And God created the bikini

22 Jun

When God created the bikini, what was his urge to create one? Out of all things that God could create he choose to create and introduce the modern bikini to a mainstream audience in 1947. Of course he had done some try outs through the milleniums. God tried the bikini on Greek women as a bikini like garment for athletic purposes in 1400 BC, he tried the bikini on Roman women between 286-305 AD. In 1913 God made the bikini in a two-piece functional swimsuit and let Carl Jantzen have the fame, then later in time he loved to dress up pin-up girls with bikinis.

The fame for the bikini as we know it now, went to the Swedish engineer Louis Réard in 1946. The name bikini stems from “Bikini Island” in the Pacific. The bikini brought quite a shock in 1947 on the Swedish beaches and was called “the split atom” due to its atomic impact and its size. This new bikini exposed the navel of women and as in Sweden as well as in France it was a great hit. Conservative countries such as the UK, the US and Catholic countries banned the bikini, though nowadays its a fashion item that no longer can be wished away. It’s the igniter for billions business annually.

So why did God create the bikini? To answer this question its important to understand that the question as it is asked here, is asked from the perspective that God is the creator of humanity, all that’s on this planet earth and the universe. Here he’s called God, but it implies at the same time Allah, Jahweh, Buddha, the One etcetera. God stands for the creator of all that is. It’s not a matter of believing that he is the creator of the universe, but a matter of searching why a God would want to create stuff in his almightiness and turn a blind eye on the stuff he should have created. Such as cures for the diseases he came up with, famine in one part of the world and abundance of food in the other part of the world. Just 2 simple examples to illustrate that while God created drugs he must have started using them himself.

Most of us refer to God, the creator, as a male. Since no one ever has seen God it’s a matter of imagination. However when we go back to the creation of the bikini it’s hard to imagine that God is a female bitch laughing her bikini pants off when creating and seeing women in bikinis. To keep it practical, God the creator, will be referred to as a male figure within this blog article.

When we look at a bikini we see a top and a pair of pants, when we look again we can see 2 eyes and a laughing mouth, with the navel as a nose. This is 1 big give away sign that God is laughing in our face when it comes to the bikini. The joke is primarily on women, but also men are not forgotten in God’s divine plan.

The bikini is the reminder of what we do not have but possessively desire to have and fantasize about. When little girls are around 4 they love to wear bikini tops, just like their mommies. From the age of 4 and onwards, girls fantasize and desire to have breast. The first desire God attached to the creation of the bikini. Clever sales management jumped into this desire this year and introduced the push up bikini for 6-14 year old girls. The girls probably loved it, now they don’t have to stock their top with socks and tennis balls anymore. They can see their dream come through to admire themselves already with (fake)breast. The mothers on the other hand got almost heart attacks and seizures from it, ashamed about the fact that they once desired the same thing. Now as a grown up they know what the burden of having breast implies and don’t want that already to happen onto their little girls. Once a woman has breasts she enters the arena of sex and the polarity of feeling accepted versus feeling rejected.

The second desire attached to the bikini is to be slim. To have the perfect body to fit into the most perfect bikini. God really had a blast on this one. He created diet pills, HerbaLife, plastic surgery, some diseases like bulimia, anorexia and obesity. And voilà a billion dollar business is running. All women that were already slim, try their best to stay slim. All that are overweight desire to be slim and go far to fulfill this desire. The ‘way too fat’ women in bikinis, provoke reaction in all other women such as disgust and vicarious shame, which makes the already slim women buy even more diet pills or following diet guru’s and the money machine starts rolling again.

The third desire attached to the bikini is the desire to be healthy. Women are brainwashed by God’s created society that looking pale always indicates disease and having a tan indicates health. How it is with desires they easily become addictions onces brought into play. So women start wearing their bikinis literally everywhere to get this desired healthy tan. When the bikini season is off, women go to beauty salons to use sun beds in order to get this desired tan. The consequential outflow of desiring this heavy browned skin is inevitably skin cancer. Bingo, the whole medical and pharmaceutical circus can start and big bucks are made.

The fourth desire attached to the bikini is to be seen by men. While gallivanting along the shore line women display themselves as meat in boucher shop, where men are the customers. Men on their turn show their muscles and naked bodies to reassure the women that, when chosen, these women get a fine swimwear full of fertile semen. Here God is playing Adam and Eve against each other while the weak and ugly end up with no partner and a life full of hate for the this desired gender.

The fifth desire attached to the bikini is the desire to physically touch each other once the acquisition of the meat has taken place. God created in between 2 naps sun lotion a nice fluid to rub, touch and massage each other in public. Due to Gods inserted sex related pictures in our mind our libido is getting heated and we are fore playing ourselves towards hot sex on the beach or somewhere more private.

So why did God created the bikini, to get us totally possessed with all kinds of desires. Desires that we will have and many that we will not have. Desires that show us our limitation and desires that show us our enslavement to energy. The energy from all kinds of emotions and feelings that go along with being the proud owner of a bikini. Thank God for pointing out to us that we’re trapped in his creation.


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5 responses to “And God created the bikini

  1. annvandenbroeck

    June 27, 2011 at 6:08 am

    Lets wear bikinis without shame 🙂

    • Sylvia

      June 27, 2011 at 8:18 am

      Yep, but before we do so we need to find out what the shame is all about and where it has its origin within our life’s. Then it’s time for bikinis. BIKINIS FOR ALL!

  2. Courtney Cameron

    December 1, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Honestly I think it is horrible that people of today’s generation can be so rude & disrespectful towards others, so surrreal and judgmental no one is perfect. You only live once so why not live it how you want, that picture (Above) should be removed as it is so disrespectful torwards large women, I believe that every woman or men has a right to wear what they like, if you don’t like them for what they are then don’t look or infact take a long look in the mirror because im sure you’ll have your own faults!

    • Sylvia

      December 1, 2011 at 7:30 am

      Hi Courtney – this article wasn’t written to offend anyone, it was written to peal of the layers that are behind wearing bikini’s. It’s clearly that you took it personal, which is a pity. If one takes articles on the internet that are not personally addressed to oneself personal, then please look inside and see what is causing such a reaction. Life is about taking self-responsibility for ones own reactions and not blaming it on another or judge the other for what they have written or exposed. The picture used for this article has nothing to do with disrespect, these women posed themselves for the picture without shame. I do not hear you speaking about the extremely thin lady though, you see there are about as much thick as thin people in this dualistic world, that’s how earth is balancing out. When I loose weight, another will gain weight. When I gain wait, another will loose weight. So that’s what we’re dealing with, the question behind this is money. If it wasn’t for money people could not eat the extreme amounts they are eating. So anyone that is obese or has anorexia or bulimia, those have money within this world. Within that fact lies the inequality and that’s the real problem that we should address and not if you feel offended by facts that you took too personal, which indicates that you’ve got issues. Deal with your issues and see the world as a bigger picture, we are all one and equal and I don’t want someone else to starve a horrible unnecessary dead because I have abundance and misuse the food they could have eaten. Investigate the Equal Money System. Join the forums at to work on yourself and discover what your reactions really mean.


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