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Is Democracy our Best Solution?

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The term Democracy was first used in ancient Greek politics in Athens, during classical antiquity. Democracy as we know it today was established in 508-507 BC and had all the characteristics of what we now call: Direct Democracy. Democracy that we mostly see in first world countries is tied in with Capitalism like a Siamese twin, where Democracy is the political system and Capitalism the economic system. Most of these first world countries have a Representative Democracy, instead of the original Direct Democracy, where power is indirectly exercised through elected representatives.

Roger Vernon Scruton, an English philosopher, argues that Democracy alone isn’t going to bring personal and political freedom as long as civil society isn’t included. Where civil society is families and private spheres that are partly the building blocks of our society. So according to Roger his argumentation, we can see that the word Democracy has a specific connotation, namely freedom. As long as our countries have a system of Democracy, there is according to the majority, as well freedom. Freedom we all know as a powerful word that can and will make us move and direct ourselves to gain it. When countries are on a military mission they say: we’ll bring Democracy and freedom to these countries, and that should justify, what in essence could be called robbing countries. When we bring Democracy, which in daily life that means that we’re robbing these countries from their natural resources, and we put different political figures in place that do agree with us, we’re simply bringing dictatorship. Thus the connotation freedom to the word Democracy isn’t making the average man think about the true intensions of forcing a political system onto another country to enrich us.

When we simply look at the word Democracy we can see that it is made up from the words ‘demos’ and ‘kratia’, where ‘demos’ means ‘people’ and ‘kratia’ means power or govern. Which we can translate back to: power to the people. When we look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, it says: 1a. Government by the people, especially:  rule of the majority and 1b. A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

It is not really surprisingly that Democracy has this freedom connotation to it, when we speak of: power to the people, government by the people, majority rule and free elections. This is giving us the impression that we have the power on our side and that we live in freedom and we can gain even more liberties. The question is: is that our day-to-day reality? Why did we have the Occupy movements throughout the Capitalistic Democratic countries? Why do free elections always have the outcome that doesn’t serve the majority? Where did things go wrong when we had our Representative or Direct Democracy plotted out on paper, where it looked like the best solution on earth?

Democracy is a highly fragile system and isn’t a system that spontaneously comes into existence and steadily keeps existing. We simply have to work for it and see the value of being at the same page with each other, when we long for a perfect Democracy.

Where we already spoke about the Siamese twin, Capitalism and Democracy, we can also add Globalization to the cocktail. This Trinity allows us to make freely more money at the expense of another, and that’s where we see this polarized division come into play, that enables society to be divided into rich and poor. At times there is a middle class that will be swiped out by crisis where we end up with the haves and not haves and the 99% and 1%. The Occupy movements did put the finger on the sore spot and at the same time it was laughing in our face and showing us how we’ve allowed our society to become a Democracy, where freedom consist of freely grabbing when the power is on your side.

Due to the fact that our democratic system is fragile, we fall prey to democratic elements that can be in favor of us the people or it can act totally against the whole or majority.

When we look at our right to vote, either in elections or referendums, its clear that we can exercise our right to correct the elected representatives when making big decisions. At the same time it can become a point where the majority isn’t informed enough to see how painful decisions right now will become steady and best for all outcomes on the long term. When the majority votes in ignorance against a certain decision/path of the government/parliament, they might not see the long-term goals and bring more harm with their right to vote. At the same time we can see that mainstream media can influence the majority as well when it comes to voting and due to our Trinity we can never say for sure who paid who to get certain information out there. In other words you might have the right to vote and have a voice, but whose voice is it?

Where politicians should go for the long-term decisions making, we see that our democratic system is producing politicians that work within their 4-5 years of being in power as guidance for their decisions who then become short-term decisions. Where wealthy people or organizations, that do determine the course that is set out, fund parties; we can no longer speak about freedom and Democracy in a system full of bias.

Within our current Democracy money is no longer a common good and is used as a powerful weapon by those who have money and buy governments. Politicians end up in corporations and banks, where the initial idea of Democracy was to elect people give them a chance to act in the best interest of the whole and then get reelected or simply become part of the people again when it didn’t work out. It’s the money trail that shows us who our true leaders are and not the empty promises of political Muppets.

Then our fourth power, the authorities, which are almost acting on their own like a well-oiled machine that instructs the politicians and not the other way around. The more power there is within this fourth power the bigger the gap becomes between the people and the authorities. In a way both groups get disconnected, where the authorities can no longer step into the shoes of the people as an organ(ization). This position of the fourth power within Democracy makes it easy for them to become manipulated by those who own the power as money. In these instances the private interest will out rule the interest of the majority.

Our democracy did cause more openness and at the same time this didn’t bring forth better governments or better politics. The openness brought us the Internet where people could have a voice. Governments saw this as a threat and invented a countermovement where disinformation was spread throughout the Internet. NGO’s came into life and here as well governments had the feeling they had to protect their own interests and thus invented GONGO’s as a countermovement. GONGO’s take a lot of the subsidies and do not leave much room for the NGO’s. Thus the openness our Democracy brought us is now creating chaos and in the end apathy when people do not know what to believe anymore within this world of too much information.

Democracy has brought us polarity where as long as we do not educate ourselves with correct information it’s simply an utopia to come to a situation where we are able to determine what is best for all. At the moment Democracy is the struggle of power and not the humbleness it could be.

Demon-crazy or Crazy Demon is what Democracy has become within the Trinity of Capitalism and Globalization. Democracy is like a bandage in an ocean full of blood. Democracy and preferable Direct Democracy is not going to happen within an economic system that will not support true Democracy. We can patch up our election system, we can educate the masses and thus give back the power to the people, as well as cutting out a government that is the powerful decision making body within society. The thing is, as long as we use money as bribery means and do not bring back solidarity and local connectedness, Democracy is like a raft floating around. Where power to the people ends up in division and not solidarity.

In order to give Democracy a second chance we have to work towards another economic system that does support true Direct Democracy. A Living Income Guaranteed can provide Democracy a stable platform and is able to see its fragility while not abusing its fragility. When our basic financial needs are met and there is no reason anymore for making money at the expense of another and where ‘have not’ becomes a historical term, we can thrive as beings and truly see what is important in life.

For us to arrive at a LIG system we need to keep faith in life and ourselves as life, be willing to educate ourselves and our future generations and not fear real change. As much as we think we have already our desires met, we can only dream about how life would be when we do elect a person for whom he/she is, within our community or country, and see what it means when this person acts in the best interest of the whole. When we can really manifest companies and organizations that are in favour of its people that work with the people and not against them. Where money is a way to exchange goods and services without having orgasmic ideas about profit.

That’s why it is time to educate us, get the crazy demon out of us and follow the trail of brotherly love as our best solution.



After Democracy

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Use this pen with self-responsibility

Will there be censorship of books in an Equal Money System? Censorship seen from the current perspective of suppressing parts of books that are in conflict with the morals and manners of the system, based on political, military and financial grounds, will not exist within an Equal Money System. Our current censorship on books is based in fear when performed by governments. Fear to damage the image of the country on a political or military level. When censorship is performed by the publisher of the book, it’s also a matter of fear of image and credibility, but above all it’s always a financial matter both for government and publisher.

Within an Equal Money System there will exist only one law, the law of “what’s best for all” in every way. All manners and morals will become actions and all our actions will derive from that one law. Therefore writing a book will be based on this law, which basically and practically comes down on expressing yourself through written words. Words of abuse will logically no longer exist, since that’s not “what’s best for all”. Books with disinformation to only boost the ego of the writer or to boost the pockets of the publisher, will no longer exist. Everyone will be sustained with enough to live a decent life within an Equal Money System and everybody will have the opportunity to add some more to their basics by doing labor that they truly like, what in this case could be writing. Whenever there is abuse through the written word, there will be interventions taking place for the writer and the publisher. Interventions, which means the ability/opportunity for the writer and publisher to find the core point for not having acted in the best interest of all. This might for instance be greed or even self-sabotage.

Lets have a closer look at how books came into existence and what meaning or significance books and writers have in our world up to today. In order to understand where things went wrong and why we have to reinstall the value of life again in being able to express ourselves through the written living word.

Writing became valuable at the point where people wanted to conserve information, they saw the necessity of storing this information and at the same time writing the information down instead of transferring it from mouth to mouth. This being said, we have to take into consideration that the first written information was only meant for the elite and the elite within the various religions. The first writings were not published from a starting point of “what’s best for all”, these books were written to conserve valuable information for a select group that was able to read. Churches gained influence by keeping the population illiterate so that ordinary people would look up to the priests, cardinals, vicars, imams and all kinds of so called wise men. The people had to gain more power in order to make sure that reading skills were taught to a larger amount of people. Still up to today we see developing countries where the basic skills like reading, writing and maths are not yet in place for everyone. Even developed countries have still illiterate people amongst them, where the system hasn’t looked out or cared for all it’s inhabitants.

Writing developed from symbols in nature to characters on clay tablets and later on papyrus which developed into parchment to eventually mature into letters on paper in most parts of the world. Books throughout time have been a propaganda weapon for politics, military and religion. These men in power understood how powerful the written word is and this translated later in time into book burnings. The written word, the black on white, is a form of creating. When the written word is read out loud, it produces a double impact through our hearing and reading abilities. It is what it is, no room for back doors, while in spoken language things might imply less black and white mentality. When your boss says after sweet talking you that your fired and he didn’t do it on purpose but the situation led him into this action, that sucks. When your boss sends you an registered letter and declares that your fired from the company, you might read it out loud, but your eyes see the black letters on the white paper and your simply fired and not just a little bit. You can’t hide it or making yourself believe that the situation is different, because you can read it many times and it stays the same.

So using the written word implies a lot of responsibility a point that most of us not really confront themselves with. It would be different when you bought ballpoints and paper and read on the attached tag: use only with self-responsibility, or for that matter a computer with the same tag. That would make you consider this point for a moment. Because writing words is taking action and actions have always consequences within our physical reality. Therefore writing from a point of ignorance or intentional abuse is not in the best interest of all and will have it’s consequences and outplays. Religious and New Age books are a perfect example of being written without considering the outcome within the world other than gaining power and money. The bible claims to be the oldest book in history, according to it’s followers. A book that was for the elite to interpret and bring across to the population, only much later the people were capable of reading the bible. Though up to today religious people are convinced that they need the assistance of their religious leader to interpret the word of God and translate it to their day to day life. This powerful book has lead nations into wars and made people into evil people who are only preoccupied to get their seat in heaven. It would have been great for history if the bible along with other religious and spiritual books were censored in the best interest of all already eons of time ago.

We still can rewrite history and get rid of every single book that doesn’t apply to the law, “what’s best for all”, it isn’t too late. Every breath is a moment to bring change into existence. Every time you pick up a pen or touch your keyboard you can make a change within considering “what’s best for all”, only then your writings or books are of assistance and support for all. When we look at the point of all those wannabe writers out there in the world, it’s valuable to understand why people write now and why people would write within an Equal Money System.

Primarily people become writers to make a living and all amateur writers write to become famous and eventually make a living out of it. So probably all who currently write are making money from it one way or another. There are also people who dream to become rich by writing bestsellers. How likely would that be, one should ask themselves. That way the profession of writing is equalized with sports players, singers, actors or painters. All professions that need fame in order to become wealthy. Seen on a globale scale there isn’t enough space to get all wannabes their specialness or exclusiveness. In an Equal Money System we can all be writers and we can support and assist all with our books. Printed on paper or available as e-books, simply accessible for all. Censorship will be no more, because we will know how to use our self-responsibility.

You can start and practise now, through writing yourself to freedom. See the blogs on the Desteni website ( ). If you’re ready to experience real freedom of speech, start a blog and write according to the law, “in the best interest of all”. Writing should be fun and can be entertainment for others at the same time. Expressing yourself in that moment, will give you the ability to not only develop your writing skills, but also see who you really are. Lets have some fun and start writing.

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Libya the new Iraq

I noticed that the first world countries are a bit numb at the moment when it comes to news about the riots in Africa and the Middle East. When Tunisia started rioting the world sat on the edge of their seats and everybody agreed, unacceptable.

Then Egypt followed and we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t seen it before that Mubarak was this evil dictator for over 30 years. Everybody commiserated with the Egypt people till the point the Egypt army brought salvation. When Egypt didn’t accept the freedom the army brought to them, the riots started again and we lost a bit our interest. We love to belief that riots will make a difference and will bring a country into a stable political haven, though reality was forcing itself up on us and we simply were no longer interested. Why spoil a fantasy when you can still keep one?

The chain reaction of riots didn’t stop though, Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Albania and Syria all rioted for the same reasons Tunisia, Egypt and Greece already did. These people were fed up to be at the short end of the stick and demanded: no longer dictatorship and oppression of the people. We in the first world saw some headlines and did hear it on the news, but it wasn’t that exited anymore as the first “Robin Hood” like riots in Tunisia and Egypt so we lost total interest.

Then all of a sudden Libya entered the news zone. Big news, headlines, complete countries and federations were startled and the excitement came back to the people of the first world. Only this time it was more like a computer game “get Gadaffi”s head first, extra bonus points”. To me it looks like the same blueprint the US used for Iraque, also there Sadam Hussein was for many years a nice fool to play around with, in order to get nice oil deals. The same goes for Gadaffi for many years he was many their “friend”, now he’s losing control over the riots in his country their oil customers get nervous and like to get a hold on the oil before anyone else does. We all know that these players are prepared to fight for it so this event could turn it’s ugly face on us.

When the leaders of the first world countries get nervous and they start internationally finger pointing and putting their black sheep leader on a pedestal, then we’re talking about oil or at least commodities. As Gerald Celeste said in an recent interview:” You think we were in Iraq if the major export there was broccoli?”

So lets put, this whole rioting and interference of international politics, into perspective. It’s common sense to say that if you still, as a country, own your own oil or commodities, you are likely to be attacked by the oil sucking first world at some point. Riots only make the main stream media to feed this feeling of false freedom and to let the people think that riots can make a difference. If you just look it up, you’ll find no riot in history that resulted into a stable new political atmosphere that lasted for many years and was in favour of the people in that country.

It is common sense that once you do not see others as equals, there will never be a solution that is best for all. It’s almost childishly simple. Our world contains an x amount of oil and we all need an equal part of it to keep societies running. Now when oil gets scarse and less easy to drill, it’s common sense to look for alternatives that will not pollute and is in the best interest of all. Only when we see each other as equals we will not fear that the other will have a better solution for our oil problem, therefore we will not profit over each others backs like we are used to. Only when we see each other as equals and do not want to possess things and think of it as mine, only then we can come to common sensical solutions.

We are all equal only we want to be more special than others or feel less than another all related to our own created emotional bagage. As soon as we see that everybody has equally the same rights on this planet then we can have a big laugh about our current state of mind and behavior. If I think I deserve more than you, then with this one thought I spoil it for all of humanity, animals and plants. When I’m equal to you I do not need to be jealous anymore, there is no need to be greedy anymore and there is no need to play power games with you anymore. So basically no fear.

Within an Equal Money System people don’t need to riot they are taken care of with a basic income and they have the opportunity to earn more with dignified jobs. Basic needs as medical care, education, housing and transportation are taken care of for all people. We will not fight over oil, commodities or money. That’s what I see as freedom in common sense and best for all.

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