Pensions will be redundant in the nearby future

25 Jun

Pensions are a hot topic for those who are waiting in line to collect their saved hard-earned money on a monthly bases when finally reaching their retirement age. It’s even a hotter topic to those that are not yet or not at all at an age where pensions are to be collected. They still work an pay through their taxes and pension funds for a retirement to be in the future. We see this money as some kind of a reward for the hard work we did all our working life and we trust those, who are in charge of the pensions, to care for our money. Quite a funny concept if you look at it. Who would give on a monthly base money to someone else, who gambles with the money and then promises you a payout whenever you reach a certain age. Who in their right mind would even consider to give away their money on a monthly base without understanding what happens to it? Yet we trust our pension funds, or is the trust fading away now evil voices predict less pension payout for the future or even an entire collapse of the whole pension system. A collapse of our entire money system is also a prediction to consider without being lost within conspiracies or raptures of any kind. This prediction can be made by reducing and adding all real facts in common sense that are happening right now in our world.

That the world has changed in a huge way over the years is even for a child to see. It’s not about new events that happen within our world, it’s simply more of the same and the consequential outflows of it, which leads eventually into an accumulative effect and produces a new world events as a consequence. Due to the fact that it is more of the same, a lot of “positive thinkers” say that the events of today are nothing new and has always been this way. A kind of philosophy that will not bring any progress but negative progress and reveals the participation within polarities, in which we as humanity have been trapped for eons of time. When we have a look at a few world events of today we can see why pensions will be redundant in the future.

This year a nuclear disaster took place in Japan and the whole event around the Fukushima nuclear power plant has not ended yet. There has been a lot of covering up taking place and intentional misinformation of the public. The whole idea we had before about nuclear energy made people and countries look at it again now. Germany decided to close all nuclear power plants, Italy voted against nuclear power plants, in total 8 countries decided to not produce nuclear energy in their countries anymore. This is really a huge step forward, but only on paper. In reality it takes at least 20 years to shut down a nuclear power plant so still plenty of opportunities to fuck up and have disasters. Countries such as Italy who decided to not have any nuclear power plants still have to supply the country with energy and guess where they buy it? Yes! France. About 20 active plants are situated in France and they have plenty to export. So who are we kidding here, saying no to nuclear power plants in ones own country means in reality reducing a nuclear disaster in your own country and being fine with a disaster in another country. Wake up here, we all live on the same globe. Look at Japan, the consequences of that disaster are not only for Japan, it’s global. But does Great Britain understand this, they decided to build 8 nuclear power plants before 2025? With the aftermath of Fukushima we do not need a pension in the near future, because we will end our world before the money stream has ended.

With all the pollution we allowed to happen over eons of time, but especially after the industrial revolution, we ruined a lot of nature. Modern society humans see themselves separate from nature, it’s something to go to in your spare time. This very separation let us not care for nature, which is apparently not part of our life’s. How wrong can we be, it’s an interplay between humans and nature. Our survival depends on this interplay, plants and trees are our source for oxygen. The pollution is there where we not always can see it immediately. When we look at our oceans, the fish, the plants that live in it, it’s for most of us even more separation than plants and trees, we can’t see the ocean as a part of the whole of which we are a part. The reefs of the oceans are the lungs of the ocean and the lungs of the world. Scientists recently found out the bad condition these reefs with corals are in. The reefs are either lost and disappeared or damaged in such a way that we can speak about pneumonia. Pneumonia of our world that is breathing with only 1 lung. If we not very soon acknowledge that this is a severe global problem, we do not need a pension since we no long sees to exist.

If pollution in itself isn’t bad enough we as humanity go as far as polluting each other and simply do not care about each other. In China scientists found out that in certain areas due to heavy industry the land is contaminated with lead. Of course this wasn’t an event that took place overnight, it was a creeping intoxication that made eventually only child victims. Families went to their doctors with the symptoms they had found in the children. At first doctors acknowledged the problem and told the families it was lead poisoning, later they did withdraw this statement and told the families that there was nothing to do about it, no drugs no cure. The question here is: do these future generations need a pension if they will die anyway from lead poisoning?

Recently researchers found a large amount of pesticides in green tea from China, this tea is exported throughout the world. These large amounts of pesticides are not good for ones health, it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to figure that one out. The sad thing is that a lot of holistic thinkers believe that green tea will cure or prevent cancer. In reality this green tea is a poison in the hands of greed and will in fact kill you. China is on its way to become a capitalistic empire and will make money no matter what side-effects. We simply cannot trust our food any more, if it’s not for this pesticide scandal, Japanese radiation in seafood or the e-colli that travels around as the embodiment of globalisation, than it’s the greed for more money that fades away any sense of what is best for all. By the time we need a pension, we’re no longer here.

All the wars and revolutions we fight throughout the world these days, are reducing the world population or crippling humans for life. This will mean less people within the working force and as an outflow within capitalism less people who pay taxes to fill up the pension funds. If we continue fighting each other like we do now, a big world war 3 isn’t a rare possibility. We would blow, in a nuclear way, almost all life of the globe with 1 war. If we’re blown out of our bodies we for sure do not need a pension.

It’s so much misery what we are causing as humanity that it must be a miracle if we would survive. Natural disasters are following one after another. These earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunami’s are causing a lot of damage and all we blame is nature. While we build bad constructions as it comes to housing and buildings, badly constructed dikes, poorly made roads, the only reason is to gain some more money.
We let land erosion out of greed for more harvest and profit. We love to believe that there is people, who ever they may be, that want to exterminate the human race. While in fact we are smoking ourselves out for money. We do not understand what life is anymore, we see abuse of others and even ourselves as life, as normal behavior. We are so far from reality that when we keep up this way we will not be around to collect our pensions. So there is no need for pensions.

There is Indeed no need for pensions, neither when we smoke ourselves out or either when we do change and decide to bring forth a better world to live in. If we only would be able to hear and understand that a better world is still possible, we better asap roll up our sleeves. A pension isn’t necessary when for instance a basic income is guaranteed. A basic income from birth to death. No need to transfer money to future generations, because all will be taken care of. A basic income is part of the Equal Money System that sees life in all forms as something to value and protect from greed and self-interest. A pension is like a baite, in order to let people work till they drop dead as slaves, the ones that survive have to continue life with a fraction of what they earned before. This kind of life equals abuse which is our curent standard for life. Lets be wild and spontaneous for once and leave our pre-programmed path. Join us and be 1 vote for world equality which returns life back to man again.

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