No more Triangles of Light in an Equal Money System.

04 Dec

We should ask ourselves for what purpose do we need Triangles of Light when specialness is no longer necessary to provide us with a basic income. Triangles of Light nowadays are all about mystery, religion or spiritualism. A way to make a living through your special gifts in order to delude another to make a buck out of them. A triangle of light is simply a triangle of light, candles carefully placed in the form of a triangle, light coming through a triangle shape crack, lighting placed in the form of a triangle within a building or a house. How did we get to this point of specialness within these triangles of light? In other words what meaning or definitions have we been giving over time to such an ordinary physical reality?

The Triangle of Light as an ancient artifact was once used by an ancient society. This triangle was believed to create an utopian state, a make belief world of only good. And as these polarized stories go, the artifact fell into the hands of those with dark intentions. This artifact was know for its power to destroy the world when in the wrong hands. The artifact was split into 2 pieces and placed at either end of the earth, one in Cambodia and the other in Siberia. The Illuminate as a secret society, have only one goal, to unite the both pieces of the Triangle to gain great power.

This ancient story was used to create the “Lara Croft and the Triangle of Light” movie. Where Lara happens to live in a house where she discovers a secret chamber. Within this secret chamber she finds this Triangle of Light artifact hidden in a clock. Before finding this artifact Lara had a dream about the planetary alignment, which happens every 5000 years and an artifact that is linked to this constellation called the Triangle of Light. A friend of her father advises her to see a man that has a lot of knowledge about these ancient artifacts. Lara doesn’t know that this man is a member of the secret society of the Illuminate, who are after this artifact to gain power over the world. Lara managed to keep the artifact and her father wants her to destroy the artifact, since it’s too powerful for any person to possess.

So far this Triangle of Light stories give rise to feelings of mystery where good and bad are meeting each other and are keeping us from seeing what is reality. It’s wonderful to create stories that might be true, which occupy our minds and keep us from considering what is of real value within our physical reality. It seems easier to hide in the labyrinths of our minds than facing our reality and the consequential outflow of our daily living. Although these ancient stories can still be seen as amusement, other definitions of the Triangle of Light are really directing us within our physical reality.

The Triangle of Light as  a spiritual sitcom of nothingness, to pray and sent love in order to give aid to humanity, to accomplish a better world and a better life for everybody, is a real evil way to encourage people to do nothing. To abdicate their responsibility. There are people who have setup an entire worldwide network to think positive and pray. Imagine if all these people used all this time of doing nothing else than wandering around in their minds and invested it in real change, what a difference that would had made in todays world? Did you ever see a developing country blossoming after 3 or more had gathered and send positive thoughts and prayers? It’s quite simple, if this nothingness had resulted in a better world, we would have done it way back with great succes. Now we’re doing it already for many many years without any result, though we do not see this, while we’re living in a fantasy world within our minds. A fantasy world like the ancient story where we can create utopia out of thin air.

The Triangle of Light also refers to a form of energetic healing. The hands of the healer are placed in a triangle on the body of the patient to energetically heal specific areas of the body. The hands of light heal through touching a body where energy vibrates and heals all physical and mental imbalances. This is too good to be true, considering all the imbalances that still exist within humanity. If by using hands of light in the shape of a triangle could really heal, it’s a shame that not all of humanity is healthy. These healing sessions are rarely free and mostly we pay a lot of money to be cured. The funny part is, that we always believe that they can cure us with their hands of light while the opposite evidence is all around us. What is wrong with humanity that we choose vague promises without any evidence over bringing change through being the change ourselves? To no longer put our faith in solutions that have proven themselves wrong, but through finding back our inner strength to face the dishonesties inside of us. Only after facing our own dishonesties we are ready to face others as ourselves and bring change within the real world.

An Equal Money System will not rely on people that seek self-worth outside themselves through specialness. In an Equal Money System we do not need to be dishonest towards others and sell spiritual fables to make a living. Triangles of Light will simply happen or created on purpose as an expression. The Triangle of Light will no longer represent money as in the father, son and holy spirit. No longer will religion or spiritualism be a way to make money, since it is build upon a lie and will not stand the test of time when it comes to the best interest of all. Telling stories will only be fun or educational, praying will no longer exist and become really caring for others as in love thy neighbor as thyself and hands of light will only be hands that touch ourselves within self-intimacy or touching our partner to explore the physical and to express ourselves. Neither of these expressions will be based in money, since money, as we know it today, will no longer be within our existence.


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4 responses to “No more Triangles of Light in an Equal Money System.

  1. Sylvie Jacobs

    December 5, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Hi Sylvia, I liked your writing – I wasn’t aware of the wildspread of this phenomenom – thanks for blogging this. What a bullshit – healing with hands ‘of light’, all the while they are in fact possessed by the energy demon. Will you explain me the last sentence please: “money will no longer be within our existence”?

    • Sylvia

      December 5, 2011 at 8:43 am

      Within an Equal Money System we no longer will have money as we know it now. No paper money, no coins, simply a basic income that is an administrative action that provides every one with the basics in life such as housing, food, health care, education, transportation etc. Within the transition fase between now and the Equal Money System there will be BIG, basic income grant, that will still be money as we know it today. In an EMS money will be the equivalent of Life due to the dignified life that we all can have on a basic income.

  2. Sylvie Jacobs

    December 5, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Thanks – I was aware of BIG going to be installed years ago – now as the basis for EMS. So what you were pointing out within that sentence shortly is that we will ‘pay’ with plastic’. For many people this will be a tough cookie when it is put like that that’s why I asked for clarification.

    • Sylvia

      December 5, 2011 at 9:38 am

      You mean like not having actual money in your hand anymore? For many this will be new and might “feel” not real, though throughout the first world, most money transactions are done with plastic. The point is, after we walked the BIG period, we will experience what it’s like to have our basic needs met. This experience will alter our view on money and therefore the step into EM will be less huge than it would be without the BIG transition period. As you know money now has power over us whether we admit it or not, we let money determine all our actions in life. So it’s about time that we give Life back to ourselves and vote for BIG and an EMS.


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