The Adam and Eve syndrome

08 Dec

Will there be undergarments that really support the physical of women in an Equal Money System? A legitimate question when we look back at the first undergarments up to the panties and bra’s we are dealing with today. Where we started of with a fig-leaf we are dealing now with undergarments from cheap, synthetic, never fitting, shipped in from Asia up to way too expensive undergarment fashion for those that have enough money. The chance that both are manufactured in Asia is not unlikely. Undergarments now have nothing to do with assisting and supporting the physical body, it’s about transferring money, letting the cash flow within our capitalistic system. When undergarment is cheap, we like to buy it in big quantities that make us feel good for catching a discount. When undergarment is expensive, we call it treating ourselves in order to create specialness. So it’s all about feelings sustained by the amount of money we have. Though both ways of purchasing undergarments are generating money and that’s what counts, whether the pair of cheap panties creep up in your perineum or whether a La Perla thong is supposed to creep up your perineum. We need a little bit of history here to remember why we started wearing undergarment in the first place.

Our first undergarment was a fig-leaf, designed by Adam & Eve and manufactured by God Inc. We all know what the story of Adam and Eve entails. As many religions exist as many versions of the Adam and Eve story go around the world. There are religions that take the story literally and there are those that bring it as a myth. What is the message that speaks from this story, the eating from the tree of knowledge, that is also referred to as the Tree of Life?

Adam and Eve had their basic needs covered in paradise, they were allowed to take from all that was provided, as much as they liked, except for that one tree. That one tree that showed them the inequality within paradise, but yet not visible for their eyes. Eating from the tree of knowledge, whether it was Eve that seduced Adam or the serpent seduced Eve or Adam and Eve who both ate from it at the same time, that doesn’t matter. The bottom line in all religions, is the fact that Adam and Eve took the knowledge in, that showed them reality and the true nature of God. God wasn’t after equality and oneness and made Adam and Eve therefore fearful, shameful and greedy for more knowledge. That’s why the term “Tree of Life” explains in more detail what was faced within this story.

God had no intentions to let his creation know what he knew, it was simple math that he then wouldn’t be seen as a God, if reality would kick in into his creation, the human. So instead of being exposed to what real life is, Adam and Eve were cursed with fears that held them in place within the system. Even if we call it paradise it’s the same Matrix we’re living in today, one without the knowledge about Life, but a reality that is seen through the veils of fear. The sins of the fathers that gave us inherited shame, a feeling so deep ingrained within our DNA that we need to cover our physical body, for being ashamed about the life we live within our physical reality. For not being able to live by 1 simple principle, the principle of what is best for all.

So wearing a brief, a pair of panties or a bra, is a remainder of how you are imprisoned to the Matrix and for that matter imprisoned to God, which isn’t much more then money within our modern capitalistic life’s. Knowing this it’s almost funny to see what we do to decorate this slave belt and what emotional excesses we make out of it. Crotchless panties to have easy and quick sex or to arouse yourself or your sexual partner, into a way of sex that’s based in pictures/ideas/desires/fantasies that eventual wil bring you to an orgasm that basically only blows your mind away. The same goes for undergarment fetish, getting aroused by an item, a picture, the smell or the feel of undergarments. That has nothing to do with physical sex or intimacy, that’s simply fulfilling the mind. All the sexy undergarments that we need to stimulate our senses, to get in the mood of wanting to have sex, is far from self expression. Even the opposite of sexy underwear, the big tasteless colored chastity belts, are merely an inventions of the mind to give us a false feeling of self-trust. Wearing sexy undergarments or plain supportive ones are not providing us with self-trust or self-worth. Self-trust lies within us, the responsibility to accept yourself and to direct yourself.

The first undergarments designs of Adam & Eve were still saturated within shame and underwear was simply something you worn under your other clothes, to not be seen. Wherein we see today that we are stimulated to wear underwear also as outerwear. What does that entail? Are we suddenly suppose to be proud on the fact that we are hooked to the system by money? Or are we simply too closed minded to even see what we are promoting, while our baggy pants hang on our knees showing our pink Calvin Klein Jockey short or our thong which is pointing like an arrow to the spot that is already for so many years a secret hidden place? Showing your laced bra so everyone can weigh you according to your amount of Goddessness, which of course equals the amount of money you have and have spent.

You are only a worthy member to the system when you spend money as in making the blood flow of te body that we call society. So next time when you ignorantly put on your undergarment, know that you lock yourself into the Matrix by your own doing. For those who are seeing this point, a changing your undergarment is of course simply a physical and practical action and a consideration based on the type of clothes and pursuits one has for that day. Underwear represents a slave belt, but is not really physically holding us in place, it’s a matter of wanting to see what’s best for all in all ways or going along with the fears and shame that was installed within us eons of time ago. Breaking out of this pattern of fear doesn’t mean that we need to become nudists, we do not need to strip of our clothes we simply need to strip of the layers that we placed carefully within us already for so many years.

Therefore undergarments will still exits within an Equal Money System, but the approach or definition will be one of support and expression. Undergarments like panties or briefs can be made with enough fabric so it really fits your buttocks, because money isn’t instigating greed anymore. We do not have to focus on a thousand panties more coming from the same piece of fabric, we will focus on the comfort of the pair of panties and if that means a thousand panties less then that’s the consequence and that will not translate into lost or profit. We already have so many types of fabric that could make up for really supportive bra’s that are accessible for all. We have the knowledge to do it and we probably can come up with more ideas as long as profit isn’t limiting us. Things like using fabrics as cotton or other breathing materials is essential when we look at our health, various bacterias grow well in a sealed, warm environment created by cheap synthetics.

And let us not forget that undergarment is a point of expressing ourselves, as who we will be within an Equal Money System. To have fun with various models and colors. Now we see expressing ourselves when it comes to undergarment as expressing our sexuality, the amount of money we have, the picture we want to draw of ourselves for the outside world. It has absolutely nothing to do with expressing ourselves, who we truly are, within the moment. What we call expression is in fact fear, brought onto us by the sins of the fathers.

Equal Money will give you the chance, within such a simple thing as undergarment, to choose for Life, instead of allowing and accepting abuse from us as humanity. So for once treat yourself, in a different way than you are used to, to give true Life back to yourself. Even within a small thing like undergarments you can vote for Life and no longer accept the abuse that’s behind it. Whether it’s you abusing your own body or someone else doing slave labour on your undergarments.

Join us in bringing awareness about an Equal Money System, which will be preceded by an basic income grant (BIG), that will provide all with a basic income. Which means, having money for your basic needs every month through equalizing our worldly funds. An Equal Money System will eventually take over this basic income in a non money based way and provide us with a basic income for our basic needs from birth to death. Then we can enjoy life as it is suppose to be and live a shameless and fearless life. Obvious we can only get there with your support, we need your vote and your dedication to yourself and all LIfe equally.

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