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Food Equals Life

A frequently asked question about an Equal Money System is: How would food be manufactured and produced? It’s obvious that in a new system where money is no longer the starting point for life, food will be used to sustain our bodies. Therefore the production and manufacturing of food will be done on a scale that provides every one on this planet their fair share of food. Money and therefore profit will no longer fool around with the food markets, where certain parts of our planets have more than their fair share and throw the excessive food away, in relation to the parts of our planet where humans starve and die of lack of food. These atrocities which are the outflow of greediness and at the same time eating on an emotional level, will no longer exist in an Equal Money System. It’s unacceptable that we have food, and others have none, for no apparent reason than our fear to lose our comfortable wealthy life.

Getting to know through experience what your fair share of food is, is going back to the drawing table in order to understand yourself. To face yourself and therefore to decide in self-honesty and in the best interest of all how much your body, your physical needs to be healthy and be in the best shape possible. The moment we all understand what we require, which types of food we need, we can produce the right amounts. At that moment food can be logistically transported and reach all those that need it without wasting the food.

Most of the food manufacturing will take place on big farms. Within our current system we also have big farms, but big farms from a starting point of profit. The Equal Money farms are there to provide quality food for all and it will be a place for youngsters to live and to dedicate 4 years of their life to provide food for everyone. This way all youngsters will give their time and labor to produce food in order to receive food for the rest of their life’s. Most systems now have youngsters who join the army for a certain amount of time, to serve their country. What would you rather like to do, producing food and serve humanity or killing human beings to get hold of crude oil and make the wealth of your country even more wealthy?

These farms will be a place where youngsters can live together without peer pressure, but instead have peers to cross reference and to mirror themselves. They can have fun among each other working and serving the whole of humanity at one time. Developing themselves into self-responsible human beings with the necessary support and assistance available. Furthermore they have the ability to work with nature and see what it takes to get food on the table. It’s all about understanding the world around you to become self-responsible instead of ignorant of life.

The food itself no longer needs to consist of cheap and health risking ingredients. Money doesn’t exists in an Equal Money System, so producing cheap to gain more profit is no longer needed. We can do research on the foods that are working with our bodies, find out which foods will work against our bodies and in what quantities we should consume them. Having variety within our diet is important, variety in a sense of how the food looks is of no value anymore. Growing a water melon in a square shape in order to give it away as a present has nothing to do with nutrients. Growing purple basil, because it fits the color of your dish, is of no value other than making profit with food. Making caviar into  luxury food only for the wealthy is silly, caviar is fish eggs, don’t let us make more out of it.

Taking advantage from food and speculating on food will no longer be possible, because it doesn’t honour life. Food will be manufactured on the farms, enough for everyone. Though one can always decide to start producing one’s own food. Unless this is done within common sense, where overproduction is shared with others and not wasted, one is still in line with “what’s best for all”. The same goes for considering all consequences of one’s actions while producing food and not only looking at one’s own situation and happiness. When one start having chickens for eggs and a cow for milk, one needs to investigate what these animals require in order to produce and live in equality with you, the receiver of their produce. Exploiting animals even on a small scale will be seen as unacceptable and there will be interventions to assist this being with caring for his/her animals.

Exploitation of animals like chickens, cows, piggs, sheep, goats, rabbits etc for meat will no longer be happening. When we really only supply for the demand that exists, the meat production will decrease extensively. When we only eat animals who are old and had a happy life, the meat industry would shrink back to acceptable proportions. The preparation of meat will be different compared to now, meat from an old animal is though. So we need to research different types of preparation and sustainability of this type of meat. We already know that we could eat far less meat than most of us do now, which would also decrease the amount of meat for consumption. Consuming meat for as long as it is needed should be in the best interest of all and that also implies in the best interest of the animals.

Therefore our world, when it comes to food, will change in an Equal Money System. We will bring back the value of life and include all within the process of manufacturing food. We will no longer accept and allow ignorance when it comes to our food sources and no longer ignorance when it comes to nurturing our bodies with food. Food will not be a way to eat oneself through emotions and feelings of which one doesn’t want to face oneself. That’s abusing food and abusing oneself and therefore unacceptable. Food will be food again and has its own value/place within a system of equality and oneness, the value of life.

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The winner loses all

One of the most frequently asked questions about an Equal Money System is: How will we compete without trying to win? The answer to this question starts with understanding what competition is all about. Competing to win is a desire of one’s ego to be better or to be seen as better than others. It’s a mechanism and often a pattern that consists of comparison. Comparing yourself with your colleagues and seeing yourself for instance as a better employee. Then whenever the first job offer occasion appears within the company, you will most likely compete with your colleagues to get the job and define yourself as the winner when you get the job. We can see this winning as a bad or a good habit or we can see it for what it is. It is a pre-programmed survival skill that we as capitalistic society stimulate within children and later on within ourselves as adults. Without consciously understanding it, we see competition as an acceptable behavior. Competition in sports, as students, within physical beauty, our status within society, games, it’s everywhere within our society.

Currently and in the past when we’re young we learned how to compete with almost everything around us to show to our parents and later on to ourselves how good we are. We compete with our siblings to win the attention or love of our parents. Competing with our friends to gain self trust and feel good about ourselves and see ourselves as better than our friends. Competing at school with our peers to win the position of most favorite or most smart pupil. Competing at sports to win a game or to score as the best. When we enter puberty we compete with our peers about girlfriends and boyfriends, about who kissed or had sex first and of course competition about our looks. All to win the other sex and lure them into a relationship so you can compete with your friends about who has the first relationship. Did we ever wonder that due to the fact that we win, others have to lose?

We simply go along with this polarity of winning and losing and we know that we feel shitty when we end up as the loser. Nevertheless we continue our drive to win whatever we can win to feel good and be at the better end of the polarity. No one ever decided to not play the game of winning and losing, because when we no longer participate within this game we quit and are therefore the loser. To eliminate competition from our skills, we need to understand that we do not need to be more than another in order to feel good about ourselves. Self-trust is something that needs to come from inside, as a self-movement and not due to putting down another in order for you to rise as a winner.

In an Equal Money System, competing should be a tool to measure your skills. Something to use as a reality check. Then when you do not get the job you wanted you can see that your skills, for that job you applied for, were not yet in alignment with the real job. Therefore another who had the requested skills, took the job in the best interest of all. This way you can grow more to get ready for such a job in the future. This way no one needs to feel less or as a loser, it was just a reality check whether you were ready or not.

The whole point of competition needs to be taken on in an Equal Money System, starting from the point of growing up. When your family and society around you no longer stimulate you to constantly measure yourself according to others, you can start developing self-trust just by taking on life at your pace. Education, sports and peers should be there to cross reference where you are within your process called life, without measuring yourself with a fictional standard of so called peers. We need to be taught to live within the physical reality and not within a fictional world up in our minds, where things are not cross referenced with reality. When we learn how to trust ourselves already at a very young age, imagine how much time there will be left to really improve ourselves instead of simply de-programming ourselves. Making an Equal Money System possible, being actually practically part of this solution, is giving our future children the opportunity to no longer deal with all the problems that derive from feeling or being a loser.

Imagine a world where girls do not desire plastic surgery, because they see their body image as who they are and not as having too small breast and not being able to win a man. Imagine a world where teens do not go to their shrinks, because they feel worthless when they compete with their peers and see themselves as less. Imagine the decrease in suicide. Imagine the decrease in criminality. Imagine the stability within families where mom is no longer competing with the fictional girlfriends of dad and the daughter isn’t copying this behavior of mom. Where dad is no longer competing with his son to show the family how young he still is. All to no longer win the role of winner and not seeing that they were all along losing track of reality.

Winning is for losers and is not at all in the best interest of all. Winning is for the view and therefore a case of specialness that doesn’t serve all. Winning in an Equal Money System is superfluous. We all do what needs to be done, from a point of self-movement that comes forth from self-trust. We can use others to cross reference reality, but we can no longer measure ourselves according to ideas and opinions about others. Whenever I’m better at a task than you are, you can use this experienced information to improve yourself within your possibilities. How great would it be, what a gift would it be, when you can cross reference yourself with others within our physical reality without having feelings of jealousy and comparison. We do no longer need to win in order to survive when we all have a basic income from birth to death. Join us and join the solution to stop winning and inequality.

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Salted H2O, wasted by ignorance

A frequently asked question about the Equal Money System is: How will we clean up the oceans with all the plastic in them? To answer this question it’s important to understand how we came to this point where we need to consider how to clean up the oceans. It took us many, many years to get to this point of pollution. Therefore we cannot expect a quick fix as a possible solution and maybe not even a 100% way to clean up the oceans. We fucked up big time to satisfy our consumeristic hunger and the waste we produced with this urge, almost like a addiction, is now floating on our oceans as plastic islands. These floating plastic islands are the plastic pollution that’s in fact in our face. Birds and fish are the living examples of our passion for pollution, when they’re lying dead and de-composed on the shores of our beaches with bellies full of lighters and caps. The less prominent in the face plastic pollution, are the millions of plastic nano particles causing damage to the flora and fauna of our sea life. A type of pollution that is easily ignored since we can’t really see it. Nevertheless both types of plastic are causing tremendous harm to our sea life and our ecosystem.

Plastic as an invention was patented in 1856 and in 1866 it was already a mass product. It was a convenience product that was introduced to us in a dosed manner till the point we’re at today, the point of no return. How would society look like when we removed all plastic products? Life as we know it today would come to an end. We would no longer have plastic drink bottles, jars, microwavable packaging, milk jugs, food packaging, floor tiles, shower curtains, bottle caps, containers, car bumpers, sex toys, packaging foam, CD boxes, cups, plates, cutlery, fibers, toothbrushes, electronic equipment, lenses, traffic lights, cell phones bodies, furniture, cushioning foam, electrical switch housings, lighters, toys and way too many things to write down. Without plastic we would time travel backwards into the stone age. Why, we can ask ourselves, how did we come to this point of no return when it comes to our plastic consumption? Simply because we didn’t stick to the one golden rule of only taking your fair share.

With plastic also consumerism came into existence, more and more products to choose from and then we fell in love with the feeling of free choice. Free choice awaked the greediness inside of us to buy more and to possess more. Justifying it with making modern stressed life more convenient. We were not willing to look into the possible consequences of the over consumption of plastic. We were not willing to let go of plastic that had invaded our life’s slowly but surely. Plastic stands for progress and improvement of life and in a way we became plastic, while identifying ourselves with the free choice it is representing. Plastic invaded our life’s as a slowly creeping disease that contaminated us inside with greediness and free choice, which finally reflected into our outside world as this massive pollution we know now.

Plastic in itself isn’t the cause of our pollution, plastic isn’t a bad thing. Plastic is made out of the substance of the earth, just as we are made out of the substance of the earth. Plastic became a problem in the hands of our minds. Crude oil, the same substance plastic consist of, is the main reason to start wars. Also crude oil isn’t a bad thing when used in moderation to serve all that need it. It’s us that need to change our attitude towards possessions within our worlds. Oil is from the earth and therefore for all to benefit from. As long as we keep finding ways to make profit from substances that aren’t even ours to begin with we will never clean up any ocean. First we need to clean up ourselves and then we will find ways through sincere and independent research to clean up the oceans from all the plastic pollution.

Recent research found out that the biggest problem right now are the plastic nano particles within our oceans. They also found out that these particles came into our oceans through washing our clothes. Every time we wash our synthetic clothes, either in a washing machine or by hand, plastic nano particles are getting loose and wash away with the soap water into our sewer system. Once at the wastewater treatment system these plastic nano particles go through the treatment system and end up in our rivers and oceans. Even developing countries where women wash their second hand synthetic clothes in the river cause this plastic pollution. So it’s everywhere, day after day and as long as we keep washing these synthetic clothes we keep feeding the pollution. In order to stop this pollution we need to take our self-responsibility and look into solutions for this invisible, but real problem.

Throwing away our plastic waste is more visible when it ends up floating in rivers and oceans. We all know these pictures of plastic islands, where the poorest of the poorest people still try to make a living through sorting out this waste. Animals mistakenly eat bottle caps, lighters and other small plastic items which they confuse with real food. Did you ever consider while waving your arm into a position to throw your plastic bottle away into nature, which horrible consequences that one act could have? Did you ever consider cleaning your own shit, instead of leaving it there where you decided you no longer needed it? Did you ever consider that you were messing with one of your number one surviving substances while polluting the ocean?

Polluting the ocean is the take off for polluting water, water, that substance of which 70 % of your body consist of. Water that we need as much as oxygen to survive as a human being on planet earth. Don’t we see, that by simply throwing away plastic items or washing synthetic clothing, we’re ready to accept and allow our own destruction? How sick can we be? Speaking about the illuminati who want to eradicate most of humanity, while we are doing it ourselves by simply not taking any form of self-responsibility for our actions. Who is deluded here? Who is pointing his finger in the wrong direction?

In order to clean the oceans in an Equal Money System we need to educate ourselves first. Correcting ourselves and understanding ourselves and our actions within our world, to become responsible inhabitants on planet earth. A commonsensical being will not pollute the very substance he’s depending on in order to live. We need to stop this addiction to ignorance within an Equal Money System, then we can stop the pollution ourselves and investigate ways to clean our ocean water again. The water we have is all we have, we’re living in a closed system where water evaporates and comes down again in the form of rainfall/snow. We can fantasize about getting new water from other planets, but what is the use of this when we cannot even be hold responsible for keeping our own water clean.

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All inclusive holidays will become an all inclusive dignified life

equal money for a dignified life from birth to death

One of the frequently asked questions about Equal Money: will there still be luxury, like spa resorts and vacations? Asking such a question is based in the fact that one has money within our current economic system, and one fears that Equal Money will take away all the extra’s that make life into a more valuable life, according to one’s standards. We’re basically fearing to lose our wealth that we through “hard work” gathered around us without considering the polarity where it is based in. If we have a rich and wealthy life now, others will have a poor life as the opposite, simply caused as a consequential outflow of the dualistic world we live in. We need to understand the principle of having our fair share again, in order to see the imbalance within the current life standards. Equal Money will therefore provide us with the basics of life such as, food, housing, healthcare, education, transportation.


Although the new economic system is called Equal Money we’ll no longer be concerned with money, money as a piece of paper or a coin that now represents greed, power and self-interest, will be exchanged for Life. Which practically means that the basics are taken care of through administrative action. Working will no longer be a means to gather wealth, working will be an investment within your community, where work is an option and all that want to work, can choose the tasks that fit them the most. That way work will be a way to give back to society and to do what you like the most and not as a means to fuel self-interest. It’s not a surprise that there are people who will fear to lose their freedom through wealth within an Equal Money System and no longer be able to do what they please.The fear of living a life that is beneath their current living standard is extensive for those who now have it all. While in fact all people on this planet within an Equal Money System, will live at a living standard that equals a dignified life. Luxurious spa’s like they exist now can simply no longer exist, since they run on inequality. Where would such a spa stand when we take away the starting point of money? Would people still want to work in the same way as now within luxurious spa’s and hotels? Now the majority of people that work within this industry, do so out of fear to have no other job. They agree upon working conditions that can be seen as slavery when the measuring standard is “what’s best for all”


It almost seems that the people who have money now, see the fact that in an Equal Money System everybody has enough, will be something that will be paid out of their pockets. If we really want to imagine how we will live in an Equal Money System, we have to stop the pictures of our current life’s. We will no longer use our experiences/emotions/feelings we had attached to these pictures as a blueprint for life in an Equal Money System. Things will not be the same, simply because things have proven themselves to be invalid, not workable and ending us up with a destructed planet and half the planet inhabitants to extinct.


When our basic needs in life are met, we are able to explore and expand ourselves within our world. Spa resorts could become places where one could enjoy body massages to reestablish or tighten the relationship with our bodies. Spa resorts do no longer have to be extravagant and express luxury, they need to be practical for their purpose and easy to clean in order to keep the hygiene standard high. It will be a place where we all can go and even gather and have a cup of coffee together and share ourselves with one another.


Spa resorts in our current world express the amount of money one has. Women and men in developing countries will not talk about the hottest spa in town and about their mud packs/baths. They have mud baths when the rain season starts and that’s not about expressing their amount of money, no, that’s reality when you walk bare feed through the mud and sewerage dirt. Health risking situations instead of health centre luxury. Do we ever think about how lucky we are when we’re able to visit a spa? Do we realize that because we’re able to enjoy and pay attention to our bodies, others experience the play out of the other end of the polarity? When we keep scraping the money towards ourselves there will be nothing left for others. Even when we keep printing more money, it will never end up equally divided among all of us, as long as we keep being greedy. It’s plain simple, if we have all, the others have nothing.


When our basic needs in life are met, we can go and explore other parts of the world. We could even temporally swap houses with others and enjoy another environment for a set amount of weeks. It is important to establish a home within a community where one is part of the community and where one works with the community to get life standards to the highest level possible. Therefore exploring other ways of working together by living a short period within another community will broaden our horizon and the horizon of the community we’re visiting.


Going on sportive trips might be a good alternative for one’s health and giving the body the some exercise. Doing a hiking trip and enjoying nature is something that still will be there in an Equal Money System. Extreme sport trips where the thrill of the activity is used to preoccupy the mind to not face oneself is something that will eventually fade away. When one is capable, after a re-educational process, to take self-responsiibility and one sees that risking one’s own life in doing extreme sports is only done, to suppress the feelings that one still needs to face in one’s life, it’s common sense to no longer risk one’s life in this way. That goes the same for the companies that offer these trips, they are now making money out of people that do not want to face themselves and therefore it’s not a sustainable type of business within an Equal Money System.


Going on an all inclusive holiday being packed away in a human warehouse for 2 weeks, will no longer exist in an Equal Money System. These holidays are holidays for the people that cannot afford luxury vacations, but who see themselves as people who deserve to go on a holiday. Which makes them as greedy as the owner of a yacht going to an exotic location. Holidays now are all about greed, wanting more, being jealous and getting even on the one’s that have more. People that work all year in a slave job to be able to take their family on a 10 days holiday or people that take loans in order to be able to go on a holiday, just because they deserve it. Do they really?


Do we deserve to be packed away in “human warehouses” that are filthy and way too small? How did it come so far that we’re willing to risk our health due to bad hygiene in these “warehouse” kitchens? How come that we see a swimming pool that is like the size of a foot bath, as a sign of a luxurious holiday, when it’s too small for the amount of people that want to get in it? Is that the dream we like to go in debt for? Is that the dream we like to slave for all year round? That isn’t vacation, that is bringing our back chat into existence. We see ourselves as less than the elite that go to these real luxury resorts and we are jealous like hell. So we settle and take these third tier choices and brag about it when we’re home. Never a picture of our “hotel room” just making ourselves more important.


So that’s what we do now when we say we’re taking a holiday, it’s simply to brag about and to create a picture of ourselves that consists of desires instead of reality. Do you think a third world family even considers going on a holiday? I mean while we are busy making ourselves more while staying in horrible holiday houses, there are people out there that do not even have such a place to live in. That’s why we have to be stopped by Equal Money, to no longer make fools out of ourselves and to realize that holidays only can be fun when we all have excess to another environment that is safe and a healthy place to be in. How can we unconditional express and expand ourselves when we are consumed by emotions and feelings of greed and jealousy while being on vacation?


Luxury like spa resorts and holidays will be here in an Equal Money System, but as explained, it will serve other purposes than greed, jealousy and expressing the amount of money we have. Wouldn’t it be heaven on earth when we all could unite, meet and really enjoy each other when we meet in spa’s or on holidays.



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Use this pen with self-responsibility

Will there be censorship of books in an Equal Money System? Censorship seen from the current perspective of suppressing parts of books that are in conflict with the morals and manners of the system, based on political, military and financial grounds, will not exist within an Equal Money System. Our current censorship on books is based in fear when performed by governments. Fear to damage the image of the country on a political or military level. When censorship is performed by the publisher of the book, it’s also a matter of fear of image and credibility, but above all it’s always a financial matter both for government and publisher.

Within an Equal Money System there will exist only one law, the law of “what’s best for all” in every way. All manners and morals will become actions and all our actions will derive from that one law. Therefore writing a book will be based on this law, which basically and practically comes down on expressing yourself through written words. Words of abuse will logically no longer exist, since that’s not “what’s best for all”. Books with disinformation to only boost the ego of the writer or to boost the pockets of the publisher, will no longer exist. Everyone will be sustained with enough to live a decent life within an Equal Money System and everybody will have the opportunity to add some more to their basics by doing labor that they truly like, what in this case could be writing. Whenever there is abuse through the written word, there will be interventions taking place for the writer and the publisher. Interventions, which means the ability/opportunity for the writer and publisher to find the core point for not having acted in the best interest of all. This might for instance be greed or even self-sabotage.

Lets have a closer look at how books came into existence and what meaning or significance books and writers have in our world up to today. In order to understand where things went wrong and why we have to reinstall the value of life again in being able to express ourselves through the written living word.

Writing became valuable at the point where people wanted to conserve information, they saw the necessity of storing this information and at the same time writing the information down instead of transferring it from mouth to mouth. This being said, we have to take into consideration that the first written information was only meant for the elite and the elite within the various religions. The first writings were not published from a starting point of “what’s best for all”, these books were written to conserve valuable information for a select group that was able to read. Churches gained influence by keeping the population illiterate so that ordinary people would look up to the priests, cardinals, vicars, imams and all kinds of so called wise men. The people had to gain more power in order to make sure that reading skills were taught to a larger amount of people. Still up to today we see developing countries where the basic skills like reading, writing and maths are not yet in place for everyone. Even developed countries have still illiterate people amongst them, where the system hasn’t looked out or cared for all it’s inhabitants.

Writing developed from symbols in nature to characters on clay tablets and later on papyrus which developed into parchment to eventually mature into letters on paper in most parts of the world. Books throughout time have been a propaganda weapon for politics, military and religion. These men in power understood how powerful the written word is and this translated later in time into book burnings. The written word, the black on white, is a form of creating. When the written word is read out loud, it produces a double impact through our hearing and reading abilities. It is what it is, no room for back doors, while in spoken language things might imply less black and white mentality. When your boss says after sweet talking you that your fired and he didn’t do it on purpose but the situation led him into this action, that sucks. When your boss sends you an registered letter and declares that your fired from the company, you might read it out loud, but your eyes see the black letters on the white paper and your simply fired and not just a little bit. You can’t hide it or making yourself believe that the situation is different, because you can read it many times and it stays the same.

So using the written word implies a lot of responsibility a point that most of us not really confront themselves with. It would be different when you bought ballpoints and paper and read on the attached tag: use only with self-responsibility, or for that matter a computer with the same tag. That would make you consider this point for a moment. Because writing words is taking action and actions have always consequences within our physical reality. Therefore writing from a point of ignorance or intentional abuse is not in the best interest of all and will have it’s consequences and outplays. Religious and New Age books are a perfect example of being written without considering the outcome within the world other than gaining power and money. The bible claims to be the oldest book in history, according to it’s followers. A book that was for the elite to interpret and bring across to the population, only much later the people were capable of reading the bible. Though up to today religious people are convinced that they need the assistance of their religious leader to interpret the word of God and translate it to their day to day life. This powerful book has lead nations into wars and made people into evil people who are only preoccupied to get their seat in heaven. It would have been great for history if the bible along with other religious and spiritual books were censored in the best interest of all already eons of time ago.

We still can rewrite history and get rid of every single book that doesn’t apply to the law, “what’s best for all”, it isn’t too late. Every breath is a moment to bring change into existence. Every time you pick up a pen or touch your keyboard you can make a change within considering “what’s best for all”, only then your writings or books are of assistance and support for all. When we look at the point of all those wannabe writers out there in the world, it’s valuable to understand why people write now and why people would write within an Equal Money System.

Primarily people become writers to make a living and all amateur writers write to become famous and eventually make a living out of it. So probably all who currently write are making money from it one way or another. There are also people who dream to become rich by writing bestsellers. How likely would that be, one should ask themselves. That way the profession of writing is equalized with sports players, singers, actors or painters. All professions that need fame in order to become wealthy. Seen on a globale scale there isn’t enough space to get all wannabes their specialness or exclusiveness. In an Equal Money System we can all be writers and we can support and assist all with our books. Printed on paper or available as e-books, simply accessible for all. Censorship will be no more, because we will know how to use our self-responsibility.

You can start and practise now, through writing yourself to freedom. See the blogs on the Desteni website ( ). If you’re ready to experience real freedom of speech, start a blog and write according to the law, “in the best interest of all”. Writing should be fun and can be entertainment for others at the same time. Expressing yourself in that moment, will give you the ability to not only develop your writing skills, but also see who you really are. Lets have some fun and start writing.

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