a pension if they will die anyway from lead poisoning?

Recently researchers found a large amount of pesticides in green tea from China, this tea is exported throughout the world. These large amounts of pesticides are not good for ones health, it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to figure that one out. The sad thing is that a lot of holistic thinkers believe that green tea will cure or prevent cancer. In reality this green tea is a poison in the hands of greed and will in fact kill you. China is on its way to become a capitalistic empire and will make money no matter what side-effects. We simply cannot trust our food any more, if it’s not for this pesticide scandal, Japanese radiation in seafood or the e-colli that travels around as the embodiment of globalisation, than it’s the greed for more money that fades away any sense of what is best for all. By the time we need a pension, we’re no longer here.

All the wars and revolutions we fight throughout the world these days, are reducing the world population or crippling humans for life. This will mean less people within the working force and as an outflow within capitalism less people who pay taxes to fill up the pension funds. If we continue fighting each other like we do now, a big world war 3 isn’t a rare possibility. We would blow, in a nuclear way, almost all life of the globe with 1 war. If we’re blown out of our bodies we for sure do not need a pension.

It’s so much misery what we are causing as humanity that it must be a miracle if we would survive. Natural disasters are following one after another. These earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunami’s are causing a lot of damage and all we blame is nature. While we build bad constructions as it comes to housing and buildings, badly constructed dikes, poorly made roads, the only reason is to gain some more money.
We let land erosion out of greed for more harvest and profit. We love to believe that there is people, who ever they may be, that want to exterminate the human race. While in fact we are smoking ourselves out for money. We do not understand what life is anymore, we see abuse of others and even ourselves as life, as normal behavior. We are so far from reality that when we keep up this way we will not be around to collect our pensions. So there is no need for pensions.

There is Indeed no need for pensions, neither when we smoke ourselves out or either when we do change and decide to bring forth a better world to live in. If we only would be able to hear and understand that a better world is still possible, we better asap roll up our sleeves. A pension isn’t necessary when for instance a basic income is guaranteed. A basic income from birth to death. No need to transfer money to future generations, because all will be taken care of. A basic income is part of the Equal Money System that sees life in all forms as something to value and protect from greed and self-interest. A pension is like a baite, in order to let people work till they drop dead as slaves, the ones that survive have to continue life with a fraction of what they earned before. This kind of life equals abuse which is our curent standard for life. Lets be wild and spontaneous for once and leave our pre-programmed path. Join us and be 1 vote for world equality which returns life back to man again.

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And God created the bikini

When God created the bikini, what was his urge to create one? Out of all things that God could create he choose to create and introduce the modern bikini to a mainstream audience in 1947. Of course he had done some try outs through the milleniums. God tried the bikini on Greek women as a bikini like garment for athletic purposes in 1400 BC, he tried the bikini on Roman women between 286-305 AD. In 1913 God made the bikini in a two-piece functional swimsuit and let Carl Jantzen have the fame, then later in time he loved to dress up pin-up girls with bikinis.

The fame for the bikini as we know it now, went to the Swedish engineer Louis Réard in 1946. The name bikini stems from “Bikini Island” in the Pacific. The bikini brought quite a shock in 1947 on the Swedish beaches and was called “the split atom” due to its atomic impact and its size. This new bikini exposed the navel of women and as in Sweden as well as in France it was a great hit. Conservative countries such as the UK, the US and Catholic countries banned the bikini, though nowadays its a fashion item that no longer can be wished away. It’s the igniter for billions business annually.

So why did God create the bikini? To answer this question its important to understand that the question as it is asked here, is asked from the perspective that God is the creator of humanity, all that’s on this planet earth and the universe. Here he’s called God, but it implies at the same time Allah, Jahweh, Buddha, the One etcetera. God stands for the creator of all that is. It’s not a matter of believing that he is the creator of the universe, but a matter of searching why a God would want to create stuff in his almightiness and turn a blind eye on the stuff he should have created. Such as cures for the diseases he came up with, famine in one part of the world and abundance of food in the other part of the world. Just 2 simple examples to illustrate that while God created drugs he must have started using them himself.

Most of us refer to God, the creator, as a male. Since no one ever has seen God it’s a matter of imagination. However when we go back to the creation of the bikini it’s hard to imagine that God is a female bitch laughing her bikini pants off when creating and seeing women in bikinis. To keep it practical, God the creator, will be referred to as a male figure within this blog article.

When we look at a bikini we see a top and a pair of pants, when we look again we can see 2 eyes and a laughing mouth, with the navel as a nose. This is 1 big give away sign that God is laughing in our face when it comes to the bikini. The joke is primarily on women, but also men are not forgotten in God’s divine plan.

The bikini is the reminder of what we do not have but possessively desire to have and fantasize about. When little girls are around 4 they love to wear bikini tops, just like their mommies. From the age of 4 and onwards, girls fantasize and desire to have breast. The first desire God attached to the creation of the bikini. Clever sales management jumped into this desire this year and introduced the push up bikini for 6-14 year old girls. The girls probably loved it, now they don’t have to stock their top with socks and tennis balls anymore. They can see their dream come through to admire themselves already with (fake)breast. The mothers on the other hand got almost heart attacks and seizures from it, ashamed about the fact that they once desired the same thing. Now as a grown up they know what the burden of having breast implies and don’t want that already to happen onto their little girls. Once a woman has breasts she enters the arena of sex and the polarity of feeling accepted versus feeling rejected.

The second desire attached to the bikini is to be slim. To have the perfect body to fit into the most perfect bikini. God really had a blast on this one. He created diet pills, HerbaLife, plastic surgery, some diseases like bulimia, anorexia and obesity. And voilà a billion dollar business is running. All women that were already slim, try their best to stay slim. All that are overweight desire to be slim and go far to fulfill this desire. The ‘way too fat’ women in bikinis, provoke reaction in all other women such as disgust and vicarious shame, which makes the already slim women buy even more diet pills or following diet guru’s and the money machine starts rolling again.

The third desire attached to the bikini is the desire to be healthy. Women are brainwashed by God’s created society that looking pale always indicates disease and having a tan indicates health. How it is with desires they easily become addictions onces brought into play. So women start wearing their bikinis literally everywhere to get this desired healthy tan. When the bikini season is off, women go to beauty salons to use sun beds in order to get this desired tan. The consequential outflow of desiring this heavy browned skin is inevitably skin cancer. Bingo, the whole medical and pharmaceutical circus can start and big bucks are made.

The fourth desire attached to the bikini is to be seen by men. While gallivanting along the shore line women display themselves as meat in boucher shop, where men are the customers. Men on their turn show their muscles and naked bodies to reassure the women that, when chosen, these women get a fine swimwear full of fertile semen. Here God is playing Adam and Eve against each other while the weak and ugly end up with no partner and a life full of hate for the this desired gender.

The fifth desire attached to the bikini is the desire to physically touch each other once the acquisition of the meat has taken place. God created in between 2 naps sun lotion a nice fluid to rub, touch and massage each other in public. Due to Gods inserted sex related pictures in our mind our libido is getting heated and we are fore playing ourselves towards hot sex on the beach or somewhere more private.

So why did God created the bikini, to get us totally possessed with all kinds of desires. Desires that we will have and many that we will not have. Desires that show us our limitation and desires that show us our enslavement to energy. The energy from all kinds of emotions and feelings that go along with being the proud owner of a bikini. Thank God for pointing out to us that we’re trapped in his creation.


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Who the heck is Ayn Rand

Lately the name Ayn Rand popped up within my reality a several times and was brought into relation with Alan Greenspan, Ron Paul and The Tea party. Interesting. Soon I found out that already since 2009 The Tea Party had made media headlines with their connection to Ayn Rand. Ron Paul and Alan Greenspan were one of the first followers of Ayn Rand in the late 40s and 50s. So nothing new and not really a big event within our current world crisis at first sight. Ayn Rand was the founder of “Objectivism” way back in the 40s to 60s, she died in 1982 and that was it. Or wasn’t it? While Rand was still alive, her movement called “The Collective”, wasn’t really influential, she was despised by the public and probably according to herself misunderstood as a philosopher.

A lot of people in the US are named after Ayn Rand, until today. Their parents were highly influenced by Rand’s “Objectivism”. In Silicon Valley most of the entrepreneurs are inspired by the works of Rand and admiring some of her main values such as, altruism is evil, but selfishness is a virtue and a limited government with voluntary taxations. Basically paradise for the already wealthy. Objectivism is still alive and the dream for a total free society, in the way of Rand proposed, is still peoples wet dream.

What are the consequences of implementing a social system as laissez faire capitalistic objectivism? It would cause hyper-individualism, power-worship and a sociopathic egotism. According to Rand, welfare, unemployment insurance, support for the poor and the middle-class, the regulations of industries or Wall Street, interference of government and improvements of infrastructures, were issues that would not be implemented in her free society. Rand saw taxation as voluntary and the world according to her existed of “producers” and “moochers”, wherein the “moochers” were looting on the select group of producers, such as the spectacularly wealthy and the titans of industry, the ones that build up society. The moochers were merely labor drones for the corporations.

This picture of a free society does reminds me of modern day America or where it is heading to. Especially when we look at the group of wealthy people, such as bankers and corporation titans. Most of the Americans when still employed do feel like labor drones/slaves in an poor attempt to pay off their mortgage and credit card debt. The infrastructure is deteriorating, people are living of food stamps while at the same time being raped by the banksters. Rand’s free society is in the making, the seed is planted and pretty soon the USA can reap what they have been sowing. Rand’s “Objectivism” is still alive and therefore still subject to accusations and conspiracies.

When we look at the Tea Party we see that Rand Paul of the Tea Party is a big fan of Ayn Rand and her book “Atlas Shrugged”, though the Tea Party encompasses the religious right. Ayn Rand was for abortion rights, no regulation on pornography, no animal rights and she was a convinced atheist. Her conservative admirers must have largely ignored this. A Tea Party follower states in his blog:”… but I especially despise Ayn Rand for her support of abortion.  There are plenty of ways to promote liberty, free market ideals, the right of individuals to not be treated as cattle-like drones by the elite who think they “know best,” Religious opposites of the Tea Party stated in a blog:”Ayn Rand is the complete opposite of Jesus. Everything that Rand says contradicts what Jesus told us in the Gospels. There is no better example of the saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows than this weird mixture of Rand’s extremist ideas combined with Christianity.” 

When we look at Alan Greenspan when he stated:“Ayn Rand and I remained close until she died in 1982, and I’m grateful for the influence she had on my life. I was intellectually limited until I met her.” We see a man that was highly influenced by Rand, though the Rand Institute for Objectivism accused him with the following statement and said that Greenspan had betrayed Rand: “Ayn Rand would have never advocated for the kind of policies Alan Greenspan instituted,” Brook says, citing the Fed’s 1% fed funds rate in the years after 9/11 as exhibit A: “By holding interest rates for two-and-a-half years below the rate of inflation, Greenspan encouraged the debt and credit boom we’re suffering the consequence of “today — and for the foreseeable future.” 

When we look at Ron Paul and Alan Greenspan a Jewish rasism blog states the following: “Again, consider my view that it is no coincidence that the Fed was run by a follower of Alisa Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand), and that the controlled opposition to the Fed is run by another follower of “Ayn Rand”, Ron Paul, who just happens to run for President as the dollar takes a fall by design of the Jewish bankers. Incredible!” 

Is it time to put our tin foil hats on and go full speed into conspiracy theories or should we just blindly accuse? Of course, religious people will condemn Rand for what she stood for and take it as a sublime tool to hit the Tea Party with. Of course the “Objectivism institute” will hit Greenspan by design for not bringing into practice what Rand had taught him. This gives the institute a chance to show off, because they of course had done it differently and more successful. Of course a Jewish rasist that’s into conspiracy will attack the Russian Jewish Ayn Rand and all other Jews for that matter. It looks like Rand is still after her dead making as much friction in society as she did alive. It’s not surprisingly that Rand had also friction within herself, for years she was addicted to prescribed drugs and her reasoning brought her to decisions that were only for her own happiness. At a certain point she reasoned one of her followers of “The Collective” into an sexual affair with her, while she and he were both married. Both spouses gave their permission for the love affair if that would bring happiness to Rand. Within this she illustrated in a perfect way what her world, her free society, would look like.

Rand pictured a world wherein “Objectivism” is standing for the right to life which gives man freedom of action in a social context. This will ultimately result in the right to liberty, the right to property and the pursuit of happiness. She saw a right as a moral principle and humans had to come to these morals principles by themselves without any outside force while not violating the rights of others. She overlooked quite some points, points that can be seen by normal educated people, the main point is the point of self-interest. She called it rational self-interest, which makes it even more evil. Fighting for your own self-interest and calling it happiness, is denying others the same opportunity. Seeing yourself as an individual and not as a whole will force yourself into separation and therefore inequality. Rand did a lot of thinking, came from a rich Jewish bourgeois family who lost everything during the Russian revolution and wanted to transcend. She didn’t transcend, she got hopelessly stuck into the polarity of rich versus poor and worthy versus unworthy.

A total free society would be a society wherein there is 1 law, the law of what’s best for all. Free of debt and survival. Self-interest will sort itself out with this one law. Happiness must be redefined as a stable state of being. The happiness Rand was searching for was one imbedded in emotions. Within a free society one will not be directed by emotions, feelings or fear. Survival will be no issue, all will be taken care of through a basic income. Labor is not about working hard and produce a lot, labor will be an contribution to society for a minimum of 4 years. All humans will earn the same while doing labor, to avoid the forming of an elite group and inequality. All building blocks of society such as education, health care, transportation, food production, care of nature and animals are sustained in order to keep the whole running. All humans will be trained to make a change within themselves to act in the best interest of all and therefore take the responsibility to put a free society with an Equal Money System in place.

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”

— Ayn Rand

“World equality is in essence, the concept of man as equals to each other, to animals and to nature, with what is best for all as the directive principle for life, with oneness and equality as it’s ultimate achievement and the equality equation to cross reference if the law of what’s best for all is reached.”

— Sylvia Gerssen


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Follow the cucumber or is it the bean sprout?

The Germans followed the cucumber and from there on a cat and mouse play developed about who to blame for the E-coli outbreak. Germany blamed Spain, Russia stopped buying vegetables and fruit from Europe. People in general stopped buying the cucumber from Spain, which was followed by the tomato and the lettuce from Germany and Spain. Since today we can add the bean sprout as the latest suspect. While the cucumber was in the world’s bad books, experts and so called experts were adding all raw vegetables and fruit to the books. In the meanwhile 2 German elderly ladies, in their eighties, died of the new E-coli strain. The third victim and third death was a 25 year old lady from Germany. 12 European countries reported cases of E-coli contamination and even the USA reported 3 cases. All came back from a visit to Germany, Hamburg. 22 People died so far and 2150 are contaminated and sick. All of them are people with an unhealthy intestinal flora and therefore the first victims of this outbreak.

Why did the Germans follow the cucumber? At the beginning of May 2011, Hamburg had port festivals and according to Focus Magazine the contamination with the EHEC-bacteria started there. Officials from the European union focussed more on a restaurant in Lübeck and tested on 17 people who got sick after having eaten in the restaurant. The Lübecker restaurant was already under suspicion of the food and commodities act. Then the medical research started and researchers mapped out the food history of all patients and the cucumber was the winner. They traced back where the cucumber originated from, which wasn’t a hard job since Germany imports all his cucumbers from Spain. The Germans considered it as appropriate to point fingers at Spain, who ended up with a $200 million lost per week for Spanish cucumber farmers.

So tracing back through food histories of patients is a valid research method to come to certain conclusions. Although it’s still research and nothing is yet certain and nothing is yet proven real and valid, otherwise a solution and a stop to the contamination had already been presented. What we see here is that fear is overpowering most countries and it’s citizens. Germany fears that by waiting and not going publicly about the cucumber, would cause more deaths. Russia and Belgium fear all vegetables and fruits from Europe will be contaminated and they will not put its citizens at risk. People stop buying cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Raw foodists can’t eat any longer their main substantial food type. Normally with E-coli outbreaks vegetarians and vegans scream loud and clear that they will not be at risk, since they do not eat meat. Though growing your own sprouts is risking an e-coli infection as much as eating a bad cooked hamburger, so who is really safe with mass outbreaks and diseases? Which brings us back to the point that till now only speculations and pre-mature research has been done, the outbreak of the E-coli hasn’t yet been found or confirmed.

The only certainty we have so far is an aggressive hybrid E. coli strain called EHEC that caused the death of 22 people. The question still to ask is, where did the contamination take place and if it’s still taking place. It’s obvious that food is the carrier of the bacteria, but food in general is a wide concept. E. coli isn’t a bacteria that grows on vegetables nor fruits. It’s the fertilizer that contains the E-coli bacteria and contaminates the vegetables. When we at home do not wash the vegetables properly and eat the vegetables raw, then we take in the active E. coli bacteria. So far still not really a problem. The real problem starts much earlier in the whole process, where stock breeding is done under harsh conditions. Most animals get injected with anti-biotics and eat food with ant-biotics to avoid infectious diseases. The constant input of anti-biotics creates a perfect breeding ground for the E. coli bacteria. Their manure full of E. coli is used as fertilizer for agriculture. That’s how it ends up at our plates. Another process that’s running at the same time is the human who gets already from a young age anti-biotic treatments, which leaves the human body with not much of an effective intestinal flora and is therefore unprotected against the E. coli bacteria.

So from Spanish cucumbers we end today with bean sprouts from a nursery plant in Uelzen, 100 km away from Hamburg. All the time the answer was in the shit. Obvious it’s shit we’re in. As we look at Germany as a country, a wealthy country with a strong economy, yet weak inside and full of shit. When we look even closer we can see that Germany has created its own polarity. They are one of the stable and rich brothers of the EU, who is blaming other countries for the shit that’s happening in their own country. That’s one end of the polarity, a strong ego. On the other end of the polarity we see weak mostly young people of wich 21 already died in Germany, due to fucked up stock breeding policies. Consequential outflows of dishonesty and greed. There is no winner within polarities, because the winner is also the looser. Through fear there has been created a lot of chaos and almost no common sense when we look at all the players at the table. Chaos is a perfect feeding ground to take advantage of the fearful and to divert the attention on what’s really going on.

Just think about the fact that an E-coli outbreak was so easily preventable if Germany, as well as any other country, had taken care of their life stock without anti-biotics and without mass production. If Germany, as well as any other country, hadn’t weakened their population with anti-biotics. If German, as well as any other country’s, restaurants had observed their hygiene. It’s a lot of ifs, but if there is no motive to make profit or taking advantage of others, the ifs shouldn’t exist in the first place.

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Parents suffer from “God syndrome” and nobody really cares

Parents one by one suffer from “God syndrome” and there is no law that is stopping them. It’s not caused by viruses, bacteria and neither is it in the food. It’s in the DNA and therefore not an easy one to remove. All our parents had it, we, if we are parents, have it, even when we’re not yet parents we already have it and we assume that this is how it is suppose to be, till someone stands up and says: “don’t you see we’re all suffering from a syndrome caused by our DNA?”

“God syndrome”  is a primary latent disease which accumulates over time and becomes an assassin, It starts with a desire and this might even start as early as in childhood. The desire develops into a fantasy that is played out in a variety of child games. When we’re done doing the exercises through games, we’re confident enough to hunt within our real world and find our most perfect victim. As soon as the victim is found the “God syndrome” comes into full play.

People with “God syndrome” have this strong urge to clone themselves in the image and likeness of themselves. They see themselves as the creators of new life to secure their DNA for eternality through their bloodline. These people suffer tremendously while they try to bring a more evolved cloned offspring into this world. They put all their money as an investment in their clone and try to recreate themselves only with a slight difference, the clone will outrun them due to better support and more money then they had. The clone wil make all the dreams they had come true and will succeed in it. They know what the clone wants and needs, since these are the wants and needs of the “God syndrome” sufferer.

The effort these sufferers put into reaching their goal to clone themselves is tremendous. Males have multiple affairs to determine wether their victim is worthy of their semen. They see themselves as this godlike creature with their disproportionate big organic dildo that will not be refused by any woman on this planet. Here we can see the delusional nature of the syndrome and how many consequences such a stance in life will trigger. Females know that they cannot have multiple affairs to determine what is the best semen to grow in their womb, males will reject her and see her as dirty and used. So women will play around and tease and seduce man in order to check the qualities of their DNA. Females are prepared to change breast sizes, inflate their bumps, get liposuction, take care of their looks in a fashionable way, only to fit or to match the picture of the males that they want to attract. Both male and female are prepared to develop multiple personalities to fit the picture in order to get closer to their desired object.

Within the group of males there are 2 types, those that will take care of the clone, who will ensure their infinite persistance and those that gamble on more options at the same time to see their DNA being taken into infinity. At this stage the sufferer has become a parent, active or inactive. When the physical appearance of the clone is that of the female incubator the male will be disappointed and act accordingly. His clone needs to be the image and likeness of himself in order to be worthy and called his child. So he will search for characteristic qualities in the child to relate to. A good example to portrait the consequences of the syndrome is when the child isn’t in the image and likeness of the male due to being physical or mentally disabled. The male ends up in relationship problems to cover up the real problem, separate himself from the female and withdraws himself from any responsibility towards his child. This breaking up enables him to start all over again and create a new clone with another incubator.

Within the group of females there are also 2 types, those that take care of the child unconditionally and those that will abandon the child in order to have a free life again. Taking care of the child when it’s not in the image and likeness of the female will make the female bitter and spiteful towards the child and the sperm donor. The female choses to take revenge in a hidden way loaded with emotions, feelings and fears in order to get even with the failure she brought forth. The abuse on the child is extensive and will be transmitted through DNA onto the next generations, which will contaminate all other clones till eternity. This means that the syndrome is taking its goal, to clone in the image and likeness, in reverse. Both types of females are so deluded that they are not capable of taking their responsibility and really take their clone onto the next level of human perfection.

When the male and the female do see their clone as the image and likeness of themselves, when they stay together and form a happy family, the real consequences of the syndrome kick in. Both parents want to shape the child into their image and likeness, they force or encourage the child into all kind of directions to make a improved version of themselves. Under the cloak of love the parents will take it far to establish their need to live infinitive through their offspring. This will result into a horrible situation where the parents form a picture of their child based on their desires, again we can see the delusional state the sufferers of the “God syndrome” are caught in. If the child refuses to fit in, the child is seen as disobedient. If the child does fit in the desired picture, but changes over time in adulthood into a deflected picture, the parents feel threatened. They make a quick estimated equation of how much they invested and the current outgrowth and they see the debt they are in. The child is not bringing them to infinite existence and therefore is labeled as worthless. Parents will point out how worthless the child is by deleting it from the legacy or at least threaten to do so. The parents are bittered and left with nothing and the child wil despise and hate the parents for who they’ve become. The child doesn’t see that the parent was suffering from “God syndrom” all along and therefore the child will not see that they are infected too. This means that that the only infinity that takes place is the infinite circle these humans are in.

To break the spell and to cure this syndrome, it takes more than some drugs or therapy. We need to see the starting point of why we want to procreate into the image and likeness of ourselves. Wasn’t it God, or whatever you may call your creator, who procreated us in his image and likeness? So if we are as God we will also procreate in the image and likeness of ourselves as Gods. And maybe the real issue here is the fact that we do not know what our real image and likeness is? We do have creative powers, we are able to procreate, but so far we used it to mess up with creation, which then again puts us in the image and likeness of our God and creator who did also a lousy job when it comes to life on earth. Our likeness isn’t one of destruction, our likeness is one of being able to function as a whole, as one. To not use others in order to fulfil our desires, but to cooperate with others to create a world where all benefit from all the actions being taken by the whole. We need to acknowledge our powers and the way we’ve been using them. “God syndrome” is abusing ourselves and others in the image and likeness of ourselves. This needs to stop, we need to investigate ourselves, our starting point in life, before we are worthy to procreate.

A course that will provide all “God syndrome” sufferers with tools like common sense is highly recommandable, therefore check out and investigate the desteni i process and become a worthy procreator.

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