Wasting resources is wasting time to come up with real solutions

12 Dec

In an Equal Money System we will no longer waste resources. Why? Simple, wasting is never in the best interest of all. The best interest of all in all ways, is the primary and only pillar of an Equal Money System. Lets have a look at the consequences of wasting resources and wasting solutions that are already here ready to be implemented. Most of these solutions would work according to the best interest of all principle, but these solutions are counteracted by the big industries and corporations on this planet. That’s the point we have to stop within society, but that can only be done if we revaluate the meaning of Life, starting with our own.

Resources in this context are natural sources or supplies that produce benefit, which will satisfy the needs of all living organisms. Resources are biotic/abiotic, renewable/non-renewable, for consumption/depletion all driven by the force of competition in our current system. A natural resource is therefore something we all need to consume in order to grow/maintain/reproduct. We all need key resources like water, nutrients and territory. When we look further than our own living experience we can see or deny that not all living organisms on earth have these basic needs met. Whether we see or deny it isn’t of any importance for the outcome within reality, it’s our self-honesty and will power that will determine whether we’re going to do something about it or not.

How much the majority of the developed countries want to believe that it is okay for them to consume resources in abundance and for others to have non. It is no rocket science to say that it is not okay, that I can eat whatever I choose with the consequential outflow of someone else having to starve to death. That makes us simply partners in crime, whether we like it or not. Murderers out of self-interest, and that gives a whole other perspective to a gorge like Christmas. It is not okay for me to go to war over crude oil, when I already possess most of it, it is not okay to waste water/food/oil because we have enough of it. That is blunt ignorance and showing that we’re perceiving ourselves as the axis of the planet. But, hey hello, were out there with approximately 7,000,000,000 people.

The whole point of globalization could have been a nice way to get resources from places where there are many to places where there are less. Though the very starting point of globalization is based in self-interest, greed, power and competition and therefore it was doomed from the beginning. It is again not realizing that we live on a total globe, but instead seeing only the developing countries as a whole. Now the part of the world that has access to the resources is wasting these very resources.

Water is wasted due to taking more than our fair share and due to pollution. We simply underestimate the fact that we’re living in a closed system and having more than our fair share simply means, taking water from others. When we pollute water with toxic chemicals and drugs, we waste our number one necessity of life. When I pollute water resources here, it takes some time, but eventually it gets there and everywhere. By doing so we inevitably have to come up with expensive and inventive solutions to get this necessity of life. Making drinking water out of sea water or collecting rain water/dew, not realizing that polluted water is polluted water, whether it is water from under the earth surface, lakes/rivers/oceans or precipitations. So we are basically polluting ourselves and that’s where we have to change our value of Life. If we truly and unconditionally care about ourselves, then we can do the same for all living organisms and the planet included. All is already in place to have enough water, why would we fuck that up, if money no longer is a starting point?

Food is wasted in two ways, by overproducing or by over consumption. The demand for food is world wide and food is produced over the whole globe, though it always ends up there where the money is. There are countries that produce food for export, where the own population is starving. It also seems that countries that are less rich are importing most of their resources plotted against rich countries that export their abundant resources. So if these are the ingredients for how we divide food on a world wide scale, then we are missing the point. And those who have been trying to make a difference by helping developing countries to grow their own food, are missing out on 2 points, history and the money system. The history of colonisation will show you how we got to this point of inequality and making a change on a small scale and not taking our global monetary system into consideration is explaining you why you failed to change reality.

Crude oil is wasted on so many things, that do not support life, that it will give you the shivers. In order to get our fat greedy fingers on the oil we go to war, we annex the countries with the most accessible crude oil, to use it on war machinery to make more war and get more oil. Americans have proven to be the real masters within this game without shame. The real oil addicts so to speak, they make up for consuming 80% of the resources here on earth. There is no way that these 80% are all used effectively to support live. And even the 20% that the rest of the world consumes isn’t worth a Nobel prize. When we leave the “I want” out of the equation and replace that with  “in the best interest of all” we would see a decrease in oil demand and no need to worry about our reserves.

Energy/electricity is wasted already within the process of making it possible. We use still very outdated methods to produce electricity and all ways that are free offered by nature, like wind/sun/water energy, are exploited or counteracted by the big industries. Of course we use way too much energy within developed countries by simply wasting it. Using it on unnecessary things like advertising or as an anti-burglary tool, all leading back to survival. Ignorance will be the biggest waste, when we leave the light/devices on for no purpose at all. There are ways to produce electricity in a real effective way, but are we yet ready to see the implications of our daily life’s on a global scale? It takes guts and self-honesty to realize that how we live makes it impossible for others to have a dignified life.

Throughout the years people developed already so many worthwhile inventions to no longer waste resources and to spread the risks within the use of resources. Only using crude oil for so many things, like we do now, would make the world economy collapse when we’re out of oil. An equivalent for plastic is liquid wood, discovered by German researchers. The electric car would reduce all the oil intake necessary for driving  a car as it is now. Electricity consumption would be reduced when we approach it on a nano technological level. There are ways already to use condensed carbon combined with a polymere as a shield on windows to keep the warmth outside in summer and inside in winter. This same invention made it possible to see at night without artificial light. It converts infra red into an electron on a film that can also be made into a shield on your window. This means no power plants are needed anymore. All excess electrons can be stored in your own house/building and give it of when needed. When we do not need this energy we can convert it back to electrons on the window shield and beam it to another person who does need it, without using an electric grid. This way energy can be free, a dream we all have, and we can do so many things that we now can’t due due to costs and the amounts of energy. And this is only some of the great inventions, ready and waiting for implementation.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to change our attitude towards Life to open up many possibilities that are not based in wasting, greed or money? Now we let competition limit ourselves, we let the money system limit ourselves, all for this glimmer of hope that will give us all that our desires require. Sharing in a commonsensical way all the earth’s resources will not hurt us, it will lead us to new insights and being able to think outside the box without having money as survival, as a sword above our heads. Think outside the box and vote for an Equal Money System.

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