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Being the change for a day

The Challenge Day program is challenging youngsters to be the change through one day workshops. The founders of this organization, an American couple have the following vision, “The Challenge Day mission is to provide youth and their communities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth, and full expression”. They say: “To inspire people to be the change they wish to see in the world, starting with ourselves, through compassion and service”, to accomplish this they use the following formula for change: notice, choose, and act.” This formula means, notice: what needs to change in my community, choose: what can I do to better the situation and act: what will I commit to doing? In these one day workshops they show the youngsters that they all have a story/background and by knowing each others struggles the judgements can be replaced with compassion. They also have one day programs to issue bullying by showing the youngsters what it does inside another being when they are bullied. At these Challenge Days the majority of the youngsters respond positive and at the end of the day youngsters are talking openly with other youngsters who they normally would avoid at school. The Challenge Day program runs in the United States, Canada and they’ve expanded to Europe by doing a workshop in the Netherlands. Although it is the American way of how to deal with emotional issues it seems to take hold on a broader scale.


It’s great to see that The Challenge Day program is recognizing that our youngsters are the generation of tomorrow. The question is wether a one day workshop without real aftercare is going to be the change we so desperately need in this world? Is it love that will change this world? Is it the emphasizing on diversity that will change this world? Is it the search for the truth that will change this world? And do we know what full expression is, so that it will change this world? Is it the compassion and service that will make us understand that we need to change ourselves first, by having compassion with ourselves and being in a Self-honest service to ourselves to bring forth the change within us to make the change within this world?


Is love going to change the world? The love we currently know in this world impulses children through media and adults, in one of abuse in the disguise of love. We’re bribing our kids with money for love and soothing our guilt at the same time. We connected sexuality to love and impuls that into our children through advertisement, fashion and toys. The love our future generation knows is the same love we know taught by our parents. It’s the same love we accept and allow to tear down this world. So will this love change our world for the betterment of all life? Can we simply say, hug each other and feel or give love, knowing what love represents? What happens in actuality is that youngsters hug each other and do feel connected for that moment and at the same time they have negative inner talk about it to sooth the feelings of fear, judgement and jealousy. Do we understand the power of these inner talks as we do not understand the power of promoting love as it is today? All actions we as humans take, all starts with a single thought. One of comparison or self-interest. Which makes wanting to spread love to change this world into an act of self-interest. We all fear that we will become the negative that we know is inside of us, we all fear the negative that we experience and see around us to take over. To equalize this fear we need positivity inside us and around us and at that point we create a make believe world where love can save and heal us. Have a look, is this approach to life not simply a survival strategy? As in I bully a kid in my class because I fear to be bullied myself, because that’s the outcome when we apply imaginary love. Imaginary love in real life is abuse, so instead of neutralizing the negative with the positive, we are fighting the negative with our imaginarily positive, which is a negative in real life. Is this what we want to teach our youngsters? Isn’t it more about caring for ourselves and for others as ourselves? As in love thy neighbor as thyself? Love as it currently exist can’t be used to teach our youngsters how to change the world, it would simply not bring any change.


Is it the emphasizing on diversity that will change this world? Do we really have to search for the differences between us to connect and stand together to be the change? Isn’t the understanding that we all are the same with different experiences that will bring us together? We all went through our teen years trying to find our identity, some found it others are still searching. The question is do we need this quest for individuality or is it leading us further away from changing this world? Isn’t that where the bullying at school starts? You are different than my group and therefore I use my survival strategy and fight you as a bad virus in my body. When youngsters at Challenge Day are crossing “the trust line” and let their peers know that they are hurt by the bullying at school, is that going to stand the test of time? Is one day in a controlled environment, that doesn’t reflect our current society, the change needed at school when all things are gone back to normal again? Instead of seeing the diversity in each other it would be beneficial to see that we all have the same feelings and emotions. It would be beneficial when we understood where these emotions and feelings come from and how to direct them. Stirring up emotions within a controlled environment for one day, is the same as freeing a poisonous snake from it’s terrarium. If the emotions and feelings turmoil experienced at Challenge Day isn’t understood by the youngster the Pandora box is opened and without the proper aftercare inner talks will get worse and depression and the consequences from depression will by be only one step away. That doesn’t make strong and stable youngsters that want to change this world, that only makes really afraid youngsters that want to crawl back in their caves and disconnect from reality.


Is it the search for the truth that will change this world? We can say to our youngsters to follow their heart and find the truth, but what advise is that? Empty words since never ever we’ve found the truth, as the truth is the other end of the polarity and that is the lie. So every truth has a lie in it and every lie has a truth in it. Isn’t it more practical to learn youngsters to investigate within their reality to see what works and what doesn’t in specific situations? Finding the truth is either a distraction or another reason to develop depression in a youngster. When we find the truth within ourselves or about ourselves we can see that we have lived a lie for so long and that counts even for youngsters that have to deal with their genetically bagage from which they have already created their own lie. So again it’s about survival, we never will find the truth and change the world accordingly to the truth. It’s a matter of finding the trust within us, knowing that we can change the world and act as a whole to get this done.


Do we know what full expression is, so that it will change this world? We as adults have never lived within full expression as who we are. There is no way that we could teach that to our children since we do not understand it yet and we never experienced it. Living in the full expression as who we truly are is not possible in a world where survival is our number one priority. When our basic needs are not met, the only expression we have is fear and that’s exactly what we teach our youth, to fear their future. To hit the other first before they can hit you. To get as much money as possible to survive within the system and to become addicted to money and greed. We all know we are not our current expression, but who will stand up and dares to dig as deep as is required to find this true expression of ourselves? Our true expression is life, without life and our physical breath there is no reason for us to be here on earth in our physical bodies. In other words without our true expression we wouldn’t be here, it unfortunately takes time and self-will to see it and to accept it. Would that be worthwhile to teach the next generation? To build a world where we all understand the importance of why we are here and how we can stay here, to deeply understand what the meaning of life is and why we are in it together? Together we can change the world, but it takes awareness from all of us to join in.


A program like the Challenge Day would definitely work when we exchange love with care, diversity with sameness, the truth with trust and full expression with life. Then we would comprehend that life will only work out for all when we trust to care from a point of sameness. A one day program in a controlled environment cannot change the youngsters nor the world, it needs a complete change of our total environment, stripped from survival and fear, to make this change. In an Equal Money System it will be every day Challenge Day. And parents will be thought before they will have children what it means to give as you would receive with a dedication to care for life. Children will be thought within this principle at home. The first 7 years children will be thought by their parents and learn the most basic tools as writing, reading and math. When they are older they are equipped to discover themselves as the others within groups. With an emphasis on how to work together and how to assist and support each other. Only then our children are able to build the world of tomorrow in the best interest of all, where one can speak about personal issues, where one don’t have to fit in according to personality and where one has a social network to back them up. Wouldn’t you like such a future for your child? It takes only one vote for an Equal Money System to bring us all a basic income and a dignified life. Join us or give up on life, the choice is yours.



“The Equal Money System have as Goal to Educate prospective parents with the skills and understanding necessary BEFORE a child is Born to make sure that the Child have every opportunity of an excellent Life and the required Base foundation as example of what it means to give as you would receive with a dedication to care for Life in all ways. We are what we are taught form Birth and changing our Beginning Here will change Human Nature. We all know this, yet we continue to ignore what can be changed.” ~ Bernard Poolman







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