Food Equals Life

21 Nov

A frequently asked question about an Equal Money System is: How would food be manufactured and produced? It’s obvious that in a new system where money is no longer the starting point for life, food will be used to sustain our bodies. Therefore the production and manufacturing of food will be done on a scale that provides every one on this planet their fair share of food. Money and therefore profit will no longer fool around with the food markets, where certain parts of our planets have more than their fair share and throw the excessive food away, in relation to the parts of our planet where humans starve and die of lack of food. These atrocities which are the outflow of greediness and at the same time eating on an emotional level, will no longer exist in an Equal Money System. It’s unacceptable that we have food, and others have none, for no apparent reason than our fear to lose our comfortable wealthy life.

Getting to know through experience what your fair share of food is, is going back to the drawing table in order to understand yourself. To face yourself and therefore to decide in self-honesty and in the best interest of all how much your body, your physical needs to be healthy and be in the best shape possible. The moment we all understand what we require, which types of food we need, we can produce the right amounts. At that moment food can be logistically transported and reach all those that need it without wasting the food.

Most of the food manufacturing will take place on big farms. Within our current system we also have big farms, but big farms from a starting point of profit. The Equal Money farms are there to provide quality food for all and it will be a place for youngsters to live and to dedicate 4 years of their life to provide food for everyone. This way all youngsters will give their time and labor to produce food in order to receive food for the rest of their life’s. Most systems now have youngsters who join the army for a certain amount of time, to serve their country. What would you rather like to do, producing food and serve humanity or killing human beings to get hold of crude oil and make the wealth of your country even more wealthy?

These farms will be a place where youngsters can live together without peer pressure, but instead have peers to cross reference and to mirror themselves. They can have fun among each other working and serving the whole of humanity at one time. Developing themselves into self-responsible human beings with the necessary support and assistance available. Furthermore they have the ability to work with nature and see what it takes to get food on the table. It’s all about understanding the world around you to become self-responsible instead of ignorant of life.

The food itself no longer needs to consist of cheap and health risking ingredients. Money doesn’t exists in an Equal Money System, so producing cheap to gain more profit is no longer needed. We can do research on the foods that are working with our bodies, find out which foods will work against our bodies and in what quantities we should consume them. Having variety within our diet is important, variety in a sense of how the food looks is of no value anymore. Growing a water melon in a square shape in order to give it away as a present has nothing to do with nutrients. Growing purple basil, because it fits the color of your dish, is of no value other than making profit with food. Making caviar into  luxury food only for the wealthy is silly, caviar is fish eggs, don’t let us make more out of it.

Taking advantage from food and speculating on food will no longer be possible, because it doesn’t honour life. Food will be manufactured on the farms, enough for everyone. Though one can always decide to start producing one’s own food. Unless this is done within common sense, where overproduction is shared with others and not wasted, one is still in line with “what’s best for all”. The same goes for considering all consequences of one’s actions while producing food and not only looking at one’s own situation and happiness. When one start having chickens for eggs and a cow for milk, one needs to investigate what these animals require in order to produce and live in equality with you, the receiver of their produce. Exploiting animals even on a small scale will be seen as unacceptable and there will be interventions to assist this being with caring for his/her animals.

Exploitation of animals like chickens, cows, piggs, sheep, goats, rabbits etc for meat will no longer be happening. When we really only supply for the demand that exists, the meat production will decrease extensively. When we only eat animals who are old and had a happy life, the meat industry would shrink back to acceptable proportions. The preparation of meat will be different compared to now, meat from an old animal is though. So we need to research different types of preparation and sustainability of this type of meat. We already know that we could eat far less meat than most of us do now, which would also decrease the amount of meat for consumption. Consuming meat for as long as it is needed should be in the best interest of all and that also implies in the best interest of the animals.

Therefore our world, when it comes to food, will change in an Equal Money System. We will bring back the value of life and include all within the process of manufacturing food. We will no longer accept and allow ignorance when it comes to our food sources and no longer ignorance when it comes to nurturing our bodies with food. Food will not be a way to eat oneself through emotions and feelings of which one doesn’t want to face oneself. That’s abusing food and abusing oneself and therefore unacceptable. Food will be food again and has its own value/place within a system of equality and oneness, the value of life.

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