The winner loses all

20 Nov

One of the most frequently asked questions about an Equal Money System is: How will we compete without trying to win? The answer to this question starts with understanding what competition is all about. Competing to win is a desire of one’s ego to be better or to be seen as better than others. It’s a mechanism and often a pattern that consists of comparison. Comparing yourself with your colleagues and seeing yourself for instance as a better employee. Then whenever the first job offer occasion appears within the company, you will most likely compete with your colleagues to get the job and define yourself as the winner when you get the job. We can see this winning as a bad or a good habit or we can see it for what it is. It is a pre-programmed survival skill that we as capitalistic society stimulate within children and later on within ourselves as adults. Without consciously understanding it, we see competition as an acceptable behavior. Competition in sports, as students, within physical beauty, our status within society, games, it’s everywhere within our society.

Currently and in the past when we’re young we learned how to compete with almost everything around us to show to our parents and later on to ourselves how good we are. We compete with our siblings to win the attention or love of our parents. Competing with our friends to gain self trust and feel good about ourselves and see ourselves as better than our friends. Competing at school with our peers to win the position of most favorite or most smart pupil. Competing at sports to win a game or to score as the best. When we enter puberty we compete with our peers about girlfriends and boyfriends, about who kissed or had sex first and of course competition about our looks. All to win the other sex and lure them into a relationship so you can compete with your friends about who has the first relationship. Did we ever wonder that due to the fact that we win, others have to lose?

We simply go along with this polarity of winning and losing and we know that we feel shitty when we end up as the loser. Nevertheless we continue our drive to win whatever we can win to feel good and be at the better end of the polarity. No one ever decided to not play the game of winning and losing, because when we no longer participate within this game we quit and are therefore the loser. To eliminate competition from our skills, we need to understand that we do not need to be more than another in order to feel good about ourselves. Self-trust is something that needs to come from inside, as a self-movement and not due to putting down another in order for you to rise as a winner.

In an Equal Money System, competing should be a tool to measure your skills. Something to use as a reality check. Then when you do not get the job you wanted you can see that your skills, for that job you applied for, were not yet in alignment with the real job. Therefore another who had the requested skills, took the job in the best interest of all. This way you can grow more to get ready for such a job in the future. This way no one needs to feel less or as a loser, it was just a reality check whether you were ready or not.

The whole point of competition needs to be taken on in an Equal Money System, starting from the point of growing up. When your family and society around you no longer stimulate you to constantly measure yourself according to others, you can start developing self-trust just by taking on life at your pace. Education, sports and peers should be there to cross reference where you are within your process called life, without measuring yourself with a fictional standard of so called peers. We need to be taught to live within the physical reality and not within a fictional world up in our minds, where things are not cross referenced with reality. When we learn how to trust ourselves already at a very young age, imagine how much time there will be left to really improve ourselves instead of simply de-programming ourselves. Making an Equal Money System possible, being actually practically part of this solution, is giving our future children the opportunity to no longer deal with all the problems that derive from feeling or being a loser.

Imagine a world where girls do not desire plastic surgery, because they see their body image as who they are and not as having too small breast and not being able to win a man. Imagine a world where teens do not go to their shrinks, because they feel worthless when they compete with their peers and see themselves as less. Imagine the decrease in suicide. Imagine the decrease in criminality. Imagine the stability within families where mom is no longer competing with the fictional girlfriends of dad and the daughter isn’t copying this behavior of mom. Where dad is no longer competing with his son to show the family how young he still is. All to no longer win the role of winner and not seeing that they were all along losing track of reality.

Winning is for losers and is not at all in the best interest of all. Winning is for the view and therefore a case of specialness that doesn’t serve all. Winning in an Equal Money System is superfluous. We all do what needs to be done, from a point of self-movement that comes forth from self-trust. We can use others to cross reference reality, but we can no longer measure ourselves according to ideas and opinions about others. Whenever I’m better at a task than you are, you can use this experienced information to improve yourself within your possibilities. How great would it be, what a gift would it be, when you can cross reference yourself with others within our physical reality without having feelings of jealousy and comparison. We do no longer need to win in order to survive when we all have a basic income from birth to death. Join us and join the solution to stop winning and inequality.

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