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Social is my middle name

Living Income Guaranteed

Socialism as an economic system and a political movement, to introduce Socialism within society, has one big problem; it never has been practiced in its true form as one system that runs society. There have been several countries throughout time and there are still several countries that call themselves socialist countries, while in fact they’ve created a cocktail of which Socialism is one of the ingredients. Some countries used Socialism as a first stage to enter Communism and others gave in to Capitalism and made their own Molotov cocktail.

Having a social security system or social safety net as a country, doesn’t make it an absolute socialist country. We can neither speak of absolute Socialism when a country has a totalitarian regime that organizes the major industries in that country. Although the word Socialism carries the following words: social is me, it depends on the countries actions whether at the end of the day it was indeed social in any way possible as Socialism dictates. So lets have a look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of Socialism:

A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.

Socialism as an economic and political theory was created from a starting point of making an utopian society. Opposite to most other systems, Socialism had no consensus on how the ideal socialist society would function. There are in fact many forms of Socialism created that all differ from economic planning to community size. The most common are Guild Socialism, Utopian Socialism that also includes communal societies, Christian Socialism, Market Socialism and Agrarianism. The common denominator in all of these variations is stressing the importance of cooperation among the people and keeping away from (capitalistic) competition.

True socialists want to create an entire classless society where the major industries are controlled by the government. Socialists see this control as only way to get rid of competition among the people and to create equality. In a socialist society there is no such thing as private property, since working results in equal wages and equal basic necessities, it provides all with equal benefits and opportunities. Among true socialists the idea exists that Capitalism causes oppression of the lower class. Due to the competitive nature of Capitalism, it is possible for the wealthy minority to keep in control over the industry, which eventually lessens the opportunities and wages of the working class. Within Democratic Socialism we see in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain that Capitalism is part of the socialist foundation.

Opponents of Socialism say that the problem of this economic system is the equal wages and therefore no incentive to get up in the morning and to do our paid work with an equal amount of pleasure as when we get paid more than people who studied less or have less effective connections in life. Furthermore they say that human beings are selfish and self-centred power seeking beings that when given power they will abuse that power. They point out that our tumultuous past and history books show us what human nature has brought us thus far. Governments may not become the collective alter ego that is driven and energized by power and no longer serving the people and the greater good, according to the opponents.

The question is whether the true socialist and the opponents of Socialism are really depicting reality or are they making a caricature out off reality? Things don’t always have to be black or white, when we speak about utopia most people can’t grasp the fact that this world could be or become an utopia, it’s simply denial. When we speak about totalitarian regimes, a lot of people can’t either relate to that as a daily reality. So as much as Socialism, as many other economic theoretical systems, has never been reality in its purest form nor has utopia or an utter totalitarian hell on earth been for us all. That means that we’re merely talking about things from a mind perspective and trying to gather examples from real life that are not always correct examples and do not always take all dimensions in consideration.

What if we, in an attempt to better our world systems, take what seems valid from Socialism and Capitalism and recreate it into ‘Distributive Capitalism’ and place the central power with the people and the government. That way we could make the government more into a logistic department that is at the service of the people. We’d take from Capitalism the creative entrepreneur and from Socialism solidarity. In one strike we would eliminate ‘the winner takes it all’ principle and the all-controlling government. As Jeremy Rifkin, an American economic (1945), says: “Being social and entrepreneurial go well together now a days. It changes the way of thinking. This would really mean ‘power to the people’. It means democratization of energy and information and even the economy. It is flattening down Capitalism and what arises one could call ‘Distributive Capitalism’. In a way Capitalism and Socialism do no longer exist, because ‘Distributive Capitalism’ takes the best of both systems. It combines risk taking, creativity and entrepreneurship.”

When we look at the statement of the opponents of Socialism who say that it will promote laziness and it devaluates self promotion, we can ask these same people if they would come out of bed every morning when they become entrepreneurs instead of the working slaves they’re right now. When in a system such as ‘Distributive Capitalism’ or in a Living Income Guaranteed, we are a part of the companies or have our own companies, that will surely be enough incentive to get out off bed. When you for real become a part of society and what you do matters and therefore you only want to do the things that matter, you feel validated by society and yourself. When you are entrepreneur and the business you’ve started had to be tested in real time and didn’t work out for the best of all, you can simply stop and have temporarily a living income. Now when our business is likely to fail we would push even though we damage others, we would push because of money issues. When money is no longer our main concern we can do the jobs we like, we can invent new jobs and let technology do the jobs technology does best. We never would feel threatened and fear for our living.

We could start seeing jobs in a whole other perspective and really practice solidarity. We no longer would have to focus on one of our talents and make a career out of it. We could pile up all our talents and we could have different jobs build upon the different talents. On Monday and Tuesday we work for a newspaper, Wednesdays we use for development and creativity in a brainstorm team with all kinds of different professions and on Thursday and Friday we teach children and adults. Wouldn’t that be great to be able to be creative, talented and reassured of income when our real time tested ideas do stand the test of time? There might be people in the beginning that simply do not know how to move themselves even in a society that is inviting them to do so, those people can live on a living income and slowly but surely discover what they want to do to contribute to society. In school we can start on an early age to teach children how to become an entrepreneur, since not all of us have that in us as a natural talent. Thus when there are no good or bad ideas in essence but only one criteria that applies namely: we will not abuse, we could gradually grow towards utopia whether we call it Socialism or simply living in the best interest of all.

The same goes for power, when we are already in ‘power’ over our own lives, do we still need to overrule other’s lives? Seeing what real power is and what sustainable power entails, no one ever would want to reach for totalitarian power. As soon as our inner strength is the force that direct us, and that will be reached when financial fears are no longer there, we simply become equals without even thinking about bossing another around that is equal to us. That way we would not let people in charge that are mentally instable, if that’s a polite term for dictators and sociopaths, they would get the opportunity to get to their inner strength with the support and assistance of society. Power and the need for power can look like a big thing to overcome in a transitional period where another economic system is introduced, whereas greed will be an even bigger thing for all of us to overcome. Where greediness for power is really indicating where it all stems from, the fear to not have enough, which will be eliminated with for instance LIG.

So Socialism as in ‘social is me’ or ‘I’m social’, has many valuable proposals in it that we can use to create a society through which we can enter the 21 century. We can ask ourselves if we want to hang on to all the ISMs that have been invented so far or are we willing to take what is effective and move on. We as a person know that it is of no use, when we continue living in our own past, the same goes for our society and us as a whole. Living in the past with ineffective pillars that arrange our society, we can call plain stupid. It’s time to move on and leave the ISMs behind us and for one time dare to think out of the box of our comfort zone. When we continue walking this known path, will there still be an old age pension for us, will there still be enough jobs, and will we be able to simply be happy and not fear tomorrow’s sorrows? When social is in you, then you’ve got the incentive to move and change and mould this society until it fits our 21 century needs, not greed, but plain and normal needs. Being social leads to feeding your needs who are most likely equal in essence to all the other people’s needs. We need you to need yourself and to investigate a Living Income Guaranteed.


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Equal Money Capitalism – Doping: transforming yourself into a super human

equal money capitalism

The problem:

Doping is a major problem in the sports world and now with the confessions of Lance Armstrong the topic is into the picture again. The question is whether, when we speak about the drug problem, is the drug itself the problem, or are the forces behind the drug keeping it in motion. Literally keeping in motion, because the big business which the the doping industry is, has an interest in maintaining doping within sports, in addition to the fact that sports has become an industry where it’s all about money. Outstanding achievements are expressed in monetary terms, because it isn’t anymore about giving your body the necessary exercise, or about letting your blood circulate in a healthy way and whether you didn’t pushed through limits in order to get a high from your own body hormones. Top sports has become an addiction to money and stimulants.

The drug problem within top sports can’t be tackled simply by linear approaches that emphasize on the athlete as the offender. It is important to first look at what drugs actually do when it comes to performance enhancement in sports. It has become some sort of a legend that doping will transform you into a superman. It is said that an athlete that uses stimulants can deliver a supernatural sport performance and that would be unfair towards it’s rivals and top sports in general. But when we have a look into the research work of Bram Brouwer (Dutch sports coach and psychologist), we see him saying the following, in an interview with Dutch cyclist Rini Wagtman in ‘’, about doping.

In his thesis “doping as fallacy’, Bram Brouwer highlights doping from an different angle. He looked at it, not only from a medical point of view, but he also included the rules and the physiology of exercise. “Doping doesn’t work”, concludes Bram. Even the wonder drug EPO (erythropoietin), which stimulates the production of red blood cells and thereby stimulates the oxygen transport within the body, has according to Bram little or no performing enhancing effects in cyclists. “I certainly couldn’t find any evidence”, he says. “I’m not saying doping doesn’t work”. It works primarily in the mind. It adds a placebo-effect. I think riders are going to cycle faster, because they think they can go faster. There are riders who lose, because they think the others are using doping and therefore cycle faster. So they already lost in advance.

So when we look at the positive performance increase by the use of doping, then according to Bram Brouwer, there is no significant evidence that the body of an athlete performs any better. It’s the illusion created by the stimulants which makes the athlete think he can perform above his own abilities. That way we can state that a sugar pill is sufficient enough for an athlete to give his best for his sponsors. This equalizes doping to most other drugs, which just like doping, does not protrudes above a sugar pill when it comes to the positive effects on the athlete or the patient. Only a small portion of the active compound combined with the illusion that’s a super agent will then, together after filtering this information in the mind of the user, generate a predictable outcome. The money that can be made from top sports and disease is so extensive, that the persuasion from the part of the pharmaceutical industry and it’s henchmen is huge.

This doping problem isn’t an isolated problem and is created by other accepted problems in our society such as: making money on minimal working medical drugs, making a million business out of sports, marketing sports into a competitive game, let viewers lean on to supernatural performances of athletes which they also like to perform themselves and that way enhancing ratings and stadiums full of people, and making the citizens believe that it’s okay to use stimulants and make money from it while athletes push themselves beyond physical safety by the placebo-effect.

It’s no secret nowadays that money is made on minimal working drugs, but most of us have peace with the idea that this is the way the game is played. This way we respond to the ‘being special’ feeling as a human, with the result of better performances and better abilities to heal ourselves by using special medication. The principle of making lots of money and lots of profit at the costs of other people’s bodies, is the value that we’ve adopted as the norm, as most people do not ask questions, because everybody has to make a living.

Sports over the years has become a million business, the athletes are the pawns of the people in the background with power and money, while the athletes are made into idols, which everybody wants to be due to the money that’s involved. When athletes would earn an average salary and no huge sums of money were pumped into the sports clubs, the hype around sports would no longer exists. Who needs an electrician as an idol? Or the girl from the cheese department in the supermarket?

Sports is not about exercise, but to compete with others. The principle of winning as the highest good and being a loser when you lose, has seeped into our daily life where ‘the winner takes it all’ principle rules. Sports is no longer about taking care of your body, but is now based on pushing the boundaries of the body as much as possible into superman performances. In the absence of sufficient supernatural performances, the athlete considers the use of stimulants as a next step to become the winner and being able to let the money roll for his sponsors.

We as the viewers of sports, are considering sports more or less from a starting point of jealousy, we actually had wanted to perform in such ways. We would actually want a boyfriend with such a body. Nevertheless, for the masses this will only be hoping an desiring, that makes them forget what’s the other side of this ‘body consuming’ sport and therefore we massively watch and spend money on looking at an athlete who’s taking his own body for granted by taking stimulants and puts money above his own body or life.

We occasionally get excited when doping comes to light in the sports world, but that’s more a feel bad experience, seeing that your sports idol is performing better on doping then he would normally do, which makes extolling your idol suddenly into a nasty taste in your mouth. Then you suddenly see that your hero is no different than anyone else and is tempted by doping to win and make more money. Or your idol has to contest against athletes that do take stimulants, which makes it into an unfair game. Where do we draw the line and is doping permitted even when the placebo-effect is bigger than its working substances? Because either way, when the athlete believes he’s performing better on drugs or does he believes that he can push himself beyond physical safety without doping, sports is no longer in favor of the body, but in the interest of money.

The solution:

On a global level it’s good to ask ourselves what are we actually doing as independent countries, when we send athletes to sports events under the influence of stimulants, who against all odds have to perform better than they self would consider possible. Isn’t sports this way, equal to war, to determine who’s the best and who’s the winner? When we take the competition out off sports, doping is no longer needed. Big sports events, where countries put more money in the events than they do for the survival of their own population, are totally unnecessary. As with war, where the battle is often conducted on obtaining natural resources for energy and minerals, sports goes with the struggle to get hold of the gold medals and cups. In both the common denominator is money, in both a lot of money is involved if we look at all the parties that want a piece of the action.

What if no longer big amounts of money would be earned in sports, would the pharmaceutical industry still be interested in athletes? What if there would no longer be big sports events, would big sponsors still be interested in the sports teams or athletes? In other words, when we eliminate and exclude money from sports we do no longer have a doping problem. What if we took competition out of sports and sports just becomes a physical activity, where you measure yourself with your own acquired data of yourself?

This is a 180 degree reversal of what we think that sports should be, but what we should ask ourselves is the following: is my definition I have of sports and doping my own perspective or is it a belief that I adopted throughout my life as my own through media and education fitted?

How can we ever work together on an global scale when competition is between us, where we use foul play and tolerate doping within a sports world where we depict athletes engaging themselves in achieving or maintaining a healthy body.

Even on an individual level the solution lies in the approach of sports, where once the winner-effect is taken out, the competition disappears and thus no longer a monetary reward or feeling better than the other exists. That brings sports back to base, simply physical activity. Which automatically makes sports no longer suitable for doping, when the winner-effect is gone.

It’s definitely comparing apples to oranges when we compete with others in sports. Our physiology is different, our approach is different, our materials are different, it’s about out smarting each other, so it’s never two equal people competing with each other. So what does the outcome of such a bike race, judo tournament or a football game say? How often do you hear, my bike wasn’t doing okay, we had some people with injuries within the team or I wasn’t totally fit for this match? This will be discarded as excuses by the media, and yes, these are excuses seen through the eyes of our current definition of sports. But it does show us the realty of an unbalanced battle where only our ego has gotten boosted with monetary rewards and a better life?

The reward:

The reward for a world without drugs, stimulants, which returns sports to the basic of exercise or body movement, is regaining respect for the body. Will an athlete really be happy with all these substances and stimuli in his body? It might be that the athlete doesn’t want to have a look at his behavior now, because he is blinded by big money, but eventually these people will realize that there might be negative aspects to the use of doping. Although doping largely has a placebo-effect according to Bram Brouwer, the little acting compound in it, may also cause damage or dependency to the drug.

So the reward of no doping is mainly:

* respect for your own body.

* not pushing through the boundaries of the physical body.

* being able to enjoy the physical activity without labeling yourself as a winner or a loser.

* not being pushed by others through money to deliver top achievements which are not okay for the body.

* not having to walk the adverse effects of doping.

* using the money made with these doping million businesses to improve life in general.

Sources and additional material:

Interview Bram Brouwer

Derren Brown ~ Fear and Faith (placebo effect)

The Century of Self

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Tree shaping; the ultimate control of man over the tree of knowledge

Tree shaping; the ultimate control of man over the tree of knowledge“Tree Shaping (also known as Pookte, arborsculpture, tree training, and by several other alternative names) is the practice of training living trees and other woody plants into artistic shapes and useful structures.” ~ Wikipedia

“Most artists use grafting to deliberately induce the inosculation of living trunks, branches, and roots, into artistic designs or functional structures. To achieve these art forms, many different tree species have been used, but some trees are better suited than others.” ~ Wikipedia

Most people love the pictures or real physical presence of shaped trees, it grants us with a feeling of being in control even though this manifests on a subconscious level. From the beginning of life we humans have come up with various ways to control our environment as being the ones with the highest level of intelligence. We walk around existence as Gods that have the faith of all life in their hands, yet we as Gods do not want to take the responsibility of our intelligent deeds. This seems to be a common ground for Gods when we have a look look at creation in general and the way we try to subdue life to our irresistible wishes of the positive and beautiful.

Training a tree to grow into a chair, fence, bridge, artistic form or any other form of unnatural growth of the tree, might seem harmless. Though we should obelize that very statement, of training trees as a harmless action, since the tree might not experience life threatening issues by it, the harm done is one of subduing another life form for our desires. The longing for perfection done by our hands and interference is characteristic for us humans. Outclassing the tree by intelligence and therefore having permission to grow a tree into unnatural shapes for the joy of watching it. When the Chinese way back in time let their females grow tiny feet out of fashionable desires we condemned this, yet when we do the same with a tree, we suddenly are the masters over life through the amount of intelligence. We consider ourselves as the decision makers over life, while we are not even aware of our own bodies, our own tree.

Wasn’t it the tree of knowledge that led us into the experience of our own nudity and shame about our bodies? Already in the beginning, according to the bible, we had this orgastic desire for knowledge and feeling better or more than anything or anyone else. We do not worship our God(s) we worship our very own knowledge as our God. The knowledge that we posses like a real possession of the mind has grown bigger than we ever could have imagined.

What is this intelligence that we worship till dead do us part? Where or when did we start being aware of this God inside ourselves? Wasn’t it the first time when we outsmarted our parents and siblings? The moment we could fool our teachers or learned the trick of repeating our materials in school. Who are the best students in school, the ones that know their books by heart or the ones that want to find out for them selves whether the materials are useful? Isn’t intelligence a nice word for a controlling copy cat?

By controlling our environment through outsmarting other life forms we are practising survival skills through competition and that would place us right back to the level of caveman. Although the caveman might have had more awareness about himself as a physical body and his physical reality, we do see him as less than what we are today. What does this imply? It implies that we never have gotten smarter. We did get out of our caves and at the same time we discovered another cave to hide within intelligence and that cave is the modern equivalent for our today’s mind. We are consumed by our mind, which we call our intelligence, and therefore the ones with more intelligence have better life expectations.

We can skin animals, we can pollute nature, we can test on animals, we can frack and destroy the inner parts of the earth, we can control and manipulate anything because we can outsmart all the lower life forms for our own fulfillment and desires. Yes WE CAN destroy our physical reality and call it intelligence and making money, but it is plain and straight abuse of ourselves as the reflection of ourselves, life on earth. It’s not really a form of intelligence when we destroy that on which we depend, isn’t it?

The last resort we have is letting go of our totem pole which we call intelligence and learn how to become humble again. No longer controlling our physical environment and dreaming about perfection when training a tree into our desire and image of perfection. We depend on each other, which means that we have to work together as equals and grant each other that what we can do best. There is no intelligence involved in doing that what you do best in the best interest of all life, but only common sense. Intelligence depends on non processed knowledge as a why to survive in the system and common sense is practical applied information through investigation in order to life and let life. This earth isn’t in need of dreaming control freaks, this earth is in need of life that cares for each other as each other.

Are you interested in becoming humble again in order to really care again, join us and start understanding yourself through writing. You can start now with a free course called Dip Lite and show the world that you dare to care. Shape yourself like a tree, train yourself like a tree to become one and equal to life again, instead of controlling your physical reality from a point of fear.

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The winner loses all

One of the most frequently asked questions about an Equal Money System is: How will we compete without trying to win? The answer to this question starts with understanding what competition is all about. Competing to win is a desire of one’s ego to be better or to be seen as better than others. It’s a mechanism and often a pattern that consists of comparison. Comparing yourself with your colleagues and seeing yourself for instance as a better employee. Then whenever the first job offer occasion appears within the company, you will most likely compete with your colleagues to get the job and define yourself as the winner when you get the job. We can see this winning as a bad or a good habit or we can see it for what it is. It is a pre-programmed survival skill that we as capitalistic society stimulate within children and later on within ourselves as adults. Without consciously understanding it, we see competition as an acceptable behavior. Competition in sports, as students, within physical beauty, our status within society, games, it’s everywhere within our society.

Currently and in the past when we’re young we learned how to compete with almost everything around us to show to our parents and later on to ourselves how good we are. We compete with our siblings to win the attention or love of our parents. Competing with our friends to gain self trust and feel good about ourselves and see ourselves as better than our friends. Competing at school with our peers to win the position of most favorite or most smart pupil. Competing at sports to win a game or to score as the best. When we enter puberty we compete with our peers about girlfriends and boyfriends, about who kissed or had sex first and of course competition about our looks. All to win the other sex and lure them into a relationship so you can compete with your friends about who has the first relationship. Did we ever wonder that due to the fact that we win, others have to lose?

We simply go along with this polarity of winning and losing and we know that we feel shitty when we end up as the loser. Nevertheless we continue our drive to win whatever we can win to feel good and be at the better end of the polarity. No one ever decided to not play the game of winning and losing, because when we no longer participate within this game we quit and are therefore the loser. To eliminate competition from our skills, we need to understand that we do not need to be more than another in order to feel good about ourselves. Self-trust is something that needs to come from inside, as a self-movement and not due to putting down another in order for you to rise as a winner.

In an Equal Money System, competing should be a tool to measure your skills. Something to use as a reality check. Then when you do not get the job you wanted you can see that your skills, for that job you applied for, were not yet in alignment with the real job. Therefore another who had the requested skills, took the job in the best interest of all. This way you can grow more to get ready for such a job in the future. This way no one needs to feel less or as a loser, it was just a reality check whether you were ready or not.

The whole point of competition needs to be taken on in an Equal Money System, starting from the point of growing up. When your family and society around you no longer stimulate you to constantly measure yourself according to others, you can start developing self-trust just by taking on life at your pace. Education, sports and peers should be there to cross reference where you are within your process called life, without measuring yourself with a fictional standard of so called peers. We need to be taught to live within the physical reality and not within a fictional world up in our minds, where things are not cross referenced with reality. When we learn how to trust ourselves already at a very young age, imagine how much time there will be left to really improve ourselves instead of simply de-programming ourselves. Making an Equal Money System possible, being actually practically part of this solution, is giving our future children the opportunity to no longer deal with all the problems that derive from feeling or being a loser.

Imagine a world where girls do not desire plastic surgery, because they see their body image as who they are and not as having too small breast and not being able to win a man. Imagine a world where teens do not go to their shrinks, because they feel worthless when they compete with their peers and see themselves as less. Imagine the decrease in suicide. Imagine the decrease in criminality. Imagine the stability within families where mom is no longer competing with the fictional girlfriends of dad and the daughter isn’t copying this behavior of mom. Where dad is no longer competing with his son to show the family how young he still is. All to no longer win the role of winner and not seeing that they were all along losing track of reality.

Winning is for losers and is not at all in the best interest of all. Winning is for the view and therefore a case of specialness that doesn’t serve all. Winning in an Equal Money System is superfluous. We all do what needs to be done, from a point of self-movement that comes forth from self-trust. We can use others to cross reference reality, but we can no longer measure ourselves according to ideas and opinions about others. Whenever I’m better at a task than you are, you can use this experienced information to improve yourself within your possibilities. How great would it be, what a gift would it be, when you can cross reference yourself with others within our physical reality without having feelings of jealousy and comparison. We do no longer need to win in order to survive when we all have a basic income from birth to death. Join us and join the solution to stop winning and inequality.

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