Ascension DIY

04 Dec

Ascension DIY Even though it might sound a bit weird to do your ascension to the 5th dimension yourself, it’s eventually the safest way to go. The ascension touroperators that are now in business are asking extravagant prices and are still subject to our current money system. Money in the 5th dimension does no longer exist, but since these ascension operators are partnerships between both dimensions, money is still influential and the number one reason for fraud. Buying an expensive ticket to ascend, is no guarantee for ending up in the 5th dimension.

Doing it yourself isn’t that hard at all and so much more fun, so give it a try. There is a preparation time of 14 days, so you need to be ready to start at the 7th of December 2012. Since you are doing it yourself you can do it within the intimacy of your own home. You start of with a diet when your weight is above the 66 pounds/30 kilograms, any excess weight may jeopardize your ascension. The diet consist of drinking water and chewing Khat leaves that will provide you with the loss of appetite and cause excitement and euphoria, just what you need for your ascension. Once in the 5th dimension you will be healed from your new formed addiction due to the fact that the Catha edulis doesn’t grow in the 5th dimension.

Building your ascension machine will be best in the first week before your ascension, when you still have some weight and strength left to build this machine. The main parts for this machine are; an oil drum, a burner, Swiss clock, a harness, large jar of vaseline, an old church pew and any ideological books to ignite the fire. The exact way to build this machine you can find on the internet when you search for ascension DIY and make sure your URL ends with dot onion.

Within your preparation time you can start writing a log and leave a capsule on the earth for the ones that stay behind, it will be fun for you to write out all the hallucinations your in while being on the Khat diet. So why not share some realizations with the people you leave behind. Some more writing is required, since you have to make a will to divide all your belongings. You can’t bring any of your earthly possessions with you, but you will be surprised how much more advanced the 5th dimension is, when it comes to distraction toys.

There is still some confusion around the money point, some say you have to pay at the gate of the 5th dimension. The operators are claiming this for sure, others mentioned that due to the partnership there will be an one time payment for erasing your mind. Although your weight has decreased and helped you ascend, heavy minds will have problems once in the 5th dimension. There must be some space left for love & light which can overrule your earthly negative vibrations.

You see the way we exist now on this earth is still at the level of the caveman, with the difference that the cave has made room for an apartment. There is too much atrocities going on and it is getting harder every day to ignore, deny or suppress the true nature of our world and us humans in it. We tried for eons of time to exploit each other and still too many are with the 99%, while the 1% is laughing their pants of. So it’s time to elevate ourselves at a new level, where positivity can truly be lived without getting smashed with the negative consequences. Most people are sick and tired of living the life of a slave and have no longer the guts to stand up and change this dimension. And why should we change when we can move to the next dimension? Don’t make life too difficult, it’s not like you live once ,God knows how many times we can still incarnate and with the 5th dimension on the way we’re also freed from our karma.

Is there anything left to say about your DIY ascension, rather then good bye and break a leg?

Well since you are the type of human that likes the quick fix, although you agreed on building an ascension machine trough saving money. Look at it this way, why should you escape to another dimension thinking all will be okay over there, when you ascend with the very same nature you exist as right now? Things do not get better unless we make things better, so any form of escapism will back fire at us. Rather invest in this physical reality to rebuild our money system and from there on all the systems that are not aligned to what is best for all. Dare to look at yourself to see where your flaws and self-interest rules, it might be an interesting journey to sort yourself out equal and one to this existence. Don’t hurry for your 21th of December deadline, there is a life time ahead to fix things on earth. Visit us at the forum or the forum and work for your own future. Step in the shoes of all those other beings here on earth and see how much another direction is needed. We all want the life we dream of, but we won’t get it as long as we accept and allow the current systems as they are. The alternatives are on the table, the Equal Money System is here to implement when all are ready, so what are you waiting for?


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2 responses to “Ascension DIY

  1. Anna Brix Thomsen

    December 4, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    LOLOL – Suggest to leave a disclaimer for anyone who might actually go on that diet!

  2. martijndegraaf1001

    December 4, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    very funny style with a serious twist


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