Follow the cucumber or is it the bean sprout?

05 Jun

The Germans followed the cucumber and from there on a cat and mouse play developed about who to blame for the E-coli outbreak. Germany blamed Spain, Russia stopped buying vegetables and fruit from Europe. People in general stopped buying the cucumber from Spain, which was followed by the tomato and the lettuce from Germany and Spain. Since today we can add the bean sprout as the latest suspect. While the cucumber was in the world’s bad books, experts and so called experts were adding all raw vegetables and fruit to the books. In the meanwhile 2 German elderly ladies, in their eighties, died of the new E-coli strain. The third victim and third death was a 25 year old lady from Germany. 12 European countries reported cases of E-coli contamination and even the USA reported 3 cases. All came back from a visit to Germany, Hamburg. 22 People died so far and 2150 are contaminated and sick. All of them are people with an unhealthy intestinal flora and therefore the first victims of this outbreak.

Why did the Germans follow the cucumber? At the beginning of May 2011, Hamburg had port festivals and according to Focus Magazine the contamination with the EHEC-bacteria started there. Officials from the European union focussed more on a restaurant in Lübeck and tested on 17 people who got sick after having eaten in the restaurant. The Lübecker restaurant was already under suspicion of the food and commodities act. Then the medical research started and researchers mapped out the food history of all patients and the cucumber was the winner. They traced back where the cucumber originated from, which wasn’t a hard job since Germany imports all his cucumbers from Spain. The Germans considered it as appropriate to point fingers at Spain, who ended up with a $200 million lost per week for Spanish cucumber farmers.

So tracing back through food histories of patients is a valid research method to come to certain conclusions. Although it’s still research and nothing is yet certain and nothing is yet proven real and valid, otherwise a solution and a stop to the contamination had already been presented. What we see here is that fear is overpowering most countries and it’s citizens. Germany fears that by waiting and not going publicly about the cucumber, would cause more deaths. Russia and Belgium fear all vegetables and fruits from Europe will be contaminated and they will not put its citizens at risk. People stop buying cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Raw foodists can’t eat any longer their main substantial food type. Normally with E-coli outbreaks vegetarians and vegans scream loud and clear that they will not be at risk, since they do not eat meat. Though growing your own sprouts is risking an e-coli infection as much as eating a bad cooked hamburger, so who is really safe with mass outbreaks and diseases? Which brings us back to the point that till now only speculations and pre-mature research has been done, the outbreak of the E-coli hasn’t yet been found or confirmed.

The only certainty we have so far is an aggressive hybrid E. coli strain called EHEC that caused the death of 22 people. The question still to ask is, where did the contamination take place and if it’s still taking place. It’s obvious that food is the carrier of the bacteria, but food in general is a wide concept. E. coli isn’t a bacteria that grows on vegetables nor fruits. It’s the fertilizer that contains the E-coli bacteria and contaminates the vegetables. When we at home do not wash the vegetables properly and eat the vegetables raw, then we take in the active E. coli bacteria. So far still not really a problem. The real problem starts much earlier in the whole process, where stock breeding is done under harsh conditions. Most animals get injected with anti-biotics and eat food with ant-biotics to avoid infectious diseases. The constant input of anti-biotics creates a perfect breeding ground for the E. coli bacteria. Their manure full of E. coli is used as fertilizer for agriculture. That’s how it ends up at our plates. Another process that’s running at the same time is the human who gets already from a young age anti-biotic treatments, which leaves the human body with not much of an effective intestinal flora and is therefore unprotected against the E. coli bacteria.

So from Spanish cucumbers we end today with bean sprouts from a nursery plant in Uelzen, 100 km away from Hamburg. All the time the answer was in the shit. Obvious it’s shit we’re in. As we look at Germany as a country, a wealthy country with a strong economy, yet weak inside and full of shit. When we look even closer we can see that Germany has created its own polarity. They are one of the stable and rich brothers of the EU, who is blaming other countries for the shit that’s happening in their own country. That’s one end of the polarity, a strong ego. On the other end of the polarity we see weak mostly young people of wich 21 already died in Germany, due to fucked up stock breeding policies. Consequential outflows of dishonesty and greed. There is no winner within polarities, because the winner is also the looser. Through fear there has been created a lot of chaos and almost no common sense when we look at all the players at the table. Chaos is a perfect feeding ground to take advantage of the fearful and to divert the attention on what’s really going on.

Just think about the fact that an E-coli outbreak was so easily preventable if Germany, as well as any other country, had taken care of their life stock without anti-biotics and without mass production. If Germany, as well as any other country, hadn’t weakened their population with anti-biotics. If German, as well as any other country’s, restaurants had observed their hygiene. It’s a lot of ifs, but if there is no motive to make profit or taking advantage of others, the ifs shouldn’t exist in the first place.

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