Parents suffer from “God syndrome” and nobody really cares

03 Jun

Parents one by one suffer from “God syndrome” and there is no law that is stopping them. It’s not caused by viruses, bacteria and neither is it in the food. It’s in the DNA and therefore not an easy one to remove. All our parents had it, we, if we are parents, have it, even when we’re not yet parents we already have it and we assume that this is how it is suppose to be, till someone stands up and says: “don’t you see we’re all suffering from a syndrome caused by our DNA?”

“God syndrome”  is a primary latent disease which accumulates over time and becomes an assassin, It starts with a desire and this might even start as early as in childhood. The desire develops into a fantasy that is played out in a variety of child games. When we’re done doing the exercises through games, we’re confident enough to hunt within our real world and find our most perfect victim. As soon as the victim is found the “God syndrome” comes into full play.

People with “God syndrome” have this strong urge to clone themselves in the image and likeness of themselves. They see themselves as the creators of new life to secure their DNA for eternality through their bloodline. These people suffer tremendously while they try to bring a more evolved cloned offspring into this world. They put all their money as an investment in their clone and try to recreate themselves only with a slight difference, the clone will outrun them due to better support and more money then they had. The clone wil make all the dreams they had come true and will succeed in it. They know what the clone wants and needs, since these are the wants and needs of the “God syndrome” sufferer.

The effort these sufferers put into reaching their goal to clone themselves is tremendous. Males have multiple affairs to determine wether their victim is worthy of their semen. They see themselves as this godlike creature with their disproportionate big organic dildo that will not be refused by any woman on this planet. Here we can see the delusional nature of the syndrome and how many consequences such a stance in life will trigger. Females know that they cannot have multiple affairs to determine what is the best semen to grow in their womb, males will reject her and see her as dirty and used. So women will play around and tease and seduce man in order to check the qualities of their DNA. Females are prepared to change breast sizes, inflate their bumps, get liposuction, take care of their looks in a fashionable way, only to fit or to match the picture of the males that they want to attract. Both male and female are prepared to develop multiple personalities to fit the picture in order to get closer to their desired object.

Within the group of males there are 2 types, those that will take care of the clone, who will ensure their infinite persistance and those that gamble on more options at the same time to see their DNA being taken into infinity. At this stage the sufferer has become a parent, active or inactive. When the physical appearance of the clone is that of the female incubator the male will be disappointed and act accordingly. His clone needs to be the image and likeness of himself in order to be worthy and called his child. So he will search for characteristic qualities in the child to relate to. A good example to portrait the consequences of the syndrome is when the child isn’t in the image and likeness of the male due to being physical or mentally disabled. The male ends up in relationship problems to cover up the real problem, separate himself from the female and withdraws himself from any responsibility towards his child. This breaking up enables him to start all over again and create a new clone with another incubator.

Within the group of females there are also 2 types, those that take care of the child unconditionally and those that will abandon the child in order to have a free life again. Taking care of the child when it’s not in the image and likeness of the female will make the female bitter and spiteful towards the child and the sperm donor. The female choses to take revenge in a hidden way loaded with emotions, feelings and fears in order to get even with the failure she brought forth. The abuse on the child is extensive and will be transmitted through DNA onto the next generations, which will contaminate all other clones till eternity. This means that the syndrome is taking its goal, to clone in the image and likeness, in reverse. Both types of females are so deluded that they are not capable of taking their responsibility and really take their clone onto the next level of human perfection.

When the male and the female do see their clone as the image and likeness of themselves, when they stay together and form a happy family, the real consequences of the syndrome kick in. Both parents want to shape the child into their image and likeness, they force or encourage the child into all kind of directions to make a improved version of themselves. Under the cloak of love the parents will take it far to establish their need to live infinitive through their offspring. This will result into a horrible situation where the parents form a picture of their child based on their desires, again we can see the delusional state the sufferers of the “God syndrome” are caught in. If the child refuses to fit in, the child is seen as disobedient. If the child does fit in the desired picture, but changes over time in adulthood into a deflected picture, the parents feel threatened. They make a quick estimated equation of how much they invested and the current outgrowth and they see the debt they are in. The child is not bringing them to infinite existence and therefore is labeled as worthless. Parents will point out how worthless the child is by deleting it from the legacy or at least threaten to do so. The parents are bittered and left with nothing and the child wil despise and hate the parents for who they’ve become. The child doesn’t see that the parent was suffering from “God syndrom” all along and therefore the child will not see that they are infected too. This means that that the only infinity that takes place is the infinite circle these humans are in.

To break the spell and to cure this syndrome, it takes more than some drugs or therapy. We need to see the starting point of why we want to procreate into the image and likeness of ourselves. Wasn’t it God, or whatever you may call your creator, who procreated us in his image and likeness? So if we are as God we will also procreate in the image and likeness of ourselves as Gods. And maybe the real issue here is the fact that we do not know what our real image and likeness is? We do have creative powers, we are able to procreate, but so far we used it to mess up with creation, which then again puts us in the image and likeness of our God and creator who did also a lousy job when it comes to life on earth. Our likeness isn’t one of destruction, our likeness is one of being able to function as a whole, as one. To not use others in order to fulfil our desires, but to cooperate with others to create a world where all benefit from all the actions being taken by the whole. We need to acknowledge our powers and the way we’ve been using them. “God syndrome” is abusing ourselves and others in the image and likeness of ourselves. This needs to stop, we need to investigate ourselves, our starting point in life, before we are worthy to procreate.

A course that will provide all “God syndrome” sufferers with tools like common sense is highly recommandable, therefore check out and investigate the desteni i process and become a worthy procreator.

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