And God created a world without an Equal Money System

24 Oct

God created, according to his own story telling, a world without an Equal Money System. He took 7 days to create the world as we know it today, with all the plants, animals and humans in it. The humans got his special treatment, he created us fearing him and his almightiness. He created us in his likeness and image, which means on a practical level that we are like him, yet fearing him. That’s where the big trouble started, we’re fearing ourselves in the likeness of God and therefore we’re keeping this fear in place, as being our own creators.

We can ask ourselves what this fear has brought us so far? This fear for ourselves, brought us the capability of greed. We fear that we will not have enough, knowing deep down inside the self-abuse that we live in. We’re fearing others for not letting us have all that we want, because within fearing ourselves we fear all of humanity who were identically created in the likeness and image of God. This fear brought us furthermore the power over others, as in the survival of the fittest. Having power over another makes the chance significantly smaller that the other will have power over us. These power games are played as bully games, the more fear we install in others the more secure we feel ourselves. Which is of course an illusion since we’re acting from a starting point of fear. Through the greed and power that we developed inside ourselves we saw no other option than always to act within self-interest. Comparing ourselves with others to make sure that we have it all, but do we have it all while we exist in constant fear of ourselves and therefore fearing others?

God created humanity fearing themselves and planted seeds to give us the opportunity to be greedy, power suckers and totally self-centered beings. We fear God so much that we even thank him for these abilities. Why would God create, in order to let his creation destroy itself? To set us against each other is an act of spitefulness and lack of self-responsibility. A God that wants us to believe that who we are today is who we truly are and that changing ourselves is revolting against his almightiness. We all know where that leads us to, hell. No one wants to go to hell, yet all of us prefer to suffer on earth that we collectively made into hell, instead of changing our so called true nature of greed, power and self-interest.

If what we see and experience, is God’s true nature filtrated from the actions he took over eons of time, it’s not surprising that he didn’t create the ability within us to take self-responsibility and direct ourselves towards a world that’s best for all. God knew about the succes that an Equal Money System would have, God knew that we could easily change ourselves and take self-rsponsibility for our creations, but he deliberately sealed his lips.

Why would God do such a thing one could ask? Why does God profit more from humans that live in fear than from humans that direct themselves in the best interest of all in every way? As we are the likeness and image of God we can ask ourselves the question, why do we choose profit over fair trade within self-honesty? Simply because we need to survive and that’s no different from the being that we call God. God needed to survive as God in order to stay at his own created position. If he had given us the key to life when we were born into this world, he wouldn’t have been our Lord and we had never submitted ourselves as slaves. We would have known that we do create our future by our own actions through our past. We wouldn’t have feared him in order to fear ourselves collectively, he simply had been our creator, our starting point.

How could our world have been as we would be born without the veil of delusion? How would life be when we do not fear ourselves equal as others? How would life be when greed is of no use when all have enough? How would life be when we do not need to overpower others to feel stability within ourselves to face ourselves within our own created world? How would life be when we would understand that when we act in the best interest of all it always evolves around us and the rest of humanity?

We would be born in this world knowing that we came into the physical reality to sort things out and roll up our sleeves and get dirty. Digging as deep as we need to get ourselves for once and for all out of this mess. Being educated within a system where we’re not prepared to only survive and never question ourselves. Receiving the opportunity to develop ourselves within our first 7 years to understand what it means to be a human on planet earth, to understand our responsibilities and to know where to go for assistance and support when we deal with difficult issues inside ourselves. That way we can become young adults that understand what it takes to give this support back to others and serve the collective within 4 years of labour. Once we start to understand that giving and receiving isn’t an outflow of survival, but simply an act in the best interest of all, we could be our best self improved version. Being our best improved version and not having money issues hanging above our heads as a dark cloud, we can take on the world in all possible ways. We could do independent research for the cures of diseases and sustainable solutions to make our life’s practical and livable. We could educate ourselves throughout our life’s and be of use to the collective, since education isn’t developed to enslave ourselves. We would have jobs, because we see that we can contribute at certain levels of society. Jobs wouldn’t gobble up all our precious time here on earth. We would actually have the time to work with and on ourselves to reflect our daily actions. When all of humanity has the time to reflect upon their own action and correct themselves within the physical, then the Equal Money System has done a good job. An Equal Money System can supply us with enough time and resources which turns a fearful life into a life of full self-expression.

Where does that leave God, in a world without fear? God either chooses for life or removes himself from life. Whatever he chooses is up to him, he will remain our creator and starting point of our existence. The reminder that we’re created within fear and polarity and that we have, like God, the choice to choose for life or to remove ourselves from the same life. It’s up to you whether you choose for life, know that an Equal Money System is here to be put in place if we all give our vote. Vote for life and therefore vote for yourself.

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One response to “And God created a world without an Equal Money System

  1. Avery Williams

    October 25, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Very well said.


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