I am not allowed to eat meat

25 Dec

Ever wondered why almost all religions have some form of food restriction or prohibitions? These restrictions/prohibitions are rites or traditions to discipline the followers of the faith they are  engaged in. Followers need to be kept followers of their belief system to control the people till the point where the church will decide what you put in your mouth. This whole controlling point originates from decades ago where they placed these practices into place out of health considerations. These very same practices are still alive within the religions today and are praised for their longevity and therefore holiness. The question is, are these so called good food advices from decades ago still valid today? Or are they only existing to discipline and control the masses? And isn’t our society one big religion when it comes to food?

Many religions have an issue with consuming meat, a specific type of meat, the preparation of meat or simply the consumption of meat. Buddhism is in favor of a vegetarian diet, Eastern Orthodox Christianity teaches a moderate intake of meat, Hinduism preferes also a vegetarian diet and beef is prohibited, in the Islam pork and certain birds are prohibited, in Judaism pork is prohibited, in Rastafarianism meat is restricted and a vegetarian diet is desired, Roman Catholics may not eat meat on certain days and the Seventh day Adventists do not consume pork and a vegetarian diet is recommended. The Islam and Judaism have special guidelines when it comes to slaughter and blood needs to be removed out of the meat before consumption.

A lot of rules when we only take meat into consideration and most of those rules are not questioned by the followers of these religions. Openly questioning it would make a apostate out of these persons, instead of a good follower that sees all the food restrictions/prohibitions as a holy rite. Does these food restrictions follow the principle of what’s best for all? Since we all have a human body and we all have the same digestive system, it doesn’t mean that what is good for you is good for me. Some people may live without meat others simply can’t. When religion doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see the difference between, being a human as having all human physical bodies and at the same time having to deal with our own issues with food, it’s obvious that these rules are there not for the benefit of the follower. It’s a point of control that a follower allows and accept in order to belong to a group that refuses to see reality for what it is. Any one who needs a better story for existence, isn’t capable of dealing with our actual existence here. Any one that needs someone or something more or bigger than themselves to guide them through life is stating their lack of self-worth.

All religions and even spiritualism are an escape mechanism from life, a feel good experience that can substitute real life. This goes as far as giving money for the poor and never asking where the money goes or what they did with it, confessing your horrible deeds and being forgiven to go on with life as if nothing happened, believing that all the horrible stories in life are make believe mind pictures and nothing to really be concerned about, believing that the light and the love we share are actually going to make any change in this world. Not seeing that this same light and love are the mascots of money the real blood stream of our world system. Only when you have money you can ignore reality, only when you have money you can have a diet without meat or other food products and only when you chase money you can be influenced.

Apart from religion, as in accepted religion, there are other forms of religions that mainly follow the money blood stream. These kind of religions infiltrate your home though advertisement on television and make hostages out of the minds of the youngest members of your family. This religion is a fabricate of food corporations who create make believe worlds through psychological backed up artillery that infiltrate into the minds of the youngest to enslave and control the food intake of entire families. Not out of concern of the health of their consumers/followers, but simply to make money out of you.

We all know the scenes of parents with kids in the supermarket of which we all disapprove till we become parents ourselves and accept and allow the system to gobble up our children out of convenience with no going back once their minds are polluted with advertisement pictures. How can you argue a toddler that is convinced that a certain famous food brand will be the best thing to buy, that it isn’t the best thing to buy when you yourself are hooked up to the system and being a bad example for your child. Food adds are everywhere around our children 24/7, schools are sponsored by food corporations in order to survive. Unless these kids are able to break free out of this brainwashing they will see it as normal to eat food that isn’t sustaining the body, but instead sustaining the wallet of the corporation.

We already have a generation that is brought up with processed convenience food and that are incapable of cooking or serving a meal that is made from fresh whole ingredients. We already have a generation that is living the consequences of a corporate menu, when we see young people struggling with non genetical diabetes, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, candida albicans, food allergies, heart diseases, etc. Isn’t it time to start asking questions? We can be sucked away in these life style make believe worlds that the corporates wants us to belief in and to follow these with all the possible money we have or we wake up from this night mare and see how we are controlled for the sake of profit who are obliged to the system as neat slaves. Food control is always about the control of the masses, whether it’s done by churches, corporations or even gambling with food on the stock markets, it’s always about control.

A form of control that’s wrapped up with a nice make believe world or life style that gives us the opportunity to forget, to forget who we really are and what the real world is like which we accepted and created ourselves. Food is a basic need and should be considered as such. Food should be provided for everyone, to sustain our physical bodies to be effective within our world as a worthy member of the whole that we form together. Food is a necessity that cannot and may not be replaced by cheap equivalences to make profit over our physical bodies and to double or even tripple the profit when people get sick from it and end up as a life consumer of the pharmaceutical industry.

A Basic Income Grant could already today take care of a dignified life. If we are capable of printing money out of thin air then we are also capable of giving everyone on earth a Basic Income Grant so we can all eat and do more than only surviving. An Equal Money System will follow up on the Basic Income Grant and make an end to the money blood stream and replace it with the value of life. All simple and achievable systems that would make an end to the inequality of our world. Start asking questions, start investigating for yourself and join us to bring about an Equal Money System.

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One response to “I am not allowed to eat meat

  1. martijndegraaf1001

    December 26, 2011 at 8:13 am

    goed stuk dame. Inderdaad religies noch multinationals kijken naar de realiteit van de voedselbehoefte van ons fysieke bestaan. We kunnen ze missen als kiespijn voor het welzijn van onze lichamen. En ja, alleen een gegarandeerd inkomen brengt iedereen in de positie om zich met die vraag bezig te houden: wat heeft mijn lichaam nodig om optimaal te functioneren?


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