All inclusive holidays will become an all inclusive dignified life

13 Nov

equal money for a dignified life from birth to death

One of the frequently asked questions about Equal Money: will there still be luxury, like spa resorts and vacations? Asking such a question is based in the fact that one has money within our current economic system, and one fears that Equal Money will take away all the extra’s that make life into a more valuable life, according to one’s standards. We’re basically fearing to lose our wealth that we through “hard work” gathered around us without considering the polarity where it is based in. If we have a rich and wealthy life now, others will have a poor life as the opposite, simply caused as a consequential outflow of the dualistic world we live in. We need to understand the principle of having our fair share again, in order to see the imbalance within the current life standards. Equal Money will therefore provide us with the basics of life such as, food, housing, healthcare, education, transportation.


Although the new economic system is called Equal Money we’ll no longer be concerned with money, money as a piece of paper or a coin that now represents greed, power and self-interest, will be exchanged for Life. Which practically means that the basics are taken care of through administrative action. Working will no longer be a means to gather wealth, working will be an investment within your community, where work is an option and all that want to work, can choose the tasks that fit them the most. That way work will be a way to give back to society and to do what you like the most and not as a means to fuel self-interest. It’s not a surprise that there are people who will fear to lose their freedom through wealth within an Equal Money System and no longer be able to do what they please.The fear of living a life that is beneath their current living standard is extensive for those who now have it all. While in fact all people on this planet within an Equal Money System, will live at a living standard that equals a dignified life. Luxurious spa’s like they exist now can simply no longer exist, since they run on inequality. Where would such a spa stand when we take away the starting point of money? Would people still want to work in the same way as now within luxurious spa’s and hotels? Now the majority of people that work within this industry, do so out of fear to have no other job. They agree upon working conditions that can be seen as slavery when the measuring standard is “what’s best for all”


It almost seems that the people who have money now, see the fact that in an Equal Money System everybody has enough, will be something that will be paid out of their pockets. If we really want to imagine how we will live in an Equal Money System, we have to stop the pictures of our current life’s. We will no longer use our experiences/emotions/feelings we had attached to these pictures as a blueprint for life in an Equal Money System. Things will not be the same, simply because things have proven themselves to be invalid, not workable and ending us up with a destructed planet and half the planet inhabitants to extinct.


When our basic needs in life are met, we are able to explore and expand ourselves within our world. Spa resorts could become places where one could enjoy body massages to reestablish or tighten the relationship with our bodies. Spa resorts do no longer have to be extravagant and express luxury, they need to be practical for their purpose and easy to clean in order to keep the hygiene standard high. It will be a place where we all can go and even gather and have a cup of coffee together and share ourselves with one another.


Spa resorts in our current world express the amount of money one has. Women and men in developing countries will not talk about the hottest spa in town and about their mud packs/baths. They have mud baths when the rain season starts and that’s not about expressing their amount of money, no, that’s reality when you walk bare feed through the mud and sewerage dirt. Health risking situations instead of health centre luxury. Do we ever think about how lucky we are when we’re able to visit a spa? Do we realize that because we’re able to enjoy and pay attention to our bodies, others experience the play out of the other end of the polarity? When we keep scraping the money towards ourselves there will be nothing left for others. Even when we keep printing more money, it will never end up equally divided among all of us, as long as we keep being greedy. It’s plain simple, if we have all, the others have nothing.


When our basic needs in life are met, we can go and explore other parts of the world. We could even temporally swap houses with others and enjoy another environment for a set amount of weeks. It is important to establish a home within a community where one is part of the community and where one works with the community to get life standards to the highest level possible. Therefore exploring other ways of working together by living a short period within another community will broaden our horizon and the horizon of the community we’re visiting.


Going on sportive trips might be a good alternative for one’s health and giving the body the some exercise. Doing a hiking trip and enjoying nature is something that still will be there in an Equal Money System. Extreme sport trips where the thrill of the activity is used to preoccupy the mind to not face oneself is something that will eventually fade away. When one is capable, after a re-educational process, to take self-responsiibility and one sees that risking one’s own life in doing extreme sports is only done, to suppress the feelings that one still needs to face in one’s life, it’s common sense to no longer risk one’s life in this way. That goes the same for the companies that offer these trips, they are now making money out of people that do not want to face themselves and therefore it’s not a sustainable type of business within an Equal Money System.


Going on an all inclusive holiday being packed away in a human warehouse for 2 weeks, will no longer exist in an Equal Money System. These holidays are holidays for the people that cannot afford luxury vacations, but who see themselves as people who deserve to go on a holiday. Which makes them as greedy as the owner of a yacht going to an exotic location. Holidays now are all about greed, wanting more, being jealous and getting even on the one’s that have more. People that work all year in a slave job to be able to take their family on a 10 days holiday or people that take loans in order to be able to go on a holiday, just because they deserve it. Do they really?


Do we deserve to be packed away in “human warehouses” that are filthy and way too small? How did it come so far that we’re willing to risk our health due to bad hygiene in these “warehouse” kitchens? How come that we see a swimming pool that is like the size of a foot bath, as a sign of a luxurious holiday, when it’s too small for the amount of people that want to get in it? Is that the dream we like to go in debt for? Is that the dream we like to slave for all year round? That isn’t vacation, that is bringing our back chat into existence. We see ourselves as less than the elite that go to these real luxury resorts and we are jealous like hell. So we settle and take these third tier choices and brag about it when we’re home. Never a picture of our “hotel room” just making ourselves more important.


So that’s what we do now when we say we’re taking a holiday, it’s simply to brag about and to create a picture of ourselves that consists of desires instead of reality. Do you think a third world family even considers going on a holiday? I mean while we are busy making ourselves more while staying in horrible holiday houses, there are people out there that do not even have such a place to live in. That’s why we have to be stopped by Equal Money, to no longer make fools out of ourselves and to realize that holidays only can be fun when we all have excess to another environment that is safe and a healthy place to be in. How can we unconditional express and expand ourselves when we are consumed by emotions and feelings of greed and jealousy while being on vacation?


Luxury like spa resorts and holidays will be here in an Equal Money System, but as explained, it will serve other purposes than greed, jealousy and expressing the amount of money we have. Wouldn’t it be heaven on earth when we all could unite, meet and really enjoy each other when we meet in spa’s or on holidays.



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