Salted H2O, wasted by ignorance

20 Nov

A frequently asked question about the Equal Money System is: How will we clean up the oceans with all the plastic in them? To answer this question it’s important to understand how we came to this point where we need to consider how to clean up the oceans. It took us many, many years to get to this point of pollution. Therefore we cannot expect a quick fix as a possible solution and maybe not even a 100% way to clean up the oceans. We fucked up big time to satisfy our consumeristic hunger and the waste we produced with this urge, almost like a addiction, is now floating on our oceans as plastic islands. These floating plastic islands are the plastic pollution that’s in fact in our face. Birds and fish are the living examples of our passion for pollution, when they’re lying dead and de-composed on the shores of our beaches with bellies full of lighters and caps. The less prominent in the face plastic pollution, are the millions of plastic nano particles causing damage to the flora and fauna of our sea life. A type of pollution that is easily ignored since we can’t really see it. Nevertheless both types of plastic are causing tremendous harm to our sea life and our ecosystem.

Plastic as an invention was patented in 1856 and in 1866 it was already a mass product. It was a convenience product that was introduced to us in a dosed manner till the point we’re at today, the point of no return. How would society look like when we removed all plastic products? Life as we know it today would come to an end. We would no longer have plastic drink bottles, jars, microwavable packaging, milk jugs, food packaging, floor tiles, shower curtains, bottle caps, containers, car bumpers, sex toys, packaging foam, CD boxes, cups, plates, cutlery, fibers, toothbrushes, electronic equipment, lenses, traffic lights, cell phones bodies, furniture, cushioning foam, electrical switch housings, lighters, toys and way too many things to write down. Without plastic we would time travel backwards into the stone age. Why, we can ask ourselves, how did we come to this point of no return when it comes to our plastic consumption? Simply because we didn’t stick to the one golden rule of only taking your fair share.

With plastic also consumerism came into existence, more and more products to choose from and then we fell in love with the feeling of free choice. Free choice awaked the greediness inside of us to buy more and to possess more. Justifying it with making modern stressed life more convenient. We were not willing to look into the possible consequences of the over consumption of plastic. We were not willing to let go of plastic that had invaded our life’s slowly but surely. Plastic stands for progress and improvement of life and in a way we became plastic, while identifying ourselves with the free choice it is representing. Plastic invaded our life’s as a slowly creeping disease that contaminated us inside with greediness and free choice, which finally reflected into our outside world as this massive pollution we know now.

Plastic in itself isn’t the cause of our pollution, plastic isn’t a bad thing. Plastic is made out of the substance of the earth, just as we are made out of the substance of the earth. Plastic became a problem in the hands of our minds. Crude oil, the same substance plastic consist of, is the main reason to start wars. Also crude oil isn’t a bad thing when used in moderation to serve all that need it. It’s us that need to change our attitude towards possessions within our worlds. Oil is from the earth and therefore for all to benefit from. As long as we keep finding ways to make profit from substances that aren’t even ours to begin with we will never clean up any ocean. First we need to clean up ourselves and then we will find ways through sincere and independent research to clean up the oceans from all the plastic pollution.

Recent research found out that the biggest problem right now are the plastic nano particles within our oceans. They also found out that these particles came into our oceans through washing our clothes. Every time we wash our synthetic clothes, either in a washing machine or by hand, plastic nano particles are getting loose and wash away with the soap water into our sewer system. Once at the wastewater treatment system these plastic nano particles go through the treatment system and end up in our rivers and oceans. Even developing countries where women wash their second hand synthetic clothes in the river cause this plastic pollution. So it’s everywhere, day after day and as long as we keep washing these synthetic clothes we keep feeding the pollution. In order to stop this pollution we need to take our self-responsibility and look into solutions for this invisible, but real problem.

Throwing away our plastic waste is more visible when it ends up floating in rivers and oceans. We all know these pictures of plastic islands, where the poorest of the poorest people still try to make a living through sorting out this waste. Animals mistakenly eat bottle caps, lighters and other small plastic items which they confuse with real food. Did you ever consider while waving your arm into a position to throw your plastic bottle away into nature, which horrible consequences that one act could have? Did you ever consider cleaning your own shit, instead of leaving it there where you decided you no longer needed it? Did you ever consider that you were messing with one of your number one surviving substances while polluting the ocean?

Polluting the ocean is the take off for polluting water, water, that substance of which 70 % of your body consist of. Water that we need as much as oxygen to survive as a human being on planet earth. Don’t we see, that by simply throwing away plastic items or washing synthetic clothing, we’re ready to accept and allow our own destruction? How sick can we be? Speaking about the illuminati who want to eradicate most of humanity, while we are doing it ourselves by simply not taking any form of self-responsibility for our actions. Who is deluded here? Who is pointing his finger in the wrong direction?

In order to clean the oceans in an Equal Money System we need to educate ourselves first. Correcting ourselves and understanding ourselves and our actions within our world, to become responsible inhabitants on planet earth. A commonsensical being will not pollute the very substance he’s depending on in order to live. We need to stop this addiction to ignorance within an Equal Money System, then we can stop the pollution ourselves and investigate ways to clean our ocean water again. The water we have is all we have, we’re living in a closed system where water evaporates and comes down again in the form of rainfall/snow. We can fantasize about getting new water from other planets, but what is the use of this when we cannot even be hold responsible for keeping our own water clean.

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One response to “Salted H2O, wasted by ignorance

  1. Randy Krafft

    November 20, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    Wow, Sylvia, This is excellent. Eye-opening and riveting, you’ve written a common sense perspective that all should read… Thank you.


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