Who the heck is Ayn Rand

19 Jun

Lately the name Ayn Rand popped up within my reality a several times and was brought into relation with Alan Greenspan, Ron Paul and The Tea party. Interesting. Soon I found out that already since 2009 The Tea Party had made media headlines with their connection to Ayn Rand. Ron Paul and Alan Greenspan were one of the first followers of Ayn Rand in the late 40s and 50s. So nothing new and not really a big event within our current world crisis at first sight. Ayn Rand was the founder of “Objectivism” way back in the 40s to 60s, she died in 1982 and that was it. Or wasn’t it? While Rand was still alive, her movement called “The Collective”, wasn’t really influential, she was despised by the public and probably according to herself misunderstood as a philosopher.

A lot of people in the US are named after Ayn Rand, until today. Their parents were highly influenced by Rand’s “Objectivism”. In Silicon Valley most of the entrepreneurs are inspired by the works of Rand and admiring some of her main values such as, altruism is evil, but selfishness is a virtue and a limited government with voluntary taxations. Basically paradise for the already wealthy. Objectivism is still alive and the dream for a total free society, in the way of Rand proposed, is still peoples wet dream.

What are the consequences of implementing a social system as laissez faire capitalistic objectivism? It would cause hyper-individualism, power-worship and a sociopathic egotism. According to Rand, welfare, unemployment insurance, support for the poor and the middle-class, the regulations of industries or Wall Street, interference of government and improvements of infrastructures, were issues that would not be implemented in her free society. Rand saw taxation as voluntary and the world according to her existed of “producers” and “moochers”, wherein the “moochers” were looting on the select group of producers, such as the spectacularly wealthy and the titans of industry, the ones that build up society. The moochers were merely labor drones for the corporations.

This picture of a free society does reminds me of modern day America or where it is heading to. Especially when we look at the group of wealthy people, such as bankers and corporation titans. Most of the Americans when still employed do feel like labor drones/slaves in an poor attempt to pay off their mortgage and credit card debt. The infrastructure is deteriorating, people are living of food stamps while at the same time being raped by the banksters. Rand’s free society is in the making, the seed is planted and pretty soon the USA can reap what they have been sowing. Rand’s “Objectivism” is still alive and therefore still subject to accusations and conspiracies.

When we look at the Tea Party we see that Rand Paul of the Tea Party is a big fan of Ayn Rand and her book “Atlas Shrugged”, though the Tea Party encompasses the religious right. Ayn Rand was for abortion rights, no regulation on pornography, no animal rights and she was a convinced atheist. Her conservative admirers must have largely ignored this. A Tea Party follower states in his blog:”… but I especially despise Ayn Rand for her support of abortion.  There are plenty of ways to promote liberty, free market ideals, the right of individuals to not be treated as cattle-like drones by the elite who think they “know best,” Religious opposites of the Tea Party stated in a blog:”Ayn Rand is the complete opposite of Jesus. Everything that Rand says contradicts what Jesus told us in the Gospels. There is no better example of the saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows than this weird mixture of Rand’s extremist ideas combined with Christianity.” 

When we look at Alan Greenspan when he stated:“Ayn Rand and I remained close until she died in 1982, and I’m grateful for the influence she had on my life. I was intellectually limited until I met her.” We see a man that was highly influenced by Rand, though the Rand Institute for Objectivism accused him with the following statement and said that Greenspan had betrayed Rand: “Ayn Rand would have never advocated for the kind of policies Alan Greenspan instituted,” Brook says, citing the Fed’s 1% fed funds rate in the years after 9/11 as exhibit A: “By holding interest rates for two-and-a-half years below the rate of inflation, Greenspan encouraged the debt and credit boom we’re suffering the consequence of “today — and for the foreseeable future.” 

When we look at Ron Paul and Alan Greenspan a Jewish rasism blog states the following: “Again, consider my view that it is no coincidence that the Fed was run by a follower of Alisa Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand), and that the controlled opposition to the Fed is run by another follower of “Ayn Rand”, Ron Paul, who just happens to run for President as the dollar takes a fall by design of the Jewish bankers. Incredible!” 

Is it time to put our tin foil hats on and go full speed into conspiracy theories or should we just blindly accuse? Of course, religious people will condemn Rand for what she stood for and take it as a sublime tool to hit the Tea Party with. Of course the “Objectivism institute” will hit Greenspan by design for not bringing into practice what Rand had taught him. This gives the institute a chance to show off, because they of course had done it differently and more successful. Of course a Jewish rasist that’s into conspiracy will attack the Russian Jewish Ayn Rand and all other Jews for that matter. It looks like Rand is still after her dead making as much friction in society as she did alive. It’s not surprisingly that Rand had also friction within herself, for years she was addicted to prescribed drugs and her reasoning brought her to decisions that were only for her own happiness. At a certain point she reasoned one of her followers of “The Collective” into an sexual affair with her, while she and he were both married. Both spouses gave their permission for the love affair if that would bring happiness to Rand. Within this she illustrated in a perfect way what her world, her free society, would look like.

Rand pictured a world wherein “Objectivism” is standing for the right to life which gives man freedom of action in a social context. This will ultimately result in the right to liberty, the right to property and the pursuit of happiness. She saw a right as a moral principle and humans had to come to these morals principles by themselves without any outside force while not violating the rights of others. She overlooked quite some points, points that can be seen by normal educated people, the main point is the point of self-interest. She called it rational self-interest, which makes it even more evil. Fighting for your own self-interest and calling it happiness, is denying others the same opportunity. Seeing yourself as an individual and not as a whole will force yourself into separation and therefore inequality. Rand did a lot of thinking, came from a rich Jewish bourgeois family who lost everything during the Russian revolution and wanted to transcend. She didn’t transcend, she got hopelessly stuck into the polarity of rich versus poor and worthy versus unworthy.

A total free society would be a society wherein there is 1 law, the law of what’s best for all. Free of debt and survival. Self-interest will sort itself out with this one law. Happiness must be redefined as a stable state of being. The happiness Rand was searching for was one imbedded in emotions. Within a free society one will not be directed by emotions, feelings or fear. Survival will be no issue, all will be taken care of through a basic income. Labor is not about working hard and produce a lot, labor will be an contribution to society for a minimum of 4 years. All humans will earn the same while doing labor, to avoid the forming of an elite group and inequality. All building blocks of society such as education, health care, transportation, food production, care of nature and animals are sustained in order to keep the whole running. All humans will be trained to make a change within themselves to act in the best interest of all and therefore take the responsibility to put a free society with an Equal Money System in place.

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”

— Ayn Rand

“World equality is in essence, the concept of man as equals to each other, to animals and to nature, with what is best for all as the directive principle for life, with oneness and equality as it’s ultimate achievement and the equality equation to cross reference if the law of what’s best for all is reached.”

— Sylvia Gerssen


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5 responses to “Who the heck is Ayn Rand

  1. David Tyler Duncan

    June 25, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Thanks for this article. Ayn Rand’s views have had an enormous influence on western society and the way people approach their lives, which has become a huge problem as the idea that our own happiness is the moral purpose of life, putting self-interest first before all else, is what seems to be what everyone has come to believe we are here to do. It is practically the basis of our capitalistic society today. Now Ayn Rand is talked about in reverant ways by rich and famous people, and is seen as someone to live by and to take to heart, when what she promotes is just an ego/self-interest existence totally – the virtue of self-interest. This is totally self-deluding, and it only helps to reinforce people’s ego’s. I always thought it was very irresponsible of Ayn Rand to spout out her ideas as if they are truth’s to live by, talking about ego as the highest thing to live for and influencing millions of readers to think the same way. Now we have a world where her ideas are pretty much the basis of society and people’s starting point to existing in this world, at least in wealthy countries – where ego comes first, and so everything else is forgotten. So thanks for this article – her ideas must be exposed for what they are – as destructive, and supportive of ego, self-interest and selfishness, which is actually the main problem in this world. We don’t even have to exist that way – we don’t have to exist as an ego – she did not understand that. I am going to write an article on Ayn Rand myself one day – the more the better.


    • Sylvia

      June 25, 2011 at 1:05 pm

      Thank you David for seeing through the delusion and for exposing life for what it has become. The more who understand that ego isn’t the way to get things done the sooner we can change the mess we’ve put ourselves in.

  2. manuela

    September 29, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    In essence, this is indeed what the US has achieved – though not under the same headings but well as implemented principles – and some of her topics, e.g. abortion rights have become tools in the political struggle of party domination. Unless we redefine the “virtue of rationality” in the service of life and not in the service of money – as per Rand’s definition – the course for the rest of the world, spearheaded by the US, will take self-interest to its bitter end of self-consumption. Thanks for this blog, Sylvia!


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