When love meets hate

22 Jul

Looking at society nowadays, we can see that the extremes are getting bigger. It’s not only about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It’s the hardening of society that turns people into utterly disgust of their world and therefore they see only one way left and that’s hating. A hatred so deep that it will allow them to go into extremes. At the other end of the polarity we see those that neither can face the current world, but are too weakhearted to face these immense and overwhelming feelings. They turn to fantasy and they create a fantasy world around themselves and meet up with others to dwell within beauty, love and light.


Of course there are still people in between these extremes, but the majority belongs to the group of haters or the group of lovers. So far it hasn’t done the world much good. Both groups are creating extremes within our reality. The lovers are waiting for this universal awakening and being saved by galactic saviors. Lets have a look at this great awakening and lets for a moment buy into this belief. This awakening would lift us to higher vibrations so all will be saved, which would automatically imply that we all become lovers. That’s where things turn bad. If we like it or not this earth has a few basic principles/laws that can’t be dismissed, principles like gravity, balance, consequential outflow or polarity. In this case it’s polarity where the lovers are willing to mess with. If within the polarity of love and hate, we take the balance out of it, we are literally fucked. The law of balance will instantaneous kick in, whenever the balance gets lost somewhere along the way it will be restored by the law of balance. It doesn’t take a degree to figure out what that will mean for the hate within this world.


We are already in a stage where we experience a foretaste of what extreme hate does with people and what those people do with other living organisms. How far are we willing to go? How far do we need to go to see that standing and taking self-responsibility doesn’t imply physically destroying our reality. The hate is so extensive that we do not allow ourselves one breath to slow down and see that we are fighting like Don Quichotte against the hate that is inside ourselves. Hating and loving are of the same origin, both when lived are taking away all forms of self-responsibility and make looking the other way possible. Within this we overlooked another principle, the consequential outflows of looking the other way and not taking responsibility that causes the hate or love to initiate in the first place.


In other words, when we choose to live in ignorance, thinking we know and understand our own capability of creating, then there is no room for whining. There is no room for complaining and yet we are. It’s like we magic a rabbit out of a hat and then claiming we didn’t do it. We are the ones that created our world, wether we want to face our creation or not is irrelevant. Our world did not become this way, because higher, more worthy beings placed us here to learn a lesson. We were placed in this earthly existence by the creators of our physical form and were given creative powers without a manual. After eons of time and lack of education on what is really going on in existence we are not even capable of seeing the simple equation of polarities within this world. Outbalancing the polarity of love and hate will either way mean destruction. Which will imply the relapse of our physical reality and love will meet hate. Practically seen this would mean going back to the stone ages, because we would consequentially allow to destroy and taken away the modern day information and living structure.


If we were brave enough we would see that it all started with us, not wanting and willing to look at who we have become. Choosing anonymity to feel secure. Pointing outwards while looking for the reason that is within. They keep us dumb, they profit from us, they are speculating on our basic needs, they are taking what is ours. And yes that is horribly true, they do this. The only reason why they do this, is because we allowed and accepted it. So instead of spreading love or hatred, we must let go of the energetic experience of hate and love. We must see that the only thing that is real is here in front of our eyes. In front of our eyes is the world that is on fire and as long as we do not put out the flames and investigate what is here, expose what is here, we are in for a hell of a ride that most of us will not make.


The only way is the way to Self, educate yourself and understand you and you’re own created world around you. Taking responsibility means facing the love and the hate within you. Seeing it and defining it for what it is and correct yourself wherever necessary to live the words you speak. Revolution is only a word that implies hope, anonymity is only a word that implies safety, identity is only a word that implies that you do not understand yourself. Only when you are willing to see the beast and the beauty in you, you are ready to face the points that are relevant to improve yourself and be a living example for the beings around you. We need to grasp that only as we see ourselves as a group that is able to move forward we will act in the best interest of all. Hating is an act of the ego that derives from fear and jealousy. Loving is an act of ego that derives from lack of self-worth and greed. When love meets hate we will have fireworks to celebrate the end of society as we know it.



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3 responses to “When love meets hate

  1. kiengb

    July 23, 2011 at 3:29 am

    When “Love” meets “Hate”
    I love hatting you?
    I Hate loving you?

    • Sylvia

      July 23, 2011 at 6:46 am

      When love meets hate there is no room to play around with words. When love meets hate we over time have manifested these words into existence, and fun will not be one of the descriptions.

      When you love hating me you abdicate your self-honesty and self-responsibility and when you hate loving me you deliberately do not see humanity as a whole and you within that sentence remove yourself from reality. So after all not so much lol.


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