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28 Oct

A frequently asked question regarding the Equal Money System is: “Will I own my own house?” In order to give any perspective on this question, lets walk through the following stages, the current situation,the transition stage and the Equal Money in place stage, to see how the time lines will unfold.

The current stage:

Within our current society the ownership of a house is highly valued and can even be seen as over valued. We value this ownership so much that we compare ourselves with friends, neighbors, colleagues  and family and make up the sum whether we see ourselves as more/better or less/worse. Our complete adult life we strive after this one goal of owning a house or even better owning our dream house. We measure ourselves our self-worth according to the house we live in. So our house is our representation of who we are within society, our real physical accomplishment and measurement of the amount of greed that exist within us.

A person may rent a 2 room apartment at the age of 50, though this person feels that he’s worth more and he deserves to own a house with a garden. This person likes to be seen as a house owner, yet he rents an apartment from another person, which is seen as less by society. The rental apartment will never be home to this person or a save haven, due to the feelings/emotions/opinions/beliefs he has about a rental apartment. Reality shows us that he’s not earning enough to own a house within current society. He himself is showing him that he hasn’t yet arrived at the point of possibly being able to own a house. Therefore he’ll keep dreaming about his house while getting older and soon will own a coffin.

Even though this person is lucky and has a place to live and as many others with him they work 1 or more jobs to keep this dream alive of being someone within society, there are less fortunate people in this world. People that live on the streets, live in ghetto’s or on landfills. For those people even dreaming or having self-worth according to their assets is something unrealistic and totally suppressed in order to survive.

Within the current stage we’ve got a wide spectrum of ownership/ having a roof above our head. The question to ask is whether it is necessary to let the largest group suffer and let a select few live in abundance. According to what we see happening currently is that WE live in houses according to our level of greed and those that have left their “path of life” and trying to only survive are left on the streets. Should housing not be a human right? Should housing not be a basic need that is covered for everyone equally? How can WE who own a house or live in a house, do not care about the life of others? Isn’t it about time for everyone to have a safe haven, a roof above their heads, to have a stable starting point in life to expand life from?

The transition stage:

The transition stage will only then occur when the majority starts asking themselves the above questions, when people start to question themselves regarding their self-interest and greediness for desiring to own the biggest house.

Within the transition stage all people will enjoy a basic income grant, B.I.G. and owning a house/property will become important within this stage. Everybody will own a house and everybody will go through the same experience of owning a house. This way we’re equally supported and we’ll have an equal start in life. No one will own more than 1 property and the size of the house will be according to the composition of your family and your specific needs.

This transition stage is quite important to get everybody at the same level. Imagine the millionaire with 4 estate’s that now will only own 1 house and the landfill inhabitant/street bump who suddenly owns a house, will have shocking effects. There needs to be done a lot of practical education on what the responsibilities are of owning a house. On the other hand of the spectrum, we as a group, need to monitor if giving up property isn’t escalating within behavioral problems.

Owning a house will no longer be seen as a sign of wealth, it’s merely a point of basic needs and therefore achievable for everyone. No one needs to feel less or more when there is no longer any comparison, the house you own is yours according to family size and specific needs.

The Equal Money in place stage:

Equal Money will only come in place through one man one vote, in a democratically way as democracy is meant to be. A majority vote for an Equal Money System will not be that difficult when the poorest of this earth have sniffed at a life where they have a Basic Income Grant and where they own a house. All citizens of the third and second world countries will most likely vote for real progress in the best interest of all. Any objectives/revolts from the first world will be out counted by the majority.

As already shown within the transition stage, owning a house will no longer be an expression of wealth. Property will no longer have value other than a roof above your head. Within an Equal Money System the only value there is, will be life. Life will be the measurable standard.

The whole housing market, real estate and putting your property up for sale, will no longer exist. People will still be able to move and swop houses in the best interest of all, this will be done through exchanging property. Through an on-line data bank people will be able to find other families that want to swap houses. Exchanging property will not be bound to the frontiers of countries, whenever the need is there an opportunity can be created to go and live on a whole different continent.

This means that everybody will have a house that meets their needs. Now we’re within the EM stage we all have evolved towards a higher awareness. Therefore we no longer own a house, but we use a house that meets our needs, from birth to death. Once a person dies the house will pass onto others that fits the best interest of all. Which means that no longer a house of a deceased parent will go to the children. There will be no ownership transfers when it comes to assets and in this case housing. Anything that’s of the earth will belong to all and can in never be claimed for ownership.

A house is the responsibility of the habitants that live in it. It’s a matter of giving and taking. We take the offer to have a house from birth to death and we give back by up-keeping the house. This up-keeping of the house you live in will be an representation of who you are. Where before self-interest and not valuing life was the representation of who you were, now it’s only valuing life. Anyone that does not up-keep their house will be seen as not valuing life and therefore a risk to society. There will be taken interventions to correct these behavioral problems, not from a point of a government that is submitting you to their will/laws. It’s from a point of risking to manifest consequences where all will suffer. Within an equal Money System we’ll not wait for the consequences to manifest within the physical. We simply intervene in time in the best interest of all to still be able to prevent consequences at all times.

To answer the initial question; we no longer own a house within an Equal Money System, we simply use houses from birth to death. As an individual, a family or a community.

Will I own my own house? Equal Money Faq

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