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Social is my middle name

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Socialism as an economic system and a political movement, to introduce Socialism within society, has one big problem; it never has been practiced in its true form as one system that runs society. There have been several countries throughout time and there are still several countries that call themselves socialist countries, while in fact they’ve created a cocktail of which Socialism is one of the ingredients. Some countries used Socialism as a first stage to enter Communism and others gave in to Capitalism and made their own Molotov cocktail.

Having a social security system or social safety net as a country, doesn’t make it an absolute socialist country. We can neither speak of absolute Socialism when a country has a totalitarian regime that organizes the major industries in that country. Although the word Socialism carries the following words: social is me, it depends on the countries actions whether at the end of the day it was indeed social in any way possible as Socialism dictates. So lets have a look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of Socialism:

A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.

Socialism as an economic and political theory was created from a starting point of making an utopian society. Opposite to most other systems, Socialism had no consensus on how the ideal socialist society would function. There are in fact many forms of Socialism created that all differ from economic planning to community size. The most common are Guild Socialism, Utopian Socialism that also includes communal societies, Christian Socialism, Market Socialism and Agrarianism. The common denominator in all of these variations is stressing the importance of cooperation among the people and keeping away from (capitalistic) competition.

True socialists want to create an entire classless society where the major industries are controlled by the government. Socialists see this control as only way to get rid of competition among the people and to create equality. In a socialist society there is no such thing as private property, since working results in equal wages and equal basic necessities, it provides all with equal benefits and opportunities. Among true socialists the idea exists that Capitalism causes oppression of the lower class. Due to the competitive nature of Capitalism, it is possible for the wealthy minority to keep in control over the industry, which eventually lessens the opportunities and wages of the working class. Within Democratic Socialism we see in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain that Capitalism is part of the socialist foundation.

Opponents of Socialism say that the problem of this economic system is the equal wages and therefore no incentive to get up in the morning and to do our paid work with an equal amount of pleasure as when we get paid more than people who studied less or have less effective connections in life. Furthermore they say that human beings are selfish and self-centred power seeking beings that when given power they will abuse that power. They point out that our tumultuous past and history books show us what human nature has brought us thus far. Governments may not become the collective alter ego that is driven and energized by power and no longer serving the people and the greater good, according to the opponents.

The question is whether the true socialist and the opponents of Socialism are really depicting reality or are they making a caricature out off reality? Things don’t always have to be black or white, when we speak about utopia most people can’t grasp the fact that this world could be or become an utopia, it’s simply denial. When we speak about totalitarian regimes, a lot of people can’t either relate to that as a daily reality. So as much as Socialism, as many other economic theoretical systems, has never been reality in its purest form nor has utopia or an utter totalitarian hell on earth been for us all. That means that we’re merely talking about things from a mind perspective and trying to gather examples from real life that are not always correct examples and do not always take all dimensions in consideration.

What if we, in an attempt to better our world systems, take what seems valid from Socialism and Capitalism and recreate it into ‘Distributive Capitalism’ and place the central power with the people and the government. That way we could make the government more into a logistic department that is at the service of the people. We’d take from Capitalism the creative entrepreneur and from Socialism solidarity. In one strike we would eliminate ‘the winner takes it all’ principle and the all-controlling government. As Jeremy Rifkin, an American economic (1945), says: “Being social and entrepreneurial go well together now a days. It changes the way of thinking. This would really mean ‘power to the people’. It means democratization of energy and information and even the economy. It is flattening down Capitalism and what arises one could call ‘Distributive Capitalism’. In a way Capitalism and Socialism do no longer exist, because ‘Distributive Capitalism’ takes the best of both systems. It combines risk taking, creativity and entrepreneurship.”

When we look at the statement of the opponents of Socialism who say that it will promote laziness and it devaluates self promotion, we can ask these same people if they would come out of bed every morning when they become entrepreneurs instead of the working slaves they’re right now. When in a system such as ‘Distributive Capitalism’ or in a Living Income Guaranteed, we are a part of the companies or have our own companies, that will surely be enough incentive to get out off bed. When you for real become a part of society and what you do matters and therefore you only want to do the things that matter, you feel validated by society and yourself. When you are entrepreneur and the business you’ve started had to be tested in real time and didn’t work out for the best of all, you can simply stop and have temporarily a living income. Now when our business is likely to fail we would push even though we damage others, we would push because of money issues. When money is no longer our main concern we can do the jobs we like, we can invent new jobs and let technology do the jobs technology does best. We never would feel threatened and fear for our living.

We could start seeing jobs in a whole other perspective and really practice solidarity. We no longer would have to focus on one of our talents and make a career out of it. We could pile up all our talents and we could have different jobs build upon the different talents. On Monday and Tuesday we work for a newspaper, Wednesdays we use for development and creativity in a brainstorm team with all kinds of different professions and on Thursday and Friday we teach children and adults. Wouldn’t that be great to be able to be creative, talented and reassured of income when our real time tested ideas do stand the test of time? There might be people in the beginning that simply do not know how to move themselves even in a society that is inviting them to do so, those people can live on a living income and slowly but surely discover what they want to do to contribute to society. In school we can start on an early age to teach children how to become an entrepreneur, since not all of us have that in us as a natural talent. Thus when there are no good or bad ideas in essence but only one criteria that applies namely: we will not abuse, we could gradually grow towards utopia whether we call it Socialism or simply living in the best interest of all.

The same goes for power, when we are already in ‘power’ over our own lives, do we still need to overrule other’s lives? Seeing what real power is and what sustainable power entails, no one ever would want to reach for totalitarian power. As soon as our inner strength is the force that direct us, and that will be reached when financial fears are no longer there, we simply become equals without even thinking about bossing another around that is equal to us. That way we would not let people in charge that are mentally instable, if that’s a polite term for dictators and sociopaths, they would get the opportunity to get to their inner strength with the support and assistance of society. Power and the need for power can look like a big thing to overcome in a transitional period where another economic system is introduced, whereas greed will be an even bigger thing for all of us to overcome. Where greediness for power is really indicating where it all stems from, the fear to not have enough, which will be eliminated with for instance LIG.

So Socialism as in ‘social is me’ or ‘I’m social’, has many valuable proposals in it that we can use to create a society through which we can enter the 21 century. We can ask ourselves if we want to hang on to all the ISMs that have been invented so far or are we willing to take what is effective and move on. We as a person know that it is of no use, when we continue living in our own past, the same goes for our society and us as a whole. Living in the past with ineffective pillars that arrange our society, we can call plain stupid. It’s time to move on and leave the ISMs behind us and for one time dare to think out of the box of our comfort zone. When we continue walking this known path, will there still be an old age pension for us, will there still be enough jobs, and will we be able to simply be happy and not fear tomorrow’s sorrows? When social is in you, then you’ve got the incentive to move and change and mould this society until it fits our 21 century needs, not greed, but plain and normal needs. Being social leads to feeding your needs who are most likely equal in essence to all the other people’s needs. We need you to need yourself and to investigate a Living Income Guaranteed.


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Is Democracy our Best Solution?

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The term Democracy was first used in ancient Greek politics in Athens, during classical antiquity. Democracy as we know it today was established in 508-507 BC and had all the characteristics of what we now call: Direct Democracy. Democracy that we mostly see in first world countries is tied in with Capitalism like a Siamese twin, where Democracy is the political system and Capitalism the economic system. Most of these first world countries have a Representative Democracy, instead of the original Direct Democracy, where power is indirectly exercised through elected representatives.

Roger Vernon Scruton, an English philosopher, argues that Democracy alone isn’t going to bring personal and political freedom as long as civil society isn’t included. Where civil society is families and private spheres that are partly the building blocks of our society. So according to Roger his argumentation, we can see that the word Democracy has a specific connotation, namely freedom. As long as our countries have a system of Democracy, there is according to the majority, as well freedom. Freedom we all know as a powerful word that can and will make us move and direct ourselves to gain it. When countries are on a military mission they say: we’ll bring Democracy and freedom to these countries, and that should justify, what in essence could be called robbing countries. When we bring Democracy, which in daily life that means that we’re robbing these countries from their natural resources, and we put different political figures in place that do agree with us, we’re simply bringing dictatorship. Thus the connotation freedom to the word Democracy isn’t making the average man think about the true intensions of forcing a political system onto another country to enrich us.

When we simply look at the word Democracy we can see that it is made up from the words ‘demos’ and ‘kratia’, where ‘demos’ means ‘people’ and ‘kratia’ means power or govern. Which we can translate back to: power to the people. When we look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, it says: 1a. Government by the people, especially:  rule of the majority and 1b. A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

It is not really surprisingly that Democracy has this freedom connotation to it, when we speak of: power to the people, government by the people, majority rule and free elections. This is giving us the impression that we have the power on our side and that we live in freedom and we can gain even more liberties. The question is: is that our day-to-day reality? Why did we have the Occupy movements throughout the Capitalistic Democratic countries? Why do free elections always have the outcome that doesn’t serve the majority? Where did things go wrong when we had our Representative or Direct Democracy plotted out on paper, where it looked like the best solution on earth?

Democracy is a highly fragile system and isn’t a system that spontaneously comes into existence and steadily keeps existing. We simply have to work for it and see the value of being at the same page with each other, when we long for a perfect Democracy.

Where we already spoke about the Siamese twin, Capitalism and Democracy, we can also add Globalization to the cocktail. This Trinity allows us to make freely more money at the expense of another, and that’s where we see this polarized division come into play, that enables society to be divided into rich and poor. At times there is a middle class that will be swiped out by crisis where we end up with the haves and not haves and the 99% and 1%. The Occupy movements did put the finger on the sore spot and at the same time it was laughing in our face and showing us how we’ve allowed our society to become a Democracy, where freedom consist of freely grabbing when the power is on your side.

Due to the fact that our democratic system is fragile, we fall prey to democratic elements that can be in favor of us the people or it can act totally against the whole or majority.

When we look at our right to vote, either in elections or referendums, its clear that we can exercise our right to correct the elected representatives when making big decisions. At the same time it can become a point where the majority isn’t informed enough to see how painful decisions right now will become steady and best for all outcomes on the long term. When the majority votes in ignorance against a certain decision/path of the government/parliament, they might not see the long-term goals and bring more harm with their right to vote. At the same time we can see that mainstream media can influence the majority as well when it comes to voting and due to our Trinity we can never say for sure who paid who to get certain information out there. In other words you might have the right to vote and have a voice, but whose voice is it?

Where politicians should go for the long-term decisions making, we see that our democratic system is producing politicians that work within their 4-5 years of being in power as guidance for their decisions who then become short-term decisions. Where wealthy people or organizations, that do determine the course that is set out, fund parties; we can no longer speak about freedom and Democracy in a system full of bias.

Within our current Democracy money is no longer a common good and is used as a powerful weapon by those who have money and buy governments. Politicians end up in corporations and banks, where the initial idea of Democracy was to elect people give them a chance to act in the best interest of the whole and then get reelected or simply become part of the people again when it didn’t work out. It’s the money trail that shows us who our true leaders are and not the empty promises of political Muppets.

Then our fourth power, the authorities, which are almost acting on their own like a well-oiled machine that instructs the politicians and not the other way around. The more power there is within this fourth power the bigger the gap becomes between the people and the authorities. In a way both groups get disconnected, where the authorities can no longer step into the shoes of the people as an organ(ization). This position of the fourth power within Democracy makes it easy for them to become manipulated by those who own the power as money. In these instances the private interest will out rule the interest of the majority.

Our democracy did cause more openness and at the same time this didn’t bring forth better governments or better politics. The openness brought us the Internet where people could have a voice. Governments saw this as a threat and invented a countermovement where disinformation was spread throughout the Internet. NGO’s came into life and here as well governments had the feeling they had to protect their own interests and thus invented GONGO’s as a countermovement. GONGO’s take a lot of the subsidies and do not leave much room for the NGO’s. Thus the openness our Democracy brought us is now creating chaos and in the end apathy when people do not know what to believe anymore within this world of too much information.

Democracy has brought us polarity where as long as we do not educate ourselves with correct information it’s simply an utopia to come to a situation where we are able to determine what is best for all. At the moment Democracy is the struggle of power and not the humbleness it could be.

Demon-crazy or Crazy Demon is what Democracy has become within the Trinity of Capitalism and Globalization. Democracy is like a bandage in an ocean full of blood. Democracy and preferable Direct Democracy is not going to happen within an economic system that will not support true Democracy. We can patch up our election system, we can educate the masses and thus give back the power to the people, as well as cutting out a government that is the powerful decision making body within society. The thing is, as long as we use money as bribery means and do not bring back solidarity and local connectedness, Democracy is like a raft floating around. Where power to the people ends up in division and not solidarity.

In order to give Democracy a second chance we have to work towards another economic system that does support true Direct Democracy. A Living Income Guaranteed can provide Democracy a stable platform and is able to see its fragility while not abusing its fragility. When our basic financial needs are met and there is no reason anymore for making money at the expense of another and where ‘have not’ becomes a historical term, we can thrive as beings and truly see what is important in life.

For us to arrive at a LIG system we need to keep faith in life and ourselves as life, be willing to educate ourselves and our future generations and not fear real change. As much as we think we have already our desires met, we can only dream about how life would be when we do elect a person for whom he/she is, within our community or country, and see what it means when this person acts in the best interest of the whole. When we can really manifest companies and organizations that are in favour of its people that work with the people and not against them. Where money is a way to exchange goods and services without having orgasmic ideas about profit.

That’s why it is time to educate us, get the crazy demon out of us and follow the trail of brotherly love as our best solution.



After Democracy

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The Capital is Mine

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We’re all trying to find ways to let the “Capital be Mine”, or better said, to let Capitalism work for us. Over the years we’ve been able to witness how that played out in all parts of our daily life. Proponents of Capitalism, as we know it today, say that greed has been used to place Capitalism within a pejorative context. When we look at the definition of Capitalism in the Merriam-Webster dictionary it’s written that Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. Wikipedia adds the factor of profit as a characteristic of Capitalism when they say that this system in which trades, industries and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit. That makes Capitalism into a deadly and doomed cocktail of competition and profit where the fittest will survive and the majority is submitted to wage labor and slaves of the components that are in power within society.

The 21th century is marked by Capitalism, which could work in theory and on paper, though we’re still slaves of masters as if we were still in times of Feudalism. Back in the Middle Ages between the 9th and 15th century we had Feudalism as our economic system, which was a way of structuring society around relationships, derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labor. We we’re not free citizens that were able to do exactly that what we wanted. When Capitalism emerged from Feudalism it looked like we had more freedom. We were all able to invest money in order to make a profit and become rich, which then resulted into wanting to make money through profit as an end in itself.

Capitalism which is an economic system has now almost turned into a religion, we believe strongly that one day the Capital will be ours on the back of another, if we follow the rules or rites of Capitalism. Free market processes will emerge where anything can be sold from a pair of panties to the air that we breathe and the water that we drink to stay alive. When we add the survival of the fittest to it we know we’ll be heading on the road to greed. Greed, that according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means an intense desire for wealth or possessions. They add to not let greed for riches control you and that’s exactly what we’re controlled by, through denial or acceptance. Greed exists in all of us to a greater or lesser extent. Some of us can control it, others are out of control without any form of regret. We’re a product of our own Capitalistic product and we see it as normal, the norm to live by. We see money as our God to turn to and to comfort us. When we’re deprived of money we feel as if God is punishing us, we’re not worthy. So we need to become greedy, monsters without regret to become the fittest to survive.

This Capitalistic religion was carried out through the world by means of Globalization though Imperialism in the 19th century. Capitalism was spreading like an oil stain in the ocean and still a product that third world countries would like to have or invite to their country, without looking at the Trojan horse effect that Capitalism in fact has. When inviting Capitalism, the countries religion will be changed and it’s money will be worshipped from now on. It’s almost like a STD, first you indulge and enjoy before you can even grasp the consequences.

When we look at how we’ve given away our directive principle when it comes to money, and how most of us have become the 99% , we can see that institutes like banks are the pubic louses in our crotch that we allow to feast while thinking that we were the ones that had a great party. Capitalism by the means of Globalization has brought us a banking system that infected the entire Capitalistic system where we think that eternal growth is the norm and greed is a virtue. Our banking system consist of people, people who know that they can make fortunes once they are in and at the same time know they can be out on the streets any time the system wants to eject them for not being the best money maker for the bank. This way of thinking as a reward system stimulates and enlarges the mechanism of the survival of the fittest where it is a breeding place for greed without regret. The bankers that took the world to the 2008 crisis are still not having regret and are looking back at a great time and many opportunities. And why do they not have any regret? Because we allow them to be greedy and take, we rewarded them with bail outs and sent them the message that they can get away with their behavior while we stay put, which isn’t a surprise when we know the same greed is within all of us. So in a way we look with jealousy in our eyes how the bankers can get away with it while not directly getting why we allow it and have not yet come with solid solutions to turn the tide.

We can even see that the political arena has become a springboard for politicians to end up in the banking sector earning triple the salary they had and handing over their influential service record to the banks. Corporations use the same trick to get influential people inside their organizations to guarantee immunity and build a facade of trust with these public figures that are trusted by the greater public. We can conclude that our global banking system is the tumor within Capitalism. In order to get a form of Capitalism that is great on paper and great in real life we do not only have to get rid of the tumor, but also see that the cause of the cancer is our greediness and thus clear that point.

Clearing this point of greediness includes that we as humanity have to become responsible citizens again. We have to take responsibility for ourselves as well as for ourselves as a group. We can’t depend on the few that are profiting from our Capitalistic system; we need to build a system where all can have a foundation even if we’re not the fittest. At the same time it would be irrational to say that Capitalism isn’t working when certain parts of Capitalism are sucking the blood out of the system. We can come up with economical systems that would work so much better, but absolutely not ready to implement within our current society. In times like this we do not need fantasies of what could be, there is no time to reminisce about things. We’re living within a time that is screaming for direction and cooperation. We need to be willing to not only go for our own greed, but also go for the greater good.

What if we, for the time being, keep Capitalism and “inject life into capitalism” as Marlen Vargas Del Razo said in a life Google hangout. We could rebuild our society with the use of cooperatives where its members, we the people, own the ‘company’, make revenue which strengthens the cooperatives and goes straight to its members. So after expenses each member gets a part of the money the ‘company’ makes, which would be called profit within Capitalism and surplus within a cooperative. Capitalism is close related to the cooperative’s way of making money and that makes it easy to start thinking about Cooperative Capitalism. Where we can bring communal sense back into society, learn from each other, support each other, volunteer and make money. Making a cooperative web of support avoiding the need for greediness. Cooperation on all levels of society to make ourselves ready for the next step and smoothly shift into another economic system like for instance a Living Income Guaranteed.

Capital is mine can then evolve in Capital is mine and yours, because no one should be without any form of support. It’s very simple, what if you become me one day or I become you and end up less fortunate? Do we want to be forgotten, do we want to be looked at with disgust and eyes full of hatred, because we might have inflicted our misfortune upon ourselves. Every being needs a hand that reaches out to them no matter how or why they got themselves in the situation they’re in. We can take our authority in our own hands again, we can cooperate because we are inherently social beings living in groups, why not use such a trait and make a ‘profit’ out of it for the betterment of all? The world only needs a yes from you and things could change in ways you can’t believe right now. Blinded by survival we’ve lost touch with ourselves and our surroundings while the Capital, real life, has always been waiting for us. We can take the Capital; we may take it and in return give it equally to others. The Capital is ours!

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Who the heck is Ayn Rand

Lately the name Ayn Rand popped up within my reality a several times and was brought into relation with Alan Greenspan, Ron Paul and The Tea party. Interesting. Soon I found out that already since 2009 The Tea Party had made media headlines with their connection to Ayn Rand. Ron Paul and Alan Greenspan were one of the first followers of Ayn Rand in the late 40s and 50s. So nothing new and not really a big event within our current world crisis at first sight. Ayn Rand was the founder of “Objectivism” way back in the 40s to 60s, she died in 1982 and that was it. Or wasn’t it? While Rand was still alive, her movement called “The Collective”, wasn’t really influential, she was despised by the public and probably according to herself misunderstood as a philosopher.

A lot of people in the US are named after Ayn Rand, until today. Their parents were highly influenced by Rand’s “Objectivism”. In Silicon Valley most of the entrepreneurs are inspired by the works of Rand and admiring some of her main values such as, altruism is evil, but selfishness is a virtue and a limited government with voluntary taxations. Basically paradise for the already wealthy. Objectivism is still alive and the dream for a total free society, in the way of Rand proposed, is still peoples wet dream.

What are the consequences of implementing a social system as laissez faire capitalistic objectivism? It would cause hyper-individualism, power-worship and a sociopathic egotism. According to Rand, welfare, unemployment insurance, support for the poor and the middle-class, the regulations of industries or Wall Street, interference of government and improvements of infrastructures, were issues that would not be implemented in her free society. Rand saw taxation as voluntary and the world according to her existed of “producers” and “moochers”, wherein the “moochers” were looting on the select group of producers, such as the spectacularly wealthy and the titans of industry, the ones that build up society. The moochers were merely labor drones for the corporations.

This picture of a free society does reminds me of modern day America or where it is heading to. Especially when we look at the group of wealthy people, such as bankers and corporation titans. Most of the Americans when still employed do feel like labor drones/slaves in an poor attempt to pay off their mortgage and credit card debt. The infrastructure is deteriorating, people are living of food stamps while at the same time being raped by the banksters. Rand’s free society is in the making, the seed is planted and pretty soon the USA can reap what they have been sowing. Rand’s “Objectivism” is still alive and therefore still subject to accusations and conspiracies.

When we look at the Tea Party we see that Rand Paul of the Tea Party is a big fan of Ayn Rand and her book “Atlas Shrugged”, though the Tea Party encompasses the religious right. Ayn Rand was for abortion rights, no regulation on pornography, no animal rights and she was a convinced atheist. Her conservative admirers must have largely ignored this. A Tea Party follower states in his blog:”… but I especially despise Ayn Rand for her support of abortion.  There are plenty of ways to promote liberty, free market ideals, the right of individuals to not be treated as cattle-like drones by the elite who think they “know best,” Religious opposites of the Tea Party stated in a blog:”Ayn Rand is the complete opposite of Jesus. Everything that Rand says contradicts what Jesus told us in the Gospels. There is no better example of the saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows than this weird mixture of Rand’s extremist ideas combined with Christianity.” 

When we look at Alan Greenspan when he stated:“Ayn Rand and I remained close until she died in 1982, and I’m grateful for the influence she had on my life. I was intellectually limited until I met her.” We see a man that was highly influenced by Rand, though the Rand Institute for Objectivism accused him with the following statement and said that Greenspan had betrayed Rand: “Ayn Rand would have never advocated for the kind of policies Alan Greenspan instituted,” Brook says, citing the Fed’s 1% fed funds rate in the years after 9/11 as exhibit A: “By holding interest rates for two-and-a-half years below the rate of inflation, Greenspan encouraged the debt and credit boom we’re suffering the consequence of “today — and for the foreseeable future.” 

When we look at Ron Paul and Alan Greenspan a Jewish rasism blog states the following: “Again, consider my view that it is no coincidence that the Fed was run by a follower of Alisa Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand), and that the controlled opposition to the Fed is run by another follower of “Ayn Rand”, Ron Paul, who just happens to run for President as the dollar takes a fall by design of the Jewish bankers. Incredible!” 

Is it time to put our tin foil hats on and go full speed into conspiracy theories or should we just blindly accuse? Of course, religious people will condemn Rand for what she stood for and take it as a sublime tool to hit the Tea Party with. Of course the “Objectivism institute” will hit Greenspan by design for not bringing into practice what Rand had taught him. This gives the institute a chance to show off, because they of course had done it differently and more successful. Of course a Jewish rasist that’s into conspiracy will attack the Russian Jewish Ayn Rand and all other Jews for that matter. It looks like Rand is still after her dead making as much friction in society as she did alive. It’s not surprisingly that Rand had also friction within herself, for years she was addicted to prescribed drugs and her reasoning brought her to decisions that were only for her own happiness. At a certain point she reasoned one of her followers of “The Collective” into an sexual affair with her, while she and he were both married. Both spouses gave their permission for the love affair if that would bring happiness to Rand. Within this she illustrated in a perfect way what her world, her free society, would look like.

Rand pictured a world wherein “Objectivism” is standing for the right to life which gives man freedom of action in a social context. This will ultimately result in the right to liberty, the right to property and the pursuit of happiness. She saw a right as a moral principle and humans had to come to these morals principles by themselves without any outside force while not violating the rights of others. She overlooked quite some points, points that can be seen by normal educated people, the main point is the point of self-interest. She called it rational self-interest, which makes it even more evil. Fighting for your own self-interest and calling it happiness, is denying others the same opportunity. Seeing yourself as an individual and not as a whole will force yourself into separation and therefore inequality. Rand did a lot of thinking, came from a rich Jewish bourgeois family who lost everything during the Russian revolution and wanted to transcend. She didn’t transcend, she got hopelessly stuck into the polarity of rich versus poor and worthy versus unworthy.

A total free society would be a society wherein there is 1 law, the law of what’s best for all. Free of debt and survival. Self-interest will sort itself out with this one law. Happiness must be redefined as a stable state of being. The happiness Rand was searching for was one imbedded in emotions. Within a free society one will not be directed by emotions, feelings or fear. Survival will be no issue, all will be taken care of through a basic income. Labor is not about working hard and produce a lot, labor will be an contribution to society for a minimum of 4 years. All humans will earn the same while doing labor, to avoid the forming of an elite group and inequality. All building blocks of society such as education, health care, transportation, food production, care of nature and animals are sustained in order to keep the whole running. All humans will be trained to make a change within themselves to act in the best interest of all and therefore take the responsibility to put a free society with an Equal Money System in place.

“My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”

— Ayn Rand

“World equality is in essence, the concept of man as equals to each other, to animals and to nature, with what is best for all as the directive principle for life, with oneness and equality as it’s ultimate achievement and the equality equation to cross reference if the law of what’s best for all is reached.”

— Sylvia Gerssen


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Greece, Europe’s first pig that’s ready for slaughter

The ancient Greek were the founding fathers of Western Civilization, they laid the foundation for modern day language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, art, architecture and religion. Greek mythology was a part of ancient religion and is used by modern scholars to interpret ancient religion, political institutes and civilization. One of the ancient Greek myths is the myth of Hydra, a serpent like water beast with a countless amount of heads. Hercules had to fight Hydra to fullfil one of his “twelve labours”. Whenever Hercules chopped of one of the heads the Hydra grew 2 more back, it seemed like an impossible mission till he invited his nephew to help. Together they conquered the Hydra, but not without consequential outflows that revealed itself later in time. The Greece crisis of today can be explained through the myth of Hydra, the different heads of the serpent attacking Greece from different angles.

As the founders of Western Civilization it looks like Greece will be the first to be confronted with the down side of democracy and capitalism. They lived the fact that a crisis free capitalism doesn’t exists. With a national debt of €350 billion, a €57 million French loan, €43 million German loan, a €4,5 million Dutch loan and an bailout of €108 million from the IMF and ECB, Greece had its first encounter with the Hydra serpent. The €108 bailout was a drop in the ocean for the Greek people and a welcome gift for banks and corporations. Greece is bankrupt and its government tries to convince the people that they all have a part in it. The government even pictures the Greek people in the international media as genetically undisciplined people, which makes them part of the problem and the reason why according to the government they have to pay the national debt through taxes.

After WWII till the seventies Greece had a flourishing economy. From the seventies on financialization spiralled Greece down and the national GDP as well as the wages didn’t grow anymore. The Greek government created a credit economy in order to keep the money flowing by tricking people into purchasing stuff while they didn’t had the real money for it. In 2007 the US housing bubble was a fact and caused the Greece economy to collapse. The government used tax money to try and get the economy running again, but this made the financial crisis fiscal. This way the Greek people helped the banks to survive and in return the banks gambled on the state’s bankruptcy, which had only effect on the people. Speculations made the situation even worse and there was no other option then letting the eurozone step in. The Eurozone as well as the IMF are big poisoned Hydra heads. They destroy the immune system of peripheral countries like Greece. The weak countries have no longer the ability to devaluate their currency and will weaken the country and it’s people even more. All countries who had aid from the IMF had a lifespan fell of 5-10 years.

Greece hasn’t been able to come up with a fair and effective tax system so far. Due to Greece’s social and class structure, the mass national borrowing and a deep engraved dept throughout history, led to a corrupt economy over the last decades. Only a small group of rich families, politicians and businessmen were able to profit within the Greek economy. This created an imbalance within the nation where only a few had it all and the majority was left with nothing. The IMF and the ECB didn’t balance the inequality out, their goal was not to save the people to get a dignified life again, no, instead they helped the banks and corporations to survive. A lot of Greek people are hungry, homeless, have the lack of healthcare and medication. It’s a peripheral country that almost resembles a third world country.

The riots in Greece are the last resort of a nation’s people to stand up and express their displeasure.They basically state that they do not agree upon the fact that they have to pay for the mistakes a few people in power made. They need to understand that accepting and allowing these practises till so far, has led to todays crisis and therefore they are part of the problem and part of the solution. More bailouts and more loans will not help Greece and will only bring more European nations into debt. A fascinating question for Greece right now is the question if the national debt is a odious debt or a legitimate debt?

An odious debt is a debt created by taking a loan as leader or government of a country and not informing the people about it. Then spending the loan on issues that do not benefit the people and letting the people pay for it through taxes. A precarious fact is that after the invasion of Iraq by the US the odious debt of Saddam’s regime was canceled. The US tried to sweep this under the carpet so other nations such as Congo, the Philippines and South Africa, who had all regimes that made odious debts, would not claim a cancellation of their odious debts. Greece also has odious debts after illegal practises with Siemens, Goldmann Sachs and the Olympics. Germany and France lend Greece money and forced them to buy in return military arms such as airplanes and submarines. This odious debt must be proven through Greek and international law by installing an auditing committee. That’s the only way to get rid of this immoral debt. The people or life in general must always come first before the lenders.

In Greece the democratic socialistic system is turning against its voters.The Greek political parties ND and PASOK will not support an auditing committee, they benefit from the creation of debt and they do not want to expose their lack of responsibility. The people of Greece have to unite and stop revolting and rioting. Unite and demand an audit committee that proves that they are not obliged to pay the odious debts. Greece can dismantle all basic needs as healthcare, education and transportation, but they will never be able to pay back €350 billion with interest. They have to liberate themselves from the IMF, ECB and the Eurozone and stand up to demand or propose real sustainable and practical solutions. The Greek were the first to step into Westen Civilization, so let them be the first Europeans to step into an Equal Money System.

Main source: debtocracy.

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China’s “Golden Shield” versus the human right to free communication

China is an empire with the fastes growing market that pulled them out of the dark days of the Cultural Revolution and spits them out as a fish out of water into the worlds largest internet market with 450 million users on-line. A great responsibility for Communistic China considering the question if free communication is a human right within their conventional political system. The ever lasting dilemma between freedom and security. On one hand the Chinese people do not believe they are ready for free access to all information and on the other hand the Politburo is fearing that freedom of communication will end up in chaos and subversion of the Communistic regime.

China’s government invented the “Golden Shield” or “Great Firewall”, this invisibility cloak that no one sees yet that can only be experienced when entering cyber space, is providing the government with the security that chaos and overthrow of the party will not happen. The “Golden Shield” is blocking words and searches on the internet and this changes from day to day. Specific words will only appear in a censored way, such as “Tibet” without the Dalai Lama, Tiananmen square without the tanks or Liu Xiaobo Nobel price winner described in a positive manner. The contractors, the internet providers and search engines, have to figure out themselves what filters to use to censor sensitive terms. For the internet users the “Golden Shield” is opaque, the contractors know perfectly well what and how to filter political, pornographically and extremely violent topics. If they do not filter, the government can put them out of business or impose heavy sanctions on them.

For the millions of internet users the “Golden Shield” is almost like a God. It’s invisible and one encounters it when crossing the line and searching for taboo topics and words. People do not know how this filtering is technically done, which places the “Golden Shield” within a mysterious perspective. China, where religion is non-existing, though people fear the shield as if it was an all-knowing and correcting entity at the same time. One that resembles God by taking away the responsibility of men and brainwashing them into thinking they cannot handle free flows of information on the internet.

Within this cultural climate of China, where the internet market is still fast growing, this country in 2005 became an object of interest for the biggest search machine in the world. Google a corporation with a free spirit that originated and was founded by hackers, decided to bring free communication to China. Google’s culture says that information should be free, therefore societies have the opportunity to become free. They overlooked the fact that China considers these kind of beliefs as ideology and therefore a threat to the regime. Bringing together Communism and Capitalism through free communication and information flows is basically impossible. Both systems are not capable of conforming themselves to each other. Google saw their weapon of free communication as a binding factor, while China saw it as a mass destruction weapon.

At a specific point this adventure of Google in China became a battle of 2 countries fighting for their own interpretation of freedom. When Hillary Clinton as the US government started interfering, suddenly the similarities of both countries according their approach to free internet and free communication were revealed.

Hillary Clinton said:

“But countries that restrict free access to information or violate the basic rights of the internet users, they risk walling themselves of from the progress of the next century.”

“Those who disrobed the free flow of information in our society or any other, pose a threat  to any other economy, our government and our civil society. Countries or individuals that engage into cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation. In an internet connected world an attack on one nations it’s network can be an attack on all. Historical a-symetrical access to information is one of the leading causes of interstate conflict. “

The people in China placed some critical notes and called the US statement made by Hillary Clinton, US hypocrisy. They referred to the issues the US had with demanding information from Twitter and their reactions towards the scandal with WikiLeaks. The Chinese people accused the US of finger pointing while the US is doing the same as China, but in a different way.

The question to ask is if there exists such a thing as free communication/information and free access to all information available. Almost every country has a form of censorship under the disguise of cultural accepted taboo’s. Things like when there is too much sexual harassment on the internet, governments have no other choice then narrowing down the internet. This seems like acting from a point of being too late. When the starting point for the distribution of information is made in the best interest of all and when the political system of a country is acting in the best interest of all, there does not exist such a thing as different traditions and having to adopt the trading culture of the country your having your business in.

The Communist regime in China fears the empowerment of the people by giving them access to all available information. They come up with excuses as total chaos will occur. While they know that this chaos will only be there to overthrow their regime. The Capitalistic regimes will never admit they are censuring and when caught they justify it with general interest and an attack on the freedom the system provides.

The outflow of China’s attitude is having economical consequences. When the internet is restricted at the same time it will restrict economical growth and prohibit modernisation of society. Due to the financial crisis China’s industrial sector has been damaged, therefore they need to develop the low grade industry into a high grade industry. This process is only possible when innovative, talented foreign companies settle themselves in China. So an exchange of knowledge can take place and get the best out of different cultures.

Both countries are in many ways depending on one another, but will always see each other as enemies. Their own political and economical system has brainwashed them into nations that are fearful and have not even the desire to get closer together. They are not so much fighting each other with the weapon of free communication, they are playing out this money power game. Just following the money. Last year Google left China and settled in Hong Kong, they see a wide unexplored market where still a lot of money can be made. The 20% of market share Google left behind in China is taken by Baidu, China’s biggest provider. Baidu is now recruiting young Americans who speak Chinese, to come and work for them. Power is shifting financially and still nations see no reason to cooperate and work together, while only their systems and traditions are different, they are all human beings.

With an Equal Money System there is no fear for information, only that what is in the best interest of all will be shared. Everybody is able to see in common sense what is in the best interest of all. Who disagrees needs to check it’s starting points. In the best interest of all cannot differ, it’s always stable. Now people are cut off from the rest of the digital world by having no access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Who need a “Golden Shield” or “God Shield”, when it’s obvious that specific information will not help us to develop ourselves and get the best out of life. When the Shield is based on fear and emotions it will never work, it will only be a smoke curtain, a veil of deception that is easily unmasked. World equality will bring us together without fear for the other and ourselves.

This is the link to a Dutch documentary about China:


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