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Tree shaping; the ultimate control of man over the tree of knowledge

Tree shaping; the ultimate control of man over the tree of knowledge“Tree Shaping (also known as Pookte, arborsculpture, tree training, and by several other alternative names) is the practice of training living trees and other woody plants into artistic shapes and useful structures.” ~ Wikipedia

“Most artists use grafting to deliberately induce the inosculation of living trunks, branches, and roots, into artistic designs or functional structures. To achieve these art forms, many different tree species have been used, but some trees are better suited than others.” ~ Wikipedia

Most people love the pictures or real physical presence of shaped trees, it grants us with a feeling of being in control even though this manifests on a subconscious level. From the beginning of life we humans have come up with various ways to control our environment as being the ones with the highest level of intelligence. We walk around existence as Gods that have the faith of all life in their hands, yet we as Gods do not want to take the responsibility of our intelligent deeds. This seems to be a common ground for Gods when we have a look look at creation in general and the way we try to subdue life to our irresistible wishes of the positive and beautiful.

Training a tree to grow into a chair, fence, bridge, artistic form or any other form of unnatural growth of the tree, might seem harmless. Though we should obelize that very statement, of training trees as a harmless action, since the tree might not experience life threatening issues by it, the harm done is one of subduing another life form for our desires. The longing for perfection done by our hands and interference is characteristic for us humans. Outclassing the tree by intelligence and therefore having permission to grow a tree into unnatural shapes for the joy of watching it. When the Chinese way back in time let their females grow tiny feet out of fashionable desires we condemned this, yet when we do the same with a tree, we suddenly are the masters over life through the amount of intelligence. We consider ourselves as the decision makers over life, while we are not even aware of our own bodies, our own tree.

Wasn’t it the tree of knowledge that led us into the experience of our own nudity and shame about our bodies? Already in the beginning, according to the bible, we had this orgastic desire for knowledge and feeling better or more than anything or anyone else. We do not worship our God(s) we worship our very own knowledge as our God. The knowledge that we posses like a real possession of the mind has grown bigger than we ever could have imagined.

What is this intelligence that we worship till dead do us part? Where or when did we start being aware of this God inside ourselves? Wasn’t it the first time when we outsmarted our parents and siblings? The moment we could fool our teachers or learned the trick of repeating our materials in school. Who are the best students in school, the ones that know their books by heart or the ones that want to find out for them selves whether the materials are useful? Isn’t intelligence a nice word for a controlling copy cat?

By controlling our environment through outsmarting other life forms we are practising survival skills through competition and that would place us right back to the level of caveman. Although the caveman might have had more awareness about himself as a physical body and his physical reality, we do see him as less than what we are today. What does this imply? It implies that we never have gotten smarter. We did get out of our caves and at the same time we discovered another cave to hide within intelligence and that cave is the modern equivalent for our today’s mind. We are consumed by our mind, which we call our intelligence, and therefore the ones with more intelligence have better life expectations.

We can skin animals, we can pollute nature, we can test on animals, we can frack and destroy the inner parts of the earth, we can control and manipulate anything because we can outsmart all the lower life forms for our own fulfillment and desires. Yes WE CAN destroy our physical reality and call it intelligence and making money, but it is plain and straight abuse of ourselves as the reflection of ourselves, life on earth. It’s not really a form of intelligence when we destroy that on which we depend, isn’t it?

The last resort we have is letting go of our totem pole which we call intelligence and learn how to become humble again. No longer controlling our physical environment and dreaming about perfection when training a tree into our desire and image of perfection. We depend on each other, which means that we have to work together as equals and grant each other that what we can do best. There is no intelligence involved in doing that what you do best in the best interest of all life, but only common sense. Intelligence depends on non processed knowledge as a why to survive in the system and common sense is practical applied information through investigation in order to life and let life. This earth isn’t in need of dreaming control freaks, this earth is in need of life that cares for each other as each other.

Are you interested in becoming humble again in order to really care again, join us and start understanding yourself through writing. You can start now with a free course called Dip Lite and show the world that you dare to care. Shape yourself like a tree, train yourself like a tree to become one and equal to life again, instead of controlling your physical reality from a point of fear.

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