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We are anonymous and separating ourselves from life

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Anonymity as a cloak for immunity on the world wide web to bring free speech through means of haktivism or shock humor like black comedy, cringe or surreal, that’s what “Anonymous” is all about. “Anonymous” as a cyberculture, which started of in 1993 as internet trolling, became a true meme in 2003 consisted out of 13 year old kids and more serious older hackers. In 2008 “Anonymous” became involved in free speech issues which blew some life back into the meme as it wasn’t as active anymore as in the beginning years. Since 2011 Anonymous started to become politically involved and went more main stream as a group.


A group of people that prefers to troll within secrecy yet chooses to go main stream a few years later and adresses political issues seems like a peculiar change in approach. Hacking and shutting up people who truly care about free speech and getting away with it while corporates on the internet like You Tube and Google do nothing to prevent this type of abuse, makes you wonder who blew some new life into “Anonymous”. Even though for many people the actions of “Anonymous” seem heroic, when you have a closer look, it’s not hard to see that “Anonymous” is counterproductive and only throwing a veil at you.


The pelgrims of the pre “Anonymous” group were not at all in favor of the anonymity, they fought each other over anonymity and finally anonymity won. As a anonymous group the mainstream media is getting really fond of the media attention “Anonymous” is bringing them. Nobody is speaking about the seriousness of the threats these hard core “Anonymous” people make at innocent people on the web and what kind of damage they cause within the reality of these people. Nowadays every body can abuse another on the web and say: hey I’m “Anonymous”, my name is legion and I do not forgive.


Aligning you with “Anonymous” is nowadays almost a trendy thing to do for a lot of young people. Although it’s nothing more than couch-activism and nothing more than the financial support their parents gave to organizations like “Greenpeace”, who did the job they didn’t want to do themselves. It’s this child dream of being superman, getting away with everything and perceiving yourself as a hero while controlling your mouse on the internet. Even joining flash mobs while getting an adrenaline shot form it, isn’t going to make you a person that goes “anonymous” into the history books. This kind of couch-activism is getting you at the utmost in the “Guinness book of records”.


The life force behind “Anonymous” likes you to get involved and exited to be a part of it, to go into the streets to revolt and demonstrate, they probably even love you for going violent. If you could see beyond the veil that is thrown at you, you could see that you’re digging your own grave. No one with power and money is going to give up their assets because you’re throwing a cyber-tantrum. So all the protest from Egypt to Wall street has no other effect than the reverse of what you perceived. You’re giving governments, backed up by corporations, the right munition to limit “free speech” due to your actions and to limit your “liberty”. All you ever feared may come through by resisting the very system you’re part of.


Most of these “liberal spirits”, how they define themselves, vomit at the idea of “microchipping”, but have a look, when you are disobedient to the system while still profitting from the system and enjoying things within the system, the system will then punish you for your disloyalty. What better way is there than “microchipping” to keep track of you as an abuser of the system to see to it that you won’t be a dissident ever more. Aligning yourself with “Anonymous” is asking for the mark of “the system”, your own special chip implanted in your body. So how stupid are we as humanity to think ourselves into being super heroes who can change reality by revolting, while in fact you’re walking with open eyes into a pitfall, by separating yourself from your reality and living out a heroic comic within your mind.


A cyberculture like “Anonymous” is acting from a staring point of dishonesty and are abdicating their responsibility. If you do not take those points into consideration you will neither understand the ripple effect of your actions and thoughts within our physical reality. “Anonymous” and it’s cheerleaders are not only fucking up reality for themselves, no, they fuck up reality in it’s totality. So it’s time to become a A-KNOWN-MOUSE to take your responsibility and really change reality in your name, be superman without aires and graces.


“Desteni” is a group of people that stands for the opposite principles as “Anonymous”, we do not abuse for the sake of fun and we do forgive, we forgive ourselves for what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves throughout our life’s. We correct ourselves in the best interest of all within common sense, to become a stable trust worthy human being that is able to live in dignity together with all life as life. We are Destonians, THE-STONE-I-AM, we’re on a journey to become rock solid and stable. We in spite of “Anonymouse” have the solution to bring change and real free speech to our existence. So join us if you want to change from a couch-activist into a parctivist to honour life and therefore to honour yourself.



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