The Capital is Mine

Living Income Guaranteed

We’re all trying to find ways to let the “Capital be Mine”, or better said, to let Capitalism work for us. Over the years we’ve been able to witness how that played out in all parts of our daily life. Proponents of Capitalism, as we know it today, say that greed has been used to place Capitalism within a pejorative context. When we look at the definition of Capitalism in the Merriam-Webster dictionary it’s written that Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. Wikipedia adds the factor of profit as a characteristic of Capitalism when they say that this system in which trades, industries and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit. That makes Capitalism into a deadly and doomed cocktail of competition and profit where the fittest will survive and the majority is submitted to wage labor and slaves of the components that are in power within society.

The 21th century is marked by Capitalism, which could work in theory and on paper, though we’re still slaves of masters as if we were still in times of Feudalism. Back in the Middle Ages between the 9th and 15th century we had Feudalism as our economic system, which was a way of structuring society around relationships, derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labor. We we’re not free citizens that were able to do exactly that what we wanted. When Capitalism emerged from Feudalism it looked like we had more freedom. We were all able to invest money in order to make a profit and become rich, which then resulted into wanting to make money through profit as an end in itself.

Capitalism which is an economic system has now almost turned into a religion, we believe strongly that one day the Capital will be ours on the back of another, if we follow the rules or rites of Capitalism. Free market processes will emerge where anything can be sold from a pair of panties to the air that we breathe and the water that we drink to stay alive. When we add the survival of the fittest to it we know we’ll be heading on the road to greed. Greed, that according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means an intense desire for wealth or possessions. They add to not let greed for riches control you and that’s exactly what we’re controlled by, through denial or acceptance. Greed exists in all of us to a greater or lesser extent. Some of us can control it, others are out of control without any form of regret. We’re a product of our own Capitalistic product and we see it as normal, the norm to live by. We see money as our God to turn to and to comfort us. When we’re deprived of money we feel as if God is punishing us, we’re not worthy. So we need to become greedy, monsters without regret to become the fittest to survive.

This Capitalistic religion was carried out through the world by means of Globalization though Imperialism in the 19th century. Capitalism was spreading like an oil stain in the ocean and still a product that third world countries would like to have or invite to their country, without looking at the Trojan horse effect that Capitalism in fact has. When inviting Capitalism, the countries religion will be changed and it’s money will be worshipped from now on. It’s almost like a STD, first you indulge and enjoy before you can even grasp the consequences.

When we look at how we’ve given away our directive principle when it comes to money, and how most of us have become the 99% , we can see that institutes like banks are the pubic louses in our crotch that we allow to feast while thinking that we were the ones that had a great party. Capitalism by the means of Globalization has brought us a banking system that infected the entire Capitalistic system where we think that eternal growth is the norm and greed is a virtue. Our banking system consist of people, people who know that they can make fortunes once they are in and at the same time know they can be out on the streets any time the system wants to eject them for not being the best money maker for the bank. This way of thinking as a reward system stimulates and enlarges the mechanism of the survival of the fittest where it is a breeding place for greed without regret. The bankers that took the world to the 2008 crisis are still not having regret and are looking back at a great time and many opportunities. And why do they not have any regret? Because we allow them to be greedy and take, we rewarded them with bail outs and sent them the message that they can get away with their behavior while we stay put, which isn’t a surprise when we know the same greed is within all of us. So in a way we look with jealousy in our eyes how the bankers can get away with it while not directly getting why we allow it and have not yet come with solid solutions to turn the tide.

We can even see that the political arena has become a springboard for politicians to end up in the banking sector earning triple the salary they had and handing over their influential service record to the banks. Corporations use the same trick to get influential people inside their organizations to guarantee immunity and build a facade of trust with these public figures that are trusted by the greater public. We can conclude that our global banking system is the tumor within Capitalism. In order to get a form of Capitalism that is great on paper and great in real life we do not only have to get rid of the tumor, but also see that the cause of the cancer is our greediness and thus clear that point.

Clearing this point of greediness includes that we as humanity have to become responsible citizens again. We have to take responsibility for ourselves as well as for ourselves as a group. We can’t depend on the few that are profiting from our Capitalistic system; we need to build a system where all can have a foundation even if we’re not the fittest. At the same time it would be irrational to say that Capitalism isn’t working when certain parts of Capitalism are sucking the blood out of the system. We can come up with economical systems that would work so much better, but absolutely not ready to implement within our current society. In times like this we do not need fantasies of what could be, there is no time to reminisce about things. We’re living within a time that is screaming for direction and cooperation. We need to be willing to not only go for our own greed, but also go for the greater good.

What if we, for the time being, keep Capitalism and “inject life into capitalism” as Marlen Vargas Del Razo said in a life Google hangout. We could rebuild our society with the use of cooperatives where its members, we the people, own the ‘company’, make revenue which strengthens the cooperatives and goes straight to its members. So after expenses each member gets a part of the money the ‘company’ makes, which would be called profit within Capitalism and surplus within a cooperative. Capitalism is close related to the cooperative’s way of making money and that makes it easy to start thinking about Cooperative Capitalism. Where we can bring communal sense back into society, learn from each other, support each other, volunteer and make money. Making a cooperative web of support avoiding the need for greediness. Cooperation on all levels of society to make ourselves ready for the next step and smoothly shift into another economic system like for instance a Living Income Guaranteed.

Capital is mine can then evolve in Capital is mine and yours, because no one should be without any form of support. It’s very simple, what if you become me one day or I become you and end up less fortunate? Do we want to be forgotten, do we want to be looked at with disgust and eyes full of hatred, because we might have inflicted our misfortune upon ourselves. Every being needs a hand that reaches out to them no matter how or why they got themselves in the situation they’re in. We can take our authority in our own hands again, we can cooperate because we are inherently social beings living in groups, why not use such a trait and make a ‘profit’ out of it for the betterment of all? The world only needs a yes from you and things could change in ways you can’t believe right now. Blinded by survival we’ve lost touch with ourselves and our surroundings while the Capital, real life, has always been waiting for us. We can take the Capital; we may take it and in return give it equally to others. The Capital is ours!

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Equal Money Capitalism – Doping: transforming yourself into a super human

equal money capitalism

The problem:

Doping is a major problem in the sports world and now with the confessions of Lance Armstrong the topic is into the picture again. The question is whether, when we speak about the drug problem, is the drug itself the problem, or are the forces behind the drug keeping it in motion. Literally keeping in motion, because the big business which the the doping industry is, has an interest in maintaining doping within sports, in addition to the fact that sports has become an industry where it’s all about money. Outstanding achievements are expressed in monetary terms, because it isn’t anymore about giving your body the necessary exercise, or about letting your blood circulate in a healthy way and whether you didn’t pushed through limits in order to get a high from your own body hormones. Top sports has become an addiction to money and stimulants.

The drug problem within top sports can’t be tackled simply by linear approaches that emphasize on the athlete as the offender. It is important to first look at what drugs actually do when it comes to performance enhancement in sports. It has become some sort of a legend that doping will transform you into a superman. It is said that an athlete that uses stimulants can deliver a supernatural sport performance and that would be unfair towards it’s rivals and top sports in general. But when we have a look into the research work of Bram Brouwer (Dutch sports coach and psychologist), we see him saying the following, in an interview with Dutch cyclist Rini Wagtman in ‘’, about doping.

In his thesis “doping as fallacy’, Bram Brouwer highlights doping from an different angle. He looked at it, not only from a medical point of view, but he also included the rules and the physiology of exercise. “Doping doesn’t work”, concludes Bram. Even the wonder drug EPO (erythropoietin), which stimulates the production of red blood cells and thereby stimulates the oxygen transport within the body, has according to Bram little or no performing enhancing effects in cyclists. “I certainly couldn’t find any evidence”, he says. “I’m not saying doping doesn’t work”. It works primarily in the mind. It adds a placebo-effect. I think riders are going to cycle faster, because they think they can go faster. There are riders who lose, because they think the others are using doping and therefore cycle faster. So they already lost in advance.

So when we look at the positive performance increase by the use of doping, then according to Bram Brouwer, there is no significant evidence that the body of an athlete performs any better. It’s the illusion created by the stimulants which makes the athlete think he can perform above his own abilities. That way we can state that a sugar pill is sufficient enough for an athlete to give his best for his sponsors. This equalizes doping to most other drugs, which just like doping, does not protrudes above a sugar pill when it comes to the positive effects on the athlete or the patient. Only a small portion of the active compound combined with the illusion that’s a super agent will then, together after filtering this information in the mind of the user, generate a predictable outcome. The money that can be made from top sports and disease is so extensive, that the persuasion from the part of the pharmaceutical industry and it’s henchmen is huge.

This doping problem isn’t an isolated problem and is created by other accepted problems in our society such as: making money on minimal working medical drugs, making a million business out of sports, marketing sports into a competitive game, let viewers lean on to supernatural performances of athletes which they also like to perform themselves and that way enhancing ratings and stadiums full of people, and making the citizens believe that it’s okay to use stimulants and make money from it while athletes push themselves beyond physical safety by the placebo-effect.

It’s no secret nowadays that money is made on minimal working drugs, but most of us have peace with the idea that this is the way the game is played. This way we respond to the ‘being special’ feeling as a human, with the result of better performances and better abilities to heal ourselves by using special medication. The principle of making lots of money and lots of profit at the costs of other people’s bodies, is the value that we’ve adopted as the norm, as most people do not ask questions, because everybody has to make a living.

Sports over the years has become a million business, the athletes are the pawns of the people in the background with power and money, while the athletes are made into idols, which everybody wants to be due to the money that’s involved. When athletes would earn an average salary and no huge sums of money were pumped into the sports clubs, the hype around sports would no longer exists. Who needs an electrician as an idol? Or the girl from the cheese department in the supermarket?

Sports is not about exercise, but to compete with others. The principle of winning as the highest good and being a loser when you lose, has seeped into our daily life where ‘the winner takes it all’ principle rules. Sports is no longer about taking care of your body, but is now based on pushing the boundaries of the body as much as possible into superman performances. In the absence of sufficient supernatural performances, the athlete considers the use of stimulants as a next step to become the winner and being able to let the money roll for his sponsors.

We as the viewers of sports, are considering sports more or less from a starting point of jealousy, we actually had wanted to perform in such ways. We would actually want a boyfriend with such a body. Nevertheless, for the masses this will only be hoping an desiring, that makes them forget what’s the other side of this ‘body consuming’ sport and therefore we massively watch and spend money on looking at an athlete who’s taking his own body for granted by taking stimulants and puts money above his own body or life.

We occasionally get excited when doping comes to light in the sports world, but that’s more a feel bad experience, seeing that your sports idol is performing better on doping then he would normally do, which makes extolling your idol suddenly into a nasty taste in your mouth. Then you suddenly see that your hero is no different than anyone else and is tempted by doping to win and make more money. Or your idol has to contest against athletes that do take stimulants, which makes it into an unfair game. Where do we draw the line and is doping permitted even when the placebo-effect is bigger than its working substances? Because either way, when the athlete believes he’s performing better on drugs or does he believes that he can push himself beyond physical safety without doping, sports is no longer in favor of the body, but in the interest of money.

The solution:

On a global level it’s good to ask ourselves what are we actually doing as independent countries, when we send athletes to sports events under the influence of stimulants, who against all odds have to perform better than they self would consider possible. Isn’t sports this way, equal to war, to determine who’s the best and who’s the winner? When we take the competition out off sports, doping is no longer needed. Big sports events, where countries put more money in the events than they do for the survival of their own population, are totally unnecessary. As with war, where the battle is often conducted on obtaining natural resources for energy and minerals, sports goes with the struggle to get hold of the gold medals and cups. In both the common denominator is money, in both a lot of money is involved if we look at all the parties that want a piece of the action.

What if no longer big amounts of money would be earned in sports, would the pharmaceutical industry still be interested in athletes? What if there would no longer be big sports events, would big sponsors still be interested in the sports teams or athletes? In other words, when we eliminate and exclude money from sports we do no longer have a doping problem. What if we took competition out of sports and sports just becomes a physical activity, where you measure yourself with your own acquired data of yourself?

This is a 180 degree reversal of what we think that sports should be, but what we should ask ourselves is the following: is my definition I have of sports and doping my own perspective or is it a belief that I adopted throughout my life as my own through media and education fitted?

How can we ever work together on an global scale when competition is between us, where we use foul play and tolerate doping within a sports world where we depict athletes engaging themselves in achieving or maintaining a healthy body.

Even on an individual level the solution lies in the approach of sports, where once the winner-effect is taken out, the competition disappears and thus no longer a monetary reward or feeling better than the other exists. That brings sports back to base, simply physical activity. Which automatically makes sports no longer suitable for doping, when the winner-effect is gone.

It’s definitely comparing apples to oranges when we compete with others in sports. Our physiology is different, our approach is different, our materials are different, it’s about out smarting each other, so it’s never two equal people competing with each other. So what does the outcome of such a bike race, judo tournament or a football game say? How often do you hear, my bike wasn’t doing okay, we had some people with injuries within the team or I wasn’t totally fit for this match? This will be discarded as excuses by the media, and yes, these are excuses seen through the eyes of our current definition of sports. But it does show us the realty of an unbalanced battle where only our ego has gotten boosted with monetary rewards and a better life?

The reward:

The reward for a world without drugs, stimulants, which returns sports to the basic of exercise or body movement, is regaining respect for the body. Will an athlete really be happy with all these substances and stimuli in his body? It might be that the athlete doesn’t want to have a look at his behavior now, because he is blinded by big money, but eventually these people will realize that there might be negative aspects to the use of doping. Although doping largely has a placebo-effect according to Bram Brouwer, the little acting compound in it, may also cause damage or dependency to the drug.

So the reward of no doping is mainly:

* respect for your own body.

* not pushing through the boundaries of the physical body.

* being able to enjoy the physical activity without labeling yourself as a winner or a loser.

* not being pushed by others through money to deliver top achievements which are not okay for the body.

* not having to walk the adverse effects of doping.

* using the money made with these doping million businesses to improve life in general.

Sources and additional material:

Interview Bram Brouwer

Derren Brown ~ Fear and Faith (placebo effect)

The Century of Self

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Ascension DIY

Ascension DIY Even though it might sound a bit weird to do your ascension to the 5th dimension yourself, it’s eventually the safest way to go. The ascension touroperators that are now in business are asking extravagant prices and are still subject to our current money system. Money in the 5th dimension does no longer exist, but since these ascension operators are partnerships between both dimensions, money is still influential and the number one reason for fraud. Buying an expensive ticket to ascend, is no guarantee for ending up in the 5th dimension.

Doing it yourself isn’t that hard at all and so much more fun, so give it a try. There is a preparation time of 14 days, so you need to be ready to start at the 7th of December 2012. Since you are doing it yourself you can do it within the intimacy of your own home. You start of with a diet when your weight is above the 66 pounds/30 kilograms, any excess weight may jeopardize your ascension. The diet consist of drinking water and chewing Khat leaves that will provide you with the loss of appetite and cause excitement and euphoria, just what you need for your ascension. Once in the 5th dimension you will be healed from your new formed addiction due to the fact that the Catha edulis doesn’t grow in the 5th dimension.

Building your ascension machine will be best in the first week before your ascension, when you still have some weight and strength left to build this machine. The main parts for this machine are; an oil drum, a burner, Swiss clock, a harness, large jar of vaseline, an old church pew and any ideological books to ignite the fire. The exact way to build this machine you can find on the internet when you search for ascension DIY and make sure your URL ends with dot onion.

Within your preparation time you can start writing a log and leave a capsule on the earth for the ones that stay behind, it will be fun for you to write out all the hallucinations your in while being on the Khat diet. So why not share some realizations with the people you leave behind. Some more writing is required, since you have to make a will to divide all your belongings. You can’t bring any of your earthly possessions with you, but you will be surprised how much more advanced the 5th dimension is, when it comes to distraction toys.

There is still some confusion around the money point, some say you have to pay at the gate of the 5th dimension. The operators are claiming this for sure, others mentioned that due to the partnership there will be an one time payment for erasing your mind. Although your weight has decreased and helped you ascend, heavy minds will have problems once in the 5th dimension. There must be some space left for love & light which can overrule your earthly negative vibrations.

You see the way we exist now on this earth is still at the level of the caveman, with the difference that the cave has made room for an apartment. There is too much atrocities going on and it is getting harder every day to ignore, deny or suppress the true nature of our world and us humans in it. We tried for eons of time to exploit each other and still too many are with the 99%, while the 1% is laughing their pants of. So it’s time to elevate ourselves at a new level, where positivity can truly be lived without getting smashed with the negative consequences. Most people are sick and tired of living the life of a slave and have no longer the guts to stand up and change this dimension. And why should we change when we can move to the next dimension? Don’t make life too difficult, it’s not like you live once ,God knows how many times we can still incarnate and with the 5th dimension on the way we’re also freed from our karma.

Is there anything left to say about your DIY ascension, rather then good bye and break a leg?

Well since you are the type of human that likes the quick fix, although you agreed on building an ascension machine trough saving money. Look at it this way, why should you escape to another dimension thinking all will be okay over there, when you ascend with the very same nature you exist as right now? Things do not get better unless we make things better, so any form of escapism will back fire at us. Rather invest in this physical reality to rebuild our money system and from there on all the systems that are not aligned to what is best for all. Dare to look at yourself to see where your flaws and self-interest rules, it might be an interesting journey to sort yourself out equal and one to this existence. Don’t hurry for your 21th of December deadline, there is a life time ahead to fix things on earth. Visit us at the forum or the forum and work for your own future. Step in the shoes of all those other beings here on earth and see how much another direction is needed. We all want the life we dream of, but we won’t get it as long as we accept and allow the current systems as they are. The alternatives are on the table, the Equal Money System is here to implement when all are ready, so what are you waiting for?


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Tree shaping; the ultimate control of man over the tree of knowledge

Tree shaping; the ultimate control of man over the tree of knowledge“Tree Shaping (also known as Pookte, arborsculpture, tree training, and by several other alternative names) is the practice of training living trees and other woody plants into artistic shapes and useful structures.” ~ Wikipedia

“Most artists use grafting to deliberately induce the inosculation of living trunks, branches, and roots, into artistic designs or functional structures. To achieve these art forms, many different tree species have been used, but some trees are better suited than others.” ~ Wikipedia

Most people love the pictures or real physical presence of shaped trees, it grants us with a feeling of being in control even though this manifests on a subconscious level. From the beginning of life we humans have come up with various ways to control our environment as being the ones with the highest level of intelligence. We walk around existence as Gods that have the faith of all life in their hands, yet we as Gods do not want to take the responsibility of our intelligent deeds. This seems to be a common ground for Gods when we have a look look at creation in general and the way we try to subdue life to our irresistible wishes of the positive and beautiful.

Training a tree to grow into a chair, fence, bridge, artistic form or any other form of unnatural growth of the tree, might seem harmless. Though we should obelize that very statement, of training trees as a harmless action, since the tree might not experience life threatening issues by it, the harm done is one of subduing another life form for our desires. The longing for perfection done by our hands and interference is characteristic for us humans. Outclassing the tree by intelligence and therefore having permission to grow a tree into unnatural shapes for the joy of watching it. When the Chinese way back in time let their females grow tiny feet out of fashionable desires we condemned this, yet when we do the same with a tree, we suddenly are the masters over life through the amount of intelligence. We consider ourselves as the decision makers over life, while we are not even aware of our own bodies, our own tree.

Wasn’t it the tree of knowledge that led us into the experience of our own nudity and shame about our bodies? Already in the beginning, according to the bible, we had this orgastic desire for knowledge and feeling better or more than anything or anyone else. We do not worship our God(s) we worship our very own knowledge as our God. The knowledge that we posses like a real possession of the mind has grown bigger than we ever could have imagined.

What is this intelligence that we worship till dead do us part? Where or when did we start being aware of this God inside ourselves? Wasn’t it the first time when we outsmarted our parents and siblings? The moment we could fool our teachers or learned the trick of repeating our materials in school. Who are the best students in school, the ones that know their books by heart or the ones that want to find out for them selves whether the materials are useful? Isn’t intelligence a nice word for a controlling copy cat?

By controlling our environment through outsmarting other life forms we are practising survival skills through competition and that would place us right back to the level of caveman. Although the caveman might have had more awareness about himself as a physical body and his physical reality, we do see him as less than what we are today. What does this imply? It implies that we never have gotten smarter. We did get out of our caves and at the same time we discovered another cave to hide within intelligence and that cave is the modern equivalent for our today’s mind. We are consumed by our mind, which we call our intelligence, and therefore the ones with more intelligence have better life expectations.

We can skin animals, we can pollute nature, we can test on animals, we can frack and destroy the inner parts of the earth, we can control and manipulate anything because we can outsmart all the lower life forms for our own fulfillment and desires. Yes WE CAN destroy our physical reality and call it intelligence and making money, but it is plain and straight abuse of ourselves as the reflection of ourselves, life on earth. It’s not really a form of intelligence when we destroy that on which we depend, isn’t it?

The last resort we have is letting go of our totem pole which we call intelligence and learn how to become humble again. No longer controlling our physical environment and dreaming about perfection when training a tree into our desire and image of perfection. We depend on each other, which means that we have to work together as equals and grant each other that what we can do best. There is no intelligence involved in doing that what you do best in the best interest of all life, but only common sense. Intelligence depends on non processed knowledge as a why to survive in the system and common sense is practical applied information through investigation in order to life and let life. This earth isn’t in need of dreaming control freaks, this earth is in need of life that cares for each other as each other.

Are you interested in becoming humble again in order to really care again, join us and start understanding yourself through writing. You can start now with a free course called Dip Lite and show the world that you dare to care. Shape yourself like a tree, train yourself like a tree to become one and equal to life again, instead of controlling your physical reality from a point of fear.

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Being the change for a day

The Challenge Day program is challenging youngsters to be the change through one day workshops. The founders of this organization, an American couple have the following vision, “The Challenge Day mission is to provide youth and their communities with experiential programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth, and full expression”. They say: “To inspire people to be the change they wish to see in the world, starting with ourselves, through compassion and service”, to accomplish this they use the following formula for change: notice, choose, and act.” This formula means, notice: what needs to change in my community, choose: what can I do to better the situation and act: what will I commit to doing? In these one day workshops they show the youngsters that they all have a story/background and by knowing each others struggles the judgements can be replaced with compassion. They also have one day programs to issue bullying by showing the youngsters what it does inside another being when they are bullied. At these Challenge Days the majority of the youngsters respond positive and at the end of the day youngsters are talking openly with other youngsters who they normally would avoid at school. The Challenge Day program runs in the United States, Canada and they’ve expanded to Europe by doing a workshop in the Netherlands. Although it is the American way of how to deal with emotional issues it seems to take hold on a broader scale.


It’s great to see that The Challenge Day program is recognizing that our youngsters are the generation of tomorrow. The question is wether a one day workshop without real aftercare is going to be the change we so desperately need in this world? Is it love that will change this world? Is it the emphasizing on diversity that will change this world? Is it the search for the truth that will change this world? And do we know what full expression is, so that it will change this world? Is it the compassion and service that will make us understand that we need to change ourselves first, by having compassion with ourselves and being in a Self-honest service to ourselves to bring forth the change within us to make the change within this world?


Is love going to change the world? The love we currently know in this world impulses children through media and adults, in one of abuse in the disguise of love. We’re bribing our kids with money for love and soothing our guilt at the same time. We connected sexuality to love and impuls that into our children through advertisement, fashion and toys. The love our future generation knows is the same love we know taught by our parents. It’s the same love we accept and allow to tear down this world. So will this love change our world for the betterment of all life? Can we simply say, hug each other and feel or give love, knowing what love represents? What happens in actuality is that youngsters hug each other and do feel connected for that moment and at the same time they have negative inner talk about it to sooth the feelings of fear, judgement and jealousy. Do we understand the power of these inner talks as we do not understand the power of promoting love as it is today? All actions we as humans take, all starts with a single thought. One of comparison or self-interest. Which makes wanting to spread love to change this world into an act of self-interest. We all fear that we will become the negative that we know is inside of us, we all fear the negative that we experience and see around us to take over. To equalize this fear we need positivity inside us and around us and at that point we create a make believe world where love can save and heal us. Have a look, is this approach to life not simply a survival strategy? As in I bully a kid in my class because I fear to be bullied myself, because that’s the outcome when we apply imaginary love. Imaginary love in real life is abuse, so instead of neutralizing the negative with the positive, we are fighting the negative with our imaginarily positive, which is a negative in real life. Is this what we want to teach our youngsters? Isn’t it more about caring for ourselves and for others as ourselves? As in love thy neighbor as thyself? Love as it currently exist can’t be used to teach our youngsters how to change the world, it would simply not bring any change.


Is it the emphasizing on diversity that will change this world? Do we really have to search for the differences between us to connect and stand together to be the change? Isn’t the understanding that we all are the same with different experiences that will bring us together? We all went through our teen years trying to find our identity, some found it others are still searching. The question is do we need this quest for individuality or is it leading us further away from changing this world? Isn’t that where the bullying at school starts? You are different than my group and therefore I use my survival strategy and fight you as a bad virus in my body. When youngsters at Challenge Day are crossing “the trust line” and let their peers know that they are hurt by the bullying at school, is that going to stand the test of time? Is one day in a controlled environment, that doesn’t reflect our current society, the change needed at school when all things are gone back to normal again? Instead of seeing the diversity in each other it would be beneficial to see that we all have the same feelings and emotions. It would be beneficial when we understood where these emotions and feelings come from and how to direct them. Stirring up emotions within a controlled environment for one day, is the same as freeing a poisonous snake from it’s terrarium. If the emotions and feelings turmoil experienced at Challenge Day isn’t understood by the youngster the Pandora box is opened and without the proper aftercare inner talks will get worse and depression and the consequences from depression will by be only one step away. That doesn’t make strong and stable youngsters that want to change this world, that only makes really afraid youngsters that want to crawl back in their caves and disconnect from reality.


Is it the search for the truth that will change this world? We can say to our youngsters to follow their heart and find the truth, but what advise is that? Empty words since never ever we’ve found the truth, as the truth is the other end of the polarity and that is the lie. So every truth has a lie in it and every lie has a truth in it. Isn’t it more practical to learn youngsters to investigate within their reality to see what works and what doesn’t in specific situations? Finding the truth is either a distraction or another reason to develop depression in a youngster. When we find the truth within ourselves or about ourselves we can see that we have lived a lie for so long and that counts even for youngsters that have to deal with their genetically bagage from which they have already created their own lie. So again it’s about survival, we never will find the truth and change the world accordingly to the truth. It’s a matter of finding the trust within us, knowing that we can change the world and act as a whole to get this done.


Do we know what full expression is, so that it will change this world? We as adults have never lived within full expression as who we are. There is no way that we could teach that to our children since we do not understand it yet and we never experienced it. Living in the full expression as who we truly are is not possible in a world where survival is our number one priority. When our basic needs are not met, the only expression we have is fear and that’s exactly what we teach our youth, to fear their future. To hit the other first before they can hit you. To get as much money as possible to survive within the system and to become addicted to money and greed. We all know we are not our current expression, but who will stand up and dares to dig as deep as is required to find this true expression of ourselves? Our true expression is life, without life and our physical breath there is no reason for us to be here on earth in our physical bodies. In other words without our true expression we wouldn’t be here, it unfortunately takes time and self-will to see it and to accept it. Would that be worthwhile to teach the next generation? To build a world where we all understand the importance of why we are here and how we can stay here, to deeply understand what the meaning of life is and why we are in it together? Together we can change the world, but it takes awareness from all of us to join in.


A program like the Challenge Day would definitely work when we exchange love with care, diversity with sameness, the truth with trust and full expression with life. Then we would comprehend that life will only work out for all when we trust to care from a point of sameness. A one day program in a controlled environment cannot change the youngsters nor the world, it needs a complete change of our total environment, stripped from survival and fear, to make this change. In an Equal Money System it will be every day Challenge Day. And parents will be thought before they will have children what it means to give as you would receive with a dedication to care for life. Children will be thought within this principle at home. The first 7 years children will be thought by their parents and learn the most basic tools as writing, reading and math. When they are older they are equipped to discover themselves as the others within groups. With an emphasis on how to work together and how to assist and support each other. Only then our children are able to build the world of tomorrow in the best interest of all, where one can speak about personal issues, where one don’t have to fit in according to personality and where one has a social network to back them up. Wouldn’t you like such a future for your child? It takes only one vote for an Equal Money System to bring us all a basic income and a dignified life. Join us or give up on life, the choice is yours.



“The Equal Money System have as Goal to Educate prospective parents with the skills and understanding necessary BEFORE a child is Born to make sure that the Child have every opportunity of an excellent Life and the required Base foundation as example of what it means to give as you would receive with a dedication to care for Life in all ways. We are what we are taught form Birth and changing our Beginning Here will change Human Nature. We all know this, yet we continue to ignore what can be changed.” ~ Bernard Poolman







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When your child dies

A horrible moment in a life of a parent, is the day your child dies and you as a parent have outlived your own child. That in itself feels like an unhealthy and unnatural thing to happen, apart from the fact that statistically a parent should die before their children do. Miscarriages,abortions or SIDS are devastating traumatic events in an adult life, though when our child lives longer than the infant age and gets sick from an accepted incurable disease like leukemia, the impact is even bigger. We as a parent have already established relationships with the child through a long history of memories/feelings/emotions and it is hard for us humans to let go of these energetic connections and roles that we played in our child’s life.

The first moment our child gets diagnosed with an incurable disease, such as leukemia, we as a parent and the child enroll ourselves in the roller coaster of the pharmaceutical industry and the hospital sector. It feels like we have to make a lot of choices to postpone the death of our child, but in fact we do not have any choice when we follow the advise of a regular doctor within our current system. The road is already paved before us, as the outcome, of the treatment that will be given onto our child. We feel as if we loose grip on our situation, we want to direct our situation in the best interest of our child and at the same time we want to be comforted and listening to a doctor that tells us in self-honesty that he’s treating our child in the best interest of our child. However deep down inside we know that whenever we give up our own directive principle from a starting point of self-interest and place it in the hands of a doctor that acts from a starting point of self-interest, the best possible outcome will not result from this equation.

Many of us are too afraid and pushed by medicine, to make quick choices in order to prolong the child’s life, instead of searching for other cures in other directions than conventional medicine. There are diets that could prolong the child’s life without having all the nasty side effects of medication. Also the doctor Burzynski Antineoplastons treatment has proven to be far more life saving with no side effects than any other conventional “cure”. Going into the alternative circuits is a challenging choice since we need to know upfront about the disease and the body in order to be able in common sense to distinguish between where we’re promised a pot of gold and where we meet reality. Most of the time we believe, pushed by our doctor, that we do not have any time to breathe and slow down and make that choice that is in the best interest of all. Our doctor is impatient and fears to loose his bonus on our child’s treatment and we fear to loose our child.

Our fear of death is not something to joke about, our fear of death is intertwined within our total beingness, yet most of the time not accepted and recognized by us for what it is. When our child is about to die, we fear for that part of us that will die with the child. We no longer will be the parent of our child. We loose a personality and we can’t bear it since it feels like we’re dying with the child. The question is: are we? Even after a great loss like this, we still breathe and are still here on this earth, the task we face is to let go this personality of being the mom or dad of our child. A point that mostly is not considered and hold on to through pictures, memories and physical possessions of our child. As long as we do not understand that mourning about a diseased one is mourning about the lost of a personality, a part of our ego that won’t give up easily, we will not be able to move on. So in fact we fear to loose ourselves as a self-interested act and this fear is unrelated to the death of our child.

We’ve got so many things figured out on this planet, or at least we think we have, but a simple thing as understanding death is a mystery and covered with beliefs. Lets take it back to the point where we have chosen a certain treatment for/with our child and the child will not make it and reaches it’s terminal stage. How do we then communicate with our child when it asks us what will happen once I die. We fear death ourselves yet we want to comfort our child. What do we tell our child? Do we repeat what our parents told us? Do we talk about a God or do we talk about angels? When our child is dying it does not want your fantasies about reality? It doesn’t want your fear driven answers, because the child knows that something is off? The child will only fear death even more when we tell them fairy tale stories that are obvious not in relation to reality. Can we live with the fact that we lied to our dying child in order to feel good and to suppress our own fears for death?

There is so much that we still have to educate ourselves on and Life is one of the most important challenges we have to unravel in order to be that parent that can survive their child within Self-honesty. Whenever we do not face ourselves within our own fears we will not be able to be a living example for our children. We have to ask ourselves what our purpose is here on earth, we do not evolve, but simply clone ourselves into more humans that will not evolve. It takes one breath to decide that we want to make that change and break the spell of our DNA.

There is information out on the internet to educate ourselves. Information specifically about Life one can find at Desteni Universe, where amongst other information, the portal provides humanity with vital information to get a grip on our life’s and Life in general. A free downloadable mp3 file explains about a 7 year old who passed away after suffering  from leukemia. This audio file explains us in detail how life after death was and is. The fears of a child for death instigated by the fears of the parents through telling make believe stories about heaven. A very interesting audio file from the portal that will answer a lot of our questions about death and life after death. For those who dare to lift up the veil of fear this audio file is a must hear and a nice start into a process of facing oneself.


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I am not allowed to eat meat

Ever wondered why almost all religions have some form of food restriction or prohibitions? These restrictions/prohibitions are rites or traditions to discipline the followers of the faith they are  engaged in. Followers need to be kept followers of their belief system to control the people till the point where the church will decide what you put in your mouth. This whole controlling point originates from decades ago where they placed these practices into place out of health considerations. These very same practices are still alive within the religions today and are praised for their longevity and therefore holiness. The question is, are these so called good food advices from decades ago still valid today? Or are they only existing to discipline and control the masses? And isn’t our society one big religion when it comes to food?

Many religions have an issue with consuming meat, a specific type of meat, the preparation of meat or simply the consumption of meat. Buddhism is in favor of a vegetarian diet, Eastern Orthodox Christianity teaches a moderate intake of meat, Hinduism preferes also a vegetarian diet and beef is prohibited, in the Islam pork and certain birds are prohibited, in Judaism pork is prohibited, in Rastafarianism meat is restricted and a vegetarian diet is desired, Roman Catholics may not eat meat on certain days and the Seventh day Adventists do not consume pork and a vegetarian diet is recommended. The Islam and Judaism have special guidelines when it comes to slaughter and blood needs to be removed out of the meat before consumption.

A lot of rules when we only take meat into consideration and most of those rules are not questioned by the followers of these religions. Openly questioning it would make a apostate out of these persons, instead of a good follower that sees all the food restrictions/prohibitions as a holy rite. Does these food restrictions follow the principle of what’s best for all? Since we all have a human body and we all have the same digestive system, it doesn’t mean that what is good for you is good for me. Some people may live without meat others simply can’t. When religion doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see the difference between, being a human as having all human physical bodies and at the same time having to deal with our own issues with food, it’s obvious that these rules are there not for the benefit of the follower. It’s a point of control that a follower allows and accept in order to belong to a group that refuses to see reality for what it is. Any one who needs a better story for existence, isn’t capable of dealing with our actual existence here. Any one that needs someone or something more or bigger than themselves to guide them through life is stating their lack of self-worth.

All religions and even spiritualism are an escape mechanism from life, a feel good experience that can substitute real life. This goes as far as giving money for the poor and never asking where the money goes or what they did with it, confessing your horrible deeds and being forgiven to go on with life as if nothing happened, believing that all the horrible stories in life are make believe mind pictures and nothing to really be concerned about, believing that the light and the love we share are actually going to make any change in this world. Not seeing that this same light and love are the mascots of money the real blood stream of our world system. Only when you have money you can ignore reality, only when you have money you can have a diet without meat or other food products and only when you chase money you can be influenced.

Apart from religion, as in accepted religion, there are other forms of religions that mainly follow the money blood stream. These kind of religions infiltrate your home though advertisement on television and make hostages out of the minds of the youngest members of your family. This religion is a fabricate of food corporations who create make believe worlds through psychological backed up artillery that infiltrate into the minds of the youngest to enslave and control the food intake of entire families. Not out of concern of the health of their consumers/followers, but simply to make money out of you.

We all know the scenes of parents with kids in the supermarket of which we all disapprove till we become parents ourselves and accept and allow the system to gobble up our children out of convenience with no going back once their minds are polluted with advertisement pictures. How can you argue a toddler that is convinced that a certain famous food brand will be the best thing to buy, that it isn’t the best thing to buy when you yourself are hooked up to the system and being a bad example for your child. Food adds are everywhere around our children 24/7, schools are sponsored by food corporations in order to survive. Unless these kids are able to break free out of this brainwashing they will see it as normal to eat food that isn’t sustaining the body, but instead sustaining the wallet of the corporation.

We already have a generation that is brought up with processed convenience food and that are incapable of cooking or serving a meal that is made from fresh whole ingredients. We already have a generation that is living the consequences of a corporate menu, when we see young people struggling with non genetical diabetes, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, candida albicans, food allergies, heart diseases, etc. Isn’t it time to start asking questions? We can be sucked away in these life style make believe worlds that the corporates wants us to belief in and to follow these with all the possible money we have or we wake up from this night mare and see how we are controlled for the sake of profit who are obliged to the system as neat slaves. Food control is always about the control of the masses, whether it’s done by churches, corporations or even gambling with food on the stock markets, it’s always about control.

A form of control that’s wrapped up with a nice make believe world or life style that gives us the opportunity to forget, to forget who we really are and what the real world is like which we accepted and created ourselves. Food is a basic need and should be considered as such. Food should be provided for everyone, to sustain our physical bodies to be effective within our world as a worthy member of the whole that we form together. Food is a necessity that cannot and may not be replaced by cheap equivalences to make profit over our physical bodies and to double or even tripple the profit when people get sick from it and end up as a life consumer of the pharmaceutical industry.

A Basic Income Grant could already today take care of a dignified life. If we are capable of printing money out of thin air then we are also capable of giving everyone on earth a Basic Income Grant so we can all eat and do more than only surviving. An Equal Money System will follow up on the Basic Income Grant and make an end to the money blood stream and replace it with the value of life. All simple and achievable systems that would make an end to the inequality of our world. Start asking questions, start investigating for yourself and join us to bring about an Equal Money System.

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