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Is Democracy our Best Solution?

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The term Democracy was first used in ancient Greek politics in Athens, during classical antiquity. Democracy as we know it today was established in 508-507 BC and had all the characteristics of what we now call: Direct Democracy. Democracy that we mostly see in first world countries is tied in with Capitalism like a Siamese twin, where Democracy is the political system and Capitalism the economic system. Most of these first world countries have a Representative Democracy, instead of the original Direct Democracy, where power is indirectly exercised through elected representatives.

Roger Vernon Scruton, an English philosopher, argues that Democracy alone isn’t going to bring personal and political freedom as long as civil society isn’t included. Where civil society is families and private spheres that are partly the building blocks of our society. So according to Roger his argumentation, we can see that the word Democracy has a specific connotation, namely freedom. As long as our countries have a system of Democracy, there is according to the majority, as well freedom. Freedom we all know as a powerful word that can and will make us move and direct ourselves to gain it. When countries are on a military mission they say: we’ll bring Democracy and freedom to these countries, and that should justify, what in essence could be called robbing countries. When we bring Democracy, which in daily life that means that we’re robbing these countries from their natural resources, and we put different political figures in place that do agree with us, we’re simply bringing dictatorship. Thus the connotation freedom to the word Democracy isn’t making the average man think about the true intensions of forcing a political system onto another country to enrich us.

When we simply look at the word Democracy we can see that it is made up from the words ‘demos’ and ‘kratia’, where ‘demos’ means ‘people’ and ‘kratia’ means power or govern. Which we can translate back to: power to the people. When we look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, it says: 1a. Government by the people, especially:  rule of the majority and 1b. A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

It is not really surprisingly that Democracy has this freedom connotation to it, when we speak of: power to the people, government by the people, majority rule and free elections. This is giving us the impression that we have the power on our side and that we live in freedom and we can gain even more liberties. The question is: is that our day-to-day reality? Why did we have the Occupy movements throughout the Capitalistic Democratic countries? Why do free elections always have the outcome that doesn’t serve the majority? Where did things go wrong when we had our Representative or Direct Democracy plotted out on paper, where it looked like the best solution on earth?

Democracy is a highly fragile system and isn’t a system that spontaneously comes into existence and steadily keeps existing. We simply have to work for it and see the value of being at the same page with each other, when we long for a perfect Democracy.

Where we already spoke about the Siamese twin, Capitalism and Democracy, we can also add Globalization to the cocktail. This Trinity allows us to make freely more money at the expense of another, and that’s where we see this polarized division come into play, that enables society to be divided into rich and poor. At times there is a middle class that will be swiped out by crisis where we end up with the haves and not haves and the 99% and 1%. The Occupy movements did put the finger on the sore spot and at the same time it was laughing in our face and showing us how we’ve allowed our society to become a Democracy, where freedom consist of freely grabbing when the power is on your side.

Due to the fact that our democratic system is fragile, we fall prey to democratic elements that can be in favor of us the people or it can act totally against the whole or majority.

When we look at our right to vote, either in elections or referendums, its clear that we can exercise our right to correct the elected representatives when making big decisions. At the same time it can become a point where the majority isn’t informed enough to see how painful decisions right now will become steady and best for all outcomes on the long term. When the majority votes in ignorance against a certain decision/path of the government/parliament, they might not see the long-term goals and bring more harm with their right to vote. At the same time we can see that mainstream media can influence the majority as well when it comes to voting and due to our Trinity we can never say for sure who paid who to get certain information out there. In other words you might have the right to vote and have a voice, but whose voice is it?

Where politicians should go for the long-term decisions making, we see that our democratic system is producing politicians that work within their 4-5 years of being in power as guidance for their decisions who then become short-term decisions. Where wealthy people or organizations, that do determine the course that is set out, fund parties; we can no longer speak about freedom and Democracy in a system full of bias.

Within our current Democracy money is no longer a common good and is used as a powerful weapon by those who have money and buy governments. Politicians end up in corporations and banks, where the initial idea of Democracy was to elect people give them a chance to act in the best interest of the whole and then get reelected or simply become part of the people again when it didn’t work out. It’s the money trail that shows us who our true leaders are and not the empty promises of political Muppets.

Then our fourth power, the authorities, which are almost acting on their own like a well-oiled machine that instructs the politicians and not the other way around. The more power there is within this fourth power the bigger the gap becomes between the people and the authorities. In a way both groups get disconnected, where the authorities can no longer step into the shoes of the people as an organ(ization). This position of the fourth power within Democracy makes it easy for them to become manipulated by those who own the power as money. In these instances the private interest will out rule the interest of the majority.

Our democracy did cause more openness and at the same time this didn’t bring forth better governments or better politics. The openness brought us the Internet where people could have a voice. Governments saw this as a threat and invented a countermovement where disinformation was spread throughout the Internet. NGO’s came into life and here as well governments had the feeling they had to protect their own interests and thus invented GONGO’s as a countermovement. GONGO’s take a lot of the subsidies and do not leave much room for the NGO’s. Thus the openness our Democracy brought us is now creating chaos and in the end apathy when people do not know what to believe anymore within this world of too much information.

Democracy has brought us polarity where as long as we do not educate ourselves with correct information it’s simply an utopia to come to a situation where we are able to determine what is best for all. At the moment Democracy is the struggle of power and not the humbleness it could be.

Demon-crazy or Crazy Demon is what Democracy has become within the Trinity of Capitalism and Globalization. Democracy is like a bandage in an ocean full of blood. Democracy and preferable Direct Democracy is not going to happen within an economic system that will not support true Democracy. We can patch up our election system, we can educate the masses and thus give back the power to the people, as well as cutting out a government that is the powerful decision making body within society. The thing is, as long as we use money as bribery means and do not bring back solidarity and local connectedness, Democracy is like a raft floating around. Where power to the people ends up in division and not solidarity.

In order to give Democracy a second chance we have to work towards another economic system that does support true Direct Democracy. A Living Income Guaranteed can provide Democracy a stable platform and is able to see its fragility while not abusing its fragility. When our basic financial needs are met and there is no reason anymore for making money at the expense of another and where ‘have not’ becomes a historical term, we can thrive as beings and truly see what is important in life.

For us to arrive at a LIG system we need to keep faith in life and ourselves as life, be willing to educate ourselves and our future generations and not fear real change. As much as we think we have already our desires met, we can only dream about how life would be when we do elect a person for whom he/she is, within our community or country, and see what it means when this person acts in the best interest of the whole. When we can really manifest companies and organizations that are in favour of its people that work with the people and not against them. Where money is a way to exchange goods and services without having orgasmic ideas about profit.

That’s why it is time to educate us, get the crazy demon out of us and follow the trail of brotherly love as our best solution.



After Democracy

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Planet earth, human warzone

Already since the beginning of times, war has been in our midst. We simply never have been without war. In the garden of Eden, God made war with the devil over Adam and Eve. How dramatic, the good against the bad, but it shows us right away that being at war is being entangled in a net of polarisation. To justify war there must be a good party and a bad party to blame for. War is a conflict carried on by force of arms, between nations or between parties within a nation. The interesting part within war is of course the motivation, the conflict. What is worth to kill for? The US and many other Western civilizations wants us to belief that it’s democracy, in the name of democracy humans and animals may be killed and entire countries may have their natural resources demolished or stolen away. Isn’t war just taking by force of arms from another party what you desire whenever they will not give it to you?  In other words: theft. We encourage our toddlers to combat and be strong when another kid is not “sharing” his toy. Taking more candies than you possibly can eat and not give a shit about the other kids. Bullying by picking on someone’s weakness to see if you can take that kids power away. Children playing computer wargames and integrating the violent behavior in their physical games amongst peers. As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined and we’ll grow up with this indifference for war and violence.

War when it’s fought by nations is an accepted form of abuse that we tolerate in order to see which country is the strongest. This will filter the weak countries from the strong ones as the survival of the fittests. Which classifies the world into empires and countries to take advantage of and rob all they have. We already have generations of adults that has never been free from war in their life’s. War is a wild card to do upon another what you never want to be done upon you. Biological warfare is even used by countries on their own soldiers and that is still socially accepted, but in fact totally unacceptable. In our strive for resources, or better said our fear to have a lack of resources where we addiction-ally depend upon, there are no rules then the rules of the jungle. Where only the rules of the fittest triumphs.

We are simply not brought up to share our planet and its assets with others. We always need to be assured that things are ours, when we go to the beach we confiscate a few square meters and we’re pissed when someone is invading on our imaginary borders. We always fear to end up with less and therefore we see in all humans possible terrorists that are about to harm us and take away our most precious stuff. How imaginary and how convenient to sweep, the fact that we fear to have less, under the rug. Fearing to have less indicates that we think there might be a reason why we should end up with less. If we were confident about ourselves we would not have taken this fear into consideration. So we’re basically insecure and feel ourselves less then and we have to act aggressive in order to get as much as we think is our fair share. This brings us back to our teenage years, where kids acted in a aggressive dominant way to stay in control over a group of youngsters while in fact this kid was outvoicing his own insecurity and the fear for all the other human terrorists.

So war can be seen as the war within, the war within ourselves the constant fight and being wrapped up in polarities. When we look in the mirror in the morning the war already starts, we’re never satisfied with what we see. We always feel we have less, less hair, less sex appeal, less gorgeous eyes, not enough breast or too much which makes our body less lascivious, it’s a never ending list, an never ending urge and a never ending war if we do not take the core point away. We encounter war within almost any aspect of our life’s. Rivalry amongst colleagues, fights within our relationships, complete wars within our families and insoluble disagreements between our neighbors. Whenever we have to define ourselves, war starts. When this is translated into countries who have to define themselves as in having enough economically and military power. In that perspective we can see a country as an entity or personality just as the teenage kid at school or already the bully in kindergarten. This means that countries are basically at war with themselves, look at all empires that are no more, they eventually destroyed themselves. The question is where do we start to stop wars?

To stop war is to stop bringing up our children the way we do and have done. We learn our children to fight over nothing while having fights and arguments with our partner. We learn them that it is okay to see people as unequal to themselves and to spite other races. We learn them that religion is giving them a purpose in life and God will take all our sins away and taking their own responsibility is something they do not need to worry about. Never worry about others, a sentimental attitude will get you nowhere in the system and last but not least we teach them that money is the one thing that gets them out of bed in the morning and moves them during the day. Only with enough money they can sleep tight. As long as we don’t see that we have to teach our future generations in a different way in order to turn the tide we’re lost as a race within war and total self-destruction. We need to stop believing that we’re always at the short end of the straw, that’s make belief. We are all equal and if we allow ourselves to have equal chances in life and not rob each other of life, our future generations might have a chance on a war free world.

Life coaching to learn how to live in the best interest of all:

A way to clear our world from inequality:

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Greece, Europe’s first pig that’s ready for slaughter

The ancient Greek were the founding fathers of Western Civilization, they laid the foundation for modern day language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, art, architecture and religion. Greek mythology was a part of ancient religion and is used by modern scholars to interpret ancient religion, political institutes and civilization. One of the ancient Greek myths is the myth of Hydra, a serpent like water beast with a countless amount of heads. Hercules had to fight Hydra to fullfil one of his “twelve labours”. Whenever Hercules chopped of one of the heads the Hydra grew 2 more back, it seemed like an impossible mission till he invited his nephew to help. Together they conquered the Hydra, but not without consequential outflows that revealed itself later in time. The Greece crisis of today can be explained through the myth of Hydra, the different heads of the serpent attacking Greece from different angles.

As the founders of Western Civilization it looks like Greece will be the first to be confronted with the down side of democracy and capitalism. They lived the fact that a crisis free capitalism doesn’t exists. With a national debt of €350 billion, a €57 million French loan, €43 million German loan, a €4,5 million Dutch loan and an bailout of €108 million from the IMF and ECB, Greece had its first encounter with the Hydra serpent. The €108 bailout was a drop in the ocean for the Greek people and a welcome gift for banks and corporations. Greece is bankrupt and its government tries to convince the people that they all have a part in it. The government even pictures the Greek people in the international media as genetically undisciplined people, which makes them part of the problem and the reason why according to the government they have to pay the national debt through taxes.

After WWII till the seventies Greece had a flourishing economy. From the seventies on financialization spiralled Greece down and the national GDP as well as the wages didn’t grow anymore. The Greek government created a credit economy in order to keep the money flowing by tricking people into purchasing stuff while they didn’t had the real money for it. In 2007 the US housing bubble was a fact and caused the Greece economy to collapse. The government used tax money to try and get the economy running again, but this made the financial crisis fiscal. This way the Greek people helped the banks to survive and in return the banks gambled on the state’s bankruptcy, which had only effect on the people. Speculations made the situation even worse and there was no other option then letting the eurozone step in. The Eurozone as well as the IMF are big poisoned Hydra heads. They destroy the immune system of peripheral countries like Greece. The weak countries have no longer the ability to devaluate their currency and will weaken the country and it’s people even more. All countries who had aid from the IMF had a lifespan fell of 5-10 years.

Greece hasn’t been able to come up with a fair and effective tax system so far. Due to Greece’s social and class structure, the mass national borrowing and a deep engraved dept throughout history, led to a corrupt economy over the last decades. Only a small group of rich families, politicians and businessmen were able to profit within the Greek economy. This created an imbalance within the nation where only a few had it all and the majority was left with nothing. The IMF and the ECB didn’t balance the inequality out, their goal was not to save the people to get a dignified life again, no, instead they helped the banks and corporations to survive. A lot of Greek people are hungry, homeless, have the lack of healthcare and medication. It’s a peripheral country that almost resembles a third world country.

The riots in Greece are the last resort of a nation’s people to stand up and express their displeasure.They basically state that they do not agree upon the fact that they have to pay for the mistakes a few people in power made. They need to understand that accepting and allowing these practises till so far, has led to todays crisis and therefore they are part of the problem and part of the solution. More bailouts and more loans will not help Greece and will only bring more European nations into debt. A fascinating question for Greece right now is the question if the national debt is a odious debt or a legitimate debt?

An odious debt is a debt created by taking a loan as leader or government of a country and not informing the people about it. Then spending the loan on issues that do not benefit the people and letting the people pay for it through taxes. A precarious fact is that after the invasion of Iraq by the US the odious debt of Saddam’s regime was canceled. The US tried to sweep this under the carpet so other nations such as Congo, the Philippines and South Africa, who had all regimes that made odious debts, would not claim a cancellation of their odious debts. Greece also has odious debts after illegal practises with Siemens, Goldmann Sachs and the Olympics. Germany and France lend Greece money and forced them to buy in return military arms such as airplanes and submarines. This odious debt must be proven through Greek and international law by installing an auditing committee. That’s the only way to get rid of this immoral debt. The people or life in general must always come first before the lenders.

In Greece the democratic socialistic system is turning against its voters.The Greek political parties ND and PASOK will not support an auditing committee, they benefit from the creation of debt and they do not want to expose their lack of responsibility. The people of Greece have to unite and stop revolting and rioting. Unite and demand an audit committee that proves that they are not obliged to pay the odious debts. Greece can dismantle all basic needs as healthcare, education and transportation, but they will never be able to pay back €350 billion with interest. They have to liberate themselves from the IMF, ECB and the Eurozone and stand up to demand or propose real sustainable and practical solutions. The Greek were the first to step into Westen Civilization, so let them be the first Europeans to step into an Equal Money System.

Main source: debtocracy.

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Bahrain the pearl of the Middle East

Bahrain a country in the Middle East that’s ruled by a Sunni monarchy, an ethnical minority in Bahrain. The country is divided into 2 ethnical groups, the Sunnis and the Shiites. Spring 2011 was the, once in a life time moment, for the blogger/internet activists community in Bahrain. They started to spread their criticism about the Sunni monarchy, which caused a wave of dissatisfaction within the monarchy. The blogger/internet activists were accused of dividing the Sunnis and Shiites Muslim communities into 2 separate sectarian groups within the country. A scapegoat was found and legal grounds to make violent arrests at night. Hundreds of activist have been detained and others have been fired from their jobs. The unrest within the country has made the Sunni ruling minority shiver, they were afraid of losing their position to the Shiite majority.This fear brought them ultimately to install the emergency law and to ask Saudi troops to help reinforce their power and to stifle the protest movement.
The struggle between Sunnis and Shiites is already hundreds of years old and the unrest in the Middle East isn’t either of today. Bahrain, Kuwait and some other small countries in the Gulf region are used as key positions in the greater play of world politics. What happens in Bahrain isn’t an isolated event when we look at all the riots in the Middle East and North Africa since early 2011. The key position that Bahrain is taking in at the moment is an outflow of its political foreplay with the Saudi’s. While the 2 monarchies were cuddling up, Bahrain signed away their autonomy.The Saudi’s who like to think that they rule the Gulf region made a deal with the Obama administration. In essence this pact made it possible for the Americans to withdraw from their promise to bring democracy, freedom and change in Bahrain. The American administration gave permission to the Saudi’s to perform brutal repression against the pro-democratic riots in Bahrain. The Americans agreed upon no humanitarian operations and no responsibility to protect the people of Bahrain. This was agreed upon in order to get a positive vote within the VN to bomb Libya. So the key position Bahrain moved itself in was a so called decoy-duck position, while the Americans protected a dictatorship in order to have their treat of bombing Libya.

The fear driven actions of the Saudi monarchy are most likely to head into the direction of radicalization and division between Sunnis and Shiites throughout the Arabic world. As it goes with fear, it makes a country to follow through with irrational actions without clearly overseeing the total consequential outflows. The brutal way the Saudi’s precipitated the Bahrain revolution and at the same time installing security officers in the country, shows that the countries ego feared to be taken down. The Saudi’s real fear is to become incorporated into a constitutional monarchy whenever Bahrain was going to be incorporated. So at all costs Bahrain had to be cleared off democratic influences. A constitutional monarchy would for sure eliminate their influence in the Persian Gulf, an influence that depends on the still increasing oil prices and the power of the absolute monarchy of the “House of Saud”. The consequential outflow in this scenario was presented to the people of Bahrein and their peaceful demonstrations, people were killed and molested in order to keep an imaginary fear under control.

The fear of the Saudi’s to lose influence did likewise play out on the other end of the board game. The tensions between the Iranian Shiites and the Saudi’s Shiites are being kept alive by the Saudi’s monarchy. The violent performance of the Saudi’s in Bahrain may cause therefore the union of all Shiites in the Middle East. This would mean the end of the Sunnis minority in the middle East and a chance for Iran to play the role of savior. Iran the only country that could save Bahrain from the Saudi’s and the Americans. Which is a real threat for the US, when we look at their current relations with Iran. The US isn’t really interested in whether the monarchies are willing to reform, their main goal is having allies in the Gulf region. A self interested view of how to survive and enlarge oneself as an staggering empire without considering the actual players in the game.

Bahrain seems to be in the middle of a power game, within a key position, between the Saudi’s and the US who both want to maintain their position and influence within the region. Only to keep their countries satisfied and on the same financial level like they used to. Based on beliefs, opinions and ideas, about how it should have been throughout decades of traditions. It’s a game to the main players and reality to the rest. Being the “pearl of the Middle East” at the moment and the point where the power games come together and reveal themself, has made Bahrein into the position of a martyr. Internet activist ignited the smoking wick and tried to ride on the wave of dissatisfaction that existed already within the Middle East and North African region. Hoping to release themselves from the Sunni monarchy they found themselves entangled in a hornet’s nest. A nest of Middle East Kings and Emirs that will not yet give up their power which will eventually lead the region into more tribal and sectarian wars to come to avoid the establishment of a political evolution and modern society. Democracy the one word the Saudi’s hate and the one word the internet activist strife for.

Democracy that has failed already half of the planet will not be the solution for Bahrain to direct itself again and free itself from its position of being the “pearl of the Middle East”. Democracy as it is today will not consider all as equal and will not give back the directive principle to their citizens. With democracy the Bahrain people can only hope for a better future, with an Equal Money System they can step into modern society and enjoy life as equals, as there is no room for fear and power games within the EMS.

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